Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020


14 | WINTER 2020

in the Jazz bands and extracurricular musical

activities so that’s kind of how we met—the reason

we became a band was—Mount Nittany has this

thing every March where students can make groups

to perform at the lobby when students are coming

in for the school day, so we decided to do that, and

we decided to become a band after that.

Joshua Carlson(JC): We also got the

opportunity to play at the beginning of the 7th

and 8th grade band concerts as well, so that just

helped to kickstart it.

Where did the name come from?

If you were walking downtown at Arts Festival

last summer, you might’ve had the chance to hear

the Brass Rats playing at the square by Beaver

Avenue. A brass band made up of one 8th grader

and five State High students, the young musicians

drew quite the crowd. Several weeks ago, I had

the chance to meet them over a Google Meet and

discuss their origins, rehearsals, performances, and

much more.

How did you guys meet and ultimately get


Adam Hallacher (AH): We were all in Mount

Nittany Middle school, and we all participated

JC: When we were doing Music in our Schools

Month at Mount Nittany, we said “oh shoot, we

need a name,” so I came up with “band rats” and

then I think it was Adam or Daniel who said “wait

no, we should be the Brass Rats.”

So outside of the school performances, where/

when else have you guys played?


AH: Yeah, so one of our greatest influences

are the Lucky Chops, which is a brass band based

in New York City, and they go around busking,

which is playing outside and leaving out a hat

or case for people to drop money into, and

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