Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020


21 | WINTER 2020

“We’re starting to get more organized because

all of the editors have assignments and a large

portion of the footage, score, and sound effects

have been compiled. Long email chains about

editing procedures and ensuring consistency

across different editors have been sent. At this

point, we’re in the thick of post-production,”

Liu said.

Seeing as Thespians has only ever done in

person productions, it’s only expected for their

editors this year to learn as they go. Liu added

on to this with the perspective of lead editor.

“Starting out, as on any project, there’s been

a lot of trial and error...but my role is kind of

digging stones out of the path will allow us to

traverse it more smoothly on this production,”

Liu said.

State High Thespians have met the everchanging,

swift pace of this year with

great resilience. By turning obstacles into

opportunities, they’ve begun a project that

otherwise may not have been considered

feasible. Women of Spoon River, as a film,

has given the cast and crew a chance to try

something new--and if it’s anything like the

rest of their work, it will be nothing short of


Starting Jan. 15 until the 17, you can watch

their hard work come to life alongside the rest

of State High by streaming Women of Spoon

River on ShowTix for $5. If these dates don’t

work--you’re in luck! In being a fully virtual

production, the film will be available for the

same price on-demand from Jan. 16-24 on


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