Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020


15 | WINTER 2020

we decided to do that, and it was surprisingly

successful the first time so we did it a few more

times and that’s basically our main source of


JC: The first time we went busking was during

Arts Fest, and it was honestly a perfect spot, we

were right across from the Target in that little

square, and everyone was walking by. It went great.

Elijah Snyder(ES): I had busked there by

myself before and that worked out really well

for me, and it wasn’t even during Arts Fest so I

thought it would go well, and it was pretty crazy.

Arlo Nicholas(AN): When we busk we don’t

just play music but also try to implement some

choreography as well, and because it’s a pretty

open space we have a lot of leeway to do whatever

we want.

AH: A plus to that is that it can get tiring

doing the same set over and over again, so that

freedom to move around can definitely make

things more interesting.

How many times have you guys performed in


JC: We’ve busked three times, plus we played

at the drama club cook off, the 7th and 8th grade

concerts, and at the High School, plus March

Music in our Schools Months, so that’s eight

performances in total.

How much has the pandemic impacted


Luca Snyder(LS): We’ve kind of paused

practices and performances for now. We ended up

doing a few socially distanced rehearsals before

school starting, but now that schools started and

cases are rising, we decided it would probably be

safer and easier if we took a pause on rehearsals

for now, but we’ll probably try to get back together

when COVID is on a pause.

If you guys were doing gigs right now would

you be playing covers, or do you have your own

stuff that you’re working on?

LS: We have some stuff that some members

have written that we work on occasionally, but the

most fun things to do are covers because they’re

songs we know, and we can jam to them while we

play them and it’s very fun. So we’ve mainly done


AH: Another thing that comes with playing

covers is that if you hear a cover of a song played

by a brass band it’s not exactly the same as it

would be if you were just listening to the original

recording, so I think covers definitely work for us

more than they would for a more standard layout

of instrumentation.

ES: So far we’ve only really performed coversin

one case, we performed a cover of another song,

so basically a cover of a cover.

JC: Like we said earlier, Lucky Chops is one

of our biggest influences and they perform a

lot of covers, so sometimes we pick a song that

worked well for them because we have very similar

instrumentation to them.

What are some more influences you guys have,

individually or as a whole?

AH: I think we’re all fans of Vulfpeck, a funk

group based in Michigan, so we like to bring a lot

of that rhythm stuff into our performances.

JC: Moon Hooch as well.

AH: That’s a trio who invented their own

genre called Cave Music which is basically blasting

into a saxophone as loud as you can.

JC: They once taped a traffic cone onto the

end of a bass saxophone to make it lower.

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