Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020


28 | WINTER 2020


A Christmas Story is told from the point of view of a young boy named Ralphie, and follows him as he

recounts his experiences through the holiday season with his family. Throughout the film, all he wants

is to persuade his parents and Santa to get him a Red Ryder BB for Christmas. A Christmas Story is the

movie that almost everyone has playing somewhere on Christmas morning. It’s another movie that’s

a popular family tradition to watch together, and the lack of story-line, besides what it means to be a

family on Christmas, really works for the film’s structure.

7. LITTLE WOMEN (2020)

An adaption of the classic 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women follows the journey of the

March family, but more specifically Jo March, as she strives to become an important writer. Jo and her

sisters experience everything from romance to family conflict in this coming of age story. Little Women

isn’t your traditional Christmas film. It’s definitely much more cinematic, and features a star-studded

cast. The story itself is timeless, and the film creates a sense of family unique to the holiday season.


Following WW2, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis leave the army to pursue a successful career in show

business. While the pair are in Florida, they meet sisters Betty and Judy Haynes, who are interested in

show business as well and have a sister act together. Instantly attracted to Judy, Phil convinces Bob to

travel up to Vermont with the pair to perform a giant show at a dying ski lodge.

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