Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020



them, the cast would be unable to bring their

characters fully to life.

The filming process for this production has

been drastically different than anything else the

Thespians have done, probably because they’ve

never filmed something before.

While talking about the filming process, State

High sophomore Madeleine Christopher spoke

on how it all started.

“I was actually the first person to film all my

stuff, so that was on Saturday the 14th (of

November) … I mean, it felt weird because I was

the only person there but it was fun to do it

even if it was just for Jill and the techies,” she


Despite not having the glamour of a live

audience she’s otherwise used to, Christopher

was content in knowing she was still putting on

a show.

Similarly, Frank Liu, senior editor of the

entire production, commented on his role in


“I’m editing monologues along with several

other editors, as well as helping Jill Campbell

supervise production,” Liu said.

Liu is in control of various different aspects of

the process, from directing what actors are to do

to explaining what emotions they are to portray.

Adding on to his observations of the process,

Liu noted, “[It] has been highly collaborative…

and has conscripted a lot of students that

wouldn’t necessarily work on a theater

production, including me. So that would be like

editors, musicians, sound designers, and so on.”

The editing of Women of Spoon River has been a

large bulk of the production as a whole. In the

face of the large workload, editors have found

themselves working together as they delegate and

divide the workload to finish the project.

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