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Jong-Boo Kim

CEO, NUC Electronics

NUC outlines plans to grow

product lines and go global

Jong-Boo Kim, CEO, NUC Electronics, says the company plans an ambitious

roadmap for coming years

Founded in 1978, NUC’s mission

is to “provide health to every

home”. We started by asking

Jong-Boo Kim, CEO, NUC

Electronics, how the business

has developed, with small

kitchen appliances related to

health always being the main


It began with the slow juicer in the

1980s. We introduced the food

processor in the 1900s and the

yogurt maker in 2000s. Our main

products today, the Whole Slow

Juicer and the Vacuum Blender,

were launched in 2010. Recently,

we launched MOTIV1, a juicer

with IoT technology. Paired with

a body composition analyser, it

is able to measure the condition

of one’s body and provide users

with customised juice recipes and

exercise programmes via a mobile


What does the future look like

for NUC?

We continue to develop and apply

new ideas to take care of the health

of our customers for our main

products – juicers and blenders.

NUC is at a major turning point.

Based on the technical knowledge

of products that have been

produced and supplied through 40

years of our company’s history, we

have decided upon a macroscopic

goal to become a total home

appliance solution company, with

the initial launch of more than

100 small appliances, household

appliances, health appliances and

beauty products over the next five


Tell us more about these new


Among the newly developed

products, we will select and

differentiate the products that

meet the market conditions of

each country and work with

major distribution networks.

Each year, we plan to launch our

latest products through new and

existing distribution channels to

increase market coverage. Of

course, this new business concept

must be established on the basic

assumption that the current juicers

and blenders must be successful as

the leading brand in the relevant

market. As part of this plan, IFA

and CE China are increasingly

important venues for introducing

our new products in Europe and


NUC Electronics received a Red

Dot Design Award in 2019 for

its Smart Juicer. What did it

mean to win the award?

We won the Red Dot Design

Award in Germany for the Smart

Juicer in the Product Design

category. NUC Electronics has

been sweeping design awards

every year internationally, which

has included the Red Dot Award,

Germany’s iF Design Award and

IDEA, from the US.

We have participated in

international exhibitions and

gained global attention for our

innovative products. We will

become a global kitchen appliance

company by releasing innovative

products continuously to spread

health culture



Earlier this year, NUC Electronics

signed an exclusive dealership

contract with Suning Electronics,

the biggest retail group in China,

to distribute its products into

on and offline retail channels in


Through this strategic alliance,

NUC Electronics has being

supplied IoT smart juicer which

recommends the customised

juice recipes based on the body

composition as well as the vacuum

blender which removes the air

from the container to maintain

nutrition and taste of ingredients.

From the second half of 2019,

starting with a multi-grill, NUC

Electronics and Suning has come

to an agreement to introduce

new small appliances in China

within the next five years, which

will result in Korean brand NUC

becoming a leading lifestyle brand

in China.


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