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It was a silent night and I’d drifted off to sleep

First day on the job

Third shift watching my brother’s sheep

It didn’t pay much money

But it was all that I could find

I was trying to keep my nose clean

Tryin to toe the line

Tried to fight the sleep

But the job it was so boring

It didn’t help for me to hear

Them other fellows snoring

Then somewhere near the edge

Of being awake and having a dream

The night sky lit up the like the noonday

And I heard myself scream

And the angels started dancing

They started saying Noel

Joy to the world born this day

Is the King of Israel

I thought I was seeing things

Closed my eyes thinking I was dreamin

But I knew that it was for real

When I heard them other fellas screaming

A hundred million angels

They was dancing in the glory

We ran for we was worth we left them sheep

Cause somebody had to tell the story

And the angels started dancing

They started saying Noel

Joy to the world born this day

Is the King of Israel

To this day I can still hear’em

Close my eyes see the glorious fire

My brother swears I’d been drinking

That night when I talk about

that heavenly choir

You know it doesn’t matter

He’s gonna feel what He wants to feel

But as for me I know what I saw

It ain’t no story man its real

The angels started dancing

They started saying noel

Joy to the world is born this day’s

the king of Israel

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Outside the Box Writing

I like to look at a story and pick one element

and see where that tangent goes.

In light of the Holidays, I decided to revisit the

story of the Shepherds and the Angels from

Luke Chapter 2. As the story goes they were

watching their sheep at night when the angels


So I took one of the Shepherds and thought

about a guy who was down on his luck, maybe

an ex con. His brother begrudgingly gives him

a job where no one would see him. I built the

lyric around him “trying to toe the line” to keep

his nose clean and not screw up.

Then an incredible event happens and he leaves

his livestock. What was the reaction from his

brother and what happened. Would you

believe him? I enjoyed just taking a little twist

and painting a different perspective. This takes

your listener on a paradigm shift and helps

them see deeper into the people involved.

Thinking differently than the norm is fun to

explore and can create new opportunities

of discovery and innovative lyric writing.

Merry Christmas! Happy writing!

David Michael Rose

26 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

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