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Slipstream - December 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Coffee, Cars &

Coffee, Cars & Conversation By Bill Kruder photos by Brant Worrell This month, once again, has an interesting winding road. We first met last May at the Frisco Rail Yard Mavs & Mochas, but this would not have happened had he first not met our mutual friend Mitch. Mitch was dropping off a package at the UPS store months earlier and Brant walked up to Mitch and told Mitch that he was driving Brant’s dream car… a white 911 Turbo S. From there these two strangers started talking about Porsches. They part ways without thinking to get a number, so like any good stalker Brant turned to the Maverick Region’s Yahoo email board and asked if any one knew this guy in a white turbo cab wearing suspenders. Well our good friend James Shoffit quickly figured out that it’s Mitch. James connects these two together, Mitch introduces him to Mavs & Mochas, and as they say the rest is history. So here is the next in my series of “conversations” I would like to share with you . . . Brant Worrell, Enthusiast since 1976, Owner 2003 996 turbo, 1988 944, and 2006 Cayenne Turbo S Bill Kruder: You sound like you might be from here? Brant Worrell: No, I’m actually from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I didn’t move here till 1998, when I moved to Plano, before moving on to Frisco, before stopping off for a short break in the Valley Ranch area in Irving, before finding my way to McKinney in 2014! BK: What about college? I always see you wearing a Buffalo cap? BW: Oh yes, I went to University of Colorado Boulder. I have a Poly Sci degree, for the lack of anything else. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do other than own Porsches and that needed a degree (laughing). BK: What brought you here? BW: Like so many, a job. I was working for a company in NW Arkansas and was looking for a new opportunity, and it was in DFW. BK: And what type of work do you do? BW: Well after college I went to culinary school in Hyde Park, New York. I like to joke I went into the CIA, which I did, just not that one in Langley, Virginia (laughing). It was the Culinary Institute of America. I always thought I had a passion for cooking, but what I learned is that I had the skills to cook, just not the passion to work 60 hours a week, seven days a week and holidays for very little money. So after a short stint in hotels and country clubs I went into being a research chef for Simmons Poultry in Northwest Arkansas; think Tyson Foods, just much smaller. After “getting my legs under me” on the research side of cooking, I joined Illes Seasonings & Flavors here in the Dallas area as their first research chef on staff. After thirteen years as Director of Culinary I moved into sales for Illes about seven years ago. We make flavor systems for the food industry. We don’t make the end foods consumers buy -- we make them taste better! BK: Now you talk about passion. What did you discover you had a passion for? BW: Don’t get me wrong: I like what I do. However, I figured out I had a passion for Porsches very early on in my life. I was the kid who had every square inch of his bedroom (including the ceiling) covered in Porsche posters -- not music or girl posters (wish I still had a lot of those posters), and if I was going to be able to pursue that passion I had to have a good job. So as they sometimes say, you can live to work or work to live, and my work allows me to enjoy owning Porsches. BK: Where did this “passion” for Porsches come from? BW: I like to say I was born into the Porsche club; it’s in my DNA. Both my parents were Porsche enthusiasts, especially my father. 14 December

BK: What’s your first memory of being around the cars that made you realize this is what you wanted? BW: That’s easy: it was 1976. I was nine years old and my parents took me and my brother to the Parade in San Diego. Porsche introduced the 924 at the Parade and I thought it was the coolest car (laughing)! Remember, I was nine. BK: So Mom and Dad were active in PCA? BW: Oh they were more than active they lived and breathed it. My dad was President of both the Alpine Mountain and Rocky Mountain Regions in Colorado and mom held several positions in each region as well. Dad was also the Zone 9 rep for years. Matter of fact he was the Chairman for the 1988 Colorado Springs Parade and Treasurer of the 1998 Steamboat Parade. BK: What about Mom? BW: Well she of course supported him throughout all this, but her passion was the track. She once got top track time of the day at an event. I remember it clearly: it was in La Junta, Colorado; I don’t think my father was happy about all the ribbing from the guys that day, and she was a DE instructor too. BK: What did they drive back then? BW: They tracked an incredibly fast 914/6 but over the years had several cars. One of my favorites was a white 1980 SC with red interior; matter of fact that’s why I love white 911s today. They also had several 928s, a 1972 911T, a Carrera, and a 968. BK: What was your first car? BW: Wish I could say a Porsche but it was back in 1985 and it was 1976 VW Scirocco. It was kind of a mess but it was a great car. BK: So what was your first Porsche? BW: It was a 1981 SC, pewter metallic; I bought that in 1997 and had it for about three years. BK: I think you told me you have had several since? BW: That I have. We had a white 968 coupe, a 928 GTS, and a 1988 924 SE. And of course today we have the 996 turbo, the 944, and our daily driver, a Cayenne Turbo S. BK: Let’s switch gears for a minute. I had the pleasure of meeting your wife Leigh Anne recently. How did you guys meet? BW: Well as it happens, life gets complicated, and I was going through a divorce. Leigh Anne was working for a company who sold to our company. There was a business lunch set up that I was suppose to attend but I could not make it at the last minute. I called to apologize for missing the meeting and that’s when I learned she had been through a rough divorce so we started talking a lot. We were talking one day when, out of the blue, she said, “you know I REALLY like you.” I was like “what?” as I turned bright red (laughing). She’s this pretty woman and I’m this mess of a guy who never dreamed of dating someone as beautiful and kind as Leigh Anne. So after my divorce was final, we started dating. It took me nine years to convince her I was THE ONE, but she finally agreed to make me the happiest and luckiest guy in the world and married me in April 2015. Every month as I write the interview I think the same thing, what if: Brant and Mitch never said hello? Brant never took the time to find the guy in the white turbo cab? James didn’t bother to respond to the Yahoo post? And if Mitch never introduced his new friend to me? So if and when you meet someone new, don’t miss out on “Driving Friendships!” Contact me to learn how you can get the most out of retirement. Lisa D. Ward, MBA Agent, New York Life Insurance Company 777 Mains Street Suite 3800 Fort Worth, TX 76102 817-614-3165 Insure. Prepare. Retire. We’ll give you an assist on your future goals. SMRU1710429 (Exp.10/21/2018) ©2018 New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 15

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