The DOMVS Almanac issue #3_Summer 2021


At Home in Dorset


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THE<br />

<strong>DOMVS</strong><br />


At Home in Dorset<br />

# 003<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2021</strong>

Welcome to <strong>The</strong> <strong>DOMVS</strong> <strong>Almanac</strong><br />

ALMANAC noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically seasonal, that includes<br />

information for the year such as important days, weather, traditions, tips and nature.<br />

We are proud to present <strong>issue</strong> two of <strong>The</strong> <strong>DOMVS</strong><br />

<strong>Almanac</strong>, which brings to you our highlights of living<br />

in Dorset. With each new season, we will share with<br />

you the hidden gems of our beautiful county, from our<br />

favourite countryside walks and the best places to go for<br />

the freshest seafood, to one-of-a-kind shops that aren’t<br />

to be missed and inspiring local creatives. Read on to<br />

find out how to make the very best of your home, your<br />

garden and your mind, body and soul.<br />

From the purveyors of the most scrumptiously tasty<br />

treats, to the most talented designers, decorators,<br />

and stylists, we’ve partnered with independent Dorset<br />

businesses who are incredibly passionate about where<br />

we’re from and what we do, and we’re all here to help<br />

you feel at home in Dorset.<br />

To discover more about the beautiful Dorset home<br />

pictured here, read on...

Eight bedrooms | Four entertaining spaces | Tennis court | Natural lake | Approx. 6.24 acres | £2,250,000<br />

Upwey, Dorset | Contact Tim Grainger: 01305 757300<br />

Historic home, exclusive living<br />

Approx. 8.5 acres | Outbuildings and paddock | Successful kennels | Five-bedroom home | Guide price £1,395,000<br />

Portesham, Dorset | Contact Tim Grainger: 01305 757300<br />

Rural living, income potential<br />

In association with<br />

In association with<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />

3 4

Our Partners<br />

Inside this Season<br />

Our partners comprise some of the best producers<br />

Dorset has to offer, all independent businesses founded<br />

and located in Dorset, brought together to promote not<br />

only each other, but the glorious lifestyle and products<br />

our unique county has to offer.<br />

3, 25 & 49. Dream homes from <strong>DOMVS</strong><br />

7. Sculpture by the Lakes: FORM Exhibition<br />

9. Real nappies for good from Loving by Nature<br />

29. Get a taste for Langham Wine Estate<br />

31. Relax mind, body and soul at Medusa Apothecary<br />

33. Eat chocolate, save the world with Chococo<br />

We are always looking for exciting and innovative<br />

new partners, so if you fit the bill and would like to be<br />

involved, please get in touch.<br />

11. Introducing Mr Fish<br />

13. Time for cake with Dorset Ginger Co.<br />

37. Discover your inner mermaid with Dorset Dips<br />

39. Take a seat at the table with Cameron Furniture<br />

Director<br />

Polly Greenway<br />

15. Mind medicine from Primrose’s Kitchen<br />

17. Wild new styles at Foxy by Design<br />

41. Moving tips to take care of your brood from NEST<br />

42. Create beautiful spaces with Purbeck Candles<br />

<strong>Almanac</strong> Secretary<br />

Lucy Cole<br />

lucy.cole@domvs.co.uk<br />

19. Spring skin solutions from Sarah Dale Aesthetics<br />

21. Indulge yourself with Rosemary Rogers Catering<br />

43. 1968accessories; stylish and supportive<br />

45. Save the world one roll at a time with Naked Sprout<br />

On the Cover (and above)<br />

‘Blackmore Vale 1’ by our North Dorset photography<br />

competition winner, Karen Parsons.<br />

Editorial & Design<br />

Charlie Ryan<br />

charlie.ryan@domvs.co.uk<br />

23. Go Dutch at EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers<br />

27. Introducing Laura Evans Artist & Printmaker<br />

47. Sammie McFarland in search of tranquility<br />

51. <strong>DOMVS</strong> presents an opportunity not to missed<br />

5<br />


A <strong>Summer</strong> to Remember<br />

Exploring the ecclectic timetable of art, nature and wellbeing at Sculpture by the Lakes<br />

Celebrating 10 years of existence this year, Sculpture by<br />

the Lakes, Dorchester, regarded by those in the know<br />

as a jewel in the county’s crown, has had a jam-packed<br />

programme of events this summer, with plenty to delight<br />

arts and nature lovers. This stunning 26-acre haven<br />

of gardens, woodlands, and lakes is run by celebrated<br />

sculptor Simon Gudgeon and his wife, Monique, Head<br />

Gardener at the sculpture park. It is home to more than<br />

30 of Simon’s stunning large-scale sculptures.<br />

Kicking off the season in style was the hugely popular<br />

FORM – <strong>The</strong> Sculpture Exhibition, and many of the 200<br />

visiting pieces by some 30 top sculptors are still being<br />

exhibited now. <strong>The</strong>n came <strong>The</strong> Garden Festival, followed<br />

by the Rare Plant Fair, before the return of the hugely<br />

successful and multi-award-winning Dorset Arts Festival<br />

from June 30 to July 4. More than 60 artists, crafters,<br />

and makers were in attendance, demonstrating their<br />

incredible skills and techniques live.<br />

<strong>The</strong> beauty and tranquillity of the sculpture park<br />

will, once again, provide the setting for Wellbeing by<br />

the Lakes, a five-day festival from Sep 8 – Sep 12,<br />

exploring what it means to be mindful and live well.<br />

With a carefully curated blend of expert talks, art,<br />

live performance, meditation, movement sessions,<br />

and healing therapies, it promises to be an oasis of<br />

restoration and rest in our fast-paced modern world.<br />

And no year at Sculpture by the Lakes would be<br />

complete without incredible exhibitions in <strong>The</strong> Gallery by<br />

the Lakes. <strong>The</strong> Narrative Ark, an exhibition of new work<br />

by celebrated wildlife artist Andrew Denman, takes place<br />

in October, and from November 2 to 20 will be Fauna,<br />

Art of the Wild, an exhibition of depictions of animals<br />

and birds by a selection of international artists.<br />

If you’re unfamiliar with Sculpture by the Lakes,<br />

nestled in the Dorset countryside just six miles east of<br />

Dorchester, this would be an excellent year to discover<br />

it! Find out more about events at Sculpture by the Lakes<br />

here: sculpturebythelakes.co.uk/events<br />


Real Love<br />

Charlotte<br />

Loving of Loving by Nature on<br />

why we need more real nappie shops<br />

Since opening my shop doors two years ago, I have been<br />

pleased to see many more cloth nappy shops either in<br />

the pipeline or opening up all over the UK. <strong>The</strong> main<br />

driver in my opening Loving by Nature was to spread<br />

the word about reusable nappies and provide accessible<br />

advice for anyone wanting to make the switch. I can’t<br />

claim to be the first cloth nappy shop to open though.<br />

Nappy Ever After in Hackney and Plush Pants in Oxford<br />

have been open for several years, as well as Naturally<br />

Baby in Leamington Spa. <strong>The</strong>re are also a number of<br />

small stores that have always stocked one or two cloth<br />

nappy brands, although not their main focus.<br />

<strong>The</strong> reason I think we need more bricks-and-mortar real<br />

nappy shops in the country is simple. Whilst online retail<br />

is brilliant, immediate and accessible, I truly believe that<br />

if we want reusable nappies to become mainstream, we<br />

need to be able to see them up close, in the flesh, in real<br />

life stores across our towns and cities. This isn’t to say<br />

that using cloth is complicated, but there is no denying<br />

that when faced with all the options online, it can be<br />

dizzying and confusing without being able to see how<br />

things work in real life. Personally, I am a very touchyfeely<br />

person and always feel nervous before clicking<br />

‘buy’ online when I haven’t any prior experience of the<br />

product. With something as seemingly alien as cloth<br />

nappies, buying online can seem all the more risky –<br />

especially for first-time parents.<br />

With a physical shop, we are able to open our doors<br />

to anyone passing by, which also means that people<br />

who weren’t necessarily looking to reuse might find us<br />

too. This is vital if we are to break through the barriers<br />

of what is considered ‘normal’ and get real nappies<br />

on more bums across the country. At the moment, if<br />

you want to use real nappies, which thankfully more<br />

and more people do, you need to be quite active<br />

and determined in seeking out sources online and<br />

researching and finding groups you can attend locally<br />

for advice and support.<br />

It has been great to see many supermarkets jumping<br />

on board and stocking some popular real nappie brands<br />

recently. While they might be able to offer knock-down<br />

prices that a small shop never could, what you can’t get<br />

from the supermarket, however, is specialised, informed<br />

advice from someone truly passionate and experienced<br />

in what they are talking about. This means someone<br />

buying their first cloth nappies from a supermarket<br />

may end up ditching the idea if they find they don’t get<br />

on with the particular brand they’ve been trying. So,<br />

while cloth nappies in supermarkets is a fantastic step<br />

in the right direction, I would still urge anyone keen<br />

to give cloth a try to seek the advice and support of<br />

your local, independent distributor. What you also get<br />

from a specialist shop is the opportunity to return if<br />

something isn’t working for you. You’ll get more tailored<br />

advice, the chance to keep learning as you go, as well<br />

as the opportunity to become part of your local cloth<br />

nappy community, should you wish. Plus, they’ll be a far<br />

greater variety of options available to you.<br />

Cloth nappy focussed shops are still a rarity, although<br />

with the soon-to-open Friendly Eco in Bristol, the Real<br />

Nappy Café in London and <strong>The</strong> Nappy Workshop in<br />

Surrey, plus more and more popping up at markets and<br />

events around the country all the time, I am hopeful that<br />

sometime in the near future we may have one in every<br />

town – I would love to open more myself! That said, it is<br />

not an easy gig. Reusable nappies are no cash cow, and I<br />

can assure you that anyone doing this is doing it for the<br />

passion, because they truly believe in the need for it,<br />

and not because they want to make their millions. If we<br />

can make enough to keep a roof over our heads, we’re<br />

happy to keep providing this much-needed service to our<br />

communities - and the environment.<br />

Loving by Nature is open from 10am to 2pm, Tuesdays<br />

to Saturdays and can be found at De Danann Centre, 27<br />

London Road, Dorchester, DT1 1 NF. You can also find out<br />

more online at lbndorset.com<br />

9<br />


When the Boat Comes In<br />

Introducing ‘Mr Fish’, Kevin Hanger; fresh, local fish direct to your door<br />

You could say I’ve always loved the sea, from fishing<br />

as a boy to enjoying spearfishing around local areas<br />

and further field later in life. Having spent 22 years<br />

working in the building industry, I found myself looking<br />

for a change. Someone told me when you do what you<br />

love you’ll never work again, so I followed my dreams<br />

and, three years ago, became a commercial fisherman. I<br />

invested in a boat, took and passed all the qualifications<br />

to become a captain, and never looked back. Even the<br />

early mornings and 12-hour days can’t put me off!<br />

My boat, Shearwater, is docked in Weymouth Harbour,<br />

and I primarily fish for bass and shellfish. All my fish<br />

is sustainably line caught and, although I sell to the<br />

market, I find it most rewarding to sell fish to my fellow<br />

Dorset residents.<br />

You can contact me via Facebook at facebook.com/<br />

MrFishDorchester, via Instagram at @mrfishdorchester<br />

and on 07841 878334. Orders are always welcome and<br />

you’ll receive the freshest fish delivered to your door.<br />

11<br />


Sugar and Spice<br />

All things nice: <strong>The</strong> Dorset Ginger Company’s ginger drizzle cake<br />

Ingredients:<br />

For the cake:<br />

• 60ml Dorset Ginger Co. Extra Strong<br />

• 200g/7oz softened butter<br />

• 200g/7oz caster sugar<br />

• 200g/7oz self-raising flour<br />

• 3 medium eggs<br />

• Couple of cubes of crystalised ginger cut into small<br />

pieces (optional)<br />

For the ginger icing:<br />

• 2 tbsp Dorset Ginger Co. Extra Strong<br />

• 200g/7oz icing sugar<br />

• Couple of cubes of thinly sliced crystalised ginger<br />

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas 4. Line and<br />

grease a 1lb loaf tin or a 20cm/8” cake tin.<br />

2. Place the butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl and<br />

beat until light and fluffy.<br />

⁣<br />

3. Whisk in the eggs a little at a time. If the mixture<br />

starts to curdle, add 1 tbsp of flour. Use a metal spoon to<br />

fold in the rest of the flour.<br />

4. Add the 60ml Dorset Ginger Co. Extra Strong and stir<br />

well. Add the chopped up crystalised ginger at this point,<br />

if you are using it.<br />

⁣<br />

5. Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin. Bake in the<br />

centre of the oven for 35-40 minutes or until a skewer<br />

inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean.<br />

⁣When it’s risen, golden and shrinking from the tin,<br />

remove the cake from the oven and prick it all over with<br />

a cocktail stick at least 20 times.<br />

⁣<br />

6. Drizzle it with more Dorset Ginger Co. Extra Strong.<br />

Allow it to cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then carefully<br />

remove it from the tin and transfer to a cooling rack.<br />

⁣<br />

7. Once the cake is completely cool, mix up the 2 tbsp of<br />

Dorset Ginger Co. Extra Strong with enough icing sugar<br />

to make a thick paste. Drizzle this over the cake, then<br />

decorate with thinly sliced crystalised ginger.<br />

dorsetginger.ltd<br />

13<br />


Soul Food<br />

Founder of Primrose’s Kitchen, Primrose Matheson, shares her top mental health hacks<br />

<strong>The</strong> state of our mental health defines us. It mobilizes<br />

or demobilizes, which is why staying on top of it is<br />

so important. As someone who has always found it<br />

hard to stay motivated during the winter months, I am<br />

constantly exploring methods, foods and techniques<br />

which can be actioned at any time of the year. Here, I<br />

talk about some of them in order of their importance in<br />

my own life.<br />

Cold water<br />

Having grown up on an island, the sea has always been a<br />

big part of my life, and swimming in it very normal. <strong>The</strong><br />

feeling one got from those swims was always uplifting,<br />

recalibrating and refreshing. Skip forward and I am now<br />

living on Dartmoor. Whilst only 40 minutes from the<br />

sea, it is no longer possible for me to enjoy a daily dip,<br />

so I have been looking for other ways to incorporate<br />

the power of cold water into my life. Up until the end of<br />

October (just before my son, Wolf, was born), my partner<br />

and I would go to a favourite river spot in the morning<br />

and dunk ourselves before facing the day. I have always<br />

found river water even more punchy than the sea due to<br />

its lack of salt, which has a warming effect on the skin.<br />

More recently, I have been fully embracing the Wim<br />

Hof Method and swapping the river for cold showers<br />

accompanied with deep breathing. Wim Hof’s belief<br />

system, with which I fully resonate, is that, over time,<br />

our relationship with the world we live in has changed.<br />

Our lifestyles have disconnected us from the natural<br />

environment. Because of this disconnection, our ageold<br />

survival mechanisms are no longer triggered and<br />

we’ve lost touch with our inner power. His method is<br />

about reconnecting with nature, ourselves, and others.<br />

Alongside his love of the cold, Hof has developed a<br />

breathing technique which, he claims, helps with a huge<br />

array of dis-ease due to its anti-inflammatory effects in<br />

the body. Where there is inflammation, there is usually a<br />

lack of oxygen. This is similar to the ancient practice of<br />

yogic breathing techniques known as pranayama, which<br />

has shown to decrease stress, lower blood pressure,<br />

and improve immunity. Hof claims utilising cold therapy,<br />

breathing techniques and one’s commitment can<br />

positively help grant us increased energy; better<br />

sleep; reduced stress levels; heightened focus and<br />

determination; increased willpower; and a stronger<br />

immune system. I can definitely vouch for this, as can so<br />

many of his disciples.<br />

Incline walking<br />

Over the last five years, I have really become addicted<br />

to a good incline. I wanted to understand why it feels<br />

so much better to walk a shorter distance uphill than<br />

a longer distance on the flat. Whilst I believe there is a<br />

mental satisfaction in overcoming the challenge of an<br />

incline and reaching the top of a hill - like a metaphor<br />

for the challenges we face in our lives - I feel there is<br />

also a physical reason why I like it. In discussing this<br />

with a serious running friend of mine, I learnt that uphill<br />

walking uses the same motor patterns as running. It<br />

places an intensity on the cardiovascular system that is<br />

almost equivalent to running, and higher than walking on<br />

flat terrain. This increased intensity leads to improved<br />

heart and lung function with a decreased risk of the<br />

development of heart disease. If, like me, you are not<br />

a fan of running, this is the perfect middle ground, so I<br />

encourage you to find a good hill near you.<br />

Food as medicine<br />

First things first; keeping your blood sugar level stable is<br />

the first step to maintaining a good mood and reducing<br />

the likelihood of feeling tired, irritable, and depressed.<br />

To do this, we must eat regularly and choose foods that<br />

release energy slowly. Serotonin is often talked about<br />

in relation to making us feel happy, but it also helps<br />

regulate sleep and appetite, mediate moods, and inhibit<br />

pain. About 95% of your serotonin is produced in your<br />

gastrointestinal tract. <strong>The</strong> gastrointestinal tract is lined<br />

with one hundred million nerve cells - or neurons - so it<br />

makes sense that your digestive system also guides your<br />

emotions. <strong>The</strong> function of these neurons and, therefore,<br />

the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, is<br />

highly influenced by the billions of “good” bacteria that<br />

make up your intestinal microbiome. <strong>The</strong>se bacteria<br />

play an essential role in your health, helping you absorb<br />

nutrients from your food and boost your immunity. In<br />

short, when it comes to diet, anything we can eat to<br />

support a healthy gut is going to help us feel good on all<br />

levels.<br />

Kefir and sauerkraut provide beneficial bacteria to<br />

support your gut. Gut bacteria needs fibre to flourish;<br />

apples and peas are excellent examples, providing good<br />

insoluble and soluble fibre. Chicory, which makes a great<br />

addition to salads, provides prebiotics to feed the good<br />

bacteria. Fatty acids from high quality hemp and olive<br />

oil provide potent anti-inflammatory effects to support<br />

gut health. One of my favourite snacks is almonds, and<br />

studies show almonds possess probiotic qualities. In<br />

addition, Vitamin D is crucial for brain development and<br />

health, so incorporating Vitamin D-rich foods into your<br />

diet is a great idea. <strong>The</strong>se are foods like egg yolks, oily<br />

fish and nettles, which help regulate mood and stave off<br />

low feelings. Interestingly, people living in areas of the<br />

world in which they eat a more traditional, varied diet<br />

including plenty of fermented and no processed foods<br />

show a lower rate of mental illness such as depression.<br />

When it comes to health hacks, I think it is best to keep<br />

them short and simple, so they are memorable and easy<br />

to implement. <strong>The</strong>se are my go-to mood enhancers and<br />

feel-good optimizers. <strong>The</strong> only addition I would make<br />

to the above is not to forget to interact with others.<br />

We create great things when we come together as a<br />

collective and by being a community. Remembering you<br />

are part of a whole is key. We are not on our own. We all<br />

have a valuable role to play in the great plan of life, even<br />

if we might feel like we haven’t yet discovered what it is.<br />

To find out more about Primrose’s Kitchen, visit<br />

the website at primroseskitchen.com, or find us on<br />

Instagram at @primroseskitchen and on facebook at<br />

facebook.com/PrimrosesKitchen<br />

15<br />


Wild Thing<br />

Take a walk on the wild side with<br />

Foxy By Design<br />

Stepping out of the darkness and into spring makes<br />

this one of our favourite times of year. Our spring <strong>2021</strong><br />

collection is a true reflection of this, full of bright colours<br />

and exotic animal prints. Conjuring images of tropical<br />

climates, sandy beaches and crystal clear blue skies, with<br />

zebras, leopards, parrots, you name it, this season we<br />

have it. All guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, it’s<br />

just what we need right now.<br />

Use the code FOXYLOVE to receive 10% off your entire<br />

order. For foxy tips and to shop the collection, visit<br />

foxybydesign.co.uk<br />

Window Dressing<br />

Misty Glass Dorset sheds a whole new light<br />

At <strong>DOMVS</strong>, we’re lucky enough to sell some of the<br />

most beautiful homes in Dorset, many of them historic<br />

or listed buildings. When in need of a little TLC, the<br />

restoration or replication of period features within older<br />

homes often requires the specialist skills of traditional<br />

craftsmen - enter, Misty Glass Dorset.<br />

Misty makes stunning stained-glass panels for windows<br />

and doors and has installed them in properties<br />

throughout Dorset. Having started her business on the<br />

dining room table of her home in Weymouth, Misty now<br />

works in her own studio, where the views across the sea<br />

towards Portland fill her with inspiration every day.<br />

After 20 years spent renovating properties with her<br />

husband in Oxfordshire, Cornwall and France - where<br />

they spent eight years converting a traditional barn into<br />

a fabulous home - Misty and her family returned to<br />

England to work on a Victorian property in Weymouth.<br />

<strong>The</strong> gift of a stained-glass course for her birthday<br />

changed everything.<br />

Misty now has a wonderful workshop filled with every<br />

colour and texture of glass you could think of. Her<br />

hand-made, bespoke works hang in the window letting<br />

in beams of kaleidoscopic colour. “I love glass, I can get<br />

totally lost in every detail. <strong>The</strong>n, after soldering all the<br />

lead together, I get to enjoy the magic of being the first<br />

person to hold it up to see how the light brings it to life.”<br />

Misty takes commissions for replacing stained glass as<br />

part of renovations, and creates bespoke door plaques.<br />

To speak to her about your stained-glass project or<br />

ideas, email mistyglassdorset@gmail.com or call 07756<br />

466868. You can see all her latest work on Instagram at<br />

@mistyglassdorset<br />

17<br />


Here for You<br />

Jessica Moriarty welcomes you back to Sarah Dale Aesthetics, Poundbury<br />

As <strong>Summer</strong> blooms and the world continues to open up<br />

around us, it has been common for people to experience<br />

anxiety at the thought of venturing back into their local<br />

businesses. Here at Sarah Dale Aesthetics, we have<br />

been very excited to re-open, and it has been lovely to<br />

see so many new faces. Despite this, we are aware that<br />

many may still be feeling apprehensive about booking a<br />

consultation. One of our biggest priorities is the comfort<br />

of our clients, and we want to be able to reassure you as<br />

to what you can expect when visiting us.<br />

You will find us in Poundbury, nestled in a quiet area<br />

where Wadebridge Street meets the Butter Market.<br />

Upon arrival, you are welcome to sit in either our<br />

sunny outdoor area or inside our comfortable reception<br />

- whichever makes you feel happiest. We have a noncontact<br />

temperature gun (much less scary than it<br />

sounds), which allows us to make sure neither us nor our<br />

clients have a fever as we enter the clinic. We have hand<br />

sanitiser, bags in which you can seal your belongings<br />

if you want to keep them protected, and a barcode to<br />

use the Test and Trace app if you wish to. We have the<br />

window cracked open so a breeze can travel through<br />

reception as per government guidelines, and we wear<br />

masks at all times. We regularly sanitise all the touch<br />

points in the clinic, such as door handles, arm rests and<br />

the card machine. With its tall ceilings, happy house<br />

plants and gentle lighting, the reception is a very calm<br />

and enjoyable place to be, so you can feel free to browse<br />

the range of products we have on display, and chat to<br />

our friendly reception team. Our clinicians will come to<br />

find you for your appointment and take you to our clinic<br />

rooms, which they sanitise between each client. We are<br />

lucky to have very professional and caring clinicians, for<br />

whom no question is too big or too small. Whether you<br />

are here for a consultation or treatment, you can rely on<br />

them to be attentive to your needs from the minute you<br />

walk through the door. And their help doesn’t end when<br />

you leave; their follow-up policy means they will talk you<br />

through aftercare advice and are always available by<br />

phone call or email to answer any queries you may have<br />

upon getting home.<br />

Our treatments include:<br />

- Scar, red vein and pigmentation reduction<br />

- Skin rejuvenation for sun damage repair<br />

- Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles<br />

- Non-surgical facelift<br />

- Fractional skin resurfacing and body sculpting<br />

- Non-fractional laser surfacing<br />

- LED phototherapy<br />

- Permanent hair removal<br />

Feel free to get in touch if you need any more<br />

information or if you are interested in booking a<br />

complimentary consultation with one of our clinicians.<br />

We believe that as we steadily return to normal,<br />

everyone should feel safe to treat themselves to the<br />

self-care that they and their skin deserve.<br />

sarahdaleaesthetics.com<br />

facebook.com/sarahdaleaesthetics<br />

E. info@sarahdaleaesthetics.com<br />

T. 01305 269220<br />

19<br />

25 20

Let <strong>The</strong>m Eat Cake<br />

Rosemary Rogers’ invites you to try her Chocolate Drip Cake<br />

Throughout the year, I make birthday cakes for the staff<br />

of various businesses in Dorchester. One of the enduring<br />

favourites is the Chocolate Drip Cake. I thought it would<br />

be fun to share the recipe and ask you to send photos of<br />

your creations to rosemarywdt2@gmail.com. I’d love to<br />

hear your thoughts on the recipe too, which is adapted<br />

from one by Mary Berry.<br />

Tips for success:<br />

• When you open the door and place the cake tins<br />

inside, the temperature of your oven drops. To<br />

counteract this, turn your oven on in good time, so<br />

the entire oven can reach the correct temperature<br />

before you need it.<br />

• Use exact measurements for ingredients.<br />

• Using room temperature eggs will mean the yolks<br />

and whites combine more easily, ensuring an even<br />

bake.<br />

• Check your raising agent. If it is old it will not have<br />

enough oomph.<br />

Ingredients:<br />

For the cake:<br />

• 225g softened butter<br />

• 225g caster sugar<br />

• 4 large eggs<br />

• 225g self-raising flour<br />

• 2 level teaspoons baking powder<br />

• 2 tablespoons of good quality cocoa powder<br />

For the butter icing:<br />

• 200g unsalted butter<br />

• 400g icing sugar<br />

• 2 tablespoons cocoa powder<br />

• 2/3 table spoons cold water<br />

For the chocolate ganache:<br />

• 150g dark chocolate, chopped<br />

• 100g butter<br />

1. Pre-heat your oven to 165˚C. Prepare 3 x 6-inch<br />

loose-bottom cake tins by lightly greasing them, placing<br />

a circle of baking parchment on the bottom, and lightly<br />

dusting the sides with flour.<br />

2. Place all the cake ingredients into a mixing bowl and<br />

beat for two minutes.<br />

3. Divide the mixture equally between the three tins.<br />

Place the tins on the centre shelf of the oven and bake<br />

for 25 minutes.<br />

4. Remove from the oven and leave to rest in the tins<br />

for five minutes, during which time the cakes will shrink<br />

from the side of the tins. Turn the cakes out onto a<br />

cooling rack.<br />

5. To make the butter icing, sieve the icing sugar and<br />

cocoa powder into a mixing bowl and stir to combine.<br />

6. Add the butter and approx. a tablespoon of cold<br />

water and beat using a whisk until combined. Gradually<br />

add more water as required to loosen the mixture to an<br />

easily spreadable consistency.<br />

7. Once the cakes are cold, use a knife or spatula to ice<br />

the top of one cake layer. Carefully place the second<br />

layer on top and ice it, then place the third layer on the<br />

top and ice that one.<br />

8. Finish by icing around the outside of the cake, then<br />

place in the fridge to cool while you make the chocolate<br />

ganache.<br />

9. To make the ganache, put the chopped chocolate and<br />

butter into a glass bowl and heat slowly either over a<br />

saucepan of shallow, boiling water or VERY carefully in<br />

the microwave. Stir regularly and be careful not to burn<br />

the chocolate.<br />

10. Once melted, stir the mixture one last time to<br />

combine, then pour the melted ganache onto the top of<br />

the cake. Use a knife to push it gently over the edge to<br />

create the drips.<br />

11. When it comes to decorating your cake, let your<br />

imagination run wild! Berries, biscuits, individual<br />

chocolates and slabs, shards or shavings of chocolate all<br />

make excellent toppings. Store your cake in the fridge<br />

until you’re ready to serve.<br />

facebook.com/RosemaryRogersCatering<br />


Go Dutch<br />

EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers would like you to<br />

meet the Knaap two-seater<br />

Spring is in the air, and EBIKE Cafe @ Deheers on<br />

Custom House Quay, Weymouth has just become<br />

the very first local partner of the coolest and most<br />

innovative eBike in the cycling market. <strong>The</strong> Knaap twoseater<br />

eBike out of Amsterdam provides more people<br />

than ever before with the opportunity to use cycling for<br />

physical and mental health and wellbeing.<br />

<strong>The</strong> brand new Knaap two-seater, pedal-assisted eBike<br />

can carry up to 28-stone (180kg). This means that<br />

any type of rider, young or old, large or small, can now<br />

enjoy cycling with all the physical and mental health<br />

benefits associated with outdoor exercise. <strong>The</strong> Knaap<br />

bikes provide a powered motor in the rear wheel to<br />

give a level of assistance that helps the rider reach a<br />

maximum speed of 15 mph whilst gently spinning the<br />

pedals, meaning that almost anyone, of any level of<br />

fitness, weight and ability can ride these bikes.<br />

<strong>The</strong> great benefit of the Knaap bikes, in particular,<br />

is that they are road legal for carrying two riders,<br />

meaning commuting back into work could soon look a<br />

lot different. <strong>The</strong>y have the largest battery in the eBike<br />

industry; enough to carry one rider over 80 miles and<br />

two riders north of 30 miles at speeds of up to 25 kmh.<br />

Knaap Bikes were recently awarded the ‘Innovation<br />

from a Newcomer’ in Cycling Industry BikeBiz Awards,<br />

voted for by UK independent cycle retailers. <strong>The</strong> bikes<br />

have been described by industry insiders as “<strong>The</strong> most<br />

Instagramable bikes ever” and, in one glance, you can<br />

see they have combined retro with supercool, to appeal<br />

to every age group. <strong>The</strong>y even say, “If Steve McQueen<br />

was alive today, you could see him riding one of these.”<br />

If you’re looking for a cool ride around town that’s as<br />

good for your street cred as it is for the environment,<br />

then the EBIKE Cafe has the answer. With its clean lines,<br />

urban style and impressive features including a unique<br />

two-seater base, the Knaap bike has taken the eBike<br />

market by storm, grabbing the attention and custom of<br />

some of the world’s leading sports stars, leisure brands<br />

and entertainment names. Peter Claxton, Co-Owner of<br />

EBIKE Cafe, tells us more:<br />

“We are really excited to be teaming up with Knaap<br />

Bikes and giving our customers the chance to own one<br />

of the world’s coolest eBikes. I know the bike is going<br />

to be a big hit locally, among both our die-hard cycle<br />

enthusiasts and our customers looking for a stylish and<br />

environmentally-friendly way of getting around.”<br />

Combining the best qualities of traditional and electric,<br />

this Dutch brand is cornering the market of cool with a<br />

bike that answers the needs of the new eBike generation<br />

wrapped up in a tough urban shell.<br />

Key features:<br />

• Battery large enough to carry one rider 86<br />

miles/140km or two riders over 30 miles<br />

• Battery recharges from zero to full in 6 hours<br />

• Five levels of pedal assist with seven-speed gears<br />

• Superwide 20” x 4” tyres give unparalleled stability<br />

and ride comfort<br />

• Long length saddle designed for comfort for two<br />

riders, with rear seat foot pegs<br />

• Fully road legal with 25 kmh limitation<br />

• Zero emissions<br />

• Price tag of £2,299 and available in Matt Black and<br />

Space Grey<br />

To “Meet the Dutch” eBike taking the world by storm<br />

and book a test drive* of a Knaap Bike, please contact<br />

Peter or Josephine at the EBIKE Cafe, Weymouth on<br />

01305 786839.<br />

EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers is open seven days a week,<br />

from 10am to 4pm, on the ground floor of Deheers, 9A<br />

Custom House Quay, Weymouth, DT4 8BG. Find out<br />

more at ebikecafe.co.uk<br />

*Please note all store visits and test drives will be organised in line<br />

with the Public Health England Covid Guidelines.<br />

23<br />


Brand new home | Four bedrooms | Three bathrooms | Two reception spaces | Garden and garage | £695,000<br />

Charminster, Dorset | Contact Tim Grainger: 01305 757300<br />

Contemporary living, village location<br />

Six bedrooms | Two bathrooms | Two reception spaces | Kitchen/diner | Garden and garage | Offers over £600,000<br />

Charminster, Dorset | Contact Greg Carter: 01305 757300<br />

Period home, village living<br />

In association with<br />

In association with<br />

25<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />


Light and Shade<br />

<strong>The</strong> natural journey of Dorset contemporary<br />

artist, Laura Evans<br />

In the back of <strong>The</strong> Picture Frame Workshop in<br />

Wareham, you’ll find the studio gallery of Laura<br />

Evans, contemporary abstract artist and printmaker.<br />

Having worked for ten years as a consultant within<br />

environmental archaeology, Laura fell in love with<br />

printmaking after taking part in a day workshop run by<br />

a local artist. It was here that she discovered the fine<br />

art technique of ‘collagraphy’, which involves building<br />

up a printing plate from materials, and knew she had to<br />

pursue it.<br />

What is a collagraph?<br />

In short, a collagraph is a form of printmaking, which<br />

involves building up a printing plate like a collage<br />

with materials such as seeds and paper. <strong>The</strong> plate is<br />

then hand-inked, buffed to remove excess ink, and<br />

pulled though an etching press under dampened<br />

paper, resulting in an image being printed on the<br />

paper. It is impossible to ink the plate the same way<br />

every time, making each print unique.<br />

Fast forward to 2016, when the previous owner of the<br />

framing shop suggested – while framing some of her<br />

workshop pieces – that Laura apply for a Purbeck Art<br />

Weeks Bursary. Laura’s successful application led to her<br />

being awarded the full bursary, which enabled her to buy<br />

much-needed printmaking materials and push forward<br />

with her career.<br />

Following her first successful Purbeck Art Weeks<br />

exhibition at Rollington Barn, Laura took her collagraphy<br />

further by developing a way of printing on fabrics, and<br />

thus created her first lampshades. <strong>The</strong> fabrics used - all<br />

unique and handmade by Laura - are a labour of love.<br />

<strong>The</strong> fabric has to be washed and ironed multiple times<br />

during the process. <strong>The</strong> inking and printing of the plate<br />

can take several hours, and the printed fabric then takes<br />

up to a week to dry. It is then adhered to a special shade<br />

backing and transformed into a beautiful lamp.<br />

In the winter of 2016, Laura was invited by Sophie Dixon,<br />

owner of Seasons Green, Corfe Castle, to take part in an<br />

exhibition and display her prints and lampshades<br />

together for the first time. Following this (yet another<br />

success), Laura enlisted the help of a local woodturner<br />

to create beautiful and unique bases for her lamps,<br />

made from locally-sourced Dorset wood and finished<br />

with brass fittings and custom-coloured cords.<br />

In late 2018, Laura discovered painting and, in 2019, had<br />

her work accepted into the South West Academy of Fine<br />

& Applied Arts Open Exhibition at Exeter Castle. Later<br />

that year, having seen her work, the new owner of <strong>The</strong><br />

Picture Frame Workshop, Jon Brooke, offered Laura the<br />

opportunity to share the shop space with him. Delighted,<br />

Laura spent <strong>Summer</strong> 2020 gradually setting up her<br />

gallery space (having been delayed by the pandemic). By<br />

September, she had a fully working studio too.<br />

Now working from the very shop that helped kickstart<br />

her career, Laura knows the true meaning of coming ‘full<br />

circle’. Thrilled to be part of Purbeck’s thriving artistic<br />

community, she is looking forward to welcoming people<br />

to her studio gallery and running printmaking workshops<br />

this summer.<br />

Laura offers a bespoke design service, creating colour<br />

match samples and working with clients in their<br />

homes to create beautiful lampshades and cushions to<br />

complement existing decor. All of Laura’s fabrics are<br />

handprinted in her studio, where she creates original,<br />

bespoke pieces for the home. She is currently working<br />

on designs for handprinted upholstery fabric. Influenced<br />

by her background in environmental archaeology,<br />

Laura’s paintings are inspired by textures, colours,<br />

shapes and the movement of the landscape around her.<br />

Her work is an emotional response to this environment,<br />

an attempt to express the sense of connection between<br />

land, sea and the forces between them. Laura often<br />

uses mixed media – oils, acrylics, pastels and mark<br />

making – to create the shapes and forms she sees in the<br />

landscape. Her gallery features the work of other local<br />

artists and makers as well her own paintings and prints.<br />

To find out more about Laura and her work, visit her<br />

website at lauraevansartist.com or find her on Instagram<br />

at @lauraevansartist and Facebook at facebook.com/<br />

LauraevansArtistPrintmaker<br />

27<br />


From Bud to Bottle<br />

Fiona Wright offers a mouth-watering insight into the sparkling world of Langham Wine Estate<br />

Tell us about the back story of Langham Wine Estate.<br />

How and why did you get started in the wine business?<br />

Langham Wine Estate began its life as a passion<br />

project of the father of our Managing Director, Justin<br />

Langham; he’d planted a small hobby vineyard. Justin<br />

took this idea and developed it, choosing to plant vines<br />

at Crawthorne Farm, which is one of the farm sites that<br />

makes up the Langham Agricultural Enterprise. <strong>The</strong><br />

vines were planted in 2009 after much research into<br />

which site would be best to plant on and which grape<br />

varieties would work best.<br />

What is it about your Dorset location that makes for an<br />

award-winning sparkling wine?<br />

Our site at Crawthorne Farm has a number of benefits.<br />

Hedgerows and trees all around the vineyard provide<br />

natural shelter from the prevailing south-westerly winds,<br />

and a habitat for a diverse range of animals. <strong>The</strong> native<br />

buzzards provide one of the best deterrents to small<br />

passerine birds that eat the ripe grapes. <strong>The</strong> field where<br />

the vines are planted is on a south-facing slope, which<br />

not only ensures maximum sunlight exposure, but also<br />

aids drainage of cold air during early spring, reducing<br />

the likelihood of frost damage to young shoots. <strong>The</strong><br />

vineyard sits on layers of Jurassic and Cretaceous chalk<br />

and limestone strata, the same as those in areas of the<br />

Champagne region of France, which is obviously one of<br />

the most famous sparkling wine regions in the world. In<br />

the Aube region of Champagne, in Sancerre and Chablis,<br />

they have Kimmeridgian and Portlandian soil, names<br />

which may sound familiar to us here in Dorset. So our<br />

terroir really is perfect for growing the classic grape<br />

varieties that have historically done so well in France;<br />

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.<br />

What is your winemaking style?<br />

At Langham, we make our wine in the ‘Traditional<br />

Method’, the same way they do in Champagne, where<br />

the second fermentation - to create the bubbles - is<br />

done in the bottle. We follow a low-intervention style<br />

of winemaking, meaning we try to add as little as<br />

possible and let the grapes sing for themselves. If we<br />

were to make a comparison to France, our winemaker,<br />

Tommy Grimshaw, aims to emulate the smaller growerproducers<br />

of Champagne rather than the big Champagne<br />

houses. We don’t use commercial, lab-grown yeasts to<br />

ferment our wines, instead we use the natural yeasts<br />

that are found on the grapes and in the winery. This is<br />

a riskier and slightly slower method of fermenting, but<br />

we have found, over the past few years, that using this<br />

method helps to produce a much more complex product.<br />

We also don’t fine or filter our wines at all, which means<br />

that they happen to be veggie and vegan friendly.<br />

Another way in which we differ from a number of<br />

producers in the UK at the moment is our use of oak.<br />

Some wineries will use 100% stainless steel tanks<br />

for their ferments, but we also use old oak barrels to<br />

ferment some of our juice. By using our range of oak<br />

barrels from Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux, we<br />

can add yet another layer of complexity to our wines. We<br />

don’t make our wines to a specific recipe, but instead<br />

create as many different parcels of wine from our<br />

harvest. <strong>The</strong> winemaking team then do a lot of tasting<br />

from each individual barrel and tank, and then decide<br />

what proportion of each will go into making our five<br />

different sparkling wines. <strong>The</strong> juice that is fermented<br />

in stainless steel will bring fresh, crisp fruit flavours,<br />

whilst the oak-fermented juice will take on some subtle<br />

characteristics from the barrels, plus it will be exposed<br />

to a bit of oxygen, which will soften the flavours. This<br />

works particularly well here in England where we have a<br />

cool climate and are producing fruit that has quite a high<br />

acidity. Another way we soften and round out the acidity<br />

is by putting all of our wines through a process called<br />

malolactic fermentation, which converts tart tasting<br />

malic acids into softer lactic acid. All of these processes<br />

go towards making the best quality, most complex,<br />

honest products we can from our site.<br />

Do you have a favourite wine from the Langham range?<br />

My personal favourite at the moment (it changes<br />

dependent on the day/mood/season!) is the latest<br />

incarnation of our Culver Classic Cuvée, which has<br />

just been released. Our two classic cuvées, Culver and<br />

Corallian, are both a blend of the three grapes we grow,<br />

but each has different proportions. <strong>The</strong> Corallian is<br />

Chardonnay dominant, with just a touch of the two black<br />

grapes in the blend; whilst the Culver is Pinot Noir and<br />

Pinot Meunier dominant with just a bit of Chardonnay<br />

in the blend. This latest incarnation of the Culver has<br />

such an exciting, expressive flavour. On the nose, you<br />

get delicious floral notes, along with hints of buttery<br />

croissants and raspberry jam. It’s an amazing example of<br />

the complexity that our winemaking and vineyard teams<br />

can achieve through all their hard work. I am a big fan of<br />

pizza and deli boards, and this wine goes really well<br />

with those kinds of foods, whilst our Corallian would be<br />

perfect with some fresh Dorset seafood.<br />

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?<br />

I would say, for me personally, seeing all the hard work<br />

and dedication that goes into each bottle and being<br />

able to share that story with consumers. We are such<br />

a small team here at Langham and everyone pitches<br />

in and helps out. It’s amazing to see the journey of<br />

our products from the tiny buds which appear in April<br />

through to harvesting the grapes in October, then<br />

bottling the wine for its second fermentation the<br />

following summer. It’s a long process full of nail-biting<br />

moments to create a bottle of exceptional sparkling<br />

wine, and it’s a joy to be able to share that process and<br />

passion with our customers.<br />

Are you open for tours and tastings?<br />

We reopened for tours and tastings on Wednesday 14th<br />

April and are so happy to be back. Our on-site café has<br />

reopened for lunches and picnics as well, so you can<br />

enjoy a full day out when you come to Langham.<br />

How/where can people buy your wine?<br />

Our wine is available to purchase direct from our<br />

website at langhamwine.co.uk and we deliver anywhere<br />

in the UK. We also sell our wine in a number of amazing<br />

local farm shops and independent wine stores. You can<br />

follow our wines’ incredible journey from bud to bottle<br />

on Facebook at facebook.com/langhamwinery and on<br />

Instagram at @langhamwinery<br />

29 30

Good for the Soul<br />

Press your reset button at Medusa Apothecary, Dorchester<br />

At Medusa Apothecary, we believe there is no time<br />

like the present when it comes to becoming more<br />

sustainable, ethical and in-tune with the elements<br />

that make up the environment in which we live and<br />

the substance of our being. During the first lockdown,<br />

we created ‘<strong>The</strong> Elements’, Medusa Apothecary’s<br />

signature therapies. Created out of love just for you,<br />

‘<strong>The</strong> Elements’ have been designed to ground, rebalance,<br />

energise and instil an ultimate sense of well-being within<br />

your very core. Your journey begins with the selection<br />

of an affirmation rune that will be interwoven in your<br />

therapy and drawn onto your body in magical tree<br />

essences. A hand-blended mix of herbs is then smudged<br />

to purify you, the tools and the space. All elemental<br />

therapies are tailored with pre-blended oils and essences<br />

to your affirmation and chosen element. At the end<br />

of your journey, all treatments are concluded with a<br />

bespoke mix of herbs and flowers in a tea infusion.<br />

Earth - to ground and centre.<br />

A clearing of barriers between body and earth to<br />

ground you and make you feel more present and ‘in the<br />

moment’. We begin with an exfoliation of the legs<br />

and feet followed by a full body mud mask, wrap and<br />

weighted blanket (like a great big muddy hug). After<br />

showering away the mud, you’ll enjoy a full body<br />

massage to pummel away your stresses and strains.<br />

Air - like walking on fluffy clouds.<br />

This bespoke treatment will revitalise your legs and feet.<br />

By using a combination of hand-blended products, we<br />

will cleanse, tone and nourish your pins and tootsies,<br />

leaving you feeling like you’re walking on air. <strong>The</strong> Air<br />

treatment includes a brisk body brush followed by a salt<br />

scrub up to the glutes. After the scrub, your feet will<br />

enjoy a nourishing treatment with heated booties. This<br />

will conclude with a lower body massage with a specially<br />

selected blend of ‘air’ infused oils.<br />

Fire - to clear the dead wood.<br />

If you’re seeking an invigorated version of yourself, this<br />

will help you shed your yesterdays and emerge anew. A<br />

brisk full body scrub (mixed just for you with a unique<br />

recipe of essential oils) to buff away dead skin cells is<br />

followed by a hot stone massage to nourish, tone and<br />

centre.<br />

Water - to reshape and hydrate.<br />

A blissed-out upper body treat. Wash away your stress<br />

with an Ayurvedic hydro-dhara essential oil infusion<br />

trickled slowly onto the scalp, followed by a divine Indian<br />

head massage to erode the troubles that ail you. Our<br />

targeted facial massage will lift and smooth, using our<br />

West Country-created lotions and potions to nourish and<br />

rebalance. This wonderful facial treatment is topped off<br />

with a blow dry to make you look as fabulous as you feel.<br />

Spirit - love your beautiful self.<br />

Spirit is a full mind, body and soul treatment. We<br />

smudge to remove any negativity before realigning your<br />

chakras to encourage a smooth flow of energy through<br />

your body’s meridian pathways. You will experience a full<br />

body massage using rose essentials oils, crystals and<br />

the healing power of touch to realign, comfort and uplift.<br />

A truly blissful experience help you to realise a more<br />

beautiful you.<br />

In line with the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ (the rebuilding<br />

of society and the economy in a more sustainable<br />

way following the COVID-19 pandemic), we at Medusa<br />

Apothecary are doing everything we can to ensure<br />

we make minimal impact on our environment while<br />

adhering to pandemic restrictions and maintaining the<br />

highest standards of health hygeine. Our hair salon<br />

uses products that are ethical, have recycled and<br />

recyclable packaging and are concocted with crueltyfree,<br />

‘nasty’-free, organic and biodynamic ingredients.<br />

We are also a proud member of the Green Salon<br />

Collective, meaning we recycle our hair clippings to help<br />

clean up petrochemical spills; compost our aluminium<br />

foil and colour tubes to create new metals; and our<br />

colour waste is spun into its different compounds and<br />

repurposed. When it comes to the PPE required during<br />

all treatments, we use only compostable hair gowns,<br />

gloves and cleaning materials.<br />

To book your treatment, please call 01305 260888 or<br />

email orders@medusa-apothecary.co.uk and we will be<br />

delighted to curate a treatment plan just for you. To<br />

find out more about all the treatments we offer, visit<br />

medusa-apothecary.co.uk<br />

31<br />


A farmer stands next to a cocoa sapling in Leuser National Park, Sumatra<br />

<strong>The</strong> Jungle VIPs<br />

Chococo Co-Founder, Andy Burnett, explains how chocolate is saving Sumatran orangutans<br />

Since December 2018, Chococo has been proudly<br />

supporting the work of the Sumatran Orangutan Society<br />

(SOS). Fellow Dorset-based business, Lush, has been<br />

supporting SOS for many years. <strong>The</strong>y kindly allowed<br />

us to adapt their orangutan soap mould to create a<br />

chocolate version, which we christened ‘Tuan’, meaning<br />

‘Sir’ in Malay. For every chocolate Tuan sold (and<br />

Tuantoo, his vegan counterpart), we send £3.50 to SOS,<br />

who have recently confirmed that our contributions<br />

to them have now funded a total of 5,401 cocoa tree<br />

seedlings to be planted in Sumatra.<br />

By supporting the work of SOS, we are helping them<br />

re-forest areas of rainforest destroyed by illegal palm<br />

oil plantations. While Chococo never has or will use<br />

palm oil in our chocolate, it is, sadly, present in a lot of<br />

industrially produced chocolate. <strong>The</strong>re are only c14,000<br />

Sumatran orangutans left in the wild, and we simply<br />

cannot stand by and watch the disastrous effects this<br />

intensive monoculture is having on both their habitat<br />

and the climate. Re-wilding by planting trees is a global<br />

challenge for which we are all responsible, and we want<br />

to do something positive to help.<br />

As SOS say, “Orangutans spend their lives in the trees.<br />

Deforestation is the greatest threat to their survival,<br />

so protecting and restoring their habitat is absolutely<br />

crucial. We are working with frontline partners to<br />

protect the last standing forests in Sumatra, and restore<br />

damaged ecosystems. <strong>The</strong> ecosystem restoration<br />

programme is operated by our partners, the Orangutan<br />

Information Centre (OIC), with a team of local staff and<br />

farmers. <strong>The</strong> restoration sites are located within the<br />

Leuser ecosystem, a protected area, and are repairing<br />

damage to the forest caused by illegal activities –<br />

primarily the clearing of forest for oil palm plantations.<br />

As well as restoring lost habitat and reinforcing national<br />

park boundaries, these projects engage local people<br />

in grassroots conservation action. Strong roots in the<br />

community are absolutely essential for this work to<br />

succeed, and the groups we work with have become the<br />

guardians of the forests, protecting the ecosystem from<br />

future threats.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> damage that is done to the local ecosystem is<br />

captured in this quote from a local farmer who is now<br />

one of the guardians of the forest, “When the forest<br />

was replaced with oil palms, the water dried up for<br />

miles around. Since embarking on the restoration of the<br />

ecosystem, our rivers have returned and we<br />

can once again hear bird song. We are committed to<br />

protect Leuser from any further damage.” - Pak Baron,<br />

Protectors of Leuser.<br />

We are helping the team at Bukit Mas Permaculture<br />

Centre (BPC) on the edge of Leuser National Park in<br />

the north of Sumatra to plant cocoa saplings. This<br />

100-hectare, formerly an oil palm plantation, is now in<br />

the hands of conservationists and permaculture experts.<br />

<strong>The</strong> oil palm trees have been cut down, and work is<br />

well underway to turn this piece of land into something<br />

wonderful. Bukit Mas, which means ‘golden hill’, is being<br />

re-planted with indigenous tree saplings and important<br />

cash crops such as chillies, aubergines and other<br />

vegetables. In the nursery are more exotic crops such as<br />

patchouli, ylang-ylang and now cocoa, for local farmers<br />

taking part in OIC’s permaculture training programme.<br />

Planting cocoa trees is just part of a wider project by<br />

SOS to work with local communities. As the health<br />

and prosperity of the people of Sumatra are linked<br />

to the fate of the forests, SOS aims to develop both<br />

conservation action plans and sustainable livelihoods.<br />

<strong>The</strong> planting of cocoa saplings provides a long term<br />

additional income stream for local farmers, and helps<br />

discourage the destruction of forests for the short-term<br />

profit of growing palm.<br />

This is also a long term project for Chococo. It takes<br />

five years for cocoa trees to mature enough to produce<br />

cocoa pods. Only then can the pods be harvested for<br />

the beans inside, which, once fermented and dried,<br />

are processed and turned into chocolate. According to<br />

the OIC team in Sumatra, orangutans love the taste<br />

of freshly picked cocoa. <strong>The</strong>y break open the pods to<br />

expose the sweet, white flesh surrounding each cocoa<br />

bean, which tastes like citrussy lychee - we can confirm<br />

it is indeed delicious. We look forward to continuing to<br />

build relationships with the SOS team, their partners<br />

and farmers, and to being able to buy cocoa beans from<br />

them to make officially orangutan-approved chocolate.<br />

To learn more about SOS and to support their work by<br />

purchasing your very own chocolate Tuan, please visit<br />

the Chococo website at chococo.co.uk<br />

You can also find us on Instragram at @chococochocolates<br />

and on Facebook at facebook.com/ChococoChocolates<br />

33<br />


Solid Gold<br />

Chococo Goldies from Chococo Co-Founder<br />

Claire Burnet<br />

Serves four to eight.<br />

Equipment:<br />

• 22cm square cake tin lined with greaseproof paper<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 200g plain flour<br />

• 1 tsp baking powder<br />

• 1/2 tsp sea salt, crushed<br />

• 200g light soft brown sugar<br />

• 175g unsalted butter, melted<br />

• 2 large eggs, beaten<br />

• 1 tsp vanilla extract<br />

• 140g gold chocolate buttons (or white chocolate<br />

buttons if you can’t get gold)<br />

• 50g dark chocolate (60-70% cocoa solids), chopped<br />

• 25g cocoa nibs or chopped nuts e.g. pecans/walnuts<br />

(optional)<br />

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C<br />

2. Melt the butter in a bowl in the microwave (in short<br />

bursts to prevent burning) or in a pan on a gentle heat,<br />

then set aside to cool.<br />

3. Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl, add the baking<br />

powder and salt and stir to combine.<br />

4. Add approx. 80% of your chocolate buttons and nibs/<br />

nuts to the mixture and stir in.<br />

5. In a separate large bowl, whisk the cooled melted<br />

butter and sugar together by hand using a balloon whisk.<br />

6. Add the beaten eggs and vanilla extract to the butter<br />

mixture and whisk by hand until all blended and slightly<br />

lighter in colour.<br />

7. Add the flour to the wet ingredients and gently fold in<br />

using a wooden spoon or spatula. Do not beat or work<br />

this too much - gently does it!<br />

8. Pour the batter into your prepared tin. Sprinkle the<br />

remaining chocolate buttons and nibs/nuts on top of<br />

the batter and gently press them in using the back of a<br />

metal spoon.<br />

9. Bake for 25 minutes until golden brown. A skewer<br />

should come out mostly clean, but if you prefer a firmer<br />

more cake-like consistency, cook it for a few minutes<br />

longer.<br />

10. Leave to cool before cutting into slices. It will make<br />

12 to 16 slices depending on how hungry your hordes are.<br />

For more tantalising Chococo recipes visit chococo.co.uk<br />


Big Dippers<br />

Tessa Kelly extols the ethereal wonder of<br />

open-water swimming<br />

I truly believe in the healing power of nature and the<br />

magic that the sea and cold-water swimming bestows on<br />

our mental and physical health. <strong>The</strong> moment you bravely<br />

take the plunge into cold water your focus has no choice<br />

but to be exactly on that moment in time, releasing all<br />

other thoughts and worries into the waves and bringing a<br />

rare, salty sense of perspective and freedom. It provides<br />

the invaluable chance to breathe, reset and connect with<br />

your beautiful surroundings when life gets overwhelming,<br />

as it often does. It is the ultimate mindfulness practice,<br />

away from the screens, struggles and anxiety of<br />

everyday life.<br />

<strong>The</strong> sea and open water swimming have helped me<br />

overcome so much. I started Dorset Dips with the desire<br />

to share the experience in the hope it might provide<br />

release for other people too. I love to explore the<br />

amazing Dorset coastline and am proud to call it home.<br />

It’s a pleasure to share my favourite swim spots with<br />

likeminded dippers and meet up with them in the cold<br />

water. We are spoilt for choice here in Dorset; from the<br />

long, sandy stretches at Weymouth, Bournemouth and<br />

Swanage, to the winding roads that deliver us down to<br />

Eype, Seatown and Burton Bradstock, and the beautiful,<br />

hidden bays of Kimmeridge, Warbarrow, Lulworth and<br />

Worth Matravers. When I’m in the water, each one feels<br />

like the most special place in the world. Every time I<br />

swim, I decide on a new favourite.<br />

Last year I was proud to become a Mental Health Swims<br />

host. This amazing community of volunteers offers peer<br />

support groups and cold-water swims in safe, nonjudgemental<br />

environments across the UK. Our Mental<br />

Health Swims group is free to join and meets at 9am on<br />

the first Saturday of every month in front of Cafe Oasis,<br />

Bowleaze Coveway, Weymouth. All dippers are welcome<br />

to stick around afterwards for a piece of cake and a quick<br />

beach clean - to give a little back for our swim. <strong>The</strong> aim<br />

is simply to enjoy a dip with company, and there’s no<br />

pressure to get or stay in for any length of time. All are<br />

welcome whether a swimmer, bobber, diver, toe-dipper or<br />

starfisher - the sea doesn’t judge!<br />

All swimmers are responsible for their own safety, so<br />

it’s vital to know and stay within your limits. <strong>The</strong> most<br />

important aspect of open water swimming is to stay safe<br />

and respect the sea at all times. It is a force of nature<br />

and, much like our moods and feelings, is sometimes less<br />

welcoming than others. Do your research, join a group,<br />

and know your limits so you don’t put yourself or others<br />

around you at risk. My top tips for swimming adventures:<br />

• Be prepared; check the weather, tides and entry/exit<br />

points in advance<br />

• Never swim alone if inexperienced, and always let<br />

someone know where and when you’re going and when<br />

you get out<br />

• Wear a brightly coloured swim hat and tow float to<br />

ensure you can be seen<br />

• Never dive in; enter the water slowly until you have<br />

control over your breathing and have acclimatised<br />

• Lay out warm, dry and easy-to-put-on clothes in the<br />

order you’ll put them on, ready for when you finish your<br />

swim<br />

• Know your limits; start slow and small<br />

• Enjoy! Nothing beats that sparkly, post-swim moment<br />

when it feels like there’s glitter running through your<br />

veins - and the obligatory cake that follows<br />

In the summer months when restrictions are lifted, I<br />

will be offering free coaching and ‘introduction to cold<br />

water swimming’ sessions for anyone who would like<br />

to have a go, but doesn’t know where to start, or would<br />

like some company to begin with. If you’d like to ask any<br />

questions or join our Mental Health Swims group for a<br />

dip, please contact me at tessa-kelly@outlook.com or<br />

via the @dorsetdips Instagram. You can also check out<br />

mentalhealthswims.co.uk for details of all the Mental<br />

Health Swims meets around the country and the amazing<br />

community they’re building.<br />

37<br />


Man of the Woods<br />

Spotlight on: Jason Cameron Furniture<br />

Grange Gallery is home to the workshop of renowned<br />

bespoke furniture maker and designer, Jason Cameron<br />

of Cameron Furniture. Together, Jason and his wife,<br />

Esme, built their Cedar Barn to house Grange Gallery,<br />

Cameron Furniture, and Esme’s art studio. Jason has<br />

been located on site for over 20 years. His clientele<br />

ranges from individual private clients to interior<br />

designers, and he has worked with royalty on several<br />

occasions.<br />

Cedar Barn provides Jason with the perfect set-up to<br />

host and consult with clients, showcase his furniture<br />

and homeware collection, and design and manufacture<br />

in his workshop. He designs and produces his own line<br />

of high-end bespoke furniture and a range of homeware.<br />

Jason’s work is influenced by the strength and simplicity<br />

of Japanese design and architecture, the Art Deco<br />

movement, and the works of Le Corbusier, Rennie<br />

Mackintosh and Gerrit Rietveld. Jason is regularly<br />

commissioned to design and make one-off pieces of<br />

fine furniture, often influenced by his signature style or<br />

working specifically to a client brief. He is renowned for<br />

his highly skilled craftmanship, his unique, contemporary<br />

style and his use of modern and traditional techniques.<br />

We’ve take the opportunity to speak to Jason about his<br />

inspiration, his craft, and what a client can expect when<br />

commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture:<br />

How did you become a furniture designer and maker?<br />

I was inspired by my father, who worked from his<br />

workshop in the garden making rocking horses and<br />

furniture. I studied Product Design, BA (hons), at<br />

Birmingham City University. After applying to <strong>The</strong><br />

Princes Trust, I was awarded a start-up grant to set<br />

up my own bespoke furniture design and manufacture<br />

business, and I have been doing it full time ever since.<br />

What do you enjoy most about being a furniture<br />

designer and maker?<br />

I love working with wood and enjoy the variety and<br />

diversity that my work brings. I do feel privileged to<br />

be able to design as well as make. Each client brief is<br />

different, which is refreshing, as I enjoy tailoring each<br />

piece to fit with them. As well as furniture, I really enjoy<br />

designing and making my range of homeware products.<br />

<strong>The</strong> challenge of where design meets functionality is<br />

something I relish.<br />

What can clients expect from the commission process?<br />

Commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture is an<br />

incredibly special journey for both client and maker. It<br />

is a very personal experience during which a client’s<br />

vision is realised and turned into reality. As a designer, I<br />

am able to collaborate with my clients, or I can interpret<br />

their ideas and requirements. <strong>The</strong> result is a unique,<br />

individual piece of custom furniture that a client can<br />

proudly own, and that future generations can enjoy for<br />

years to come.<br />

Jason’s work is available to purchase at Grange<br />

Gallery or online at cameronfurniture.co.uk To book<br />

a consultation with Jason to discuss a commission,<br />

please email info@cameronfurniture.co.uk or call 01929<br />

553942.<br />

Cameron Furniture, Grange Gallery, Grange Road,<br />

Creech, BH20 5DG<br />

39<br />


Nurture, Educate, Support - Together<br />

NEST explains how to help the whole<br />

family enjoy a stress-free move<br />

Moving house can be daunting for anyone, especially<br />

when you have little ones in tow. Here at NEST, we<br />

are passionate about supporting families and working<br />

alongside each and every client to ensure we find a<br />

solution which is right for you. If you have a house<br />

move coming up or know someone who does, then<br />

hopefully the following tips will help. As an Early Years<br />

Consultancy, we look after the whole family, so we feel<br />

it is really important to first mention a little top tip for<br />

parents and carers:<br />

• Be sure to make your bed soon after arriving in your<br />

new home (whatever time of the day it is), so you<br />

know you’ve got somewhere comfy to go at the end<br />

of the day. <strong>The</strong>re is nothing worse after a full-on day<br />

of unpacking than suddenly remembering you have<br />

to find the bed sheets and make the bed before you<br />

can relax.<br />

Here are some tips to make the transition of moving<br />

house easier on your little ones:<br />

• If you are able to decorate the house before moving<br />

in, it is worth sorting your child’s room as a priority<br />

to ensure they have a welcoming, safe space to which<br />

they can retreat.<br />

• Before moving house, introduce a room spray<br />

or scent, so when you do move, your child’s new<br />

bedroom will have the same familiar, comforting<br />

smell as their old one.<br />

• <strong>The</strong> same goes for your little one’s bed as your own;<br />

it’s always worth prioritising getting their bed ready<br />

for them, especially if they still take daytime naps.<br />

• Prepare an easily-accessible bag of toys for the<br />

children to keep them occupied on moving day.<br />

• If you know someone who can look after your<br />

children for the day or take them out for a walk,<br />

book them in. Not only will it provide children with<br />

a distraction and the full focus of at least one adult,<br />

but it will also offer you some respite time.<br />

• If your little one attends nursery, school or a<br />

childminder and it is feasible for them to attend on<br />

• moving day, then this is always a good option.<br />

• If your child is old enough to understand what is<br />

going on, provide them with honest, age-appropriate<br />

information to make them feel involved.<br />

• Be prepared for routines to go out of the window and<br />

don’t be hard on yourself if this does happen. You will<br />

soon be able to pick them up again once everyone’s<br />

settled in.<br />

NEST is a private Early Years Consultancy Service<br />

offering bespoke support to families with children aged<br />

0-5 years. NEST works closely with you and your family<br />

in a nurturing and non-judgmental way to support you in<br />

your child’s early years. NEST is proud to have a strong<br />

ethos ensuring every family receives a service which is<br />

confidential, informative and exclusively tailored to their<br />

individual needs.<br />

If you would like to chat with NEST about making a<br />

more tailored moving plan to suit your family, please<br />

don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website at n-est.<br />

co.uk or by phone on 07825 308570. You can also find<br />

us on Facebook at facebook.com/NESTchildren and on<br />

Instagram at @nest.children<br />

Beautiful Spaces<br />

Experience a new way of life with Phaedra<br />

Radstock’s award-winning Purbeck Candles<br />

Beautiful Spaces by Purbeck Candles; almost a year<br />

in the making, a concept conceived during the first<br />

lockdown, when our homes became even more central<br />

to our way of life. This stunning range of candles and<br />

diffusers was created to enhance specific areas of<br />

our living space. A collection of fine fragrances for<br />

the home, each blend has been carefully crafted using<br />

pure essential oils. <strong>The</strong> first four blends include Living<br />

Space; this could be the area of your home where you<br />

congregate, entertain (a concept we will, hopefully, be<br />

able to enjoy again soon) or simply where you feel most<br />

relaxed. Alternatively, choose from Pamper Space,<br />

Serene Space or my favourite, Cosy Space.<br />

Released in early March <strong>2021</strong>, the Beautiful Spaces<br />

range is available to buy online, where you can also learn<br />

more about our range of natural home fragrances and<br />

keep up to date with new releases by subscribing to our<br />

mailing list. Visit purbeck-candles.co.uk<br />

41 42

Styled for Good<br />

Style and charity from owner of<br />

1968accessories, Caroline Gray<br />

Based on the beautiful Isle of Purbeck, 1968accessories<br />

specialises in handmade, contemporary fashion jewellery<br />

and accessories. Launched in March, my new collection<br />

of make-up bags has been created in support of<br />

domestic abuse charity ‘SafeLives’. 60% of all sales of<br />

the make-up bags will be donated directly to the charity.<br />

This project came about due to what happened on 23rd<br />

March 2020; my birthday and - far more seriously - the<br />

start of lockdown. For most of us, the year that followed<br />

has been a tough one for one reason or another. One of<br />

the most shocking things to have come to light since<br />

then, however, is the steep rise in domestic abuse. A<br />

year that has been simply boring for some of us has<br />

been frightening and dangerous for far too many more.<br />

In April 2020, I started to make face masks for care<br />

workers, and by the summer, was also selling them<br />

online. I try hard to operate 1968accessories as a near<br />

zero waste company, reusing any scrap fabric I can,<br />

which is how the idea for the charity make-up bags was<br />

born. With the help of my mum, all the fabric scraps<br />

left over from the making of face masks were turned<br />

into new lengths of patchwork fabric. My decision<br />

to turn them into make-up bags was inspired by the<br />

heartbreaking reality that women so often use makeup<br />

to hide the visible signs of abuse. I chose to support<br />

‘SafeLives’ charity as they help all victims of domestic<br />

abuse including men. You can visit their website at<br />

safelives.org.uk<br />

More details about this project and SafeLives can be<br />

found on my website at 1968accessories.com/blog. On<br />

a positive note, I look forward to seeing you in the shop,<br />

where you can enjoy 20% off your first order by using<br />

the code ‘Dorset’ at the checkout.<br />

43<br />


Roll with It<br />

Meet Naked Sprout, the Dorset-based company saving the world one roll at a time<br />

Based on Portland and delivering to your door, Naked<br />

Sprout is the first company in the UK to offer naked and<br />

unbleached bamboo toilet roll. Reducing deforestation,<br />

their soft, sustainable toilet rolls provide an eco-friendly<br />

alternative with no unnecessary packaging.<br />

Normal toilet roll contains numerous chemicals including<br />

bleach, BPA, formaldehyde, de-inking agents, chlorine<br />

dioxide, sodium sulphide, sodium hydroxide, sodium<br />

sulphate, anti-slime agents, filler, adhesives, wet<br />

strength enhancers and more. It poisons waterways,<br />

damages the environment and is bad for human health<br />

and wildlife.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Naked Sprout solution is simple; zero bleach, zero<br />

plastic, zero chemicals. <strong>The</strong>ir plastic and chemicalfree<br />

toilet roll is made from 100% natural unbleached<br />

bamboo with absolutely no additives. Passionate<br />

about offering a sustainable alternative with less<br />

environmental impact, Naked Sprout plans to make a<br />

difference. By making a small everyday change to the<br />

products we buy, like toilet roll, we can all help make a<br />

difference.<br />

“At Naked Sprout, we saw the damage regular toilet roll<br />

has on the environment. We are passionate<br />

about offering a sustainable alternative with less<br />

environmental impact. Together we can make a<br />

difference.” Tom Whelan, Founder<br />

Why bamboo?<br />

• Fastest growing plant in the world (Guinness World<br />

Record)<br />

• Absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than trees<br />

• Produces 35% more oxygen than trees<br />

• Requires no pesticides or fertilizers<br />

• Grows naturally - only needs rainwater<br />

• Harvestable within four-six years. Trees take 30-60<br />

years to mature<br />

Keen to do as much as they can, Naked Sprout<br />

have partnered with ‘Just a Drop’, a charity that’s<br />

transforming lives - one box of Naked Sprout toilet roll<br />

at a time. Each box sold gives a child in Kenya access<br />

to safe water at school for one year. By supplying safe<br />

water to a school, children are able to stay in school and<br />

receive the education they deserve. Frequently, children<br />

have to walk for hours to fetch water to bring to school,<br />

resulting in missed lessons, dehydration and fatigue.<br />

In over 30 countries ‘Just a Drop’ transforms lives by<br />

implementing sustainable clean water, sanitation and<br />

hygiene solutions. Supporting over 1.5 million people<br />

worldwide.<br />

Details<br />

• 100% virgin sustainable bamboo<br />

• No chemicals, bleach or plastic<br />

• Same cost per sheet as leading brands<br />

• Free delivery<br />

• Extra long rolls - 300 sheets<br />

• Soft 3-ply<br />

• 9, 24 and 48-roll boxes available<br />

For more information and to buy online, please visit<br />

nakedsprout.uk You can also find them on Facebook at<br />

facebook.com/nakedsprout.uk and on Instagram at<br />

@nakedsprout.uk<br />

45<br />


Rest Assured<br />

Sammie McFarland explains the<br />

importance of a little regular R&R<br />

Over the last 12 months and more, we have all been on<br />

a roller coaster of change and adaptation. ‘Familiar’ and<br />

‘routine’ may have been harder to achieve. For those<br />

of us who are creatures of habit, it has been a steep<br />

learning curve. A common trend of discussion has been<br />

lack of energy. It is natural to think about increasing<br />

sleep to combat low energy, but have you considered<br />

the power of rest, and did you know there are different<br />

types? Think of rest as a battery recharge.<br />

We have all been powering through the weekly pandemic<br />

challenges with our brains continually ticking, busy<br />

considering how we can overcome the next hurdle. We<br />

have asked our bodies - and our minds - to continually<br />

adapt, morph and pivot. It is a lot. How often do you pop<br />

your mobile phone on charge throughout the day? Have<br />

you considered your body might benefit from the same?<br />

Restorative activities and rest contribute to balanced<br />

wellbeing. Prioritising a recharge can improve energy<br />

levels and quality of sleep. Rest can be passive or active.<br />

By practising both, we can work towards a truly rested<br />

state.<br />

Press ‘pause’ - plan short rest breaks in the day, stroll<br />

around the garden while the kettle boils, listen to bird<br />

song or music that you find relaxing.<br />

Brain dump - take those thoughts out of your head and<br />

pop them in a notebook where you can revisit them if<br />

needed.<br />

Tune out - it is okay to retract into your shell now and<br />

again, close your eyes, switch screens off, hit the mute<br />

button, or use noise-cancelling headphones in busy<br />

environments.<br />

Get creative - the process of creativity can be<br />

energising, get back to basics and make a mood board<br />

from scraps of pretty things that inspire you.<br />

Restorative movement - change the focus to wellbeing<br />

rather than fitness and enjoy movement that nourishes<br />

both body and mind.<br />

Be authentic - stop people-pleasing and start expressing<br />

yourself authentically. Answer honestly when asked how<br />

you are.<br />

Reconnect - with nature, community, spirituality. Feel<br />

the dewy grass beneath your toes, walk barefoot in the<br />

sand, laugh with friends (even if it must be on Zoom) and<br />

allow time for self-reflection.<br />

Let’s look to shift our focus and achieve a balanced<br />

wellbeing that extends beyond shape and size.<br />

*Please discuss ongoing concerns with your doctor.<br />

Sammie Mcfarland is a Pilates & Wellbeing Coach;<br />

Holistic Core Restore® Coach; Sports, Scar & Pregnancy<br />

Massage <strong>The</strong>rapist; and a Core Fascial Release <strong>The</strong>rapist.<br />

To find out more, please visit sammiemcfarland.co.uk or<br />

find her on Instagram at @sammiepilatesandcore and on<br />

Facebook at facebook.com/pilatesandcore<br />

47<br />


Example kitchen<br />

Example reception room<br />

Brand new home | Four bedrooms | Three bathrooms | Garden and garage | Central Wareham | £825,000<br />

Wareham, Dorset | Contact Alison Owens: 01929 555300<br />

Historic town, contemporary living<br />

Commercial opportunity | Gallery and workshop | Café | Extensive parking | Proven footfall | Offers over £550,000<br />

Creech, Dorset | Contact Jon Booth: 01929 555300<br />

Creative lifestyle, inspirational location<br />

In association with<br />

In association with<br />

49<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />



Solid Investment<br />

Associate Director of <strong>DOMVS</strong> Lettings, Debbie Turner, on why <strong>2021</strong> represents an unparalleled<br />

opportunity for investing in property<br />

<strong>The</strong> property market today is one with unparalleled<br />

opportunity for those wishing to let their<br />

property. We merely need to analyse a few key metrics<br />

to gain a better understanding of this unique and<br />

unprecedented environment.<br />

Massive decrease in available properties to let<br />

At <strong>DOMVS</strong>, we have seen an average of 76% decrease in<br />

available properties on the market to let, based on the<br />

same period last year. This has had a colossal impact on<br />

the rental market, given the unprecedented demand of<br />

people looking not only for a new home, but also a new<br />

lifestyle – and not just in our lovely county of Dorset, but<br />

across the UK.<br />

Dynamic shift in demand<br />

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our society has<br />

experienced a dynamic shift in culture as more and more<br />

people have found themselves working from home. As<br />

businesses evolve and adapt, they experience a shift<br />

from an office-based culture to a remote environment, a<br />

theme expected to continue for the foreseeable future.<br />

Family pressures<br />

As one can imagine, this undoubtedly creates<br />

unexpected pressures on the average family, who<br />

naturally seek out more space and tranquillity to cope<br />

with this seismic shift in their day-to-day lives. Dorset,<br />

51<br />

with its beautiful beaches and rolling countryside, offers<br />

an attractive option to many. Naturally, this has driven<br />

up the demand for homes.<br />

Specific need for NHS workers – can you help?<br />

Dorset is also home to the Dorset County Hospital. Due<br />

to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dorset has seen an increase<br />

in the number of lettings enquiries from NHS staff<br />

working in the hospital and accompanying services.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se NHS staff members are now also having to<br />

compete for what few properties there are available.<br />

Many of our NHS clients have had to leave their families<br />

behind while they wait to find suitable accommodation<br />

and have had to take up temporary residences while<br />

waiting and hoping for appropriate properties.<br />

Contact me<br />

If you can help – or know anyone else who has a<br />

property to let – please contact me. Equally, if you<br />

are thinking about buying a property for investment<br />

purposes, <strong>DOMVS</strong> can advise you on every aspect<br />

needed to ensure the outcome is successful for you. My<br />

name is Debbie Turner, I have over 30 years’ experience<br />

in the field, and I will do everything I can to ensure your<br />

experience of letting a property is a good one. Please<br />

call 01305 835300, email debbie.turner@domvs.co.uk or<br />

visit the <strong>DOMVS</strong> website at domvs.co.uk/lettings<br />

If you’ve been thinking of selling or letting, talk to us today<br />

Mid & North Dorset:<br />

01305 757300<br />

Purbeck & East Dorset:<br />

01929 555300<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />

South & West Dorset:<br />

01305 835300<br />

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