The DOMVS Almanac_issue #1_Winter 2020

THE DOMVS ALMANAC At Home in Dorset ALMANAC noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically seasonal, that includes information for the year such as important days, weather, traditions, tips and nature. # 001 Winter 2020

At Home in Dorset

ALMANAC noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically seasonal, that includes information for the year such as important days, weather, traditions, tips and nature.

# 001 Winter 2020


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THE<br />

<strong>DOMVS</strong><br />


At Home in Dorset<br />

# 001<br />

<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2020</strong>

Welcome to <strong>The</strong> <strong>DOMVS</strong> <strong>Almanac</strong><br />

ALMANAC noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically seasonal, that includes<br />

information for the year such as important days, weather, traditions, tips and nature.<br />

We are proud to introduce <strong>The</strong> <strong>DOMVS</strong> <strong>Almanac</strong>, which<br />

brings to you our highlights of living in Dorset. We<br />

will share with you the hidden gems of our beautiful<br />

county, from our favourite autumn countryside walks<br />

and the best places to go for the freshest seafood, to<br />

tucked away places perfect for a Sunday morning beach<br />

breakfast, and dolphin-spotting hotspots. Read on to<br />

find out how to make the very best of your home,from<br />

loft conversions and home offices, to bringing living<br />

outdoors, latest home styling trends and gardening tips.<br />

From the purveyors of the most scrumptiously tasty<br />

treats, to the most talented designers, decorators,<br />

and stylists, we’ve partnered with independent Dorset<br />

businesses, who are incredibly passionate about where<br />

we’re from and what we do, and we are all here to help<br />

you feel at home in Dorset.<br />

To discover more about the beautiful Dorset home<br />

pictured here, read on...

Six bedrooms | Six bathrooms | Additional 3-bed house & 1-bed holiday let | Over 17 acres | Offers over £1,500,000<br />

Shipton Gorge, Dorset | Contact Polly Greenway: 01305 757300 or click here: domvs.co.uk<br />

Modern living, rural location<br />

Eight bedrooms | Four entertaining spaces | Tennis court | Natural lake | Approx. 6.24 acres | £2,250,000<br />

Upwey, Dorset | Contact Tim Grainger: 01305 757300 or click here: domvs.co.uk<br />

Historic home, exclusive living<br />

In association with<br />

In association with<br />

3<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />


Our Partners<br />

Inside this Season<br />

Our partners comprise some of the best producers<br />

Dorset has to offer, all independent businesses founded<br />

and located in Dorset, brought together to promote not<br />

only each other, but the glorious lifestyle and products<br />

our unique county has to offer.<br />

3. Dream homes from <strong>DOMVS</strong><br />

7. PLM Jewellery gives life to old treasures<br />

9. <strong>The</strong> Gardens Group celebrates winter colours<br />

25. Indulge your sweet tooth with Chococo<br />

29. ‘Hygge’ your home with Purbeck Candles<br />

30. See things in a whole new light with Misty Glass Dorset<br />

We are always looking for exciting and innovative<br />

new partners, so if you fit the bill and would like to be<br />

involved, please get in touch.<br />

10. Tuck in with Rosemary Rogers<br />

13. Sculpture by the Lakes Artisans’ Bazaar<br />

31. Release your inner vixen with Foxy by Design<br />

33. Dream homes from <strong>DOMVS</strong><br />

On the Cover (and above)<br />

‘Morning Misty River Fix’ by Shelley Ham, photographed<br />

from the river path near her pub, <strong>The</strong> Sun Inn, Lower<br />

Burton, Dorchester (famous for its carvery, served seven<br />

days a week). Visit sun-inn-dorchester.co.uk<br />

Director<br />

Polly Greenway<br />

<strong>Almanac</strong> Secretary<br />

Lucy Cole<br />

lucy.cole@domvs.co.uk<br />

Editorial & Design<br />

Charlie Ryan<br />

charlie.ryan@domvs.co.uk<br />

15. Sun, skin and Sarah Dale Aesthetics<br />

17. A sustainability makeover with Primrose’s Kitchen<br />

19. A fruity little tipple courtesy of Dorset Ginger Co.<br />

21. Charge up at EBike Cafe @ Deheers<br />

23. Introducing 1968Accessories<br />

35. <strong>The</strong> gentle touch from Loving by Nature<br />

37. Introducing Grange Gallery<br />

41. <strong>DOMVS</strong> Lettings talks buy-to-let<br />

42. Sammie Mcfarland; dedicated to your wellbeing<br />

43. Dorset Sea Salt sprinkle on some flavour<br />

5 6

Precious Metals<br />

Recycle, redesign and remake with PLM Jewellery<br />

Remember that old, worn ring languishing at the bottom<br />

of your jewellery box? Imagine bringing it back to life, to<br />

once again take sparkling pride of place on your finger<br />

or the hand of a loved one. Having your precious metal<br />

jewellery recycled, redesigned and remade is not just an<br />

exciting prospect, but an achievable reality.<br />

What are the steps involved? First - and this is the part<br />

of the project most of my customers revel in - is the<br />

search for inspiration. Surf the internet for ideas and save<br />

images you love to mood boards on Pinterest; walk to<br />

your local church and take photos of the architecture or<br />

stained glass; or simply saunter around your garden and<br />

browse the flora. Inspiration can spring from anything,<br />

anywhere at any time, and your ideas help me come up<br />

with designs which are aesthetically and uniquely ‘you’.<br />

Next, it’s time to book your free consultation (this is<br />

when it all starts to feel real!). You can contact me to<br />

organise an appointment via video call or in person<br />

at a location that allows for safe distancing. Due to<br />

the current restrictions, I will take all the information<br />

necessary for me to work on your designs at my<br />

workshop, after which I will email them to you for you<br />

to view at your leisure. Once we have found your dream<br />

design, I will provide you with a quote.<br />

I begin the recycling process by melting down your<br />

old jewellery and pouring the molten metal into a<br />

small ingot. From this raw form, there are a variety of<br />

traditional techniques I can use to create your desired<br />

piece. I can also provide a price per gram for new,<br />

additional metal should you wish for something a little<br />

larger or weightier than your old piece of jewellery. If<br />

you would like photos or videos of the melting down of<br />

your jewellery, or any other progress pictures, you need<br />

but ask! It’s important to me that my customers are as<br />

involved in the project as they want to be, every step<br />

of the way. My end goal is always to provide you with<br />

something beautiful, elegant, durable and sentimental,<br />

which is absolutely to your taste and can be worn and<br />

enjoyed for years to come.<br />

Modification and Repair<br />

Reimagining old jewellery doesn’t have to mean melting<br />

it down. <strong>The</strong>re are many ways in which I can alter a piece<br />

to achieve the look you desire; rings can be resized,<br />

stones can be replaced, detailed alterations can be made<br />

to the metalwork, then there’s plating and polishing...<br />

the list goes on. Fall back in love with old or damaged<br />

jewellery by giving it some TLC and a renewed shine.<br />

About Me<br />

My name is Poppy Middleton, and I’m a traditionally<br />

trained goldsmith based in Weymouth, Dorset. I’ve had<br />

the best of both worlds regarding my training; I was<br />

traditionally trained as an apprentice by a recognised<br />

master goldsmith, and I graduated from Birmingham’s<br />

School of Jewellery, a university catered uniquely to<br />

teaching the design and production of jewellery. Having<br />

worked for various jewellers across the UK, I have<br />

now started my own business repairing, designing and<br />

making jewellery. I’m committed to making connections<br />

with people who are as passionate about their jewellery<br />

as I am.<br />

To see more of my work, please visit instagram.com/<br />

plmjewellery, or contact me at poppylouisemiddleton@<br />

gmail.com or on 07889 624661 to discuss your ideas.<br />

7<br />


Cold Colours<br />

Flowers to brighten your winter garden,<br />

from Mike Burks of <strong>The</strong> Gardens Group<br />

For gardeners, it can be a delight to find plants in their<br />

finest hour when most of the garden is looking pretty<br />

poor. One great example is Lonicera fragrantissima, a<br />

shrubby form of Honeysuckle. In the winter, small white<br />

flowers with a powerful, sweet honeysuckle scent appear<br />

on the bare branches.<br />

Another medium to large shrub is the Viburnum<br />

fragrans, which also flowers on bare stems. It’s an<br />

upright growing shrub with pleasant summer foliage,<br />

bronze when young, which turns red-purple in the<br />

autumn. <strong>The</strong> flowers are clusters of heavily scented<br />

white-tinged-pink and tubular in shape. An alternative is<br />

Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn, which is very similar, but<br />

the flowers are much pinker.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are even winter flowering trees, and one such<br />

is Prunus autumnalis, the Autumn Flowering Cherry,<br />

also sometimes known as the <strong>Winter</strong> Cherry. Prunus<br />

autumnalis, again, has good autumn colours and then,<br />

after the leaves fall, the flowers are white, scented and<br />

dotted along the bare branches. <strong>The</strong>re is also a pink<br />

form, P. autumnalis Rosea. Both are small trees and are<br />

a delight in the winter.<br />

Viburnum Bodnantese Dawn - Pink Dawn<br />

Jasmine nudiflorum - <strong>Winter</strong> Jasmine<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are one or two climbers that have a go in the<br />

winter, or at least late winter/early spring. <strong>The</strong>se include<br />

the <strong>Winter</strong> Jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum, with its mass<br />

of yellow flowers; a joy at a very dull time of year.<br />

More detailed are the Clematis cirrhosa types, which are<br />

evergreen and also have dainty nodding flowers towards<br />

the end of the winter. My favourite variety is ‘Freckles’,<br />

which has pink-brown blotches on creamy flowers. It<br />

lasts a long time, and the ferny foliage is also attractive.<br />

<strong>The</strong> larger Clematis armandii – a very vigorous plant –<br />

also flowers in the late winter and has a fragrance too,<br />

with masses of white flowers.<br />

On a smaller scale, there are, of course, herbaceous<br />

plants such as Helleborus niger, the Christmas Rose.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are a number of improved forms of this plant<br />

now, and it’s worth looking out for the ‘Harvington<br />

Hybrids’ and ‘<strong>Winter</strong>gold’. Also take a look at the darker,<br />

December-flowering varieties Helleborus Penny’s Pink<br />

and Anna’s Red.<br />

My favourite winter flower, however, has to be the<br />

Sarcococca or Christmas Box. <strong>The</strong>se small shrubs are<br />

evergreen and then, as the autumn comes along, so they<br />

bud up and the flowers open, white and tiny, but with a<br />

huge scent. <strong>The</strong>y also do very well in our local soils.<br />

For year-round hints and tips and to find out more about<br />

<strong>The</strong> Gardens Group, visit thegardensgroup.co.uk<br />

9<br />

Clematis armandii<br />

Helleborus niger - <strong>The</strong> Christmas Rose<br />

A Fresh Start<br />

<strong>The</strong> perfect Christmas Day starter from Rosemary Rogers Catering<br />

Happy to provide “anything from a plate of sandwiches<br />

to a wedding buffet”, Dorset-based Rosemary Rogers<br />

Catering also caters for everything from office lunches<br />

to picnic hampers to corporate events. With the cold<br />

winter weather (a.k.a. Comfort Food Season) setting<br />

in and the annual day of over-indulgence looming, we<br />

asked Rosemary for a fresh dish to get your Christmas<br />

Day off to healthy start.<br />

“This is one of my favourite starters! French Bean,<br />

Asparagus and Avocado Salad with Pomegranate and<br />

Hazelnuts.”<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• Rocket<br />

• Fine French beans<br />

• Asparagus spears<br />

• Avocado<br />

• Hazelnuts<br />

• Pomegranate<br />

• Olive oil<br />

• Pomegranate balsamic glaze (I use Gilly’s)<br />

For each serving:<br />

1. Place a handful of washed and dried rocket on a side<br />

plate.<br />

2. On top of the rocket, place 6-8 fine French beans<br />

that have been cooked, but maintain a crunch when<br />

you bite into them.<br />

3. Next, add 4-5 asparagus spears, again, just cooked.<br />

4. On top of this, add about a third of an avocado,<br />

sliced.<br />

5. To finish, add a scattering of chopped, browned<br />

hazelnuts and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. Dress<br />

with olive oil and pomegranate balsamic glaze.<br />

To discuss your catering needs with Rosemary, please<br />

visit: facebook.com/RosemaryRogersCatering<br />


Built for Comfort<br />

Rosemary Rogers’ shares her beef-in-beer casserole<br />

This is a delicious, warming casserole for cold winter<br />

nights. I especially love it because the quantity of each<br />

ingredient can be adjusted according to personal taste.<br />

If you would like to make this meal even more special,<br />

serve with gratin potatoes and a medley of vegetables.<br />

Serves six.<br />

Ingredients:<br />

For the beef:<br />

• 1.5kg braising steak<br />

• 2 medium white onions<br />

• 2 medium carrots peeled and cut into chunks (or you<br />

can use whole baby carrots)<br />

• Splash of sunflower oil<br />

• 440ml Guinness<br />

• 1 tin of good quality chopped tomatoes<br />

• 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce<br />

• 1 clove garlic, crushed<br />

• 2 bay leaves<br />

• Sprig of thyme<br />

• 12 button mushrooms<br />

• 2 tbsp muscovado sugar<br />

For the dumplings:<br />

• 110g self-raising flour<br />

• 50g shredded suet<br />

• 1 small white onion, grated<br />

1. Begin by chopping the onions and frying in a heavybased<br />

saucepan until golden. Remove from the pan and<br />

set aside.<br />

2. In the same pan, fry your diced meat, browning and<br />

sealing on each side, a few pieces at a time.<br />

3. Return to the pan with the onions and add the<br />

Guinness, Worcestershire sauce, tomatoes, carrots,<br />

mushrooms, herbs, garlic and muscovado sugar. Bring to<br />

the boil.<br />

4. Either reduce the heat and simmer until tender, or<br />

place in a low oven until tender (approx. 2 hours). Once<br />

cooked, remove the meat, carrots and mushrooms.<br />

Cover and keep warm.<br />

5. To make the dumplings combine the ingredients and<br />

add enough water to bring it all together and for it to be<br />

elastic in consistency. Divide into about 12 small pieces<br />

to roll into dumplings.<br />

6. Place the dumplings into the gravy, bring to the boil<br />

on the hob and cook for 20-25 minutes. Remove the<br />

dumplings.<br />

7. If desired, thicken the gravy with flour. You will need<br />

to mix a little flour with some cold water first to form a<br />

paste. Add this to the boiling gravy, stirring continuously<br />

until the desired consistency is achieved.<br />

8. Return the meat and vegetables to the gravy, season<br />

with salt and pepper and serve with a green vegetable<br />

and mashed potatoes.<br />

facebook.com/RosemaryRogersCatering<br />


Artisans’ Bazaar<br />

Eye-catching artwork, jewellery, sculpture, pottery and more at Sculpture by the Lakes<br />

Sculpture by the Lakes, Dorchester, is to be transformed<br />

into the Artisans’ Bazaar in the six weeks running up<br />

to Christmas. More than 50 artists and makers, many<br />

of them from the Dorset area, showcasing their work at<br />

stalls in the Sculpture Park SPACE from 7th November<br />

to 23rd December <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

During lockdown, the Artisans’ Bazaar has moved<br />

online. You can see the fabulous array of work at<br />

sculpturebythelakes.co.uk/shop with free delivery<br />

available when you spend over £100. You can also click<br />

and collect; the sculpture park remains open and entry<br />

is free when you spend more than £50.<br />

Visitors will be able to explore unique and beautiful<br />

creations across a range of artistic mediums and<br />

techniques, from glasswork to pottery, painting to<br />

textiles, wood carving to weaving, and leatherwork to<br />

jewellery making. Exhibitors include Suzette Knight<br />

and her ‘hand build’ ceramics; Sharon Boon, who turns<br />

‘shoreline treasures’ collected on local beaches into<br />

artworks; printmaker Paul Cleden; silverware designer<br />

Karina Gill; woodturner Darren Wheeler; and Claire<br />

Richards with her raffia craft creations, to name just a<br />

few. To complete the experience, on-site gallery space,<br />

<strong>The</strong> Gallery by the Lakes, is set to be turned into a<br />

sumptuous palace filled with colour and enticing aromas.<br />

<strong>The</strong> park’s café will also be open, so visitors can combine<br />

the experience with a coffee or lunch.<br />

Simon Gudgeon, sculptor and owner of Sculpture by the<br />

Lakes, has said:<br />

“With a wealth of artefacts and artworks on sale, the<br />

Artisans’ Bazaar will be a pleasure to explore and a truly<br />

unique Christmas shopping experience. Rather than the<br />

same old, mass-produced stuff, shoppers will take home<br />

some very special gifts to be treasured.” <strong>The</strong>re will be<br />

something to suit everyone’s taste. Not only will there<br />

be art for your walls, but you’ll also find pieces for the<br />

garden, for your coffee tables, and pieces you can wear.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> event is being organised by Simon and Monique<br />

Gudgeon, owners of Sculpture by the Lakes. <strong>The</strong> park,<br />

near Dorchester, features over 30 of Simon’s own<br />

internationally recognised sculptures, set in spectacular<br />

gardens maintained by his wife Monique and a team of<br />

gardeners. Simon has an extensive history of celebrating<br />

fellow artists, featuring their work in his gallery spaces<br />

as well as hosting workshops and events, including the<br />

popular Dorset Arts Festival held at Sculpture by the<br />

Lakes in July.<br />

Simon adds:<br />

“This new event brings together a group of incredibly<br />

talented creative individuals, unified by their high levels<br />

of skill and the fact that their work is beautiful. It will be<br />

a feast for all the senses, and visitors will not only want<br />

to take it all in, but also, I hope, want to take a little of<br />

that experience home to share with loved ones too.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> Artisans’ Bazaar at Sculpture by the Lakes,<br />

Dorchester, runs from 7th November to 23rd December<br />

<strong>2020</strong>, except Sundays and Mondays. In accordance with<br />

Covid-19 rules, face masks must be worn by all visitors,<br />

and numbers at any one time will be limited in order<br />

to support social distancing. To find out more about<br />

the Artisans’ Bazaar, visit: sculpturebythelakes.co.uk/<br />

artisans-bazaar or to book tickets to Sculpture by the<br />

Lakes visit: sculpturebythelakes.co.uk<br />

13<br />


Where the Sun Never Sets<br />

It’s skin rejuvenation time again at Sarah Dale Aesthetics<br />

Photograph © Jane Adams<br />

With Christmas upon us, it’s that time of year when we<br />

start putting on more layers and turning up the heating<br />

to keep the cold out. <strong>The</strong> change of season means our<br />

skin can feel a little drier, and as we look in the mirror,<br />

we might notice the effects of the summer months<br />

on our skin. It’s one of the busiest times at the clinic,<br />

as our regular customers make their ‘after summer’<br />

appointments, coming in for their laser skin rejuvenation<br />

treatment.<br />

What are they getting?<br />

• Age spots (sun damage) removed<br />

• Spider veins treated until they disappear<br />

• Redness and uneven pigment improved<br />

• Boosted collagen production<br />

• Reduction of fine lines<br />

Following months of closure this year, we are delighted<br />

to have welcomed back our loyal clients and lots of new<br />

ones too. In common with so many businesses, we have<br />

worked hard to get everything in place to ensure we<br />

operate in a safe way. We are so grateful to have been<br />

able to retain all our staff and that our appointments<br />

are, yet again, in great demand.<br />

Sarah, Tanya, Milly, Annie (our clinicians) and Julie, Beth,<br />

Lucy, Gerry and Ellie (the reception team) look forward<br />

to seeing you soon.<br />

sarahdaleaesthetics.com<br />

facebook.com/sarahdaleaesthetics<br />

E. info@sarahdaleaesthetics.com<br />

T. 01305 269220<br />

Before and after pigmentation (sun<br />

damage) removal and rejuvenation<br />

And the results? A lighter, brighter and more even<br />

complexion, which equals healthy-looking skin! If you<br />

don’t know about this top-of-the-range treatment and its<br />

benefits, book in for a free consultation with any of our<br />

clinicians to discuss how we can help you towards clear,<br />

glowing skin.<br />

As a pro-aging clinic, we are so pleased the message is<br />

now out there that our skins need protecting from the<br />

harmful (and aging) rays of the sun. This year we have<br />

been blessed with lots of sunshine, with many of us<br />

enjoying more time outside than usual. It seems much<br />

easier for us all to remember our sunscreen when it’s<br />

warm and sunny. Beware - the danger is still out there<br />

during the autumn and winter months. Damaging light<br />

from both the weak winter sun and our mobile devices<br />

is still breaking through to our skin. We promote allyear-round<br />

use of a sunscreen with at least 50 SPF. <strong>The</strong><br />

brilliant Heliocare range, which includes tinted creams<br />

for the face, all offer 50 SPF protection. Prevention<br />

is always better than cure; keep using the sunscreen,<br />

come rain or shine, and take advantage of our special<br />

offer of 15% off the full Heliocare range with offer code<br />


We’ve just mentioned one of our treatments and one of<br />

our product ranges, but there is so much more on offer<br />

at Sarah Dale Aesthetics. Our Aesthetics Skin and Laser<br />

Clinic is a nurse-led clinic, with experienced clinicians<br />

using medical grade machines to offer advanced<br />

skincare for face and body, permanent hair removal and<br />

non-surgical treatments. Our product ranges (Medik8<br />

and Noon) have been carefully researched and chosen<br />

to complement our treatments, and all staff have been<br />

trained to give you advice on the best products for you.<br />

Check out our website for a full list of our treatments<br />

and don’t forget we offer complimentary consultations,<br />

so book yours now.<br />

15<br />

25 16

Kitchen Kind<br />

Find out how to keep your kitchen sustainable and environmentally-friendly<br />

from Primrose Matheson of Primrose’s Kitchen<br />

We hear the word sustainable a lot these days, but what<br />

does it mean? Defined as “causing little or no damage<br />

to the environment and therefore able to continue for<br />

a long time”, how can sustainability be applied to our<br />

kitchens? What choices can we make here to limit our<br />

negative effect on the environment? <strong>The</strong> biggest ways<br />

in which I believe we can reduce our impact on the<br />

environment within our kitchens is through packaging,<br />

cleaning products, food sourcing and food waste:<br />

Food Packaging<br />

<strong>The</strong> food we buy has more packaging on it than ever<br />

before, especially in supermarkets. Finding ways to<br />

eliminate this from our lives can be hard. Clearly,<br />

processed foods have the most packaging. <strong>The</strong> more<br />

we process food the less healthy it is for our bodies and<br />

for the planet. More processing means more factory<br />

production, more chemicals, often more sugar, more<br />

preservatives, and more shipping. Try changing your<br />

diet and your impact for the better by choosing fewer<br />

processed foods and more whole foods whenever<br />

possible.<br />

Read the Ingredients<br />

When shopping for food, read the ingredients list. Look<br />

for products that containing whole foods and just a few<br />

ingredients. Avoid ingredient lists that include chemicals<br />

or items you can’t pronounce or don’t recognise. Keep<br />

things pure and simple. Processed foods are designed to<br />

be addictive. By sticking to whole foods, your taste buds<br />

will quickly adapt and begin to appreciate the amazing<br />

taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. Bear in mind that<br />

the fruits and vegetables that taste the best are often<br />

the ones that contain the most nutrients.<br />

Source Locally<br />

When you eat what is grown locally and in season, you<br />

are eating more nutrient dense foods, decreasing the<br />

demand for food from other regions, reducing food<br />

miles, contributing to the local economy, and shrinking<br />

your carbon footprint.<br />

Reduce Food Waste<br />

Globally, over 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown away<br />

every year. Over 51% of the rubbish going to landfills<br />

is compostable, including food scraps, paper, garden<br />

trimmings, and wood. <strong>The</strong> environmental costs of food<br />

waste worldwide are staggering, and 3.3 billion metric<br />

tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere<br />

each year through the production, harvesting,<br />

transporting, and packaging of wasted food. Even more<br />

troubling, once food waste reaches the landfills, it begins<br />

to decompose and emit methane gas. Methane has 21<br />

times the warming potential of carbon dioxide, meaning<br />

it has an even greater impact on global warming than<br />

CO2. You can reduce your food waste by buying only<br />

what you need. Take responsibility for your food scraps<br />

by returning these nutrient-dense items to the earth.<br />

Composting fertilizes future plants, clears space in<br />

landfills, and dramatically reduces your personal<br />

greenhouse gas emissions.<br />

Choose Meat Wisely<br />

Animals are an essential part of the nutrient cycle, and<br />

managing them properly within our agricultural systems<br />

is critical for restoring soils and balancing the climate.<br />

Worldwide, land is being deforested to support herds<br />

of grazing animals, disrupting natural ecosystems.<br />

Whenever possible, choose meat that has been grass fed<br />

by farmers who support regenerative farming practises.<br />

Cleaning Products<br />

<strong>The</strong> cleaning products in our kitchen contain hidden<br />

nasties which are bad for our health or the environment.<br />

Did you know the average home contains 62 toxic<br />

chemicals? Of those 62, the eight that are most<br />

commonly used are phthalates, perchloroethylene,<br />

triclosan, QUATS, 2-butoxyethanol, ammonia, chlorine,<br />

and sodium hydroxide. <strong>The</strong>se are known endocrine<br />

disruptors, irritants, can cause damage to vital organs,<br />

and promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteria.<br />

My advice is to remove these from your kitchen - or<br />

anywhere in your house for that matter - and try a<br />

natural replacement like the following:<br />

Tea Tree Oil - As an alternative to chemical disinfectants<br />

and sanitizers, try antibacterial and antifungal tea tree<br />

oil. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of<br />

vinegar with water in a spray bottle for a safe, germkilling,<br />

all-purpose cleaner. Add a couple of drops of<br />

lavender essential oil for scent.<br />

Vinegar - This is a great all-purpose cleaner and works<br />

well on mirrors and windows. Vinegar also acts as a<br />

fabric softener; just add a teaspoon to your washing<br />

machine. To create your own citrus surface cleaner, save<br />

up your lemon or orange peels, add vinegar and let the<br />

mixture sit for two weeks before using.<br />

Baking Soda - Another natural cleaning agent ideal for<br />

scrubbing kitchen surfaces and as an oven cleaner.<br />

Creating a more sustainable kitchen and indeed a more<br />

sustainable home is an ongoing process that doesn’t<br />

happen overnight. Implement small things slowly, which,<br />

over time, will make a real difference.<br />

primroseskitchen.com<br />

17 18

Gift Box<br />

Only £15<br />

& includes Recipe Book<br />

<strong>The</strong> Dorset Ginger Company<br />

Wildberry Smash<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 25ml Dorset Ginger Co. Original Ginger<br />

• 50ml Dorset Ginger Co. Extra Strong Ginger with<br />

Cinnamon<br />

• 50ml gin/vodka<br />

• 15ml sugar syrup<br />

• Tonic or soda water<br />

• Handful of berries (see note)<br />

• Ice<br />

Add fruit, spirit, sugar syrup, ginger drinks and ice to<br />

a tall glass. Muddle well and top up with soda or tonic<br />

water. Add a few berries of your choice as garnish.<br />

Enjoy!<br />

Note: this cocktail will vary greatly depending on the<br />

spirit used and fruit paired with it. If you’re using a<br />

light spirit such as gin, vodka or a lightly spiced rum,<br />

use softer fruits like strawberries and blueberries. If<br />

you’re using a strong bourbon, peaty whiskey or spiced<br />

Jamaican rum, use stronger fruits such as blackberries<br />

or raspberries.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Perfect Christmas Gift for Ginger Lovers<br />

Each gift box contains 33cl sized bottles of 5 Flavours:<br />

Apple with a Ginger Kick, Original, Strong, Extra Strong & Cinnamon<br />

Order online at www.dorsetginger.ltd<br />

19<br />


<strong>The</strong> EBikes team with owners Josephine and Peter (centre)<br />

Together in<br />

Electric Dreams<br />

Introducing EBIKE CAFE @Deheers, where<br />

good food and great bikes meet<br />

An innovative new venture, EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers<br />

opened its doors on Saturday 7th November <strong>2020</strong> in<br />

the prestigious Deheers Building along Weymouth’s Old<br />

Harbourside.<br />

Owners Peter Claxton and Josephine Parker are<br />

championing an active lifestyle, healthier eating and<br />

positive mental wellbeing in a COVIDsafe environment<br />

through their new-look enterprise. EBIKE CAFE @<br />

Deheers combines their current shop, Dorset CycleLife<br />

- a well-established and successful all electric bike shop<br />

- with a cafe offering a great selection of nutritious,<br />

healthy foods.<br />

Co-owner Josephine Parker explains, “<strong>The</strong> EBIKE CAFE<br />

@ Deheers is our new venture for all your ebike needs.<br />

Here you can enjoy wholesome takeaway food and<br />

drinks on the iconic Weymouth Harbourside. <strong>The</strong>re is<br />

parking for those arriving by cycle, and the opportunity<br />

to hire a bike to explore the surrounding area. You can<br />

even recharge your bike in the ebike charging points.<br />

In addition, customers will find expert technicians<br />

in the dedicated service and workshop zone, and a<br />

comprehensive sales area.”<br />

On display is a wide range of electric bikes from leading<br />

suppliers. In addition to Raleigh, Haibike and Tern<br />

brands, EBIKE CAFE @Deheers is the only stockist<br />

locally to hold the full range of turbo ebikes from the<br />

iconic, market-leading Californian brand Specialized.<br />

Co-owner Peter Claxton says, “Our aim is to give electric<br />

bike riders the very best technology by the leading<br />

brands. We stock a wide range of ebikes offering a<br />

diversity of riding options. Whether your electric bike<br />

is for the daily commute, your shopping needs, trekking<br />

through the countryside or more extreme and specialist<br />

sports such as enduro, all mountain or downhill biking,<br />

we can source the perfect bike for you.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> market has seen a major shift in personal transport<br />

needs this year, led predominantly by health and<br />

environmental factors. A recent study carried out<br />

by CREDS (Centre for Research into Energy Demand<br />

Solutions) researchers at the University of Leeds has<br />

found that electrically-assisted bicycles (e-bikes), if used<br />

to replace short car travels, have the capability to cut<br />

car carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in England by up to<br />

50% (about 30 million tonnes per year). Add to that the<br />

benefit of better health and a socially distanced method<br />

of travel, it is no wonder bike sales in the UK have<br />

doubled in the past two years.<br />

Peter says, “We welcome this change to greener travel<br />

habits, cleaner air and healthier communities. Our move<br />

to Weymouth gives us a better platform to engage with<br />

those considering a more carbon-friendly transport<br />

option, whilst providing a complete service for fellow<br />

ebike users.”<br />

And what better place to start this new venture than<br />

along the historic Weymouth Old Harbourside in the<br />

prestigious and sensitively renovated historic Deheers<br />

building?<br />

EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers is open seven days a week, from<br />

10am to 4pm, located on the ground floor of Deheers, 9A<br />

Custom House Quay, Weymouth, DT4 8BG.<br />

Find out more at ebikecafe.co.uk<br />

21<br />


She’s Like a Rainbow<br />

Colourful talk from fashion designer and owner of 1968accessories, Caroline Gray<br />

1968accessories is based in the beautiful Isle of<br />

Purbeck. After a lifetime of being involved in fashion<br />

as a qualified fashion designer, it wasn’t until two years<br />

ago - upon turning 50 - that I thought now is the time to<br />

start making my own designs.<br />

My style is unique, bold and full of colour. I make<br />

jewellery in resin, clay and copper, and many of my<br />

statement pieces are one-of-a-kind. For those days<br />

when you need a simple look, I have created a selection<br />

of small stud earrings and pendants, and around mid-<br />

November <strong>2020</strong>, I will be adding handmade hair<br />

accessories, scarves and berets to my online collection.<br />

1968accessories is a member of the Guild of Jewellery<br />

Designers. <strong>The</strong> business uses absolutely no single-use<br />

plastics and is a proud member of Plastic Free Swanage.<br />

All my packaging is made from recycled and recyclable<br />

items; even the ribbon is made from wood pulp.<br />

To see more, visit 1968accessories.com, where you can<br />

enjoy 20% off your first online order by entering the<br />

code ‘Dorset’ at the checkout. I look forward to seeing<br />

you in the ‘shop’ soon.<br />

23 22

Top of the Chocs<br />

Move over, Willy Wonka, Chococo’s in town<br />

Born here in Dorset back in December 2002, Chococo<br />

is an independent artisan chocolate company crafting<br />

all our chocolates by hand in small batches. When we<br />

started, it was just me - Claire - and my husband Andy<br />

with a two-year old toddler in tow. We made all our<br />

chocolates fresh by hand in a tiny ground floor kitchen<br />

(which we had converted from a hairdressers) in an alley<br />

in the heart of Swanage.<br />

I was passionate about<br />

only working with fine,<br />

single origin chocolate<br />

of known provenance,<br />

about using fresh local<br />

and seasonal ingredients,<br />

and about not using any<br />

additives or preservatives,<br />

as they adulterate the<br />

purity of the flavours.<br />

Our equally tiny shop was<br />

upstairs (how bonkers was<br />

that?!) and we were only<br />

open three afternoons<br />

a week. Today, we have<br />

a production unit in<br />

Wareham, four Chocolate<br />

Houses in Swanage,<br />

Winchester, Exeter and<br />

Horsham, and an online,<br />

nationwide mail order<br />

service. We are still<br />

making and packing all<br />

our chocolates by hand,<br />

however, just with more<br />

people to help!<br />

In all our locations we<br />

employ a wonderful team<br />

who are all passionate<br />

about spreading the word<br />

about our world of fine chocolate. We are still potty<br />

about all the same things we were back in 2002; we now<br />

work with a wide variety of single origin chocolates from<br />

Madagascar, Colombia and Venezuela especially, we still<br />

love working with local ingredients, and we still don’t use<br />

preservatives, so when we say our chocolates are made<br />

fresh, we mean it! We have won 98 national and<br />

international fine food awards to date and were humbled<br />

at the 2019 Dorset Food & Drink Awards to be awarded<br />

Dorset Food Hero for our contribution to promoting all<br />

things Dorset and working with so many fellow local<br />

producers over the years.<br />

We also now make our own gelato and have a bakery<br />

opposite our original<br />

chocolate house in<br />

Swanage, which supplies<br />

the cafes in all our<br />

chocolate houses. <strong>The</strong><br />

next time you visit<br />

Swanage for a walk on<br />

our glorious beach or<br />

along the coast path<br />

from Durlston Country<br />

Park, why not pop in<br />

for a restorative hot<br />

chocolate and one of our<br />

award-winning gelatos or<br />

brownies?<br />

lactose or vegan by choice.<br />

As you might expect,<br />

we offer a selection<br />

of Christmas-themed<br />

chocolate gifts, with<br />

something for all the<br />

family, from small, fun<br />

stocking fillers to giant<br />

hampers to share, all<br />

in 100% recyclable,<br />

recycled or compostable<br />

packaging. If you didn’t<br />

know, dark chocolate<br />

is also naturally veganfriendly,<br />

and we offer<br />

many gifts suitable for<br />

anyone intolerant to<br />

In these strange Covid times, we hope to lift your spirits<br />

with our delicious, fine, fresh chocolates, which are<br />

available from our Chocolate Houses, open seven days a<br />

week, and online at chococo.co.uk (during UK lockdown,<br />

visit our website for Chocolate House opening hours).<br />

Tantalise your taste buds and enjoy your very own<br />

Chococo treats at home with our Chococo recipes.<br />

Created by Co-Founder Claire, this Salted Caramel Hot<br />

Chocolate and showstopping Chocolate Ganache Cake<br />

(overleaf) are sure to keep the whole family happy this<br />

winter.<br />

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate<br />

Serves one.<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 250ml milk, whole or semi-skimmed<br />

• 25g good quality 70% dark chocolate, chopped<br />

• 1 tsp dulce de leche caramel<br />

• 1/10 tsp crushed sea salt (or a large pinch)<br />

Optional to serve:<br />

• 2 tbsp whipping cream<br />

• Flaked dark chocolate<br />

1. Claire recommends whisking a small amount of fresh<br />

whipping cream by hand to soft peaks rather than using<br />

canned cream, but you can use that sort of cream if you<br />

want.<br />

2. To flake the chocolate, run a knife along the back of<br />

the rest of the bar of chocolate in short sharp motions<br />

to create simple flakes.<br />

3. For the hot chocolate itself, put the chopped chocolate<br />

and two tbsp of the milk into a small, heavy-based pan<br />

and warm gently to melt the chocolate into the milk.<br />

4. Use a small balloon whisk to stir this mixture into a<br />

smooth paste and, once the chocolate has all melted,<br />

add the rest of the milk, the caramel and salt.<br />

5. Keep whisking the mixture to help melt the caramel.<br />

<strong>The</strong> moment it starts to boil, remove from the heat and<br />

whisk vigorously to make a foam.<br />

If you are going to top your hot chocolate with cream<br />

and flaked chocolate, prepare these first.<br />

6. Pour your foaming hot chocolate into your mug, top<br />

with cream and chocolate flakes, and enjoy!<br />

25<br />


Chocolate Glory<br />

Chococo Co-Founder Claire’s showstopping<br />

Chocolate Ganache Cake<br />

Serves eight.<br />

Equipment:<br />

• 20cm loose-bottomed cake tine lined with<br />

parchment<br />

Ingredients:<br />

For the base:<br />

• 200g all-butter shortbread<br />

• 60g unsalted butter<br />

• 1/2 tbsp soft light brown sugar<br />

For the ganache:<br />

• 250g good quality 70% dark chocolate, chopped<br />

• 300ml double cream<br />

• 35g unsalted butter<br />

• 80g dark soft brown sugar<br />

• 1/2 tsp sea salt, crushed<br />

Optional:<br />

• 100g griottine cherries (or fresh raspberries if you<br />

can’t find these cherries)<br />

• 1-2 tbsp kirsch juice (from cherries)<br />

Optional decoration:<br />

• 1 edible pattern transfer sheet (available from online<br />

cake decorating suppliers)<br />

• 200g good quality 70% dark chocolate, chopped<br />

• Fresh cherries or berries of your choice<br />

1. To make the biscuit base for the tart, first crush the<br />

shortbread into powder using either a food processor<br />

or by putting the biscuits into a strong plastic bag and<br />

bashing them very well with a rolling pin.<br />

2. Gently melt the butter and soft light brown sugar in a<br />

pan. Mix the biscuits with the melted butter and sugar<br />

mixture, press firmly into the base of the cake tin and<br />

put in the fridge to chill.<br />

3. Whilst the base is chilling, put the cream, sugar and<br />

salt for the ganache in a heavy-based pan and warm<br />

gently to melt the sugar. Stir this mixture continuously<br />

and take it off the heat as soon as it comes to the boil.<br />

4. Add the chopped chocolate and butter, stirring gently<br />

to melt together and form the ganache. If the chocolate<br />

doesn’t all melt, put the pan back onto a very low heat,<br />

stirring gently all the time to ensure the mixture doesn’t<br />

catch on the bottom of the pan.<br />

5. If using, now add the kirsch juice to taste (if just one<br />

tablespoon doesn’t do it for you!).<br />

6. Set aside to cool for at least an hour. By the way, if<br />

the mixture ‘splits’ (doesn’t blend) on you, you may need<br />

to gently stir in a little more warm cream to help it reblend<br />

into a smooth shiny ‘emulsion’.<br />

7. Place the griottine cherries in a shallow dish and pat<br />

dry with kitchen roll to remove excess kirsch juice. Pour<br />

a thin layer of the cooled ganache onto the chilled base<br />

and sprinkle with cherries before covering them with<br />

the rest of the ganache. Leave to finish setting in a cool<br />

place for several hours. Ideally, you would put this tart in<br />

a cool, dry room to set rather than in the fridge, as this<br />

will help maintain the shine on the top of the ganache.<br />

If, however, the fridge is your only option, put the tart in<br />

there to set.<br />

8. You can simply decorate the tart with cherries and/<br />

or other berry fruits, or you can have some fun melting<br />

chocolate to make shards and curls while the tart is<br />

setting. To make the chocolate shards and curls, melt<br />

125g of the 200g of dark chocolate in a bowl sitting over<br />

a pan of gently simmering water (the water must not<br />

touch the bottom of the bowl).<br />

9. As soon as the chocolate has melted, take the bowl off<br />

the heat, add the remaining 75g of chopped chocolate<br />

and stir gently to melt into the liquid chocolate. This will<br />

bring the temperature of the chocolate down to the right<br />

ballpark to work with.<br />

10. As soon as the chocolate has melted together, spread<br />

a thin layer across the edible pattern on a baking tray.<br />

If you don’t have a printed edible pattern sheet, you can<br />

use thick plastic, e.g. a laminating pouch.<br />

11. Cut different sizes of triangle shapes into the<br />

chocolate before it sets hard. Put in a cool room or the<br />

fridge to set (it shouldn’t take long as it is so thin).<br />

*Top tip: don’t try to peel the chocolate away from the<br />

transfer too quickly. It needs a bit of time for the pattern<br />

to transfer onto the chocolate.<br />

12. Pour your remaining chocolate onto a cold surface in<br />

a thin layer and, as soon as it starts to set, scrape a cold<br />

knife away from you in short sharp motions to create<br />

curls.<br />

13. When you are ready to serve, remove the tart from<br />

the tin and enjoy decorating it to your own design. Use<br />

a hot knife to cut slices from the tart and serve with<br />

whipped cream for the full Black Forest experience.<br />

For more tantalising Chococo recipes visit: chococo.co.uk<br />


Comfort and Joy<br />

Phaedra Radestock of Purbeck Candles,<br />

Dorset’s award-winning candle company<br />

We would like to thank all you wonderful customers for<br />

your continued support through these difficult times. We<br />

hope our candles and diffusers have brought you joy and<br />

filled your new home offices, busy kitchens and living<br />

spaces with wonderful natural fragrances, scents to<br />

inspire, to invigorate and to calm.<br />

Here at Purbeck Candles, we are all about ingredients<br />

and fragrance. We construct each blend in-house using<br />

the same techniques as master perfumers. <strong>The</strong> only<br />

difference is we use only pure essential oils to create<br />

our blends, building up layers of dreamy scent that will<br />

fill your home with beautiful aromas designed to make it<br />

a place of joy and comfort.<br />

Through<br />

the<br />

Looking<br />

Glass<br />

See things in a whole new<br />

light with Misty Glass Dorset<br />

Our award-winning fragrances are available in stores<br />

throughout Dorset and online at purbeck-candles.co.uk<br />

At <strong>DOMVS</strong>, we’re lucky enough to sell some of the<br />

most beautiful homes in Dorset, many of them historic<br />

or listed buildings. When in need of a little TLC, the<br />

restoration or replication of period features within older<br />

homes often requires the specialist skills of traditional<br />

craftsmen - enter, Misty Glass Dorset.<br />

Misty makes stunning stained-glass panels for windows<br />

and doors and has installed them in properties<br />

throughout Dorset. Having started her business on the<br />

dining room table of her home in Weymouth, Misty now<br />

works in her own studio, where the views across the sea<br />

towards Portland fill her with inspiration every day.<br />

After 20 years spent renovating properties with her<br />

husband in Oxfordshire, Cornwall and France - where<br />

they spent eight years converting a traditional barn into<br />

a fabulous home - Misty and her family returned to<br />

England to work on a Victorian property in Weymouth.<br />

<strong>The</strong> gift of a stained-glass course for her birthday<br />

changed everything.<br />

Misty now has a wonderful workshop filled with every<br />

colour and texture of glass you could think of. Her<br />

hand-made, bespoke works hang in the window letting<br />

in beams of kaleidoscopic colour. “I love glass, I can get<br />

totally lost in every detail. <strong>The</strong>n, after soldering all the<br />

lead together, I get to enjoy the magic of being the first<br />

person to hold it up to see how the light brings it to life.”<br />

Misty takes commissions for replacing stained glass as<br />

part of renovations, and creates bespoke door plaques.<br />

To speak to her about your stained-glass project or<br />

ideas, email mistyglassdorset@gmail.com or call 07756<br />

466868. You can see all her latest work at instagram.<br />

com/mistyglassdorset<br />


Foxy Lady<br />

Feel your best, inside and out, with<br />

Foxy By Design<br />

At Foxy By Design, we sell beautiful clothing and<br />

accessories to help women release their inner vixen.<br />

Confidence is key to looking good, and although it comes<br />

from the inside, it is truly reflected on the outside.<br />

Empowering women is the cornerstone of our business,<br />

and we understand that all women are different. Our<br />

unique shapes and sizes should be celebrated and do<br />

not determine how good we can look or feel. We at Foxy<br />

By Design want to help you be the very best version of<br />

yourself, and can offer advice and style tips to help you<br />

achieve the look you desire. As a fashion retailer, we are<br />

determined to be outstanding in our field of expertise<br />

and have chosen our collections accordingly. Our clothing<br />

lines combine style with a timeless appeal designed to<br />

suit those with a discerning taste.<br />

For foxy tips and to shop the collection, visit<br />

foxybydesign.co.uk<br />

31<br />


Uninterrupted sea views | Two bedrooms | Two bathrooms | Garden and garage | Guide price £365,000<br />

Swanage, Dorset | Contact Jon Booth: 01929 555300 or click here: domvs.co.uk<br />

Apartment living, unrivalled location<br />

Stunning barn conversion | Four bedrooms | Four bathrooms | Vaulted living spaces | 1.79 acres | £1,150,000<br />

Sturminster Marshall, Dorset | Contact Jon Booth: 01929 555300 or click here: domvs.co.uk<br />

Contemporary living, rustic charm<br />

In association with<br />

In association with<br />

33<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />


Woman of the Cloth<br />

Charlotte Loving on how she spreads the good<br />

word of ethical nappies<br />

In 2016 I was pregnant and working for the BBC on a<br />

popular Sunday night programme. I had been at the BBC<br />

for seven years on and off, on fixed-term contracts of<br />

varying lengths. With my baby due, I was about to take<br />

maternity leave, and there were certain things that, like<br />

every new parent, I knew I wanted to do. Using reusable<br />

nappies was up there as most important to me. I knew<br />

that my mum had used terries with me, and I didn’t like<br />

the thought of my baby’s nappies lingering in landfill for<br />

generations - along with the other three billion that are<br />

thrown away in the UK every year.<br />

I thought it would be easy to research the various<br />

options and decide on a type of nappy that would be<br />

right for us, but much Googling, reading and thinking<br />

later, I was still none the wiser. <strong>The</strong> hardest thing about<br />

it was there didn’t seem to be anywhere to go and see<br />

cloth nappies in person. I started wondering why on<br />

earth there wasn’t a ‘real’ shop anywhere that sold ‘real’<br />

nappies.<br />

Soon after going on maternity leave, I was offered<br />

voluntary redundancy from my job. My mind had already<br />

started wandering towards the possibility of opening a<br />

real nappy shop like the one I had so desperately needed<br />

when I first started thinking about real nappies, so I took<br />

the opportunity.<br />

35<br />

A small retail unit on the edge of an industrial estate<br />

came up and, before I knew it, we were gutting and<br />

insulating it to turn it into a little shop. Those first<br />

months were so much fun. A lot of what I made my<br />

displays out of was borrowed from the antiques centre<br />

next door, and the place had a very rustic appeal!<br />

As the months have gone on, the interest in real nappies<br />

has flourished. <strong>The</strong> council, who hand out incentives to<br />

parents who choose reusables, have noticed a doubling<br />

in the number of enquiries about their voucher scheme<br />

since I opened my doors. By far and away the best thing<br />

about the shop though is meeting people as they start<br />

out on the greatest adventure of their lives, and being<br />

there to answer their questions and provide a comfy<br />

sofa and a place to escape to for a moment. It helps that,<br />

together, we are helping save thousands of single-use<br />

nappies from landfill too.<br />

At the moment, there are still very few bricks-andmortar<br />

shops with a primary focus on reusable nappies,<br />

but in the three years I’ve been open, that is starting to<br />

change. I am incredibly proud to be among the first retail<br />

businesses bringing real nappies to bricks-and-mortar<br />

retail, especially in my beloved hometown of Dorchester.<br />

My shop has now grown to offer organic and ethically<br />

made clothes, wooden toys and books, alongside real<br />

nappies. My purpose remains though, first and foremost,<br />

to be a friendly face offering first-hand advice in a<br />

simple and accessible way.<br />

lbndorset.com<br />

Photo by Jason Perkins Photography<br />

Photos by AmorAmor Photography<br />


Grange Gallery<br />

Art in the heart of the Isle of Purbeck<br />

Grange Gallery is a welcoming, stylish place to shop,<br />

drink coffee and be inspired, nestled at the foot of the<br />

hills on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. <strong>The</strong> gallery was<br />

designed, built and landscaped by creative husband and<br />

wife team, Jason and Esme James-Cameron. Jason is a<br />

furniture maker and designer, and Esme is contemporary<br />

artist, and together they manage Grange Gallery and Café<br />

Grange.<br />

Jason’s furniture workshop has been located onsite for<br />

over 20 years, and Esme’s art studio for five years. Both<br />

passionate about art, design and making, Esme and<br />

Jason had long shared the dream of creating an inspired<br />

space for their clients and visitors to view, experience,<br />

shop and commission great art and design. <strong>The</strong>y built<br />

their cedar barn in 2016 to house their workshop, studio,<br />

gallery and café under one roof. Now open all year<br />

round and offering a warm welcome to all their visitors,<br />

the Grange Gallery hosts workshops while Café Grange<br />

serves delicious coffee in their stunning oasis in the Isle<br />

of Purbeck.<br />

<strong>The</strong> perfect place to shop for gifts, for yourself, your<br />

home and garden, Grange Gallery has a range of quality<br />

art and design available, all from highly skilled artists<br />

and makers living and working in Dorset. Original works<br />

and prints are on display in a variety of mediums and<br />

techniques from watercolour to wood engravings.<br />

Artists featured include Cathy Veale, Carol Cruickshank,<br />

Jenny Hawke, Katy Harrold, Littlezart, Robin MacKenzie<br />

and Grange Art to name a few. Also on show is a<br />

range of captivating glass art and jewellery by Galiani<br />

Glass, traditional handmade leather bags and gifts by<br />

Strowbridge Leather, and Portland stone sculptures -<br />

for both home and garden - from celebrated sculptor<br />

John Davey. <strong>The</strong> gallery also showcases contemporary<br />

furniture, homeware and lighting by Cameron Furniture,<br />

and works by Esme James-Cameron, Contemporary<br />

Artist. <strong>The</strong>re is also a wide range of greetings cards by<br />

local artists, perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re<br />

looking for a piece of bespoke furniture for your home or<br />

a sentimental gift for a loved one, help is always on hand<br />

should you need any inspiration or advice.<br />

Commissions Welcomed<br />

With their workshop and studio on site, Cameron<br />

Furniture and Esme James-Cameron, (cont.)<br />

37<br />


Contemporary Artist both offer a bespoke<br />

commissioning service with consultations available.<br />

Bespoke commissions are perfect if you have a specific<br />

idea for a unique piece of art or furniture.<br />

“From original concept, through the design stages,<br />

the choice of materials, to the final implementation,<br />

this has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience<br />

working with both Jason and Esme. <strong>The</strong> craftsmanship<br />

is excellent with a balance of flair and a strong eye for<br />

detail.” L. Brian, <strong>2020</strong><br />

Grange Gallery also accepts commissions for Galiani<br />

Glass Art, Strowbridge Leather and offers a bespoke<br />

picture framing service.<br />

Workshops and Gift Vouchers<br />

Grange Gallery Painting Classes are the perfect<br />

introduction to painting, ideal for those who have not<br />

painted since school. Painting Classes are hosted by<br />

Esme James-Cameron, who guides the class step by<br />

step to recreate the painting on display at the front. <strong>The</strong><br />

classes are relaxed and distanced, a perfect activity for<br />

pairs or one-to-one. It is a great way to relax, learn,<br />

have fun and enjoy the tranquillity of the county side. All<br />

materials are provided, along with a light refreshment<br />

from Café Grange. You’ll also receive a complimentary<br />

Grange Gallery gift bag to take home, as well your<br />

completed masterpiece. Grange Gallery is programming<br />

a schedule of workshops for 2021-22 that will cover a<br />

range of disciplines. Gift vouchers are available for those<br />

looking for an original and memorable gift.<br />

“Fantastic afternoon, great company, relaxing,<br />

informative, great coffee... beautiful bespoke products<br />

in the gallery, just what was needed after 6 months in<br />

lockdown... highly recommended - thank you.” Sally,<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

Grange Gallery and Café Grange are open all year round,<br />

Mon-Sun, 10am-4pm. To visit, you must book in advance<br />

by phone or email.<br />

T. 01929 553942<br />

E. info@grangegallery.co.uk<br />

grangegallery.co.uk<br />

facebook.com/GrangeGallery<br />

instagram.com/grangegallery.co.uk<br />

cameronfurniture.co.uk<br />

39<br />


Pilates | <strong>The</strong>rapy | Core<br />

Dedicated to wellbeing, Sammie Mcfarland<br />

offers supportive coaching for ‘normal’ folk<br />

Buying to Let<br />

<strong>DOMVS</strong> Associate Director, Debbie Turner,<br />

explains how to get it right<br />

In recent years, Buy-to-Let has become a booming<br />

business, and property has always been regarded as one<br />

of the safest investments for those with the means and<br />

funds available. Whilst there may be some risk involved,<br />

if research is carried out correctly the return can be<br />

two-fold. <strong>The</strong> rental will help to cover the mortgage and<br />

you should receive capital growth on your investment.<br />

Buy-to-Let is not a get-rich-quick scheme and should be<br />

looked on as a long term investment.<br />

• Look at being a landlord as a business venture. Ensure<br />

thorough research is carried out and always remember<br />

the property is a business and not your home.<br />

• Make sure you take advice about the best areas in<br />

which to purchase a property, and research which<br />

properties are currently being sought by tenants. Look<br />

at local employment and, most importantly, think about<br />

the type of tenant you wish to attract.<br />

• Research the costs you will incur against the rental<br />

yields you will receive, to ensure Buy-to-Let is financially<br />

viable for you.<br />

• Ensure you factor in ongoing repair costs, rental voids<br />

and annual safety checks. Also allow for redecoration<br />

approximately every four years.<br />

• When preparing the property to let, take advice from<br />

41<br />

an expert about what attracts tenants. Try to stick to<br />

neutral colours; again, remember this is about business<br />

not personal choice.<br />

• Finding the right tenant is extremely important. Ensure<br />

they are fully vetted and Right-to-Rent checks are<br />

carried out.<br />

• Lettings legislation is continually changing, and it is<br />

important to keep up to date to ensure your property is<br />

compliant and your tenant safe.<br />

• If you buy a property in need of refurbishment, our<br />

Property Management team can arrange and project<br />

manage a refurbishment programme for you, to enable<br />

you to carry on with your everyday life.<br />

• Self-Managed versus Letting Agent; do you have the<br />

time to take on the day-to-day workload of a rented<br />

property?<br />

• It has been said that 15% of your working life can be<br />

taken up with dealing with your rented property. It may,<br />

therefore, be more cost effective to call in professionals<br />

to do it for you.<br />

<strong>DOMVS</strong> Lettings is here to guide you through the<br />

whole process, from sourcing a property and arranging<br />

the tenancy, through to making sure the property is<br />

professionally managed. To find out more about our<br />

award-winning service, contact the <strong>DOMVS</strong> Lettings<br />

team on 01305 835300 or visit domvs.co.uk/lettings<br />

Sammie Mcfarland is on a mission to encourage<br />

everyone to enjoy the skin they live in, while being true<br />

to her message and managing her own wellbeing. Having<br />

overcome adversity and learnt to thrive with Chronic<br />

Fatigue and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sammie warmly<br />

shares support, and cares for clients of all ages.<br />

Having started her vocation supporting women 25 years<br />

ago, in 2019 Sammie was awarded Women’s Wellness<br />

Coach of the Year. She offers gentle holistic coaching<br />

from the heart, supporting women, and men, to be the<br />

best version of themselves with a balanced approach<br />

to wellbeing. Her popular sessions are delivered with<br />

warmth and a sprinkling of laughter.<br />

Sammie draws on all her skill sets to offer weekly<br />

classes online and on location in Dorset, as well as a<br />

range of holistic massage therapy appointments to<br />

provide a balanced wellbeing. Her qualifications include<br />

Holistic Core Restore® Pelvic Health & Fitness Coach;<br />

Pilates Coach & Fit Pro.Soft T<strong>issue</strong> Massage <strong>The</strong>rapist;<br />

Pregnancy, Core Fascial Release <strong>The</strong>rapist; and Scar &<br />

Hysterectomy Massage <strong>The</strong>rapist.<br />

Sammie is offering <strong>DOMVS</strong> <strong>Almanac</strong> readers two<br />

exclusive wellbeing opportunities:<br />

- To enjoy a free Restorative Pilates class online or on<br />

location (one per customer), visit sammiemcfarland.<br />

co.uk/booking and enter code <strong>DOMVS</strong>WELLBEING<br />

- To enjoy 25% off a Restorative Sports Massage<br />

(gentle sports massage to rebalance and relax - one per<br />

customer), visit sammiemcfarland.co.uk/our-therapies<br />

and enter code <strong>DOMVS</strong>SELFCARE<br />

Sammie is Mum to two beautiful girls, and lives with her<br />

husband, chickens, sausage dog and two cats in rural<br />

Dorset. To find out more about her and the services she<br />

offers, visit sammiemcfarland.co.uk<br />



Plastic-Free Gift Sets from Dorset Sea Salt<br />

Our new gift sets make the perfect gift for a foodie friend or family member. With three different gift sets on offer, pick<br />

your favourites and share the joy of cooking with Dorset Sea Salt.<br />

<strong>2020</strong> has made us all feel fragile, and never before have we needed our houses to feel more like<br />

home. With <strong>DOMVS</strong>, you’re in safe hands.<br />

If you’ve been thinking of buying, selling or letting, talk to us today.<br />

Great Taste Gift Set<br />

This award-winning gift set consists of our two Great Taste Winning flavours, Celery and Garlic,<br />

complemented by our ‘go to’ Natural sea salt.<br />

Chilli & Lemon Gift Set<br />

This gift set contains our zesty Lemon & Thyme sea salt alongside our fiery Chilli sea salt,<br />

finished off with the classic addition of our Natural sea salt.<br />

Dorchester: 01305 757300 Wareham: 01929 555300 Weymouth: 01305 835300<br />

Smoked & Chilli Gift Set<br />

A combination of our classic Natural sea salt and our punchy Oak Smoked and Chilli sea salts.<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />

In association with<br />

To find out more and shop online, visit dorsetseasalt.co.uk<br />


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