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Today very few people in the first flush of interest will walk or drive past your home. They will view your property on screen.  Find out how we can can help to make your property look the best it can for when that important buyer comes calling online.

Today very few people in the first flush of interest will walk or drive past your home. They will view your property on screen.  Find out how we can can help to make your property look the best it can for when that important buyer comes calling online.


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Estate agents have always talked about kerb

appeal – how well a property looks to a passerby.

This is still important. But more so, in this

day and age, is screen appeal. Your property is

going to be seen by far more potential buyers

via a mobile or desktop device nowadays –

especially given our guided virtual property

tour: think Kirsty or Phil and you get the

picture! Today very few people in the first

flush of interest will walk or drive past your

home. They will view your property on screen.

There are great benefits to this. On-screen,

you have the opportunity to present your

property at its very best all the time, regardless

of weather and other detrimental factors.

Photographs of your property can be taken

on a lovely bright day with the sun in just the

right direction. Your images will be captured

when the garden is tidy, with no cars in the

drive or bins in the way - and your windows

can be sparkling clean. In other words, you

have control of what people see on screen in a

way that you can’t when someone is randomly

driving past.

So make full use of this opportunity. Remember,

if a buyer doesn’t think you are proud of your

property, why would they be interested in

buying it? Your property deserves to look its

best. You want to make a good impression.

At DOMVS we put good photography first. We

have a long-standing working relationship with

an exceptional professional photographer who

takes editorial-quality property photography

from small studio apartments through to

country estates, in addition our photographer

can take elevated and twilight imagery and

drone filming. We advise you how to make

your property look the best it can for when

that important buyer comes calling online. We

understand how vital it is to make a good first

impression - after all you never get a second


Polly Greenway

DOMVS Director



People buy as much into the ‘lifestyle’ of a

property and its location, as they do the bricks

and mortar. We set the scene so people can

picture themselves perhaps sitting in the garden

on a Sunday morning taking a break from gardening

duties or enjoying entertaining with family and friends.

Making a few tweaks to a room layout can make a dramatic

difference to the welcoming feel of a room. Simply moving a bed and

removing a few pieces of furniture might be all it takes. For more dramatic changes, we can assist

with tailored packages which combine aesthetic fixes, furniture and accessories to maximise the use

of space, lighting and a property’s unique characteristics. No matter what is needed we can provide

advice and guidance to ensure your home reaches its optimum value.


Ensuring your home looks inviting and stands out amongst the competition

is what we constantly strive to achieve. Using twilight photography is just

one of the many ways. See for yourself: one photograph makes you feel

there is a cosy welcome awaiting you when you step inside. The other

simply shows an attractive historic property in a street scene. Which one

would you choose?


Elevated photography provides a completely different perspective. As

you can see from this example, using such photography can properly

demonstrate a property’s advantages whether it is showcasing your

extensive grounds and gardens or where larger scale land and estates

need to be illustrated effectively. This technique is not just for high end

properties. As you can see with the cottage featured in these two images,

changing the camera angle to an elevated shot makes all the difference for

a striking first impression.


A picture says a thousand words and when it comes to property, it’s essential

you make sure they’re the right ones. Using a professional photographer

who has the expertise and composition skills to create images which truly

capture the essence of a home, is key to ensuring the right response.



Videos are revolutionising the world of property.

Virtual guided tours, interviews with owners,

and ‘sneak peeks’ behind the scenes are many

of the compelling ways we use to maximise your

home’s potential. Drone photography providing

aerial views and footage is yet another way we

‘set the stage’. Sometimes it can be challenging

to properly capture the scale and beauty of a

property on camera: used appropriately it can

provide affordable, eye-catching images and

videos. Being able to view the surroundings and

boundary lines of a property ensures buyers

really can see the bigger picture.

We don’t want to compromise your chances of

a successful launch: this belief runs through

everything we do.


As the first property agent in the south of

England to introduce Virtual Reality Property

Tours, DOMVS now offers buyers a fully

immersive viewing experience. Using our

VR headset, buyers can now ‘walk’ around a

property without leaving the DOMVS office, or

can view online from the comfort of their own


We create Virtual Reality Property Tours in

the same way as we conduct the rest of our

business; calmly, efficiently and professionally.

We believe it is essential we present your home

as you see it yourself.

VR tours are recorded by our negotiators using

a 360° video camera. By placing the camera in

the centre of the room, we are able to show the

property in much the same way as we would

to a client; we can walk around each room and

highlight notable features and details, aiding

the viewer in imagining the property as if it

were their own. This creates a seamless and,

more importantly, natural experience for the

viewer, allowing them to fully appreciate the

property to its fullest.

As our tours are video rather than a set of

images, we are able to ‘escort’ viewers around

the property, rather than simply providing

them with an interactive view of the interior.

This is an essential part of our aim to make the

experience more immersive and enjoyable for

the prospective buyer, and allows us to offer a

more effective service.

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