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Gary Snead

e Mistletoe

I’m a singer songwriter, living currently in

Metro NYC, in the sub genre of country

music known as Trop Rock. As a performer

and frontman for over 20 years in the genre,

it can best be described as Jimmy Buffett

inspired songs about Beaches, Bars, Boats

and Ballads, to steal the title of his box set!

It’s fun music.

This song comes from my love of all things

Christmas. It truly is my favorite time of the


To hear more of my music, please feel free to



I started this song on the way to a club gig

in Charlottesville, Virginia, and finished it

while awaiting my flight home in the

Departure Terminal at JFK after a trip to

Long Island. It was inspired by Nat King

Cole’s version of The Christmas Song.

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