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Slipstream - December 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Maverick Tech Session

Maverick Tech Session Series: Insurance By Michael Baynton, Region Tech Session Chair Think back—how much time did you spend researching the purchase of your Porsche(s)? Deciding on the specific model, the “must have” options, the color, even the dealership or private seller from which to purchase. And that’s before you even sit down and consider the selling price and what you are willing to pay for your new toy. All that time spent to get just the right car at just the right price. And then most people just call their current insurance company to add the additional vehicle to their policy—probably with the exact same coverage as the family SUV or grocery-getter. And that last decision might the right one. Or it might be all wrong. Does your Porsche have ACV (actual cash value) coverage? Or maybe a “Stated value” or “Agreed value” policy? If you drive your 911 through Fancytown and happen to bump into a new Ferrari 488, do you have enough coverage to pay for the damages? And if you have special “Classic car” insurance on your garage queen 356, when exactly can you drive your baby and still be adequately insured? These topics and more were covered during our latest tech session, held on November 3 at Park Place Porsche. Justin Husman from Phoenix Insurance provided a comprehensive overview of the various types of coverages available, and touched on the pros and cons of each. While the focus was primarily on car insurance, he also covered homeowner and umbrella policies as well as track insurance. (Fun fact: if you purchase track insurance for a weekend HPDE day and somehow manage to make contact with another car on track, you are out of luck! The coverage you purchased typically only covers damage to your car if you make contact with a barrier or wall. Who knew?) In addition to highlighting the differences between the various policies, Justin also delved into the differences between the types of insurance providers and independent brokers. He provided great advice and “insider” insight into the insurance business, and a healthy Q&A session from our 40+ members in attendance turned out to be very enlightening. Suffice it to say that quite a few will be doing additional research on their current insurance policies! A big thank-you goes out to G.M. Patrick Huston and Liz Shafton at Park Place Porsche, who graciously allowed us to use their training room for this tech session. As he always does, Patrick greeted our members and made himself available to our members to show them around the dealership. Also, to Justin Husman for presenting the info and providing donuts and coffee. And lastly, lots of appreciation for the MAV PCA volunteers who came early to help set up and leave late to help with clean-up! Stay tuned for an even better slate of tech sessions coming in 2019!! Your mind’s been racing. Catch up. Decades of dreaming, fulfilled instantaneously. The iconic 911 Carrera. Legendary handling, immediate power, and decades of motorsport heritage. It is the full measure of a sports car. Found only in a Porsche. Porsche. There is no substitute. The 911 Carrera. Porsche Plano 5924 W Plano Pkwy. Plano, TX 75093 (214) 579-1911 ©2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times. 8 December

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