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Simon Wright

or You

collaborate through a post on a Facebook group

called ‘Songwriting and Music Production’.

His invitation was answered by an enthusiastic and

talented bunch of musicians and songwriters. It’s a

really global effort, with contributions drawn from

Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Finland, England,

South Africa, United States, Scotland, Italy, and


The album features fresh interpretations of

well-known Christmas favourites, plus original new

material. The music is sumptuous and will make your

foot tap, your heart smile, and hopefully also make

you think about what Christmas means to you and

its true spirit.

Stand for you lyric

My contribution to the album was to create an

original lyric, called ‘Stand for you’. Riley, the veteran

referenced within the song, is a fictitious

character, but he represents the plight that many

veterans sadly end up facing. He has had to sell the

medals he earned, and has gone (in society’s eyes)

from being a homecoming hero to just another

homeless person sat on a street corner.

I wanted to juxtaposition Riley’s plight with the

joyous anticipation that kids have on Christmas Eve

– being tucked up in a warm bed waiting excitedly

for Santa and his reindeer to arrive. And then to have

the chorus be an uplifting tale of how others will

support Riley in his hour of need, just as he stood for

us when serving his country.I originally thought the

lyric could maybe be converted into a Bruce

Springsteen-type song, but when Seth Koos started

working on it he had the great idea to move it into

more of a hard rock territory. And we were very

lucky to enlist Bob Campbell to provide the vocal

oomph that the song needed. I’m very proud of the

end result and that a lyric I wrote is helping a great



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