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The 30 innovators Who Changed the Startup World

Yashraj Bharadwaj &

Yashraj Bharadwaj & Yuvraj Bharadwaj Co-founders 26 | January 2018 |

Interview with Insights Success Wor o a : Facilitating Research among Emerging Entrepreneurs and Researchers he emergence of startup wave is undergoing through a fundamental shift with entrepreneurship & Tinnovation being a key catalyst in job creation and solving everyday problems. A decade ago, there used to be only a handful of Indian startup success stories and now with time, startup ecosystem has indeed come a long way. Insights Success team interviewed with the young and dynamic business personas, Yashraj & Yuvraj Bhardwaj, the Co-founders of WorkoLab and we are glad to share their motivating words and insightful answers. Please tell us about the journey of WorkoLab from its initial days, the growth, and its expansion. WorkoLab is India’s first co-working space with an objective to facilitate research among the emerging entrepreneurs and researchers. Spread over an area of 12500 sq. ft., WorkoLab offers a collaborative space coupled with research guidance by India’s youngest scientific minds with an aim to infuse innovation into your startup idea. Co-founded by Yashraj and Yuvraj Bhardwaj with an initial seed capital amount of INR 3 Crore, the twin brothers identified an existing gap in ‘lack of coworking spaces and research hubs altogether at the same place’. The company has an aggressive roadmap ahead with a rapid growth plan and expansion to other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kota, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and Jaipur by March 2018. In the second phase, WorkoLab plans to take an international leap starting with Malaysia and Singapore and thereby launch 100+ centres in next 3 years across the globe. What inspired you to come up with this idea, which changed the Startup World? Co-working in India has been just made the business of table and chair. These days, we people are very high in talking about making global startups from India, but nobody is ready to accept the fact that innovation is something very important, if we want to bring a real change in the ecosystem. We thought of this concept to build cowering spaces with research hubs so that people are ready to take interest in innovation, research, and development. Briefly tell us about Mr. Yashraj & Mr. Yuvraj Bhardwaj, Co-Founders- WorkoLab. Yuvraj & Yashraj, 18 year old twins from Delhi, are the owners of the company Zenith Vipers, which they started back in 2013. Since then, they have never looked back and humbly climbed the steps of success with hard work and dedication. They have worked on 24 projects and filed 8 patents in a team of two. They got Karamaveer Chakra last year for | January 2018 | 27

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