Slipstream - December 2018


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Coffee, Cars & Conversation

By Bill Kruder

photos by Brant Worrell

This month, once again, has an

interesting winding road. We first

met last May at the Frisco Rail

Yard Mavs & Mochas, but this

would not have happened had he

first not met our mutual friend

Mitch. Mitch was dropping off a

package at the UPS store months

earlier and Brant walked up to

Mitch and told Mitch that he was

driving Brant’s dream car… a white

911 Turbo S. From there these two

strangers started talking about

Porsches. They part ways without

thinking to get a number, so like

any good stalker Brant turned

to the Maverick Region’s Yahoo

email board and asked if any one

knew this guy in a white turbo

cab wearing suspenders. Well our

good friend James Shoffit quickly

figured out that it’s Mitch. James

connects these two together, Mitch

introduces him to Mavs & Mochas,

and as they say the rest is history.

So here is the next in my series of

“conversations” I would like to

share with you . . .

Brant Worrell, Enthusiast since 1976,

Owner 2003 996 turbo, 1988 944, and

2006 Cayenne Turbo S

Bill Kruder: You sound like you

might be from here?

Brant Worrell: No, I’m actually from

Colorado Springs, Colorado. I

didn’t move here till 1998, when I

moved to Plano, before moving on

to Frisco, before stopping off for

a short break in the Valley Ranch

area in Irving, before finding my

way to McKinney in 2014!

BK: What about college? I always

see you wearing a Buffalo cap?

BW: Oh yes, I went to University of

Colorado Boulder. I have a Poly Sci

degree, for the lack of anything else.

I really didn’t know what I wanted

to do other than own Porsches and

that needed a degree (laughing).

BK: What brought you here?

BW: Like so many, a job. I was

working for a company in NW

Arkansas and was looking for a new

opportunity, and it was in DFW.

BK: And what type of work do you do?

BW: Well after college I went to

culinary school in Hyde Park, New

York. I like to joke I went into the

CIA, which I did, just not that one in

Langley, Virginia (laughing). It was

the Culinary Institute of America. I

always thought I had a passion for

cooking, but what I learned is that

I had the skills to cook, just not the

passion to work 60 hours a week,

seven days a week and holidays for

very little money. So after a short

stint in hotels and country clubs

I went into being a research chef

for Simmons Poultry in Northwest

Arkansas; think Tyson Foods, just

much smaller. After “getting my

legs under me” on the research side

of cooking, I joined Illes Seasonings

& Flavors here in the Dallas area

as their first research chef on staff.

After thirteen years as Director of

Culinary I moved into sales for

Illes about seven years ago. We

make flavor systems for the food

industry. We don’t make the end

foods consumers buy -- we make

them taste better!

BK: Now you talk about passion.

What did you discover you had a

passion for?

BW: Don’t get me wrong: I like what

I do. However, I figured out I had a

passion for Porsches very early on

in my life. I was the kid who had

every square inch of his bedroom

(including the ceiling) covered in

Porsche posters -- not music or

girl posters (wish I still had a lot of

those posters), and if I was going

to be able to pursue that passion I

had to have a good job. So as they

sometimes say, you can live to work

or work to live, and my work allows

me to enjoy owning Porsches.

BK: Where did this “passion” for

Porsches come from?

BW: I like to say I was born into

the Porsche club; it’s in my DNA.

Both my parents were Porsche

enthusiasts, especially my father.

14 December

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