Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020



ask questions to,” said State High junior Emily


The rehearsal process is a vital stepping stone

leading up to the perfect production. Due to

the state of the pandemic, rehearsals have been

modified in order to ensure COVID safety. Last

year, the group held rehearsals after school in

the school auditorium. Now, everything is done


This year, for Women of Spoon River, Thespians

finished their rehearsals for the production

during the last week of October, and they held

them in both large and small meetings.

State High senior Anna Farris reflected on this

process. “We did Zoom rehearsals and then

coaching with groups of like two other people,”

Farris said.

This was a big change from last year, where

the cast would be able to rehearse in person,

collaborate, and build off of each other.

“We don’t get to watch each other and learn

from each other’s feedback, like in person, and

that’s really valuable,” Muramoto said.

Muramoto added that while there were negatives

to the virtual setting of rehearsals this year,

“there [are] also perks, I guess, to doing things

online: you get to see yourself, you have more

space to film yourself, and see exactly where you

can improve.”

As she commented on her last rehearsal, Farris

couldn’t help but smile.

“My last rehearsal was on Friday. I think it went

well. It was really cool because we did a full run

through and we got to see everyone doing their

monologues,” Farris said.

The costume crew, also known as “pretty crew,”

is a specialty which has had to adjust greatly

this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions and


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