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Stupid Scam of the Month

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Remember: Think, think, think before you

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If you can handle the fund in a good investment. reply on this

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November 2020

Ever Wonder?

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs


. Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens

our skin?

2. Why don’t you ever see the headline “Psychic

Wins Lottery”?

3. Why is “abbreviated” such a long word?

4. Why is it that Doctors call what they do “practice”?

5. Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dishwashing

liquid made with real lemons?

6. Why is the person who invests all your money called a broker?

7. Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

8. Why isn’t there mouse-flavored cat food?

9. Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes when he had the


10. Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?

11. You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes?

Why don’t they make the whole plane out of that stuff?!

12. And just like that 1970 was 50 years ago!

Random Thoughts:

1. You never appreciate what you have till it’s gone. Toilet paper is a

good example.

2. The brain is the most outstanding organ. It works 24 hours, 365

days right from your birth until you fall in love.

3. You drop something when you were younger, you just pick it up.

When you’re older and you drop something, you stare at it for a bit

contemplating if you actually need it anymore.

4. If your eyes hurt after you drink coffee, you better take the spoon

out of the cup!

And finally: I never wished death to anyone who wrongs me. I wish

sudden, explosive diarrhea while on a date - with frequent sneezes.


Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at:




















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Thanksgiving Memories

By: Liz Breier / This & That

The weather is turning cold and we all start

to think ahead to Thanksgiving. This

makes me reminisce about Holidays past.

Not a time to be

sad about who may no longer be at the

table with us but rather of the lighter


After all, not everyone is a great

cook or can remember when they were

supposed to arrive. I imagine everyone

has had to endure at least one “awful”

turkey dinner or better yet, a non-turkey

when dining at a vegan’s table.

Sorry, for me, a tofu turkey is not the

same! Back in the day, there was no deepfried

turkey, spatchcocking or turducken,

just good, old-fashioned roasted turkey

with stuffing and sweet potatoes. I don’t

recall that we had a help line to call at

Butterball either!

How about the time no one realized that the oven was not working

properly and hours later there was a half-cooked turkey and cold

stuffing? Calling out for pizza can be a letdown.

Did you ever show up way too early or worse, while everyone was

already eating dessert? Who hasn’t been at a holiday meal when an

argument ensued over politics or someone showed up with an extra

guest that everyone thought was just plain “weird”?

When I think back over the many years of Holidays past, I still smile

thinking of Grandma’s cooking or Aunt Adele’s contribution of an

Ebinger’s Blackout cake for dessert.

Despite the years, I can’t help but

smile about the glitches that made

many Thanksgiving meals memorable.

What I recall most of all are the special

guests that always joined us. There was

never anyone we knew that would spend

a Holiday alone so there was always a

neighbor, distant relative or co-worker

(or a combination thereof) that dined

with us.

This is a practice I have tried to

continue and makes the meaning

of “Thankfulness” more poignant. I

suggest that everyone invite someone to

join them that would otherwise be alone (even if you are dining out)

and you will find the Holiday has so much more meaning.

Liz Breier is an ex-New Yorker who retired to Florida for 24 years

before deciding that Nevada means home to her. You can contact

Liz at:

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

thought I’d actually show you one of my

I “many” residuals that I have been getting

for my career. A penny! Kind of ridiculous to get

these checks.

The cost of the salary for the person who sends this, along with the

paper, envelope, and the stamp (not to mention the time it takes) far

exceeds these tiny payments. To be totally candid, I have no way of

keeping track of what television shows have been on - so I would never

even know about them if the payments weren’t sent to me.

This one was for an old episode of the TV show “Scarecrow and Mrs.

King.” The gross amount was three cents, and the net was a whopping

one cent!

I considered walking into the bank with a straight face to deposit it.

I thought it would be fun to see the look on the teller’s face but decided

I wouldn’t be able to pull it off without laughing, so I decided to really

mess up their books and have the check framed!

By the way, for those who might have “googled” my name, you might

have seen that my “net worth” is 12 million dollars! Really? With these

amounts of residuals, I wonder just how I acquired all that money.

The other thing I wonder is just who posts these kind of things and

just where do they get their information! Kind of funny actually.


As The Checks Come Pouring In...

November 2020

Of course, I shouldn’t complain about my residuals, because last

month I also got one for $2.97! And I almost fell over two weeks ago

when I received one for $10.16! Of course, I try not to spend all of these

checks in one place. Believe me, I’m not complaining. I just think it’s

kind of funny.

While I assure you that my net worth is nowhere near $12,000,000,

I am however quite wealthy. But my wealth is measured in love, family,

laughter and friendship, and for that I am truly thankful

Until next time remember: Life is a gift to you...the way you live it, is

your gift to others.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@


What Can Go Wrong?

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

2020 is the year that we wish would just

end already. As

always when a new

year begins, we say it’s going to be better,

but this one failed miserably.

Personally, I have suffered some

overwhelming losses due to this pandemic

and my vision of life going forward has

been altered permanently. But I actually

found a little humor in my daily challenges

just trying to stay “normal.”

I have realized that if no one is home

and I push the wrong button on the TV

remote, I will never watch television

again. Since my vision has changed a bit,

I can’t tell the guide button from the exit

button… and the list goes on. A call to the

cable company usually results in a charge

to come and re-program everything.

Moving to the garage, I noticed water on the floor in strange places.

The first place to look is the water heater.

Been there, done that. Nope, that’s not it. So, it rained that day. You

remember that one day, right?

When the garage door opened, it dripped a bit. Maybe that was it and

I don’t have a disaster. Nope, wrong again.

After three days of watching water move around like a river with

no destination, I happened to peek into

my water softener and sure enough it was

filled with water where the salt goes.

Lo and behold, my home warranty

doesn’t cover that. How nice for me. More

money spent.

One day I came home to that horrible

noise of the smoke detector blasting every

5 seconds. I put the dogs as far away from

it as I could, found batteries and made the

precarious climb up the ladder to fix the


It wasn’t the batteries. Apparently our

smoke detectors burn themselves out after

a while and it’s got to go.

The timer on my lights has not kept up

with the seasons and I tried to adjust it but alas, all I did was mess it

up even more.

That was my week. How was yours?

Adrea Nairne-Barrera writes of celebrations, observations &

complaints of life in the 60s to being in your 60s.

NLV Dept 3

An 11-year officer in

the United States

Air Force Reserves,

Judge Advocate

General (JAG) Corps

“...earning high marks for fairness and efficiency.

Judge Lee’s experience and temperament carry the day.

We urge a vote for

Judge Chris Lee.”



November 2020

Food For Thought

By: Dianne Hahn / Back in the Days

It’s Thanksgiving Day and the dinner table

is laden with a magnificent feast; fine wine,

tempting appetizers, a roast turkey, steaming

vegetables, delicious side dishes, and sweet,

delectable desserts!

When I was little, three generations gathered around that table. We

said “Grace”, and everyone in turn mentioned one thing they were

grateful for. Sometimes the kids giggled, “I’m grateful it’s Thanksgiving

… Christmas presents next month!”

“Ouch!” That was from being gently rapped across the knuckles. If

your chair was within easy reach of grandpa’s long arms, you were

careful. “I’m grateful for my family.” That usually brought a smile and

stilled the arm action. The exercise was food for thought - it reminded

us kids of how fortunate we were!

“Okay, pass the gravy,” someone would say, and the meal would begin

in earnest. There would be a heaping plateful of food for everyone.

Eventually, another voice groaned, “I’m so full, I can hardly move!

That was a fantastic dinner. Thanks, Mom!”

But, what if there were no family? No feast. No home. Not even our

country! What would we be thankful for?

A park bench to sit a spell in peace? An oversized cardboard box for

sleeping? A day without hunger?

The courage to speak our minds? The strength to face the dark night,

alone and unprotected?

A million things could happen to any one of us to put us in that park,

or to make our country unrecognizable. The storms in our lives are

many. 2020 doled out some doozies!

The COVID-19 pandemic has us isolated and grieving, scared and

angry. Other issues have us whirling. Fires out of control!

We’re not perfect - but we’re family. We’ll get it right! We know

Brother Freedom walks by our side in this Republic!

You, me, him, her, and them; all races, creeds, and colors, free to

walk, talk and think independently. People clamor to settle within our


Ah yes, I’m grateful for my family…and Grandpa. I’m also thankful

for the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! God bless us all.

A former schoolteacher, Dianne also writes for children. Presently

she has six kid’s books available on You can also

see her on SCA-TV.

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Music in Our Town

By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

know you think there is no place to go in

I order to hear music. But that’s not true.

There are a few places that you’ve probably

never heard of, such as Mosaic (previously the

Tommy Ward Theater) and Red

Palm, a theater where Jonny

Bird brings in talent, the likes of

Vinny Adinolfi from the Bronx

Wanderers. Then there’s The Mint

on Sahara just west of the Strip.

If you’re heading Downtown,

there’s Notoriety and many

smaller venues that will offer that

AMBIENT music we all love and


And then there’s Prosecco’s

Italian Kitchen, The Vegas Room,

Piazza Lounge in the Tuscany Hotel, Siena Deli, the Italian American

Club, The Sand Dollar, The Golden Tiki, Bootlegger, Ichabod’s, and the

list goes on and on. I’ve been to many of these venues and look forward

to joining friends and performers at these and many other locations.

Since the showrooms are unable to open at full capacity (which

means they can’t afford the payroll for the large performances) maybe,

just maybe, the lounges will make a comeback. How about bringing

the iconic “Showgirls” back?

Either way, I will be bringing you shows with the most talented

performers in Vegas to a showroom/clubhouse near you as soon as I’m

given the go ahead.

There are dozens of online shows that are free for just opening your

computer. Donations are very

much welcomed and needed.

It’s now November and The

Vegas Voice is starting on another

adventure called TV. That’s right.

“Vegas Voice Live” on the CW

every Saturday starting November

7 th .

My Celebrity Corner segment

is to bring you a front row seat to

behind the scenes interviews with

entertainers and performers here

in Vegas.

I speak with friends around the country, and even though cities are

opening up, no one has the number of theaters, clubs and lounges

that Las Vegas has. So, no matter what people say, we are still THE


Evan with Folk Legacy Trio George

Grove preparing for our TV cameras

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at:


November 2020


Warnings & Instructions

By: Heather Latimer / Heather’s Self-Help Tips

If you fail to read them you may find yourself

before a judge in the same unfortunate

position as a petitioner who claimed over a

million dollars in damages because her Vape Pen e-cigarette exploded

in her pocket. She suffered severe burns and scar tissue that required

intensive and prolonged medical treatment.

During examination in court she was asked if she obeyed warnings

printed on the package. Among a list of no-no’s were (a) never overcharge

the lithium-ion battery; (b) plugging in overnight is too long;

(c) never place in a pocket along with keys, coins and other metal


In the Mood

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

In the Mood became a No. 1 popular big band

hit for Glen Miller. It helped him to be the top

bandleader in the world during the 1940s.

In the Mood topped the charts for 13 weeks and was used in a movie

called Sun Valley Serenade. This tune however was not originally

written by the people who became famous for it. Neither Glen Miller,

nor his band originally developed this tune.

In the Mood was developed from simple, little riffs. (Riffs are repeated

phrases most often used in the accompaniment.)

Some other titles before were: Tar Paper Stomp, and Jumpy

Nerves,written and recorded in 1929/30 by New Orleans-born black

jazz trumpeter, Wingy Manone (Ma-known,) and his orchestra. Most

of the people involved with In the Mood , Tar Paper Stomp, Jumpy

Nerves and possibly other titles were: Wingy Manone, Joe Garland,

Andy Razaf, Edgar Hayes Orchesra and of course, Glen Miller.

“Ach!” she replied, “Nobody ever reads that stuff.” Thereby

incriminating herself, her case was dismissed.

Another plaintiff before Judge Brogdon was a 310 pound man who

rode on an entertainment slide in a theme park and tumbled down.

A notice was boldly displayed that forbade anyone weighing over 300

pounds from using equipment. He claimed, “I didn’t see it.” The

defending company prevailed.

Some residents are ordering grocery delivery for the first time and

are unfamiliar with handling the sheet of dry ice that is often included

in packaging. Should you ignore instructions you’ll be unaware that if

dry ice touches skin it can result in frostbite causing wounds as serious

as 3 rd degree burns.

Wear gloves or use tongs. Never keep dry ice indoors. It steams and

spreads unhealthy carbon dioxide throughout the house.

Drop it outdoors - away from pathway and plants and let it evaporate


Heather Latimer is a nationally recognized specialist in making

difficult subjects easy and author of 17 books. See

heather latimer/how to overcome.


November 2020

Wingy Manone, Joe Garland, Andy Razaf and Edgar Hayes Orchestra

all had their fingerprints on this classic song. They were mainly the

musicians, lyricists, poets.

Manone’s nickname was “Wingy,” due to his right arm being

amputated at age 10 after getting it crushed between two streetcars.

He sang with a gravely voice and played his trumpet in the Louis

Armstrong style.

Mr. Mannone lived in Las Vegas in the 50s and performed into the

70s. He died in Las Vegas at age 82.

Long story short, the tune was then developed and became known,

under Glen Miller, as In the Mood. Lyricist for In the Mood was singer,

saxophonist Joe Garland and lyricist, composer Andy Razaf - both first

with Edgar Hayes and Orchestra in 1938 under the genre of Big Band

and Swing Style.

As one may suspect, In the Mood is a sexual expression. It was

considered racy for the 1940s. The beginning lyrics are I’m in the

mood for love, Simply because you’re near me. Funny, but when

you’re near me, I’m in the mood for love.

The tune, much later, of course, was used by the Beatles at the end of

their piece, All You Need Is Love.

In the Mood is on NPR’s list of the 100 most important musical

works of the 20th century.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She researches and

reports about music on Alive! You can

contact her at


Skinwalker Ranch

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

Skinwalker Ranch located southeast of

Ballard, Utah and bordering the Ute Indian

Reservation was labelled the UFO Ranch due to

its history. It was renamed the Sherman Ranch by

its new owners in 1996.

Detailed stories about their frightening and inexplicable experiences

were soon reported in the Utah Deseret News. Later, the Las Vegas

Mercury News published investigative journalist George Knapp’s series

on the topic.

Knapp wrote about the evidence of close to 100 incidents that

included vanishings, mutilated cattle sightings, unidentified flying

objects, large animals with piercing red eyes - which were claimed to

be unscathed when struck by bullets, and invisible objects emitting

destructive magnetic fields.

These were just some of the events that led to the ranch’s resale once


Convinced by the stories that included strange lights and unusual

impressions in the grass and soil, billionaire Robert Bigelow, founder

of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDSci) purchased the

ranch for $200,000. He renamed the ranch “Skinwalker” referring to

local lore of a shape-shifter that had to do with malevolent witches.

Although skeptic James Randi considered scientific research of

the paranormal, occult, etc. useless, he awarded Bigelow a Pigasus

award (1996) “for funding the purchase of the ranch and supporting

Harvard University’s Professor John Mack’s and author Bud Hopkins’


Deputy Administrator, Colm Kelleher, NIDSci, explained, “We don’t

study aliens, we study anomalies. They’re the same thing in a lot of

people’s minds, but not in our minds.”

The site eventually became a national security project for the

Defense Intelligence Agency. The facility located at the ranch now

includes a scientific outpost designed to detect and confirm sightings of

unidentified flying objects.

Several times in the last few years, people on the ranch have become

ill. Some even required hospitalization due to bizarrely behaving

electromagnetic fields.

For Bigelow and his science team, it’s a place for scientific

research into questions that humanity has been grappling with since

time immemorial. Skinwalker Ranch’s history is understandably

fascinating, but its present is no less compelling - and when examined

can be unsettling.

For the live-in caretakers, the ranch is home. Locals avoid it at all

costs and consider it a taboo subject.

To contact Ali or for spiritual consultations, coaching, workshops

and readings, email:


November 2020

Bathroom Remodeling

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Tub or Shower Remodel

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Patio Puzzles

By: Pat Alexander / Art of Entertaining

Book Club is at my home this month. There

are too many ladies to maintain social

distancing indoors, so instead I’ll use the patio,

and while it’s spacious, setting it up is proving to be a problem. (Rain,

you say? Please, don’t go there!)

First, my furniture has been out, uncovered, all summer in the heat

and occasional downpours and is now really the worse for wear. I can

just see the invitation “Come to my home and sit on my somewhat

faded, shredded seat cushions.”

Sound inviting? Nope, didn’t think so. Buying new cushions now is a

problem because they’re out of season, and nothing pretty or colorful is

left in the stores. As a result, time is running out and I’m still not sure

what to do.

Next, arranging seating for a large group to socially distance yet still

hear our guest speaker is also a problem. I’ve pushed and pulled and

re-arranged furniture in every which way and am still not pleased with

the set-up. I’ll find a solution, but in the meantime I obsess.

Then, food is an integral part of the gathering, and at least the menu

is coming along. I usually add one fruit dish but get tired of the same

old medley of cut-up melons and berries.

Looking through brunch recipes, I came across one which I served

last year at another gathering. It was sweet, with just the right amount

of tartness and looked beautiful in individual glass bowls.

It will be the perfect way to introduce fruit into the menu. (This

makes an elegant dessert as well.) Try it, it’s delicious and so easy

Lastly, grumbling aside, the entertainer in me is truly delighted to

finally host a large group of friends at my house again!

Oranges in Champagne

Combine ½ cup apricot preserves with ½ cup sugar in a small

saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring, until sugar dissolves.

Peel 8 large Navel or Cara Cara oranges, leaving none of the white

pith, then divide into segments. Place oranges in large bowl. Combine

sugar mixture with 1-1/2 cups Champagne and pour over the oranges.

Refrigerate 12 hours or overnight.

Serve in individual glass bowls with syrup. Garnish with slivered

almonds or mint.

Pat Alexander writes about all things home. She is well known for

her cooking, parties and interior design, and consults on kitchen

and bath remodels.


November 2020


Declutter Before the Holidays

By: Kate Wind / Kate’s Insight

With the holidays around the corner, let’s

talk about holiday décor. When we frame

the home as a reflection of self, the desire to keep

a decluttered home can become a priority!

Naturally, even some of the tidiest homes become suspectable to

messiness and clutter during the holiday season. This time of the year

naturally brings more items into the home.

Whether it is baked goodies from a friend, gifts to give or receive,

wrapping papers or extra decorations, our space and counters can feel


To set yourself up for success, use November to start organizing,

donating and sifting through extra sit-arounds. From the stack of

mail on the counter to the overloaded bookshelf, start clearing the

unnecessary away.

A little trick when bringing out holiday décor is to fill the empty

holiday bin up with “extras” that you can live without during the

holiday months. Removing small sit-around items, books, or everyday

décor makes the home feel less crowded with all the temporary holiday

festivities. Instead of squeezing stockings, angels and trees amongst

the current décor, try packing away items off the shelves, mantle or

credenza to open up space.

Next, the eye loves

symmetry. When

decorating, create

two groupings of

items or mirror the

height of displays.

Putting a tall

collection of candles

on one side of the

fireplace and a small

nutcracker on the other can feel off-balanced. In turn, the eye sees it as

clutter verses a holiday display.

Creating balance and symmetry in your décor gives a bigger punch

and avoids the home feeling bogged down.

Lastly, we are all guilty of leaving decorations in the holiday bin! If

you find yourself not putting out décor because its broken, it doesn’t

match your current style, or you have simply grown out of it - toss it.

Especially if you can’t count the years it has stayed packed away.

Kate Wind is second-generation Astrologer and Feng Shui

Consultant. She speaks on an array of topics, from astrological

influences, Chinese New Year, Feng Shui and Tarot. You can contact

her at: the Her podcast, Mom and Me

Astrology can be found on any of the major podcast apps.

By: Sandi Davis / Fashion “Cents”

Good morning. Yes, that is an assumption

that you will read this in the morning.

However, I am writing this at

2:24 am on a Tuesday morning and I cannot sleep.

So, an incredibly good morning to you all.

When considering fashion and style, I am realizing

it is about our own sense of who we are that should

come first. Our fashionable selves start with our

inner self. What brought me to this thinking, is that

I am going to be doing something new and different

this week.

Publisher Dan asked me to interview some fellow

columnists for our new Vegas Voice TV. My segment

for the TV program is called Women’s World, and I

am the host (hostess?).

I am a bit nervous and humbled by this task. But

at the same time, after speaking on the phone with

the first two women I will interview, I am enlightened.

They amaze me, and I realize rather than just interviewing them for

you, I am being gifted with their own sense of style. Not clothes wise, but

mind and body wise. Their style of doing things, what they write about

and how they have styled their selves.

Of course, that will be reflected in what they wear. We all wear our


Wear Your Personality

November 2020

personalities, or we should be letting our style and our own sense be

reflected in our clothes.

So rather than tell you what is fashionable by other people’s

standards, I encourage you to be true to yourself. Let your sense of

mind be defined in what you wear. If flowers make

you happy, wear florals!

I am a Leo and have always felt that I was not a

true Leo, as I am somewhat shy. Until recently I have

never felt a boldness that defines a lion.

When Dan asked me to host the Women’s World

and do the interviews, I was nervous. ME? In front of

a camera? Can I disguise myself and wear a mask

(pun intended)?

But I came to the realization that I AM that lion.

Where before I would only dare to wear the leopard

shoes, I am now wearing a leopard print top or jacket,

and letting my inner style be reflected outwardly.

I encourage you to do the same. Do not worry

about matching the world. Match yourself!

REMEMBER: you do not have to look perfect; just feel good about

how you look, and it will show through.

Sandi Davis is the Fashion Style columnist and Behind-the-Scenes

Research Analyst for The Vegas Voice. She welcomes all questions

and opinions. You can contact her at






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How Can You Help Your

Delivery Drivers?

By: Donna Jamison / Guest Column

What would it be like if you went to work

and were unable to go to the restroom for

your entire shift? For delivery drivers, this is becoming the norm more

and more as the pandemic has caused government officials to place

guidelines on restaurants and businesses.

For safety reasons and due to a limited amount of time and resources,

most fast-food places and some restaurants are making restrooms

“employees only” and will not let the delivery drivers use the restroom,

since they consider us “ The public.”

If it were not for the delivery services where would some of these

businesses be during this pandemic? My opinion is that they need us

delivery drivers to help out. Therefore, we should be considered an

“employee” - at least for restroom privileges.

So, if they could only feel a little sympathy, show us a little kindness

and treat us like an employee - let us use the restroom, and not just

classify us as “ The Public.” No restroom privileges makes it difficult

and slows down the delivery process to the customers if we have to find

another place to use the restroom.

It’s not like we have to use the restroom all the time but having

the convenience (like any other employee in America) is only fair.

The employees of these fast-food places and restaurants have their

restrooms easily accessible to them. Why can’t we have the same

privilege while we wait for the customers’ order to be ready?

Real Men Wear Makeup

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

While men wearing makeup is not exactly

mainstream, I have recently been

approached by several companies suggesting that

I add a man’s line to my own. I have no problem admitting I’m old

school, but I do try to be open-minded and at least took a look at what

is on the market.

There is certainly a lot available for men these days and many

specialty products designed specifically for them.

One very popular line I found is by Jack Black. The main products

focus mostly on skin care like cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, and

sunblock products.

And of course, shaving and body care as well. A little pricey (like

many specialty lines) but nice products.

Another line that has been around for a very long time, since 1805 in

fact, is Truefitt & Hill. Originating in London, they pride themselves on


November 2020

some of the finest men’s products for shaving and grooming.

They also have some of the most beautiful scents to their products

using rare, natural blends. If you ever happen to be in that part of the

world, you can actually still get a traditional shave at one of their oldest

barbershops too!

For those looking past skincare, I also did find men’s makeup lines -

the biggest one called War Paint. It is a full line of powder, foundation,

concealer, bronzer, etc. that seems to cater to younger men.

Much like with women’s lines, they have demos for common issues

like hiding dark, under eye circles and foundation for smoothing out

the complexion.

Male actors always wear face makeup but for some reason it always

seemed to stay mainly “acceptable” for professional men only.

Personally, I think men look great without makeup, but if they also

have more options for brightening up the eyes or powdering off a little

shine, maybe they will go for it. Time will tell, I suppose if this type of

thing will become more mainstream.

But for now, I’m guessing it’s probably not for our generation.

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at or

through her website



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Playing Catch Up

By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever


’m back after missing last month’s article…

so let’s catch up!

I’ve had a setback with my knee surgery. In

June, I had my right knee replaced and everything was fine.

I was back to playing golf once a week without pain, then suddenly

one day I bumped my knee getting into the shower. The pain I felt was


I went to the see my surgeon. He examined and then advised me to

go straight to the hospital for emergency surgery as my knee was badly


I’m now three weeks out of surgery and hopeful to be back playing

the sport I love shortly.

What did you all think of the Fed-X Cup playoff? Dustin Johnson put

on a show by putting some remarkable distance between him and the

field to capture the trophy in an amazing fashion.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t ask you what you thought about the US

Open Championship. I suppose you either love the guy who’s figured

out that Biomechanics, one plane motion and a repeatable swing, or

you don’t.

I happen to like what he’s doing. After all, it’s ok for golf to evolve

over time and to create some excitement for the game. Just think about

it - Tiger, Phil, Dustin, Justin, Rory and everyone else were in the field

but no one could touch him during this tournament – that’s got to

count for something.

DeChambeau has now won 7 times on the PGA tour in just 4 years.

I think we will see a lot more of him in the winner circles in the near


Probably the safest place on earth to avoid catching the flu or

Covid-19 is on the golf course yet the Shriners Charity Golf Tournament

played in Las Vegas last month was without fans in attendance. To me

that is a crying shame.

This raises a question – what the heck will we do as a country when

the flu season hits? Don’t tell me, I don’t want to hear it.

Until then, hit “em” straight!

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a

member of Winterwood Men’s Golf Association.. He can be reached



November 2020


Our Wonderful


By: Carol Chapman

We’re coming

up on yearend,

and I’ve been reflecting on 2020. The

Foundation, as other organizations, has had to

plan, revise plans and

revise yet again due to the

impact of the pandemic. I

took some time to think

about what, if anything, has stayed consistent - then it hit me.

It’s the hearts of our wonderful volunteers who keep us going day

after day. Even with the lockdown, new people have come forward to

help. Perhaps with all this time to think as we looked around at the

four walls surrounding us, some have realized that it feels good to get

out and help others.

Sydney Ingram is one of those who come to mind. Sydney, a senior

and veteran herself, came to us and offered her services. With no strings

attached, she told me, “Whatever I can do, please put me to work.”

Gratefully, we accepted her offer, and now Mondays are brightened

when she arrives at the office with her engaging smile. Answering

telephones, greeting clients who walk in, collating mailings, helping

in the storeroom - you name it, Sydney is there to jump right in.

If you haven’t checked out our website in a while, please go to and click on the bright orange

Volunteer Now! button at the top of the screen.

When you need to

choose a Medicare

plan, Humana can help

Talking it through, helping you choose, getting

answers, finding resources—human care.

Call a licensed Humana sales

agent for a free consultation*

Saba Hendaia

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The Lord of Her Heart

By: Liz Palmer / NSG

My column last


was about

the historical

romance novel

I was writing as a fundraiser for the

Nevada Senior Games. I’m busily typing away and things are taking

shape, but would you like a sample of “The Lord Of Her Heart?”

Readers travel back to the 1700s and meet Fiona Margaret O’Keefe,

the plucky red-headed lass from a small Irish farm who has traveled

afar to the northern England to become the governess to the young son

of Lord Gideon Helmsly.

“The sharp wind whistled through the barren trees that sprung like

crooked sentinels from the bog as Fiona gathered her cloak closer

round her slender neck to guard against the stinging cold. Her

auburn tresses, normally so sleek and lush whipped wildly around

her and lashed her pale face as she lifted her delicate chin, perhaps

to defy the gods of weather who threatened her, a mere mortal who

dared challenge their mastery of the conditions of the day.

“Fiona narrowed her eyes and peered up at the foreboding

castle. Her golden gaze took in the dreary scene. It was only

September and already early signs of winter were chasing away the

mellow autumn weather with a harbinger of what was to come in

upcoming months.

“She took a long breath, drew in the chilly damp air deep into

her chest, and was rewarded with a fit of coughing. This northern

English climate could be harsh, much more harsh than that of

her home in Ireland and although the carriage carried her to the

nearby village, the last three weary miles to the castle were on foot.”

Will Fiona and Gideon be attracted to each other? Will there be

secrets be uncovered? Will true love ultimately triumph?

Purchase the novel to find out….100% of the proceeds benefits NSG!

Coming in early December online at

Liz Palmer is the Executive Director of the Nevada Senior Games.

For more information on how you can participate, contact Liz at:

702/242-1590 or by email:


* No obligation

to enroll.


November 2020

Out of This World

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

Have you ever wondered if there is any

meaning or purpose to the things you

saw or experienced while serving in the military

- especially in a wartime situation? I’m talking about meanings and

purposes that go beyond a few responses like duty, patriotism, or “this

is what I signed up for.”

What I’m talking about are those terribly real, yet unexplained,

experiences that go beyond the physical, leaving us with no alternative

than to question God, or some force that is bigger than us.

Questions like, “Why me, God? Why did you let me live?” are

questions with no possible answers, and there’s no reason to even look

for one, is there?

Well maybe, but I don’t think we should sell ourselves too short on

the topic. Why? Because there’s too much evidence around indicating

some significant emotional healing can take place by just checking in

with the spiritual side of things.

That is, if we’re inclined to do so.

For those interested, what is spirituality? Simply stated, it is probably

best described as a person’s personal connection to aspects of their life

that extends past their physical existence.

It is not religion, but it could be. To many, a belief in some sort of

higher power, or a devotion to a set of deeply held personal values is

considered spirituality.

So, you can see, spirituality

can easily be defined on a vast

array of personal viewpoints…

and none of them are wrong.

Some veterans may find that

their life experiences strengthen

their spirituality or faith.

Others may find that their

military experiences have caused them to rethink or question any

spirituality or religion at all. I know that after the war in Vietnam, I

developed a mantra in my heart that if there really is a God…he is

surely AWOL with all the crap going on.

It took many years to get around that, but I can say this about that:

When I did come to terms with what I now believe, and about my

personal spiritual connections, the favorable results are a product of

making some sense out of very difficult past experiences.

To keep friends, the golden rule has always been to never talk politics

or religion. Since I’m talking about spirituality and not religion here, I

think I’m safe to say that we’re still friends.

Be safe this Veterans Day. And live in peace.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.


Get the “Chuck” Out!

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox


have 8,500 active guardianship cases

and I only have a very few that are

disgruntled, and I think that’s a very positive

spin on what’s going on in our system. – Judge Charles Hoskin in

his TV interview on KTNV (Channel 13) with reporter Darcy Spears,

February 2, 2015.

Over the past 6 years, The Vegas Voice has investigated, reported and

exposed the guardianship scandal in Nevada. We have

seen the failure of the judicial system to protect

those innocent and desperate for assistance –

especially seniors.

We have witnessed first-hand the greed and

the evil in people. We have met many more

who simply “closed their eyes” or walked

away, knowing full-well the financial and

emotional hardship that resulted to these

totally innocent citizens. Charles Hoskin is

one of these individuals.

How bad was it? As the Nevada

Guardianship Commission (which I

was proud to serve as a member) reported on

December 15 th of that year, On or about June 1, 2015

...there were approximately 8,700 designated as open

guardianship cases... Roughly 4,000 have been closed and removed

and that out of the remaining

4,694 cases, 4,069 had

annual reports due. (86.6%

non-compliance rate.)

It was no wonder that Hoskin

was subsequently removed as

the presiding judge over all

Clark County guardianship

cases when the scandal

became public.

This scandal

was and


a disgrace to the Nevada guardian and judicial


Perhaps you can now understand why

The Vegas Voice was so adamant that

Hoskin should NOT have been allowed to be

promoted to serve the Court of Appeals. And

if you want to know about his “honesty and

character” note that in his 31 page application

for the Appellate Court he never mentioned that

he oversaw the guardianship issues.

When asked “why” he simply stated, “there was no


Let’s be clear: it was under his “oversight” that the abuse and

scandal flourished. From his total malfeasance in failing to require

private professional guardians to file the required annual accounting,

to his (at best) “willful ignorance” of these guardians destroying

individuals and families, it is abundantly clear that Judge Hoskin

is unfit to be reelected to serve as judge in the District court, Family

Division, Department E.

Even the Las Vegas Review Journal opined in its initial editorial

that Judge Hoskin is just one example of those in positions of power

who failed miserably to protect guardianship victims. The editorial

concluded that a: “stench still fouls the air.”

It’s time for us – Vegas Voice readers, to begin disinfecting

the Family Court air. We need to “throw the Chuck off the



November 2020


Last Chance

By: Rana Goodman / Political Editor

This will be the last article from The Vegas

Voice concerning the guardianship judge

and our urgent plea for our readers to respond to

finally end this scandal. If seniors do care, there is no way to reward the

“judge” who allowed all this to unfold.

Along with Publisher Dan we have invested over six years in trying

to clean up the system and it now comes down to this –

your vote for Family Court, Department E. During

those years, the names of April Parks, (now

sitting in jail), hearing master Jon Norheim,

and Judge Charles (Chuck) Hoskin were

etched into our memory.

As we stated at our guardianship

seminars, if and when Norheim or

Hoskin ever thought of becoming

candidates for election, we vowed we

would do everything in our power to

oppose them and make sure they never

again sat on the bench.

The Las Vegas Review Journal, in its

September editorial summed up what we


Judge Charles Hoskin was appointed in

2009, but he was knee-deep in the guardianship

scandal that received national attention in 2015 and

revealed a system in which court-appointed guardians

were exploiting vulnerable seniors. The lack of oversight

was appalling.

While The Vegas Voice did everything possible to reform the

guardianship scandal in Nevada, Charles (Chuck) Hoskin was the

presiding Family Court judge. His gavel came down most (if not all)

times in favor of private, for-profit guardians (or the public guardian)

rather than family members who begged the court to let them take care


of their loved ones.

These rulings left seniors financially devastated, because once a

guardianship is granted, the guardian has total control of the “protected

person” (formally referred to as Ward). They controlled where they

lived, had unconditional access to their bank accounts, trusts, will, safe

deposit box - all of their possessions. Absolutely everything.

Many times, the protected person, was moved into group homes

or nursing facilities, never understanding why their family

members were refused the right to care for them.

If you are a recent reader of The Vegas Voice

you may wonder why I am so against Charles

Hoskin’s re-election to the bench. Simply

stated, it is due to all those year investigating

and uncovering the heart-wrenching

guardianship cases that ripped families

apart, leaving seniors financially


Judge Hoskin never lifted a finger to

stop the carnage. At best he was willfully

ignorant (to match his arrogance) in

assuring the public that the guardianship

issues were “overblown.”

A very kind and wise jurist, Supreme Court

Judge Myron Leavitt, once told me many years

ago that Justice Court and Family Court were courts of

“justice” as much as courts of law.

I believe that a Family Court judge must possess compassion, be

sympathetic, and have a consciousness of “other’s distress.” These are

traits that Charles “Chuck” Hoskin absolutely does not possess.

For all those Vegas Voice readers who followed our guardianship

coverage, attended our seminars and asked, “what can I do?” this

is your moment, your opportunity to finally erase that guardianship


For Family Court, Department E – throw the “Chuck out” and elect

Thomas Kurtz.


We had the bad guys thrown in jail, we passed new guardianship laws and now there’s one more thing we need to

do – replace the guardianship judge responsible for all the carnage. Time to “throw the Chuck out!”

November 2020



November 2020


The Year That Wasn’t

By: Judy Polumbaum / Our View

former student of mine has a great idea:

A 2020 should be cancelled.

This year rivals 1968 for disruption – except

that 1968 was really an American thing, and

2020’s upheavals are global. But the US has been an especially intense

crucible of turmoil.

Many books surely will be written about this year: The viral

pandemic that has killed more than 215,000 in the US and some

1.1 million worldwide. The on-camera death of George Floyd that

reignited movements for racial justice, with protests across the country

and overseas. The advent of wildfires, tempests, and temperatures of

unusual ferocity.

I remind myself that people throughout history have gone through

trials and tribulations, and at least some of them always come out the

other side. Perhaps the world seems especially insane because we’re still

in the middle of it all.

So, I checked with my nonagenarian mother – witness to the Great

Depression, World War II, the McCarthy era, the political and cultural

convulsions of the sixties and seventies, and plenty of backlash to

movements for civil rights and economic justice. Without missing a

beat, she declared that these times are the craziest ever.

As I write this, we are coming upon a momentous election that sets

out stark choices. Some say bigotry, hatred, fear, and denial of science

and facts are

out of hand

and we need

a return to



Others say

radical leftwing


are out

to destroy

religion, gun

rights, free

enterprise and

all that makes

America great.


seems to agree that our country is rent by divisiveness.

And the beleaguered publisher of this magazine bears the brunt of

everyone who disagrees with anything he prints, even if he didn’t write


As you read this, the results of the election may well be known.

Although the wrangling could drag out. Let’s hope not.

Let’s hope 2021 brings a mending of divisions, a plethora of kindness,

peace on earth, goodwill toward all, effective vaccines, and a fresh start.


November 2020



Take a walk

through history.

Our history.

The Neon


Featuring restored

and unrestored signs

and the history

behind them.


November 2020



A 30-minute nightly

show that magically

brings unrestored signs

back to life, accompanied

by a soundtrack of

some of the greatest

musical performers in

history to transport guests

into Las Vegas’ past.

Composer/arranger/musical director Keith

Thompson is a believer in Karma. Maybe

it was Karma that inspired producers Alan and

Kathi Glist to pick up the phone and reach out to Thompson when Las

Vegas shut down..

Seeking insight to assist their industry partners, the Glists, who

produce Menopause the Musical and the Bronx Wanderers viewed

“We Are the World”, the 1985 video that raised $63 million for

African relief. The Glists approached Thompson with thoughts for an

inspirational video.

Their collaboration resulted in 50 vocalists, 20 musicians and 28 highprofile


from show business

and sports creating

the stirring video,

“Needing Each Other.”

The irony was that

Thompson had just

completed his haunting

ballad. Shortly after

We Need Each Other Now

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

We Need Each Other Now

Thompson’s musical colleague, pianist Philip Thortenberry returned

from a late 2019 concert tour of China, Thortenberry received an

agonizing call from an overseas friend warning of a virus racking the


Thompson composed his song of solace that begins: If we ever

needed each other, We need each other now…”

Keith Thompson speaks through his music. Whether it’s leading the

vocalists and orchestra on the Las Vegas stages of Jersey Boys, Mama

Mia! and Hairspray…whether it’s onstage hosting of the Smith

Center’s unique Composer’s Showcase, or whether it’s crafting his

own musical creations, Thompson’s contributions to Las Vegas have

continued through the Covid days.

For 16 pre-Covid years, Thompson’s monthly non-profit Composer’s

Showcase has provided an opportunity for song writers to share and

encourage original music. In the new video, fifty singers perform from

their living rooms, kitchens, backyards and balconies.

Thompson recognizes that many employees on The Strip are

considered “gig workers”, defined as independent contractors who are

temporary or on-call workers serving on-demand jobs. A top-name

singer, for example, with a short-run show would hire local musicians

and stagehands as gig workers.

Without shows, these workers have no income. “It’s heartbreaking

trying to fill the needs of these gig workers,” Thompson says. The video

production is an effort to raise funds for those essential, unemployed


To view the video (or contribute) visit www.TheComposersShowcase.


Sam Wagmeister is The Vegas Voice Nightlife Editor. He loves to

hear from our readers. Please feel free to contact him via email:


A Pandemic of the Soul

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

What does the City of Las Vegas have in

common with the blatant disregard for

the public interest? Everything!

A Review Journal article last month reported that nearly 90% of

the federal government’s coronavirus relief funds ($104.9 million)

allocated to the City went directly to the City’s payroll instead of relief


This disease of the soul has now metastasized throughout the valley.

In prior columns I have pointed out that the City of Henderson has

likewise demonstrated a lack of policy decisions.

To wit: the Pavilion fiasco and their failed attempt to divert similar

funds to remodel the City Hall lobby. Who’s next?

Oh yes, the State of Nevada has for months downplayed their

incompetence of getting funds to the unemployed. The Governor has

become quite adept at political spin and offering excuses.

With more and more citizens facing eviction, desperately seeking ways

to feed their families, wondering if they will ever get their long overdue

unemployment checks and losing hope they will ever find gainful

employment again, how can anyone think of directing intended relief

monies to the exorbitant salaries of gainfully employed city staff?

How many of those families would have received the relief they

deserve if those funds were distributed as intended? Unfortunately, we

will never know.

What I don’t understand is why the electorate - that’s YOU and me

are so complacent about this? Is it because it is the “new normal”? Is it

because we’ve come to accept this disgusting behavior?”

You can do more than you think! Do I need to remind you that every

elected official answers to us? You need to be heard!

Attend the City Council meetings (even if they are done virtually)

and make your positions known under “Public Comment.” Access their

websites and respond in writing to express your outrage!

I can tell you from experience, that if enough of us do that it will

change their behavior. The only reason they continue to get away with

this is because very few of you take the time to let them know what you


The time for complacency is over.

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He can be reached at:


August 2020

Get the Care YOU Deserve

From the Providers Patients


Medicare Annual

Election Period

OCT 15-DEC 7





























Learn more about the care we give to

patients at

Call us TODAY to schedule an appointment at

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Is an All-Electric Vehicle World Feasible?

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

assume you’ve heard about California’s

I Governor Newsom’s plan to ban the sale of

new gasolinepowered

vehicles starting in 2035.

While many think this is a great step

toward becoming a zero-emissions

country, is it a feasible idea?

I was born and raised in Los

Angeles and remember the smogfilled

days in the ’70s, as well as

sitting in line waiting to buy gas on

my appointed day. But while we all

want clean air, nothing is without its


California accounts for about 10%

of all new-car sales. If people buy or

lease new cars every three to eight

years, it will still be decades before

California will achieve the dream of being zero emissions once the ban

goes into effect in 2035.

Another challenge with EVs right now is range. The battery technology

to drive over 400 miles without stopping to recharge doesn’t exist yet.

Are they working on it? Of course, but the amount of cost involved for

research and development is staggering.

In addition, many people don’t want EVs. And while EV sales rise

every year (EVs also include hybrids and plug-in hybrids, which would

be banned in 2035 as they both use internal combustion engines), EVs

only accounted for about 1.5% of total vehicle sales in the U.S. in 2019.

Range anxiety, battery recycling, purchase price, charging costs, and

a slew other factors are just a few

of the concerns many have when

discussing electrified vehicles. This

doesn’t even take into consideration

California’s brown outs that can’t

support their electric grids now.

Many are concerned about how

the extra power needs will work.

It’s also a matter of infrastructure.

Where do you plug in if you live in a

large apartment complex?

While Newson’s statement is bold,

it would have been more beneficial

to see how they plan to achieve this

in stages versus a pie-in-the-sky

goal. Fuel cell vehicles are a better option, but the infrastructure isn’t


Discussion needs to continue, but answers need to be found before

this decision should have been made.

BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at

ADA Compatibility

Grab Bars + Ramps

Curbless Showers + More


September 2020

A Message from


I have been exceptionally lucky in my life. As a baby, I was placed in an orphanage, and at age

six months, was adopted by two wonderful parents, Jack and Betty Bare, who, as fate would

have it, both served in the United States Army. The black & white picture is from Day One:

the first day they brought me home.

My mom served in the Women’s Army Corps, and my dad

ended up serving for 27 years as a Military Police Officer.

Pictures of them at the time of their service also appear


My family is one of service to our country.

Inspired by our parents, my sister Doreen and I also joined the service. She is shown here as a

member of the United States Navy, and I’m also shown here during my four+ years of service in

the US Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, prior to my honorable discharge.

My dad passed away in 1995 and I am extremely proud that

he is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. His beautiful

white headstone is shown here too.

The highlight of my professional life was being sworn in as Judge in Municipal Court in

2007 with mom Betty by my side. I am incredibly proud and honored to be the District

Court Judge in Department 32 since 2011 and am humbly asking for your vote to allow my

re-election again. Mom is now 88 years old, probably watches too much Judge Judy, but I’m sure another re-election

of her son would continue to instill pride in her heart every time someone asks her, “how is your son Rob


To find out more about me, and what people like you who have served on juries in my courtroom say about me,

please visit:

Thank you for your consideration,

Judge Rob Bare

Proud to be

supported by:




District Court Judge, Dept. 32

Paid for and Authorized by the Committee to Re-Elect Rob Bare


One Day at a Time!

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

As we approach another month of this

pandemic and “new normal”, we are

now into a month of

thankfulness. Yes, it’s been a rough past few


We have had to adjust to many

uncommon things. We have been

quarantined, wearing masks, social

distancing, washing our hands more

often than normal. But we have survived

and I have been thankful for all that I


I have a roof over my head, two beautiful

fur baby kitties that bring me joy, many friends and

good health. As I listen to the news of those who have lost

everything due to fires, floods, jobs and natural disasters, or

those that have become ill or died from this dreaded virus, I pray

for them and my heart goes out to each one.

Our entertainment industry has truly suffered and many of my

friends and fellow co-workers have long been without jobs or have

become ill. So sad but we will survive.

It’ll take some time, but we will get through this.

Yes, one day at a time. Fortunately, I live in a community where we

are helpful to each other. My neighbors are my true angels.

While I was recovering from gall bladder surgery in July, my

neighbors and friends brought over food, flowers, sent cards and phone

calls. Recovery was speedier with their assistance.

This month we have Thanksgiving and I

have a lot to be thankful for. There won’t be

my traditional work at The Smith Center

on Thanksgiving to usher a show. But

we have been assured there will be in

2021and it will be a better year.

We will be able to hug others soon,

greet each other with our smiles (instead

of hiding behind our masks) a return

to our normal places without the fear of

catching this dreaded virus.

But this is only if we continue to follow the rules

suggested by the professional medical and scientific


In the meantime, keep smiling - even if it is hidden by a

mask. Be thankful for all that we have and remember:


Mary Richard is a long term supporter of senior fitness. She

teaches Zumba, toning and dance classes throughout the Las Vegas

Valley. She can be reached at


November 2020

Your New Partner

in Good Health

6 locations in Las Vegas

opening in 2020:

Fremont Street | North Rainbow

South Eastern | South Nellis

South Rainbow | Spring Valley

Partners in Primary Care offers a unique approach to

wellness after 65, with a dedicated Care Team trained

to meet the unique health care needs of seniors.

Become a patient today and enjoy convenient,

one-stop primary care designed to proactively

address both physical and mental health, as well as a

deep commitment to personal safety at every location.

Visit us on Facebook for

activities and events

Call 702-744-9453

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for a virtual grand opening.

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Providing access to the entire community is important to us. We accept Aetna, Hometown

Health, and Humana Medicare Advantage Plans, and are also finalizing participation with

many other plans. Effective 1/1/21, we will also accept Alignment Healthcare and Allwell

Medicare Advantage plans.

Partners in Primary Care does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.

ATENCIÓN: Si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-877-320-2188

(TTY: 711). 1-877-320-2188 (TTY: 711).



Mortality Rates & COVID-19

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

The biggest, most obvious concern with

Covid-19 is dying from it. The exact

mortality rate is not currently known but estimates

put it between 1/2 – 1%.

Where it is necessary for everyone to

take preventative measures (including

wearing a mask and social distancing)

to prevent the spread of the virus, to

decrease mortality it is necessary to

better understand both the virus and

pandemics in general.

As stated many times before, a

person's co-morbidities are strong

determinants as to whether the person

recovers or succumbs to Covid-19. Where older individuals may be

more susceptible to serious effects of the virus, this susceptibility really

has nothing to do with age. It is how efficiently and effectively the body

works and can mount a defense against the virus without overreacting.

An example: One of the major factors that contribute to serious

consequences from Covid-19 is obesity. It is not simply being overweight

which is the problem. Obesity keeps the body in a perpetual state of


When a person succumbs to the virus, many times, it is not due to

the virus but rather the body's reaction to the virus. They call this a

cytokine storm where the immune system overreacts.

Chronic inflammation, as is seen in obesity, can contribute to this

overreaction by the immune system. The bottom line is that if the body

is in a healthy state, the probability is high it can beat back the virus.

It is only when the body cannot

amount an appropriate response –

either too strong or too weak that a

person may succumb to the disease.

While most people wish the pandemic

were gone tomorrow, that is unrealistic.

The virus will continue to spread until

there are no longer vectors open to it.

The only way for this to happen is by

means of herd immunity where at least

94% of the population is immune to the

virus. This is why a vaccine is so necessary to help stop its spread.

Many people have expressed a concern over getting the vaccine. My

suggestion: Educate yourself about the vaccine. Weigh the pros and

cons and then make a decision.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or


November 2020


Why I Have Insurance - Or Not!

By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

Most of us pay hundreds, if not thousands

of dollars every year for our auto

insurance and never “use” it. Certainly, it can

feel aggravating that we are paying and paying

and seemingly getting nothing in return.

Then something happens! It could be as simple as backing into a

pole in the grocery parking lot. “Ah-ha”, you say – “Now I can get

some of that money back.”

This is the time to stop and think. First, you have a collision

deductible, so if the damage isn’t more than the deductible, you’ve

reported a claim that will not be paid. What if the claim amounts to

$200-$500 more than your deductible?

Do you really want to report an AT-FAULT accident to your insurance

company for that small amount? Believe me, your insurance premium

will increase dramatically more than the little you get back. Consider

“eating” that loss.

Let me give you a real life claim example.

A client hit some concrete in a parking lot, damaged his car and no

one else was involved. He put in a claim for under $600. This client had

accident forgiveness, so it was not going to affect his future premiums.

A few months later he had a “real” accident where another party

was hurt, and it was his fault. The one-time accident forgiveness

provision had already been used for a small claim so when he got his

Community Minded. Justice Driven.

auto renewal, the premium increased by $1,000 every 6-months for the

next 3 years.

Do the math – he is paying at least $6,000 increased premium which

would not have happened if he had just paid the first small claim.

When it comes to claims, and if no other person is involved with

potential bodily injury, it pays to talk to your agent about the

ramification of “using” your insurance for small incidences you can


For me,, I’d rather keep on paying never have to use it. What you’re

paying for is piece of mind.

Remember the fire extinguisher, spare tire and lifeboats. Things you

are glad you have - but never have to use.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance executive.

He and his wife owned and operated their own insurance agency for

over 16 years. His primary purpose is to give out real information

that can be used to make intelligent insurance decisions.

The ONLY candidate

in the race with

Judicial Experience.

The most qualified

candidate with over

25 years of experience

in civil and

criminal law.


• Hearing Master, 8th Judicial District Court/Civil Criminal Division

• Former Judge, Las Vegas Justice Court

• Founder, Las Vegas and NLV Community Courts

• Adjunct Professor, Boyd School of Law

• Former Team Chief, Clark County Public Defender’s Office

• Instructor, Las Vegas Metro Police Crisis Intervention Training




November 2020

You are a VIP.

It’s time you’re treated like one.

At myGeneration Clinics, you’re always a VIP

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U.S. As a healthcare provider, we are dedicated to providing you with information and connecting you with a licensed insurance agent to help guide you in selecting

the best Medicare plan for your healthcare needs. ©2020 Intermountain Healthcare. All rights reserved.



What’s Our Generation Name?

By: Susan Goldfein / Susan’s Unfiltered Wit

It occurred to me recently that I was invisible.

Not just me, but my entire generation. Sadly,

we have been denied a catchy cohort label.

I’m referring to those of us born before 1946

and after 1926. We number almost 28 million, yet we go about our

daily lives without a cultural tag.

And personally, I’m feeling a bit resentful.

This is no legacy to leave our children and

grandchildren, otherwise known as the Xs, Ys,

and Zs!

Born too late to be World War II heroes, and too

early to be part of the post-war birth explosion, we

are sandwiched between the Greatest Generation

and Baby Boomers. An entire generation without

a context!

It was Tom Brokaw, (actually one of us) who labeled those born

between 1901 and 1926 as the greatest. I don’t disagree. They survived

the Depression and fought the second World War.

They deserve the recognition, but come on, Tom, whatever happened

to taking care of your own?

And the hype about Baby Boomers? Aren’t you just sick of it? Those

born between 1946 and 1964 think they’re so special. Big deal.

You’ve earned a lot of money and went to Woodstock. But you have

no exclusive claim to rock ‘n roll, civil rights, or feminism. Some of us

question marks were right there with you.

Generation-naming kept moving forward, leaving us further behind.

Soon there was Gen X. Covering the years 1966 to the early 80s, the X

originally meant the fate of this generation was unknown.

Gen Y, aka Millennials because they came of age after the turn of the

century, was so-called because it was the next letter of the alphabet. But

I’m a little sick of them too, with all the tweeting

and Instagramming, and the me-me-me attitude.

But what can you expect from a generation that

won ribbons for just showing up?

Have you heard of Gen Z, also known as iGen?

Born after 2001, they already have the attention

of the cultural pulse-takers. And I’m reasonably

sure someone, somewhere is working hard at

predicting the zeitgeist of a generation yet to be

born and trying to conjure a catchy name.

But back to the predicament of the invisible 28 million. We’ve been

referred to as “Depression Babies” or “War Babies.” Real downers -

surely we can do better.

We’re the generation that saw the end of prohibition, the New Deal,

Social Security, Superman, and sliced white bread. (Forget the last one.

I’d rather be known as a “War Baby.”)

Delving further, I discovered that my generation does, in fact, have a

name. If you were born between 1926 and 1945, welcome to the “Silent

Generation.” How does that sit with you?

Called thus because we didn’t make waves, worked hard, and stuck

by good old-fashioned values. All positive traits, but so boring! It’s no

wonder we’ve gone unnoticed.

Susan Goldfein’s newest book, How to Complain When There’s

Nothing to Complain About, is available at,,

Read her blog at: Email Susan:


October 2020


November 5, 1605

By: John Beilun / Time Traveler

While squatting in an undercroft beneath

the House of Lords, a soldier-of-fortune

toyed with a match. By his feet lay a slow fuse that

protruded from a pile of coal that hid 36 barrels of gunpowder.

The man checked his timepiece. It was a little past midnight just as

the King’s guard entered.

Unable to explain his presence, the intruder was arrested. Upon

discovery of the explosive casks, he was immediately dragged to the

Tower of London for inquisition.

England had been in turmoil for seventy years. Ever since Henry VIII

evicted the Catholic Church in 1534, thousands of its clergy had been

murdered, papal estates, churches and cathedrals confiscated, and

unreformed believers persecuted. Conditions did not improve during

his daughter Elizabeth’s 47 year reign.

After James I became King in 1603, many Catholics expected better

treatment. However, they were disappointed when he proved to be even

harsher on the Papists than his predecessor.

This precipitated in what came to be known as “The Gunpowder

Plot.” Over a dozen Catholics orchestrated a scheme to blow up the

King and all the members of Parliament when James came to address

them on the opening day of their next session – November 5, 1605.

The conspirators had, in fact, amassed enough gunpowder that

had it exploded it would have reduced Parliament to rubble, killing

the King and all else

within 100 meters and

shattering every window of

Westminster Abbey.

When the plot was foiled,

James was so relieved that

he immediately designated

November 5th as a time

of thanksgiving for that

“joyful day of deliverance.”

Although the man was

only a minor participant

among the thirteen

confirmed conspirators,

this day of celebration has

come to be known as “Guy Fawkes Day.” In typical English tonguein-cheek,

such “honor” goes to that soldier-of-fortune captured in

the cellar of the House of Lords and subsequently tortured, drawn,

quartered and beheaded.

As the centuries have gone by, Fawkes has somehow evolved from

the terrorist that he was (think of 20 th Century Belfast) to a hero of the

downtrodden (ala Robin Hood).

Among other things, political wags commonly refer to him as “the

only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions,” and songs

and poems have been written in his honor.


November 2020

Time To Be Thankful

By: Morris Heldt / A Senior’s P.O.V.

It’s November and the holidays are

approaching, and it is time to be thankful. I

personally am thankful that on October 30, 2019

I had cancer surgery that removed a three-pound tumor from my lower


I am very thankful that, as of this writing, I have had no complication

from that serious surgery. In addition, this past September 3 rd my wife

and I, or should I say as Editor Dan does, my PILL (partner in love &

life) celebrated our 49 th anniversary.

I am so grateful that I married Sue Pam as she has been my

inspiration for all these years, and I feel confident that we are going to

see our 50 th wedding anniversary next year.

In addition, I would like to express how wonderful I feel to live in our

country. Many may have complaints about our country, but I ask them

where else can they go and hold protest marches and rallies against the

very country that gives them the freedom to do so?

What a gift and I am grateful! And, more importantly, as I am a

“dreamer” this country has afforded me the opportunity to dream and

the avenues to try to make those dreams come true. What an experience!

Over these many years of my life when I saw horrific things happen

in other countries who was the first country to send assistance - food

for the hungry, medical care for the hurt, military assistance to help

maintain civil peace?

I am grateful that I was born in that country and call it home.


I realize we are living in serious trying times right now. And to many

of us seniors the future looks worrisome. I hope you all voted for the

candidate that you truly believe will keep the history of this country


Last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for my belief in God and

believe this is not the end, which gives me a lot of comfort in these

times of change. I suggest you take a moment and think about what

you are grateful for.

Believe me when you see your list it does help. God bless you all and

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Morris Heldt is a retired award winning film and television

producer and published author. He and his wife moved to the Las

Vegas valley from the beach in 2004.



Be Careful With Super


By: Stu Cooper / Happy Adventures

The last time I was on an airplane was on

March 8 th . Sharon and I flew home from

Vegas right before the pandemic demanded lockdowns.

We spent the prior days meeting with a number of Vegas Voyagers to

discuss upcoming plans for travel. We never imagined having to cancel

“Bus to the Boat” cruises for this past October and for January 2021.

We were optimistic that there would be no more than a six month

hiatus of travel and then the world would pick itself back up and get

about traveling.

And now it seems that we still have a little bit more time before the

world opens again. I know many of you are ready to travel.

I also know many of you might have been contacted by mail or

email to plan that next trip. The prices being offered are unbelievably

affordable - $599 five nights air/hotel in Hawaii, maybe $699 for the

same deal to the Caribbean.

All I can tell you is BE CAREFUL - especially if these companies are

saying “pay now, travel later.” Do not pay for any trips with no firm date

of travel as the company you give the money to might not be around

when you’re ready for your trip.

Unfortunately, too many travel companies are in financial difficulty

and might not be in business when you want to redeem your trip. If the

price sounds to good to be true, well then it more than likely is.

If you have the desire to travel, book your trip when you are just about

ready to go. Booking a couple of weeks, maybe a month in advance is

the way to go.

Right now, prices are good even for “close in” trips. There is plenty

of hotel space and even with reduced airline capacity, many flights are

not full.

Also be aware of the requirements you will have to fly to many

destinations. Many countries and even many domestic destinations are

requiring COVID-19 tests and some states have quarantine restrictions.

Every day that goes by means we are one day closer to the world

opening up. Patience is still required.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: fairtravel@ or call me at 800-698-1101. As always, Happy Adventures –

sooner or later.


November 2020

Lyft or Uber - Your New Best Friends

By: Crystal Merryman-Sarbacker /

Out & About

Last year my husband Ray and I were visiting

our daughter Ashley in Washington D.C. We

had so much fun you would have thought

we didn’t have a care in the world.

Everything was easy. But the biggest

surprise on this trip was our introduction to

private cars and drivers.

Our direct flight from McCarran to Dulles,

(DC’s alternate airport) had been a great

buy and the renovated airport was pleasantly

impressive. Unlike the centrally located

Reagan Airport, (which is usually jammed

with overly stressed passengers) we found

the Dulles airport offered a more relaxing

experience and it was only about a 45 minute ride from DC.

The only problem was that because of the three hour time change

our flight arrived at the height of the evening rush hour. I expected we

would hail a taxi or rent a car and called our daughter to confirm our


But she really surprised us when she said, “everyone takes Lyft or

Uber.” We decided we would try this new transportation concept, but we

had misgivings.

After all, this would be a first for us, and we had the typical Southern

California mentality that sometime during our visit we would need to

rent a car.

We stopped at the airport information desk to ask how to find either

Lyft or Uber and were directed to a pickup location. Our daughter stayed

on the phone to help us get started with the

initial introduction process.

To our surprise in just a few minutes we

were sitting in the back seat of a clean, late

model private car which was driven by a very

professional gentleman.

With him at the wheel, the ride into the

city was relaxing, enjoyable, and we realized

we didn’t have to worry about finding our

way around the city or looking for a parking


It was terrific to discover we could have

our own driver whenever or wherever we needed transportation! We

learned that whether at home or visiting another city, we have options

that can enhance our transportation needs.

Next month, we’ll help you take advantage of the convenience offered

by these car services.

Crystal Merryman-Sarbacker is a travel agent and the owner of

Vegas Vacationers Inc. She can be reached at:


Where Sundance Hails

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

Sundance is a picturesque Wyoming town

with fewer than 2,000 residents. It’s located

on the edge of the Black hills, near the foot of the

Sundance Mountains.

Sundance derives its name in honor of Native American sun dances

performed by Lakota on nearby mountains. The town developed in

1879 by Albert Hoge, then owner of the hotel and store.

Harry Longabough, who hailed from Sundance and became known

as the Sundance Kid, made the town famous. The tag “Sundance Kid”

originated after he spent more than 18-months in the Sundance jail

and newspapers labeled him the “Kid” from Sundance.

After leaving jail, Longabough joined Butch Cassidy and the Wild

Bunch. Cassidy was already a charter alumnus of the Wyoming

Penitentiary in Rawlins.

Their fame grew while robbing banks and trains. The men lived in

the days when a man could team up with buddies to rob and flout the

law in the western territory.

The Wild Bunch bonded over stick-ups. Their Hole-in-the Wall

hideout, just a few hours from Sundance in the canyon country in

Central Wyoming, was desolate, though positioned in beautiful terrain

of red-rock cliffs.

The Hole-in-the-Wall was their secret hideout where they went to

escape the law. Butch and Sundance died surreptitiously, rendering

them folk heroes.

Ponderosa pine dots the

Sundance foothills with grasslands

as far as one can see. When this

was Wyoming Territory, the area

became cattle country and residents

continue to value their western


The Sundance City Council has

adopted The Code of West Ethics

in 2012. Many find these ethics

suggestive of age-old values – but still good ideals for today.

1. Live Each Day With Courage

2. Take Pride In Your Work

3. Always Finish What You Start

4. Do What Has To Be Done

5. Be Tough, But Fair

6. When You Make A Promise, Keep It

7. Ride For The Brand

8. Talk Less, Say More

9. Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale

10. Know Where To Draw The Line

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.


November 2020

Sedona, Arizona

By: Burt & Dianne Davis / Our Vacation

Looking for a drivable get-a-way? We

visited Sedona, Arizona last month and

recommend it highly. It is less than a five hour

leisurely drive.

We walked, went sight-seeing, hiked, shopped, dined, learned, and

just plain relaxed. And watching the sunset from the Sedona Airport –

a must-do.

We recommend the Visitor’s Center in downtown Sedona as an early

stop. The volunteer staff (mostly amicable seniors) is knowledgeable,

and the hand-outs are helpful. Tell them what you want to do or see,

and they will steer you in the right directions.

We rode the Sedona Trolley from downtown to The Chapel of The

Holy Cross and were impressed with their attention to safe practices on

this enjoyable excursion. Full precautions included wiping down the

trolley between trips, limited seating, masks required, and returning

to the same when re-boarding. The ride included interesting live

narrations of area history and facts. There are two other 55 minute

tours offered.

The red rock formations in and around the city are its primary

attraction. We often enjoyed the tranquility of sitting on our balcony,

breathing the fresh air, and looking at the mountains.

Hiking and walking opportunities abound. We enjoyed a lovely “easy

to moderate” afternoon hike at Soldiers’ Pass which winds through

woods and rocks and includes the Devil’s Hole and the Seven Sacred

Pools rock formations.

Dining spots are abundant. Everything from burgers to gourmet

foods are available.

Most restaurants offer patio dining. Make reservations as the

restaurants practice social distancing.

Don’t forget to include shopping time. Spend time browsing the art

galleries and shops. The main street (State Rt 89 A) is populated by

shops that sell things you don’t need – but want!

Due to the virus, signs demand that you are masked in stores. In

fact, you are supposed to be masked anywhere except when dining, and

more than 90% of the visitors adhere to these restrictions.

Visit Sedona and feel the stress drain away in this picturesque setting.

Thanks to Dianne and Burt Davis who continue to travel the

world and share their adventures with our readers.

Stay up to date on all the subjects

of interest to seniors...


Travel • Social

Political • Health

Financial • Good


Email address

First Name

Last Name

Fill this out and mail to our address below, or go to our

website and fill it out online. You’ll be glad you did!

2880 Bicentennial Pkwy Ste 100-244, Henderson, NV 89044

702/251-4441• Fax: 702/666-0427



By: Renee Riendeau / Movie Revelations

Away”, a sudsy space soap opera, directed

by Edward Zwick, features two time Oscar

winner Hilary Swank, who has been appointed

Commander of this Atlas mission. This is to be the world’s first trip to

Mars which will launch from the moon.

Netflix released this series in September, and it is a sci-fi drama

favorite. Swank plays Emma Green, a former Navy pilot who is married

( Josh Charles) and has a teenage daughter, Lex (Talitha Bateman)

who is fearful of her mother attempting to go to Mars with only a 50/50

chance of survival.

An international assemblage of scientists and researchers have been

chosen to accompany her in search of the red planet. Her crew consists

of a vodka swilling Russian named Misha (Mark Ivanir); a world

renowned botanist British Ghanian, Kwesi Weisbirg Adebayo; Indian

Air Force pilot Ram (Ray Panthaki);and a robotic Chinese chemist, Lu

(Vivian Wu).

Emma has left behind a husband who suffers a medical crisis as the

mission was ready for liftoff, has a stroke, and an emotional daughter

who fears losing both parents. The communication grows more

tenuous as the Mars module pulls further away from earth.

Emma has to deal with disciplinary problems and disagreements

with tact, firmness, and fairness. Swanks thoughtful performance is

essential to the whole enterprise.

This three year mission to Mars starts out calm, until changes have

to be made. The crew members soon realize they have to trust each

other if they are to survive.

The film focuses on the emotions of the mission. The movie is

rewardingly moving.

At times tears surfaced during tense moments. It’s actually a domestic

ensemble drama with the soaring sound tract setting the tone of the

mood of the Atlas, as each crew member finds out something about

themselves. The landing on Mars was spectacular for the crew, space

center, and the viewer.

I thoroughly enjoyed “AWAY” and give it a 5 out of 5 rating. Hilary

Swank is amazing in her role as a woman Commander of the Atlas


Renee Riendeau is the movie critic for “Renee’s Revelations”

on Anthem Alive SCA-TV. As a dog sitter she operates “ Renee’s

Roommates” out of her home and can be reached at

Keep up with the

Local Scene at:




A website

and calendar

for local



November 2020


for weekly newsletter

and calendar at:



At The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, we can’t share our stage with you now. When we

went dark in March, no one could have imagined the postponement of over 300 performances,

totaling more than $7 million in ticket revenue, a significant setback for The Smith Center. With

your help we can return to the stage, please donate to our Road to Reopening Fund.


Gardening in November

By: Howard Galin / Happy Gardening

Welcome to November, the time to finish

cleaning up your gardens for 2020 and to

prepare for more active gardening in 2021.

Many of our activities will center on preventative maintenance

and cleanup. Now is the appropriate time to take on more laborious

tasks, such as raking, digging, making upgrades on irrigation and

landscaping - including removal of trees, bushes and setting up new

beds for future spring plantings.

November begins our winter irrigation schedule of once per week

watering so remember to reset your timers for correct time (DST ends

on November 1 st ) and frequencies. Keep in mind that cactus, agave,

yucca and many other succulents do not get watered from Election Day

(11/3/20) to Presidents’ Day (2/15/21).

November is an ideal time to check for missing, damaged, and

malfunctioning drip emitters and for repositioning new irrigation

tubing. During the past growing season, many of the emitters have

become clogged with alkali salt deposits.

Spend time checking them out and, if needed, remove and soak

in vinegar overnight to clean out any residue before reattaching.

Do just one section of your landscaping at a time so you will not be

overwhelmed by how many emitters you have to check and repair!

In order to maintain proper pH, it may be necessary to apply sulfur to

your soil to counteract high

alkali levels exacerbated by

our exceptionally hot and

dry past summer.

Now is a good time to

add organic mulch and

compost to your soil beds.

This will keep roots from

drying out and freezing in

the coming months. It will also provide for nutrients necessary to keep

plants healthy during dormancy.

In anticipation for colder temperatures, some of your cold-sensitive

plants need to wrapped with burlap sheets (available in rolls and most

gardening centers) and tied with twine or fishing line.

As the days grow cooler, it will be time to move potted plants to

warmer areas in your garden.

When the leaves fall from your deciduous plants, it will be time to

start annual pruning.

Have any questions? Contact me at: Theplantwhisperer28@gmail.


Howard Galin, a/k/a: “The Plant Whisperer” is a retired NYC

school administrator, transplanted in Las Vegas who devotes his

time to communicating with and lecturing about our native



November 2020


Accidental Thanksgiving

By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice

Today is a cautionary tale intended to

remind all that

most accidents occur

in the home. (That is,

most accidents occur in MY home, so if I

were you I wouldn’t visit.) For example:

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and

I decided to boil the sweet potatoes for my

famous casserole, so I’d have one less thing

to do the next day. When there were twelve

potatoes boiling away, in the giant pot that

I’d had since 1974, excess water began

splashing over the side.

I lifted the pot, swung just 3 feet to the

left, poured out some water, and swung back

towards the stove. At that moment, one of the

pot handles broke, and the entire thing fell

from my hands.

Always clear-headed in a crisis, as it fell I

thought “Gee, I bet that’s heavy, I ought to

step back so it doesn’t hit my toes.” At no time

did I think, What about the boiling water!

That pan hit the floor and the water surged out of it like the wave in

The Perfect Storm, engulfing my stockinged feet. I ran to the hallway

and pulled off my socks, and running upstairs, I grabbed the phone as

I raced through the bedroom and headed for the big tub.

In seconds, I was sitting on the side,

running lukewarm water over feet burned

the color of Clinique’s new “Spitfire” lipstick.

The only phone number I could remember

was a friend’s cell, and the poor thing was on

her way to the beach.

When she heard me babbling incoherently,

she pulled into a gas station and calmly tried

to get the gist of the call. After hearing lots

of words like “horrible pain” and “beet red”

and “no skin”, she calmly instructed me to

call my neighbor, Debbie, then promised she

would call additional friends.

Debbie arrived, looked at my feet and said

we should call 911. I said, “Oh, no, a little

Advil and I’d be fine.” She was skeptical.

I lifted my feet from the water and almost

passed out. I suggested that perhaps I’d soak

them a little longer.

Meanwhile, Susan showed up, and very

loudly demanded Debbie to call 911. And

ordered me to stop arguing.

The paramedics arrived. Lots of getting acquainted activity in the

bathroom. I was happy I’d ordered those colorful rugs because ladies,

you just never know where the party might end up.

Bev got there on the heels of the paramedics and sat down on the

side of the tub. One paramedic asked me to lift my feet out of the water.

I told him no. He looked perplexed and decided I needed morphine.

There were now 6 people in the bathroom – we ALL needed morphine.

He stuck a needle in my arm, and as the drug began to flow I started

leaning heavily on Bev. She was soon supporting me completely, which

slid her over the button that turns on the Jacuzzi.

A paramedic had been bending over the water, and when the jets

roared, he reared back and dropped his clipboard into the tub. He was

really mad.

He said, “Ma’am, you’ll have to turn off those jets, this really isn’t the

time.” Not one of your cum laude paramedics.

They eventually got me to the ambulance, and one guy sprayed my

feet with saline solution all the way to the hospital, while I laughed and

cried in a morphine haze.

My son had arrived from college as they were carrying me from the

house, and after assuring himself that I was alive and on drugs, he bent

over me, his face filled with anxious concern, and whispered, “Mom,

are we still having turkey?”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


November 2020

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at

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November 2020


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