Martial Arts World News Magazine - Volume 22 | Issue 1

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry


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MartialArtsWorldNews.com VOLUME 22 | ISSUE 1

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry


Eung Gil Choi

founder of USTMA


Dong Sup Lee

president of Kukkiwon


Receives Honorary 9th Degree Black Belt.

The Industry Responds.

UFAF Awards Presented by

Chuck Norris

Karen Eden

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24 Tokyo 2021: United States

Medalists in Martial Arts

28 Master Karen Eden: Inspiration

and Philosophy Add Real Value

to Your Classes

34 President Trump Receives

Honorary 9th Degree Black Belt:

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6 Editorial

Strange Times Call for Level 5 Leadership!

Master Toby Milroy

8 Martial Arts World News Faculty

12 Mind Mastery

How Brain Power and Focus Make You Happier

and Luckier

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen

56 Teamwork

4 Tips to Boost Your Social Media

Hanshi Dave Kovar

58 Next Level Strategy

Branding: Is it a Waste of Your Time? (Part 2)

Shihan Allie Alberigo

60 Growth Hacks

Making Business Move Quickly

Mr. Sean Lee

62 Ninja Business Tactics

Teaching Child Students in 2020

An-Shu Stephen Hayes

66 Pillars of Success

How Do You Know if You Have Physical Fitness?

(Part 2)

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

70 The Way of the Samurai

Children and the Art of the Sword, Part 1

Shihan Dana Abbott

72 Extraordinary Marketing

Is Everyone in Your Boat Rowing in the Same

Direction? (Part 1)

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

74 After School Excellence

Why You Must Start Your Summer Camp In The

Middle of Winter

Chief Master Mike Bugg



78 Tactical Self-Defense

One Shot to Survive

Grandmaster Tom Patire

80 Complete Martial Arts Concepts

Dreams Do Come True

Professor Willie “the Bam” Johnson

82 The Millionaire Smarts Coach

Prescriptive Behavior

Ms. Lee Milteer

86 Budo Philosophy

Our Little World

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci

88 Pro Shop Power

Find the Missing Piece of Your School with Puzzle Mats

Mr. Sun Kang

90 Master the Basics

Developing Your Students’ Devotion to Becoming

Black Belts

Master Tina Bane

92 Instructional Excellence

The Value of Failure, Part 2

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy

94 Business Buzz

Statistics, Part 3

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

96 Martial Arts Philosophy

A Diary of a Black Belt, Part 3

Sensei Gary Lee

98 Management Excellence

Would You Spend a Dollar to Save a Dime?

Chief Master Kirk Pelt

100 The Warrior Way

Twenty Ways To Keep Your Attitude Positive, Part 1

Grandmaster Bill Clark

102 Staff Development

Mining for Instructors: Planting the Seed, Part 3

Master Zulfi Ahmed

104 Tools & Tactics

Let the Retention Rise

Ms. Chris Lee



Master Toby Milroy


Mr. Sean Lee


Mr. Jeff Reulbach


Mr. Frank Meyer


Mr. Amen Blue


Ms. Erin Pham


Hanshi Dave Kovar

Grandmaster Bill Clark

Mr. Sean Lee

Shihan Allie Alberigo

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy

Chief Master Kirk Pelt

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

Chief Master Mike Bugg

Professor Willie Johnson

Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed

Ms. Chris Lee

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

Master Tina Bane

Mr. Sun Kang

Master Carlos Machado

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci

An-Shu Stephen Hayes

Ms. Lee Milteer

Sensei Gary Lee

Grandmaster Tom Patire

Shihan Dana Abbott

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Strange Times Call for

Level 5 Leadership!

by Master Toby Milroy

I think we’d all agree, the last couple years have been challenging.

We faced never before seen challenges. Between the COVID

19 virus itself, local, state and federal responses to the virus,

consumer confidence and behavior changes, and the

economic disruption all this has caused, it’s been a

roller coaster ride for most of our industry.

As I’ve written previously, we’re seeing a growing

‘divide’ in our industry, accelerated by these

somewhat extreme circumstances. Some schools

have come back stronger than ever,

setting new all time records, while

others have closed their doors for

ever or are struggling to stay afloat.

CERTAINLY, state by state, county by

county schools are dealing with dramatically

different circumstances and imposed limitation,

BUT, even so, we’re seeing this divide widening

even in the same state, and in substantially

similar circumstances.

So, what is the difference?

Why are some doing so well,

while others suffer?

I’ve been drilling into this for

more than a year now, speaking

with clients, colleagues in

the industry, vendors, service

providers, and some of the

most successful school operators

in the world, and I

see clear patterns in those

schools and businesses

that have managed and

overcome these challenged

more effectively.

I’m reminded of the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, a

‘must read’ for school operators in my view. Jim writes about

his study of companies that have had dramatic ‘breakthroughs’

in their performance, while other, substantially

similar businesses in the same category did

not. Interestingly, one of the ‘commonalities’ Collins

identified in the more successful companies is a

concept he calls ‘Level 5 Leadership’.

I’m seeing essentially the SAME dynamic in this

industry, under these circumstances. In my view, and

from my research, the schools that are far outperforming

the ‘average’ demonstrate the same ‘Level 5 Leadership’

Collins describes.

As a quick primer, leaders tend to ascend through these stages:

● Level 1 – Highly Capable Individual

● Level 2 – Contributing Team Member

● Level 3 – Competent Manager

● Level 4 – Effective Leader

● Level 5 – Executive Leadership

Level 5 leaders demonstrate an almost paradoxical combination

of personal humility, a deep focus on self-analysis, observe,

embrace and learn from their mistakes, and a powerful ‘professional

will’. Leaders who largely lead from their own ‘ego’ and are unwilling

to quickly adjust strategy where it’s needed have found this pandemic

potentially fatal for their business and their organizations.

We have some WONDERFUL examples of “Level 5 Leaders”

in our industry, and now, more then ever, they are easy to spot,

and they are scooping up market share at a rate we’ve not

seen in decades.

Now is the time to step up your leadership, sharpen your saw,

raise the quality of your staff, improve your programs, and build

deeper relationships with your students. Together, we can take our

industry to a future brighter than anyone would have imagined!

MASTER TOBY MILROY is a 5th degree black belt. Known as “The Master Systemizer,” Master Toby Milroy

has positively influenced more martial arts schools than anyone in our industry. He has built a successful multi-school

organization, lead the national trade association for the martial arts industry, and coached some of the most successful

martial arts school operators in the world.


Check out our new



No Egos – No Politics – No Trolls

Just News, Tips, Strategies, and Tools to Help You Grow Your School!




Master Toby Milroy

is a 5th degree Black Belt, the CEO and

Publisher of Martial Arts World News

Magazine, and the Executive Vice

President for AMS. In addition to building

a successful multi-school organization,

Master Milroy has positively influenced

more martial arts schools than virtually

anyone in our industry.


Grandmaster Jessie Bowen

is President of Karate International of Durham,

Inc., a member of the American Martial

Arts Association Sport Karate League

and Hall of Fame, and has been a member

of the Duke University PE Staff for over 25

years. He is the author of Zen Mind-Body

Mindfulness Meditation and Zen Mind-Body

Mindfulness Meditation for Martial Arts.


Hanshi Dave Kovar

is an 8th degree black belt and recognized

as the “Trainer of Trainers.” Hanshi

Kovar is an internationally acclaimed

instructor with black belt degrees in ten

different martial arts styles. His systems

have been implemented in hundreds of

schools around the US.


Shihan Allie Alberigo

is a 7th degree black belt, the founder

of the L.I. Ninjutsu Centers, one of the

largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet,

the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur

with one of the first online coaching

companies (TakingItToTheNextLevel.com).


Mr. Sean Lee

is the Executive Director of Sales and

Marketing for hundreds of martial arts

schools and specializes in online and social

media marketing using his extensive

professional experience in sports and

martial arts marketing, contract negotiation,

and investment.


An-Shu Stephen Hayes

has authored more than 20 books,

worked as a bodyguard for the Dalai

Lama, supervised over 30 school locations

worldwide, and was named, "One of

the 10 Most Influential Living Martial Artists

in the World" by Black Belt Magazine.


Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

is the most successful martial arts business

leader in the US, having written

over 30 books on martial arts, business,

leadership, and success. He has won

numerous public service awards and is

the founder of the leading martial arts

marketing and management company in

the US.


Shihan Dana Abbott

is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu,

starting his 14-year education in Tokyo.

He has published five books and designed

a US Patent. Abbott has also

conducted seminars in over 30 countries

and obtained his black belt at the Hombu

dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers

online classes on LearntheSword.com.




Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

is a 9th degree black belt and is the

founder and CEO of Mile High Karate

schools, and founder of the Martial Arts

Wealth Mastery Program.


Master Mike Bugg

is an 8th degree black belt and the

owner of a 1.5 million-per-year location,

with one of the largest after school and

summer camp programs in the country.


Grandmaster Tom Patire

is known as “America’s Leading Personal

Safety Expert” and has appeared on

Good Morning America, The CBS Morning

Show, The Colbert Report, Montel,

plus in mainstream publications such as

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune Magazine,

and The Wall Street Journal.


Ms. Lee Milteer

is an Intuitive Business Coach, awardwinning

professional speaker, and TV

personality who has counseled and

trained over a million people throughout

her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s

Martial Arts Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire

Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling

author of educational resources.


Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci

is the CEO and General Manager of the

Budo International Publishing Company,

a leading publisher in the martial arts

with over 35 years in the industry. He

is also author of several books: The

Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the

Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives

in Valencia, Spain.


Mr. Sun Kang

is the President of Vision Martial Arts

Supply who helps school owners all over

the US maximize their retail sales and

drive more revenue into their schools.


Professor Willie “The BAM” Johnson

is a 7th degree black belt and seven-time

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion.

He has appeared in four movies,

16 plays, and 11 television shows. He is

also the national spokesperson for the

Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the

Champions Against Drugs.


Master Tina Bane

is a 6th degree master instructor and

owner of a Top Ten martial arts school

with successful after school and summer

camp programs.




Grandmaster Tim McCarthy

is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial

arts educator with a master’s degree in

education. He has been instrumental

in developing two industry-changing

programs, and has directed and been

featured in hundreds of martial arts videos

and webinars.


Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

is a martial artist specializing in Karate,

Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shoto-kan, and Goju-rue,

with 40 Super Kick Karate locations, and

founder of AFKA. World champion Lawrence

also runs the Black Belt Success

Systems consulting firm, training martial

arts instructors on proper business practices

in schools all over the country.


Sensei Gary Lee

the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black

belt, a USA Karate Federation gold medalist,

winner of five Super Grand National

Titles, a featured actor in the movie Sidekicks,

and is the founder of the National

Sport Karate Museum.


Grandmaster Bill Clark

is a 9th degree black belt and a former

PKA Fighter of the year. He is widely considered

one of the top experts in martial

arts business with over 40 years of

leadership and innovation, having been

inducted into almost every Hall of Fame

in the industry. He is one of the largest

multi-school owners in the world.


Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed

has amassed acclaim as a world-class

competitor, martial arts educator, and is

most notably founder and designer of

the internationally renowned style, Bushi

Ban. With over 45 years of martial arts

experience and over 300 martial arts

awards, his schools include ten locations

across Texas.


Ms. Chris Lee

is a martial arts business development

consultant with a background in online

and social media marketing.


Chief Master Kirk Pelt

is an 8th degree black belt and is the

President of a multimillion-dollar, multischool

organization, has a 30-year track

record of success, and is currently on the

leading edge of martial arts curriculum

and business innovation.

We’re Seeking Contributors!

Do you have something to share?

We’d love to hear about it!


407-895-1996 Editor@MartialArtsWorldNews.com



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How Brain Power and Focus

Make You Happier and Luckier

by Grandmaster Jessie Bowen

I’ve just finished publishing my second book of the year, stuck at home while going

through a pandemic, feeling a little burnt out and even bored.

It’s easy to reach that state due to mental fatigue, but when you

realize what’s happening to you mentally and physically, you can

make the change. As the song by Bobby McFerrin goes, “don’t

worry, be happy.” This article focuses on using brainpower and

focus to make you happier and luckier.

It is common in self-help literature to hear that being more confident,

believing in yourself, and regularly thinking positive thoughts

can all help you feel happier and even influence your life in a positive

way. But here’s another factor you might not have considered:

brainpower. Did you know that mental focus, creativity, sharpness,

and more could help make you happier and even luckier? Those

who are more positive and happier tend to notice opportunities

more because they are less stressed. Likewise, effective

use of CBT requires mental discipline, which in

turn needs energy and focus. If you’re groggy and

easily distracted, you won’t be able to exert the

necessary discipline to change those negative


So, how do you boost your brainpower?

One way to quickly upgrade your brain

is to give it more energy. We’ve

seen how sleep can help with

this, but you can also do

it through the right diet

and supplementation.

Omega-3 fatty acids, for

instance, help improve

brain cell permeability,

which aids rapid communication,

and thus,

brainpower. Similarly,

studies have shown that creatine, a supplement that athletes use

to increase cellular energy, is capable of improving focus and

IQ. The brain training games the dual n-back test, can improve

working memory and pattern recognition—critical for seeing and

noticing those opportunities.

Most important of all, though, is to learn how to get into a “flow

state,” which is that mental state where everything just seems

effortless. In this situation, your brain floods itself with the neurotransmitters

dopamine, anandamide, and norepinephrine, which

work together to further enhance pattern recognition, reflexes,

attention, and creativity.

How do you trigger these flow states? You convince your brain

that what you’re doing is hugely important. And you can achieve

this through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (which you

now understand), as well as by simply being highly passionate

about what you do—by loving your job and your partner.

If you found this article to be helpful, please share it. I’ve been

truly blessed in all levels of my life. My goal is to share with others

so they, too, may prosper.

Check out two of my signature programs for personal development

and corporate coaching. “The New You Program” is a

combination of information and installation. The information is

designed to teach you how to understand yourself, set goals, overcome

setbacks, and create the right attitude and motivation. The

program trains you on how to “model” the habits, attitudes, skills,

and strategies of highly successful people. The second program,

“Mindset for Success,” is a powerful online course to support my

new “Goal Setting: Fundamental Keys to Success” book.


If you need coaching support, you can email me at

elitecorporatecoaching@gmail.com or call 919-618-8075.

GRANDMASTER JESSIE BOWEN is president of Karate International of Durham, Inc., a member of the

American Martial Arts Association Sport Karate League and Hall of Fame, and has been a member of the Duke University

PE Staff for over 25 years. He is the author of Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation and Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness

Meditation for Martial Arts, as well as several other books, programs, and audio CDs on meditation and success training.


Photograph by Arthit_Longwilai

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UFAF International Training Conference

and World Championships

Beginning July 18th UFAF

students, instructors, and

school owners from all over

the world enjoyed a weekend

filled with camaraderie,

connection, and learning.

The event featured

business training sessions, Instructor

Development Series,

and the Black Belt Judges

Meeting & Certification.

Attendees enjoyed training

in The Chuck Norris System,

Bunkai, Striking Technique, Kama Fundamentals and more!

One of the highlights of the training sessions was a special

session with UFC World Champion George St-Pierre.

Competitors participated in

the UFAF World Championships

for Kata, Weapons, Fighting,

and Demo Teams.

The Gala culminated in a

formal awards banquet that

included the Masters Rank

Induction Ceremony and

awards by Grandmaster Chuck

Norris, which notably highlighted

Crosby Broadwater III who

received the award for Most

Inspirational Member.

To see more highlights watch: youtu.be/J6N8eq6TmjU and to

learn more about the UFAF visit UFAF.com

Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Mega Weekend 2022

The Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame Mega Weekend is slated

for January 28-30, 2022 at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino

in Atlantic City New Jersey. It will be one of the most spectacular

events for the year as it is advertised “The Academy Awards of

Martial Arts”. “The Ultimate Destination For Martial Arts, MMA and

the Health & Fitness Minded” for over 20 years

has unquestionably featured the largest Martial

Arts Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet


The upcoming event will feature

over 50 seminars, 3 tournaments,

hundreds of vendors, celebrities, the

Action Martial Arts Kid’s Choice Awards, a

Breaking Extravaganza, Business Seminars,

and of course the Hall of Honors

Banquet and Awards Ceremony. In

addition to the event, The 2022

Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors

World History Book 2nd edition

is available which features

Martial Artists who have been

inducted into the Action Martial

Grandmaster Alan Goldberg,

Founder of Action Martial Arts

Hall of Fame Mega Weekend

Arts Hall of Honors.

For more information on the event

and book, visit: actionmegahoh.com

and actionmartialartshistorybook.com

New Book Explains How to Utilize

the Five Elements of The Ninja

An Shu Stephen K. Hayes has authored a new book entitled

Ninja Fighting Techniques A Modern Master’s Approach To

Self-Defense And Avoiding Conflict. The book covers his modern

innovation called To-Shin Do which is based on Ninjutsu. As the

“Father of American Ninjutsu” he presents a system with maximum

effectiveness in modern day situations based upon the “five elements”

using fundamental ninja

fighting techniques.

As the leading expert on

Ninjutsu, An Shu Hayes explains

the Ninja five elements of

earth, water, fire, wind, and void

as a system for self-defense.

Ninja Fighting Techniques give

you a blueprint on how to make

each element automatic and

unconscious for defense by

training in the way of the

Ninja. Step by step instructions

show how build an

awareness of your surroundings

that will come in handy

and be instinctive when a real

self-defense situation unexpectedly


For more information visit: www.ninjaselfdefense.com


Martial Arts

Celebrity Birthdays



January 1 ......................Yuen Woo-Ping

January 25 ..................... Ron Van Clief

January 30 ...................Lawrence Arthur


February 1 ...................... Brandon Lee*

February 1 ...................... Allie Alberigo

February 5 ......................... Tony Jaa

February 16 .................. Oso Tayari Casel

February 17 ..................Clinton Robinson

February 21 ........................Joe Corley

February 26 ...................Mark Dacascos




Martial Arts World News Magazine

would like to congratulate the competitors, judges, and promoters

of the 2021 U.S. Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships.

Division Name First Name Last Name Standing

13 & Under | Traditional Weapons Averi Presley 1

13 & Under | Traditional Weapons Gavin Richmond 2

13 & Under Boys | CMX Forms WC Judah Sagawa 1

13 & Under Boys | CMX Forms WC Dante Rodriguez 2

13 & Under Boys | CMX Weapons Zeke Gomez 0

13 & Under Boys | CMX Weapons Michael Molina 0

13 & Under Boys | CMX Weapons Dax Howland 1

13 & Under Girls | CMX Forms Isabella Nicoli 1

13 & Under Girls | CMX Forms Alyss Groce 2

13 & Under Girls | CMX Weapons Kodi Molina 1

13 & Under Girls | CMX Weapons Isabella Nicoli 2

13 & Under Girls | CMX Weapons Averi Presley 3

13 & Under Girls and Boys | Traditional Forms WC Isabella Nicoli 1

13 & Under Girls and Boys | Traditional Forms WC Sofia Flores-Rodriguez 2

13 & Under Girls and Boys | Traditional Forms WC JoJo Castro 3

13 & Under Girls and Boys | Traditional Forms WC Angel Perez 4

14 - 17 | Traditional Forms Maddie Kennaway 1

14 - 17 | Traditional Forms Caio DaSilva 2

14 - 17 Boys | CMX Forms Dawson Holt 1

14 - 17 Boys | CMX Forms Shane Billow 2

14 - 17 Boys | CMX Forms Phillip Brumme 3

14 - 17 Boys | Weapons Dawson Holt 1

14 - 17 Boys | Weapons Mason Bumba 2

14 - 17 Boys | Weapons Phillip Brumme 3

14 - 17 Boys | Weapons Ben Jones 4

14 - 17 Boys | Weapons Riley Tracy 5

14 - 17 Girls | CMX Weapons Anna Beth Hedgepeth 1

14 - 17 Girls | CMX Weapons Samantha Mitling 2

14 - 17 Girls | Traditional Weapons Madison Magnotta 1

14 - 17 Girls | Traditional Weapons Kaitlyn Mcmillian 2

14-17 Boys Traditional Weapons Dawson Holt 1

Division Name First Name Last Name Standing

14-17 Boys Traditional Weapons Shane Billow 2

14-17 Girls | CMX Forms Anna Beth Hedgepeth 1

14-17 Girls | CMX Forms Reese Beck 2

Demo Team Competitive Edge 1

Demo Team Team Freestyle 2

Mens 3 Man Point Sparring Team Top Ten USA 1

Mens 3 Man Point Sparring Team Legend 2

Mens CMX Weapons Jackson Rudolph 1

Mens CMX Weapons Connor Chasteen 2

Mens CMX Weapons Alex Mancillas 3

Mens CMX Weapons Jake Presley 4

Mens CMX Weapons Danny Etkin 5

Mens Open Weight Challenge Match Bailey Murphy 1

Mens Open Weight Challenge Match Enrique Letona 2

Mens Traditional and CMX Forms Danny Etkin 1

Mens Traditional and CMX Forms Rashad Eugene 2

Mens Traditional and CMX Forms Connor Chasteen 3

Mens Traditional Forms Mason Stowell 1

Mens Traditional Forms Joey Castro 2

Synchronized Team Forms Team KTOC 1

Synchronized Team Forms Team Infinity (Chasteen | Rodriguez-Flores) 2

Synchronized Team Weapons Team JPM (Presley | Rudolph) 1

Synchronized Team Weapons Amerikick (Billow/Alinea) 2

Womens CMX Forms Haley Glass 1

Womens CMX Forms Gabrielle Dunn 2

Womens CMX Forms Sammy Smith 3

Womens Open Weight Morgan Plowden 1

Womens Open Weight Alexa Fleshman 2

Womens Weapons Haley Glass 1

Womens Weapons Kaelyn Kowalski 2

Womens Weapons Kyleigh Boyer 3

Womens Weapons Sammy Smith 4


Our Goal is to Help Young Minds GROW Stronger

and EMPOWER them through Stories that will:

• Inspire Their Imagination

• Develop Their Moral Compass

• Set Positive Examples Both Visually and Verbally

• Prepare Them for Life’s Challenges

Sarah B. Tucker, Author of

The Adventures of Harry & Friends

Book Series



ATLAS Martial Arts Software

“Magic Links” Help Significantly

Increase Appointment “Show” Rate

We all hate it when new prospective

students ‘no show’ for their

introductory appointments, don’t we?

We’ve spend oodles of money on

marketing, we’ve optimized our lead

funnel website to capture as many

leads as possible, and we’ve built

irresistible offers to entice our leads to

set an appointment for their first intro,

we blocked out time from our busy

schedule to do the intro personally,

then, in too many cases, they don’t

show up!

We all know how frustrating that is!

Well, now, thanks to some brilliant techno wizardry from the

ATLAS Martial Arts Software team, schools all over the world will

be able to increase their intro ‘show’ rate, automatically.

ATLAS now provides users with a

tool that allows prospective students

to ‘confirm’ their intro appointment

by simply clicking a link in an email

or SMS text message. This will then

‘mark’ the prospect as ‘confirmed’

inside the ATLAS software system.

Now, your staff will know exactly

who has confirmed their appointments,

and who has not. What a great

advantage for your school! Now your

staff can focus on their prospects

with laser target messages (through

automation) and personal engagement.

For more information about this innovation, and all the other

brilliant, school growing features of ATLAS, visit:


Pro-Motion Pictures

Photo Shoot Deal

Pro-Motion Pictures has been serving martial arts schools in

the US for nearly 20 years with photography services. During

that time more than 2500 schools have received great photos of

students, staff, and instructors capturing everything from postures

to exciting techniques.

The picture quality for

martial schools is exceptional

because the founder, Ken

Chamitoff knows the arts. Every

image has an attention to

detail and brings out the essence

for any style of martial art in captivating pictures. Pro-Motion

Pictures has great reviews for lots of satisfied customers.

Of particular importance to martial arts school owners is the opportunity

to earn free marketing credits. By allowing Pro-Motion to

do a photo shoot with the school’s students and offer them picture

packages the school earns credits. Those credits can be applied

toward marketing resources like postcards, VIP passes, business

cards, etc.

To learn more visit: www.pro-motionpictures.com

Kovar Systems


Dave Kovar has been sharing tactics to help martial arts school

owners be on top of their game since 1994, close to 30 years.

His passion for coaching leaders in the industry expressed to

providing ideas and strategies to empower school operators in

gaining and retaining students as well staff development. He is

considered the ‘Teacher of Teachers’ in providing coaching for

high level performance through his Kovar Systems.

His Program includes personal 1 on 1 business coaching to help

school owners

grow their schools.

In addition, coaching

clients have access

to a resource

library of more

than 3000 tools related to topics like ‘Customer Call Scripts, Instructor

Mat Chats, Staff Development Videos,’ etc. Opportunities

to partake in his ProMAC Conferences, Online Instructor Training,

Certification Testing, and more are also available to equip school

operators for business success.

To find out more about Kovar Systems visit: kovarsystems.com


Photograph by Inside Creative House

Finally, Get Rid of Your

BIGGEST Headache

You didn’t open a martial

arts school so you could

waste your time being a

bill collector…right?

Put Our 30 Years of Tuition Management Experience to Work for You!

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your specific situation.

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Understanding Local SEO for

Small Businesses

If you want to grow your martial arts school using the internet, you

have to be ever-conscious about your “Local” SEO.

Your Martial Arts School is a local business, and you want to

reach as many potential customers in your area as possible, that’s

where local SEO comes in.

Did you know that 97% of customers use search engines to find

businesses in their area? They are constantly looking for suggestions

to fulfill a need or desire. That means your potential martial

art students could be looking for you right now, but they won’t find

you if you don’t do anything on your end.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is all about optimizing your website for searches

for your business category in the specific area you’re operating

AND using the tools that Google provides for your local business


This will increase the visibility of your business and make it easier

for people to find you both online and offline. In other words,

local SEO focuses on catering to the audience that’s “physically”

located in your area, or is specifically searching for solutions in

your specific area.

Is Local SEO Different?

Yes, there are some differences between local SEO and other

kinds of SEO, but they all support your martial arts marketing. For

one, searched on Google and other search engines are ‘localized’

when the search has a “local intent”, such as using “near me” or

specifying the area.

In other cases, Google (and others) will “assume” you have local

intent when you search for terms that Google thinks you would

be best served with local results, and even more granularly, when

you’re using a mobile device or other device that ‘knows’ your

physical location.

For example, if you search for “pizza delivery”, the Google algorithm

will ‘assume’ you’d like to order pizza from a restaurant ‘near’

you, so it will prioritize results to show you those locations that are,

in fact, near you.

Google has created a platform for local business to control

how their local profile looks to local searchers, outside their own

website. These results often provide the name of the business, a

description, images, opening hours, reviews, an address, a phone

number, and the website address. You can (and should) manage

your ‘local’ business profile from Google’s “My Business” system

(formerly Google Places) – www.google.com/business.

Local SEO Factors

As you can imagine, Google will consider many different factors

when it comes to local search ranking. It will consider the

proximity of the business to the searcher’s location to present the

closest options.

It also considers local keywords, like the city name, neighborhood,

or other keywords that indicate the local areas,

because they are essential to search engine ranking. Additionally,

on-page optimization for local SEO (sometime called

“Structured Data” or Schema) needs to provide the business’

name, address, and phone number in the format that Google

indexes most easily.

The algorithm also assesses authority based on reviews and

citation and it will take into consideration the information available

in your Google My Business profile, which plays a huge role

in rankings.


As a martial arts school owner, you want to reach as many

potential students as possible, so it’s important to reach people in

your vicinity.


Illustration by ahmetemre

The Latest Guide

All Martial Arts School Owners


Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed’s

newest book, “The Science & Secrets

of Becoming a Master Martial Arts

Instructor,” is the latest must-have

industry guide for martial arts school

owners and instructors.

The world of martial arts is a very

complicated one, where you can soar

to the heights of the profession or

quickly hit rock bottom, all depending

on your mindset, discipline, and skills.

“The Science & Secrets of Becoming

a Master Martial Arts Instructor” is

designed to teach you everything

you’ll need to know to avoid the pitfalls

and succeed as an instructor in the

modern era.

Featuring contributions from

some of the best martial arts minds,

including Grandmaster Ernie Reyes,

Grandmaster Stephen Hayes, and

Hanshi Dave Kovar, “The Science &

Secrets of Becoming a Master Martial

Arts Instructor” will no doubt help you

take your career to the next level!

To get your copy today for $29.95,

simply go to Lulu.com and search by author.


How to Optimize Your Relevance Score

On Facebook

Most martial arts schools have a Facebook page and do a

bit of marketing through it. Schools promote their events,

programs, classes and achievements and other activities to attract

more attention to their schools.

When you add ‘paid advertising’ to your marketing mix, there

are some new concerns you’ll need to be conscious of.

Facebook provides a tool that you can use through the Facebook

ad manager called the Relevance Score.

So what is Facebook’s Relevance Score? Your Relevance Score

is a measure of the “quality” and engagement of your ads. Essentially,

based on the audience you’re targeting, and the ad content

you’re using, how ‘likely’ are these ads to get ‘engagement’ from

the audience.

This score significantly effects your cost per click and the frequency

of you ad being shown on Facebook.

A Relevance Score can be between 1 and 10 and any score

from 7 to 10 is considered a good number.

Once an ad has been served at least 500 times a score will be

assigned to it. The number of impressions has been set by Facebook

for deciding the expected audience reaction to your ads. Still

the number is not based on actual feedback, but upon Facebook’s

algorithm of an anticipated audience response and the number

can change daily.

So if you want to save money and get higher ROI, the relationship

between your target audience and your ads must be good.

The key to accomplishing this is hyper-specific targeting of you

audience and secondly designing your ads to meet their exact

needs. Even after clearly targeting your audience and creating ads,

you will have to frequently monitor them and analyze how they’re

doing to keep your score up.

Staying relevant to your market is the key to your school’s

growth and if you’re a marketing expert with Facebook, then you’ll

do well. But if you’re in need of help you can speak with a Facebook

ad specialist at ATLAS Martial Arts Software at

1-800-275-1600, and they can get you going in the right direction.

How to Insure Your Sales Pages Produce!

If your sales pages are not generating conversions you need

to pay attention to this article. There are some basic elements

that must be on a sales page to convince a prospect to take an

offer. Check out these 7 tips on how to make a sales page that will

Increase Your Enrollment.

1. An Eye-Catching Headline Is A Must

80% of viewers skim headlines on a sales page before deciding

whether to read the rest. To catch the eyes of visitors the headline

must be relevant, preferable short, and catch the reader’s attention.

2. Engaging Visual Elements Are Needed

Many studies have revealed sales pages with video or images get

more conversions than sales pages without them. These elements

have to be interesting and relevant to the content on your sales page.

3. Copy Designed to Sell Is Necessary

Your sales copy must consider the end user and whether or

not they will be interested in reading it. You have to focus on

satisfying the needs and wants of your audience and draw them

in with solutions.

4. Be Sure to List the Benefits

The golden rule of sales is listing benefits rather than features, but

pages mistakingly do exactly the opposite. Prospects want to know

what’s in it for them and that list compels them to take up an offer.

5. Without A CTA the Page Is Pointless

No sales page is complete without a Call To Action to facilitate

the sales process. Your CTA should be placed above the fold, so

visitors can see and access it without even having to scroll.

6. Keep Navigation Links To A Minimum

Don’t build sales pages like other websites pages by limiting

navigation links to prevent opportunities for visitors to click and

exit the page. If visitors leave, they might not return, which equals

lost sales.

7. Providing Some Evidence Builds Trust

Include reviews or testimonials on your sales page will instill

greater confidence in your audience. A visitor will often look for

how others benefited before determining whether or not to take

your offer.

There is a science and skill to selling and generating conversions

from a sales page. If you have the time and knack for it, then

you can easily build school growth building pages. If you need

help, our industry has plenty of experts to serve you exceptionally

like amazingmartialartswebsites.com.





• Instructor Tips and Tricks

• Class Management Skills

Martial Arts Events

• Classified Marketplace

• Social Media Marketing Tactics

• Marketing Breakthroughs

• Industry News

Martial Arts School Profiles

And MUCH More!




Tokyo 2021: United States

Medalists in Martial Arts

In case you missed anything, we are going to give you a quick summary of all the

United States martial arts medalists so you can get to know the athletes a bit better.

The United States is always one of the most dominating countries in the Olympics,

and Tokyo 2021 was not an exception.

Overall, the medal count was 39 gold medals, 41 silver medals, and 33 bronze medals for a total of 113 US Olympic medals in

Tokyo 2021. That’s impressive! Out of all those medals, there was one gold medal in taekwondo and one bronze medal in karate for

Team USA, so let’s get to know the athletes.

Anastasija Zolotic, Taekwondo, Women’s 57kg

Ariel Torres Gutierrez, Karate, Men’s Kata

Anastasija Zolotic won the first women’s taekwondo gold

medal for Team USA, thus making history for the sport. She beat

Tatiana Minina from Russia, 25-17, and she claimed the featherweight

division title with a scream.

Anastasija was born in Largo Florida in 2002, so she is only

18 years old. She is coached by Gareth Brown and this was her

first Olympic experience. Before this, she participated in the 2018

Junior World Championships and the 2018 Youth Olympic Games,

among many other championships and opens from 2014 to the

present day.

She dreamt of this moment since she was a child and it’s truly

exciting to see her accomplish such a goal. She said she would run

around the schoolyard at 8 years old saying she was going to be

an Olympic champion, but she could have never imagined what

the moment would be like.

Anastasija is proud of doing something to raise the profile of

Taekwondo in the US and there’s no denying her achievement is

an inspiration to many children and adults with a passion for this


Ariel Torres is a karateka who won a bronze medal in men’s

kata for Team USA by beating Antonio Jose Diaz Fernandez from

Venezuela, a role model of his, by a difference of .38 with a total of

26.72 points.

Ariel was born in Cuba in 1997, so he’s 23 years old, and he is a

male elite kata coached by Robert Young. He started karate when

he was 6, so he has been dedicated to the sport for 16 years.

Ariel got into karate because he was hyperactive as a child, so

the doctor suggested he was put into a sport that would tire him

out but also teach him skills, such as decision-making, focus, and


The doctor suggested karate, so his mother took him to the

nearest dojo from his home, but they had no idea it would become

such a passion and eventually, his career. He has a karate vlog on

YouTube if you’d like to check it out!



The Future of Martial Arts

in the Olympics

The future of Martial Arts in the Olympics looks very bright. Martial arts was one of

the very first sports to become a part of the Olympic Games, dating back to Ancient

Greece where wrestling was a part of the event.

Today, there are 3 traditional martial arts sports in the Olympics,

including karate, taekwondo, and judo. However, we are

happy to say that more martial arts disciplines will be added to the

Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee recently announced that

they will be including jiu-jitsu in the 2024 Olympics, and that’s a

huge step forward. The inclusion of jiu-jitsu in the Olympics has

been in the works for years, as they debated what set of rules to

follow and who would be the director of the event so the sport can

have a smooth transition.

Finally, it was decided that Carlos Gracie Jr., Carlos Gracie’s

grandson, will be at the head of the IBJJF and Gracie Barra will

oversee the inclusion of the sport into the Olympics. They will

use current IBJJF no-gi rules and they will make a few modifications,

but they will make sure jiu-jitsu is treated with the respect it


They say it will be similar to Combat Jiu-Jitsu but there won’t be

any low kicks. The sport will be identified as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, so the term American Jiu-Jitsu will not be allowed

seeing as the style was brought by Brazilians to America.

It’s truly exciting to see that another martial arts sport will be

added to the Olympics because it has been long overdue. These

sports deserve recognition and we are happy to see it happen.

Karate only just made its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games and

there was a lot more at stake than a medal, but the future of the

sport as an Olympic discipline. Initially, karate was rejected for the

Tokyo 2020 Games until they introduced a provision that allows

host nations to propose sports that haven’t been recognized by

the IOC just yet.

This is how karate made the cut for Tokyo 2021, a historic moment

for the sport, and we got to enjoy an exciting event. It was

one of the 4 new sports that were introduced at the Tokyo Olympics,

which made it that much more special.

In better news, the 138th International Olympic Committee

session approved kickboxing, sambo, and Muay Thai. It doesn’t

guarantee these martial arts sports will be included in Paris 2024,

but it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Realistically, we can expect these sports to be included in the

2028 Olympics because we don’t think that the federations will

make the deadline for Paris 2024.

As you can imagine, these inclusions have motivated the International

Mixed Martial Arts federation to gain the IOC’s recognition.

That’s a big goal, but who knows? Perhaps we’ll see some of our

favorite MMA fighters in the Olympics a lot sooner than we think.


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Master Karen Eden

Inspiration and Philosophy

Add Real Value to Your Classes

MAWN: You have been featured as a writer in many martial arts

publications for many years; what got you started as a writer in this


KE: Well, I’ve been a journalist by trade for over 25 years. I was

also in television broadcasting as an anchor and meteorologist.

While I was working at an NBC affiliate, just outside of Pittsburgh,

Pennsylvania, I thought I would try to see if I could get some stuff

published in some of the karate magazines that were out at that

time. John Corcoran was editing several magazines out of the

CFW enterprise, like Inside Karate and TaeKwonDo. So I wrote to

him and he thought it would be pretty cool to do a feature on me

because I was a TV personality and also a black belt. I submitted

a feature and he really liked it a lot. After this he gave me a column

in Inside TaeKwonDo, and it was philosophical, inspirational. I just

think I was in the right place at the right time, because there was a

real need for philosophy and inspiration in martial arts magazines.

That’s what started it all.

It’s been over 20 years now, and I’ve probably been in every

major martial arts magazine in the world, whether

I’ve been in a feature or contributor, and that spun

off into books. So Simon and Schuster McMillan

took note of my writing style. They had the complete

idiot’s guides for all kinds of things. They

contacted me through John Corcoran

and offered me a contract to write the

complete idiots guide to TaeKwonDo.

I co-authored the book with Keith

Yates who wrote the Tae-

KwonDo technical aspects of

the book. Then I wrote three

more books, two of them with

Century Martial Arts. One of

them is a self-help book that

I felt like I wanted to write

because of some things

that I had experienced.

That’s pretty much how that

all started.

MAWN: Now let’s talk about the

books, I Am A Martial Artist and They

Call Me Master. What what were the purposes of writing these

books and who’s the target market.

KE: They are martial arts philosophy and honestly can help

people who aren’t even in martial arts. They’re mainly important

life lessons and I get great feedback on these books. They Call

Me Master is from the perspective of someone who trains in

martial arts and a lot of instructors have given me some wonderful

feedback on this. The books have also been used as university

textbooks where people are taking martial arts classes at college.

Readers who are looking for inspiration and philosophy are going

to love this book because there are plain practical talks and stories

that reinforce the lesson. I Am A Martial Artist, which was the preceding

book is sold all over the world. It became so popular that it

spun off product lines like mugs, t-shirts and other stuff.

School operators teach fundamental martial art principles, but

can integrate this kind of deep philosophy, philosophical training,

and inspirational moments into their curriculum. Practically speaking

a front kick might not be the same thing at age 70, but the

lessons that help you conquer the things that parents really want.

Young students don’t know it yet, but that’s what they really need.

Thinking about students who come in off of the streets, kids that

were bullied, or women who went through some kind of assault.

Physical training helps build confidence and other benefits, but it’s

going to be the internal aspects of the art that are going to really

help somebody who’s gone through a hard time.

MAWN: You have run a lot of community programs, how does

that all sort of tie together and what kind of advice might you have

for someone in that sphere?

KE: Right. I actually started a very large community program.

Here in Denver, I literally would go in on a Saturday and teach

martial arts in the ghetto streets, kids, former gang members, you

name it and then just go on down the street to my TV job. It’s hilarious

to see where you literally go down the street where you’re in

the ghetto and the houses are just getting better as you go down

the street.

It really does do that, but the one thing that you have to realize

if you’re going to go that route is you have to have it in your heart.

I have the highest rated column of anybody in the industry and it’s

because it all generates from my heart. If you’re going to go do

community work, it really needs to be in your heart, not just an idea



to try to help generate new students into your school. It’s been

over 20 years that I’ve been doing that kind of work.

MAWN: If a martial arts school operator is thinking about integrating

reaching out more deeply into the community, what might

be some of the best advice you’d want to give them?

KE: Well, my first program, I actually did through the salvation

army. I started a Federation through the salvation army and it was

a very unique way of running a martial arts program because

they have the means and the funding to take care of the uniforms,

the belts, and all that kind of stuff. Since they’re an international

organization, that program got picked up and literally went all over

the world. I have affiliates in east Europe and Africa with martial

arts instructors who just want to help their community out. I just

point them over to their local salvation army and get their program

started that way. I oversee that program, but I don’t actually have

to go in hands-on and do that anymore.

Now I’ve also started bringing in self-defense programming

into native American areas and tribal lands. As you may or may not

know, there is a problem with missing and murdered indigenous

women. Being native American myself, they’ll readily accept me to

teach these women self-defense. I go to the Lumbee tribe in North

Carolina, where I had a clinic, speak and I do my seminar engagements

to help out these women.

I encourage people to try to do something to make a

difference in your community because that’s what

we’re here for and we all have something

that we can contribute. I think

it’s almost like a required

component in my view for

our instructors and staff.

If you’re out everywhere,

everyone sees you out

everywhere and produces

a halo effect.

MAWN: Of course today a

lot is accomplished through Facebook

and other social media, but we

should still make use of mass media,

right? From your experience, what do you think that might

be like today maybe versus in the past?

KE: The bottom line is you have to have something viable that’s

going to be worth their time to come out and cover. Most people

who don’t understand media are going to think, the fact that they

have a tournament or their Grandmaster is coming is newsworthy,

but it’s only newsworthy to you and your school. You have to think

mass. What is the audience is going to want to watch? What are

they going to want to hear about? I do a whole segment on that

old series on that and I’m still available if people want to contact

me and they want particular PR for their school or whatever.

Maybe you want to try to get exposure for your school. In the

case of Steve Oliver and his Mile High Karate Schools at that time,

he wanted national attention. So it was just a matter of coming up

with the angles that I knew were going to grab

local media attention. If those stories were

good enough, I knew that they would go

national and that’s what happened. We were

very fortunate in that way. There were a lot

of students at Mile High Karate in Denver

and it helped to know that he had a student

get accosted at the age of 14 walking out

of a grocery store in the middle of the

day. She was only like a green belt

or brown belt or something, but she

just beat the heck out of that guy,

I called the police, and that was a

huge story. We got this out and

that one got picked up nationally.

So it’s a lot of working the right


MAWN: You’ve recently hosted

some popular training seminars as

well, what have been some of the


KE: In Houston, Texas back in May,

I did a three hour seminar with Paul

Whalen, for law enforcement

on close quarters techniques. It was an all encompassing

seminar on self-defense. I actually taught all the

open hand stuff in that seminar. What I teach native

American sisters on how to defend themselves with

a lot of Ho Sin Sul. Paul emphasized what he is

known for which is weapons, takeoffs and things

of that nature.

MAWN: Your latest book will also be inspiring

for people. What should they expect?

KE: Absolutely. My last book is a self-help

book called Will I Ever Feel Happy Again?

I would like to talk about it briefly because

people have a lot of problems dealing with depression

and suicide, especially in the COVID situation. This

book is specifically dealing with the subject of suicide and people

who have had to survive it. Unfortunately I’m no stranger to these

myself which is why the book has this title. It will be a great encouragement

to you if you are, unfortunately, someone that has had to

deal with the subject of suicide.

Also, I still write for the karate magazines and MA Success,

but I also want to mention my radio blog. My blog talk radio show

is about and with pioneers of martial arts which I do with Jesse

Bowen. I’ve been involved with that for about three or four years

now on AMA radio. My show runs every Monday night and you

could go to my Facebook group page, the Eden Assignment, inspirational

series, and you’ll see all those links to my radio shows my

magazine write-ups and anything else.

MAWN: Thanks for insight into your industry contributions.





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Warrior Krav Maga Is A New

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the Ninja

‘Five Elements’ system

Author Stephen K. Hayes presents the Ninja "Five Elements" system to explain fundamental aspects of self-defense.

According to Japanese Buddhist belief, human nature is connected to the natural world and is made up of five elements. By

understanding that connection, essential responses to any threat become clear:

EARTH—Remain grounded in your thinking and footing to repel attempts to distract or deceive you

WATER—Shift, angle and move fluidly to tactically confuse attackers and put them off balance

FIRE—See where a situation is going as it develops and intercept it at the critical moment

WIND—Stay light on your feet and move nimbly to evade and escape attempts to pin you down

VOID—Control a fight's direction by changing dynamics to confuse your attacker

“Ninja Fighting Techniques” explains how the five elements can

become automatic, unconscious responses for fighters who

train the Ninja way. Through study and practice they become

instinctive, effectively employed precisely when you need them

without thinking.

The advantage of Ninja teachings over other martial disciplines

is that, in addition to providing physical combat methods, they

teach you to develop a better understanding of human behavior

and psychology as well as "real-time" awareness of your

surroundings — invaluable in any combat and street fighting


With over 300 full-color photographs and detailed step-by-step

instructions, this book shows you how the ancient self-defense

techniques developed by the Ninja are still unsurpassed today!

Get The Book

@ Tuttlepublishing.com

Tom Patire’s


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Active Shooter “SURVIVE”

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Martial Ops

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Personal Protection




Self-Escape Course For Women

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Tom Patire and his team will come to your

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Grandmaster Eung Gil Choi (left), founder of USTMA, and

Grandmaster Dong Sup Lee (right), president of Kukkiwon, present

President Trump with an Honorary 9th Degree Black Belt

Awarded Honorary 9th Degree Blackbelt

by Kukkiwon

President Trump Graciously Accepts this Honor, and Endorses Taekwondo


On November 19th, 2021, Kukkiwon’s newly elected president,

Grandmaster Dong Sup Lee, and longtime colleague Grandmaster

Eung Gil Choi, founder of the United States Taekwondo

Martial Arts Academy traveled to the beautiful Mar-a-Lago resort

in Palm Beach, Florida to present the 45th President of the United

States, Donald Trump with an Honorary 9th Dan Black Belt in


“I heard that Donald Trump is highly interested in Taekwondo,”

Lee was quoted as saying to the press.

Understanding that some people may choose to assign political

meaning to this event, the Kukkiwon president noted in his posts

and images on social media, and in subsequent interviews: “This

ceremony is not related to any other political issues.”

Regardless of your political views, this is a significant event

in our industry, and I, and the editorial staff of Martial Arts World

News Magazine would be remis if we not only ‘covered’ this occasion,

but also explored how this event could help shed light on the

Martial Arts, and how school owners might leverage this to help

grow their school and impact in their communities.

A Long History of Honoring Leaders all Over the World

It’s a logical question to ask. “Why would someone who has not

studied Taekwondo be given such an honor?”

It’s a long-standing tradition in the Martial Arts, to recognize

and honor leaders in our society in many ways.

The tradition of awarding honorary ‘degrees’ (doctorates and

more), is commonplace in institutes of higher education throughout

the world. These honorary titles are clearly not meant to be

compared to degrees that are earned by students through study,

research, and academic performance, but rather in recognition for

contributions to society in other ways. Honorary degrees and doctorates

have been presented to leaders and influencers like, Oprah

Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Magic Johnson, P Diddy, and Muhammad

Ali, for example.

Organizations in the Martial Arts have also carried on this tradition

in many, many countries around the world, and have been a

great tool to promote the Martial Arts and it’s benefits.

President Bill Clinton (when he was the Governor of Arkansas)

was awarded an honorary Black Belt by the Founder of the ATA –

Grandmaster H.U. Lee.

Then Governor Bill Clinton Accepts Honorary Black Belt

from ATA Founder H.U. Lee

President George H.W. Bush Accepting Honorary Black Belt

From Chuck Norris in 1992

In 1992, then President George H.W. Bush received an Honorary

Black Belt from Chuck Norris. The then president had been a

vocal supporter of the martial arts in many ways. He had spoken

and supported the efforts of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee in the

Washington D.C. area for many years, and helped Grandmaster

Rhee establish international relations for top marital arts competitors

to travel to Russia and other nations to spread the value of the

Martial Arts across the world. He was also a supporter of (now)

Grandmaster Norris’ “Kick Drugs Out of America” program……

President Barak Obama Awarded Honorary Black Belt

by then Korean President Myung-Bak Lee

In 2009, during President Barak Obama’s administration, South

Korean President, Myung-Bak Lee awarded him an Honorary

Black Belt. President Obama did actually study Taekwondo as a

Junior Senator, and earned a Green Belt, but as is typical, this presentation

was not based on years of study and training, but rather

on accomplishments outside the Dojang.

On May 10, 2017 Pope Francis welcomed then WTF President

Chungwon Choue, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Jonghyu

Jeong, and the President of the Italian Taekwondo Federation

Angelo Cito to St. Peters Square. During an inspiring, small

ceremony, the Pope was awarded an Honorary 9th Dan Black Belt.

The Pope, who was an avid sports fan, graciously accepted the

honor, and commented about his fascination at seeing the WTF

Demonstration Team a few months earlier. The Pope expressed


Photographs from the Kukkiwon Facebook Page


Pope Francis Awarded Honorary Black Belt in 2009

by WTF President Chungwon Choe.

his interest and gratitude for the humanitarian and human development

activities that Taekwondo has embraced.

The Mission of the New Kukkiwon President:

The Kukkiwon, as most all of you know, is the governing

body for Taekwondo in Korea, founded in 1972. It laid the

groundwork for Taekwondo’s globalization, developing

not only World Championship events, but also an

organized structure for Taekwondo curriculum and

standards. In 1978, Kukkiwon succeeded in unifying

Taekwondo by integrating 10 separate Taekwondo

Kwans; Chung Do Kwan, Moo Duk Kwan, Jido Kwan,

Song Moo Kwan, Chang Moo Kwan, Kang Duk Won,

Jung Do Kwan, Oh Do Kwan, Han Moo Kwan and

Kwan Li Kwan. Kukkiwon is also home of the World

Taekwondo Academy and is supervised by the

International Sports Division of the Ministry of

Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

This unification has helped Taekwondo

expand it’s reach internationally

and help support the growth of its

schools and members.

Grandmaster Dong Sup Lee

was elected president of the

organization on January 21,

2021, election for President

of Kukkiwon (aka the World

Taekwondo Headquarters)

against former Vice President

Choon-Kil Lim in a landslide victory.

He managed to win 55 out of

75 votes, beating out Lim’s count of

19 votes.

Lee’s victory was so decisive, in part,

because he garnered the support of

many senior Taekwondo officials

and influencers who knew Lee was

an avid Taekwondo artists, not

‘just’ a politician or business person.

Lee is a 9th dan Grandmaster

in Taekwondo, and served as senator in the 20th session of the

National Assembly in Korea.

Since the beginning of his administration, Lee has outlined, and

has been executing an aggressive agenda to revitalize Taekwondo,

in part, by returning to the traditional values and culture of the

art. To keep the art a “traditional” martial art, and draw clear differences

between the ‘sport’ and the ‘art’ of Taekwondo. By intention,

the WT (World Taekwondo) will continue to promote the ‘sport’ of

Taekwondo, while the Kukkiwon will focus on its traditional development,

curriculum, students and school (dojang) operators.

I’ve personally been engaged in several meetings, discussions

and organizational meetings with Grandmaster Lee, and what I’ve

seen is a DEEP passion for Taekwondo, and his ardent desire to

promote traditional Taekwondo throughout the world. Especially

since the COVID pandemic has had such a negative impact on

schools in virtually every nation.

In just the first few months of Grandmaster Lee’s administration,

he’s accomplished some laudable initiatives, and a breakneck


To coordinate with the board of directors, Grandmaster

Lee recruited an all star staff of passionate Taekwondo

Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, political leaders,

business leaders, and operational specialists

that he knew had the right mindset for this intense

‘restructuring’ job and placed them in key positions


He’s “Re-Branded” the Kukkiwon with new goals

to help expand Taekwondo and its organization, new

logos to reinforce the ‘traditional’ aspects of the art,

and redesigning the World headquarters to more appropriately

pay respect to the international Taekwondo

community. On May 1, 2021, he held a special ceremony

for the completion of 202 new flagpoles honoring the

Kukkiwon nations. Kukkiwon never had a symbol

to recognize the various countries it serves, so

the recent installation of the flagpoles, and other

symbols, has been inspiring for Taekwondo

communities all over the world.

On April 13, 2021 Grandmaster Lee

held (the first ever) worldwide “Virtual

Conference”, where attendees from

more than 200 nations attended, and

discussed his vision for the Kukkiwon,

and where he listened to many

nation’s representatives, and their concerns

about the past, and what they feel

they needed from Kukkiwon. It was inspiring

to see the Kukkiwon President listen so

intently, and seek to deeply understand the

needs of the schools and members.

President Lee formed task force teams

to assist with dojang development,

administrative reforms, and global

expansion of Taekwondo. He willcontinued

on page 40


Finally A…



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Marketing & Management System.







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So, on this auspicious day, President Trump welcomed

the contingent to the Mar-a-Lago resort, and graciously accepted

this honor.

He happily donned the new Dobak and Black Belt, and commented,

“It is my honor to receive this Honorary Dan Certificate and

I think Taekwondo is a magnificent martial art for self-defense. I wish

to see Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team’s demonstration.”

The group then posed for photos, notably in front of photos

of President Trump’s historical trip to North Korea, meeting with

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. This seems particularly appropriate,

since the steps toward more normalized relations between

North and South Korea, including the possible official declaration

of an end to the Korean war, have been very popular in Korea and

the region.

I’m encouraged at how focused the Kukkiwon, under its new

leadership, is on helping to popularize, promote, and grow the ART

of Taekwondo, and help Dojang operators succeed. This honorary

degree for President Trump is an opportunity for our industry

to expand its reach and influence throughout the world. It opens

doors to opportunities that may have never been possible, and

gives Taekwondo a place on the international stage that it may not

have had before.

I’m also encouraged at all the positive feedback we’ve heard

from leaders and colleagues in our industry. It’s clear that many

school owners will find significant opportunity here, and leverage

that to their benefit.

continued from page 37

ingly traveled around the country to find dojangs that suffered

greatly due to the Covid-19 situation to listen to their hardships,

and identified resources and strategies that they could deploy

to help these schools. Among these plans included globalizing

by forming a special committee and establishing overseas’

branches. Having resources and Kukkiwon representatives

‘closer’ to the individual schools will be a huge asset for the

development and success of Taekwondo schools.

He has also begun a far reaching initiative to re-invigorate

the curriculum to better accommodate the needs of students

of all ages, and better facilitate operating an effective Taekwondo


“Why” This Honorary Promotion Awarded?

With the MANY initiatives and accomplishments in just the few

months of his administration, it’s clear to see how focused Grandmaster

Lee is on developing and “promoting” Taekwondo around

the world. In a further effort to shine light on the Martial Arts, and

Taekwondo specifically, Grandmaster Eung Gil Choi, and Grandmaster

Dong Sup Lee collaborated to present this honorary title to

President Trump.

Knowing that Taekwondo schools all over the world were suffering

from the COVID pandemic, these visionaries searched for

ways to drive more attention to Taekwondo, and create opportunities

for Taekwondo schools all over the Nation and the World.


Photographs from the Kukkiwon Facebook Page


What The Industry Has To Say…

Grandmaster Bill Clark

I applaud Kukkiwon for presenting former president Donald Trump with an honorary

black belt. This is not the first time an honorary degree has been given to serve a bigger

purpose, so it is good for the martial arts industry.

Previously, the ATA gave Bill Clinton a black belt instructor certificate, he came on our

stage and broke boards, and was a great advocate for us. We did the same kind of thing

for Obama and Bush which resulted in a great promotional value for the martial arts industry,

as this time will too.

I think anytime you can combine any type of hero, sports figure, or a politician that

really talks good about us it’s the best thing we can do. I don’t know what other publicity

stunt we could pull that would get more talk about us whether it’s good or bad.

So once again, I applaud Trump getting the award, but whether we use it or not to promote

the martial arts is another matter for each of us to determine for ourselves. I’m just

proud of the fact that someone did it, I wish it was ATA that had done that.

Grandmaster Choi

Both I and many Taekwondo masters have been thinking how our art could further or

better spread and be promoted throughout the world than normally. To me, it feels and

looks like the Taekwondo industry needs more promotion, and to have more attention, so

I was looking for something that would have a huge impact. My intention for initiating the

meeting between the Kukkiwon president Dong Sup Lee and President Donald Trump was

to help Taekwondo have a greater impact.

An-shu Stephen H. Hayes

Well I think that it’s a great thing. Anything that promotes more awareness of the martial

arts and the values that come along with a martial art I think that this is great. It goes

beyond whether you like Donald Trump or not, it goes to whether we are promoting an

awareness of what the martial arts can deliver.

From a Japanese cultural perspective a dojo is a meeting place where your awareness

becomes heightened and your being becomes more elevated because of the martial arts

experience. Some schools have a politician or businessman as a consultant even though

they may not do martial arts because they see the value of martial arts. The leader sees

value and supports the martial arts.

In the same likeness, giving former President Trump an honorary black belt shows the

world that he sees value in the martial arts. His influence as a leader is huge and him seeing

value in the martial arts is great for raising awareness of the martial arts values to our

communities if we take advantage of it.

Lee Milteer, Millionaire Smarts Coach

As a Success Coach every time I see people being acknowledged for their life efforts

towards the betterment of people I always Cheer!! I Was really thrilled to see in your

Martial Arts World News Magazine that Dong Sup-Lee, President of Kukkiwon, visited

President Donald Trump to award him with an Honorary Ninth Degree Black Belt in “Taekwondo”

a few weeks ago. We live in a time where people sincerely need inspiration and

self-empowerment role models. By acknowledging and honoring others for their good examples,

good traits, dedication, and leadership characteristics we give people permission

to emulate those behaviors. President Trump is clearly a fighter and to see him receive this

continued on page 44



President Donald Trump autograph’s a uniform as Grandmaster Choi watches.


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Transform Your School

with Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

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business leader in the world

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continued from page 41

Black Belt award is inspiring and motivating. He has been through many battles and still

stands tall with his beliefs and actions. One does not achieve success for just showing up

but for the commitments of focus and hard work, plus undeniable determination to reach

goals no matter what is happening. Congrats to all involved in such an honorable and

important accreditation. I am personally thankful to see all people who stand for truth in

the world being acknowledged for the role they play in creating a good society.

Grandmaster Sang Lee

In November 2021, Kukkiwon President Dong Sup Lee awarded Former President Donald

Trump an honorary 9th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt. This historic moment was symbolic

in cementing Taekwondo as the most popular and most practiced martial art in the world.

Students from age 3 to 99 practice Taekwondo to gain better physical fitness, character

development, and learn self defense. President Trump honorary 9th degree black belt

brought additional awareness to Kukkiwon and Taekwondo as a whole.

Despite President Trump’s fame and influence globally, no other martial art approached

him to award an honorary black belt. However, President Trump understood

the value of meeting with Kukkiwon President Dong Sup Lee and the influence of Taekwondo

in the world.

In 1988 I served as the 1st U.S. Olympic Head Coach for Taekwondo in the 1988 Seoul

Olympic Games. I would like to respectfully extend an invitation to President Trump to

train with me to earn his 1st Degree Black Belt at no charge.

Former President Trump is probably the most well-known person worldwide. However,

no other martial art approached former President Trump for such recognition, and

President Trump understood the importance of the Kukkiwon’s gesture and accepted the

honorary degree. What an inspirational accomplishment that would be for him, and his supporters,

and what an amazing impact it would have for Taekwondo throughout the world.

Congratulations to former President Trump for a well-deserved award, and congratulations

to Kukkiwon President Dong Sup Lee for his vision to expand Taekwondo worldwide.

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

Thank you for the invite to make a comment on President Trump receiving a 9th degree

honorary black belt from Kukkiwon.

Congratulations to President Trump!

The Honorary rank of Ninth Degree given to President Trump was the right level to be

bestowed. He has served the world as the highest ranked leader and has made the world

a safer place with his diplomacy with North Korea. This honor is not to recognize skill as a

martial artist, but skill as a world leader.

Shihan Allie Alberigo

Now this couldn’t get any better and what I love most is that the Kukkiwon organization

met with former president Trump in the Mar a Lago, 45’s personal residence

and awarded him this honorary rank of excellence. What a great way to get the martial

arts out in front of millions of people and tap into 45’s supporters. This is monumental

for our industry. Plus it puts a smile on my face. Congrats to President Trump

and the Kukkiwon organization.

continued on page 46


Learn the skills that made the


With New Lessons Added Monthly!

Get Your




Get Started Today

learning the skills of the legendary ninja!



continued from page 44

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

So, Donald Trump was presented an honorary Black Belt by Kukkiwon President Lee

Dong-Sup. It’s extremely appropriate that the South Korean organization would recognize

Donald Trump who arguably made the most progress of anyone to date to help normalize

relations between North and South Korea.

Interestingly, even though Trump has expressed great interest in Tae Kwon Do and stated

“TaeKwonDo is a great martial art for protecting oneself in these times.” Apparently, he

also promised to wear his new uniform to congress if he should be reelected. I’m sure it will

be extremely controversial among a portion of our population – only due to it being Trump.

There’s a long history of presenting honorary degrees to business and political leaders.

You may recall that the ATA presented Bill Clinton an honorary Black Belt. The USJA even

posthumously recognized Theodore Roosevelt with a Black Belt.

Regardless of what you may think of Trump as a politician I can assure you that Jhoon

Rhee, the consummate promoter, and whose schools I ‘cut my teeth’ in, would be proud

of the publicity generated for his beloved Tae Kwon Do and, only disappointed that he

didn’t manage it first! And his buddies Bruce Lee and, Muhammad Ali both were brilliant at

generating publicity and would be smiling knowingly at any and all such opportunities.

Grandmaster Tom Patire

Recently I saw in the news about former President Trump receiving an honorary 9th

degree in Tae Kwon Do from Dong Sup-Lee President of the Kukkiwon. First let me say

this - my statement about what I feel is non-political. In my world I work for all sides, but

I did get to meet Mr. Trump at a few events prior to him being President and I was very

impressed with his business savvy. So as a fellow martial artist and a businessman let’s

look at the positive. This gives the martial arts community exposure to mass people

and whether people like him or not it puts our community in the forefront of the news.

I’m not sure if any other president ever received such an honor but any press like that

will have more positives than negatives. The positive is that the honorary degree is

getting recognition like when certain prestigious universities give doctorate degrees to

different Presidents and other VIP’s. This could be the start of something unique where

this type of degree from the martial arts world becomes accepted, recognized, and in

demand putting our community on the mainstream map in a unique but distinctive way.

There is an old saying that any press is good press and from the events I have worked

where President Trump was appearing he certainly is loved by his following. So, to this I

say Congratulations President Trump and a respectful bow to the Kukkiwon for thinking

outside the belt and stepping forward to honor a President of The United States!

When you think of excellence and affluence – the Trump name used to be what

was used as an example. Getting mentioned in movies, rap songs and books around

the world. Now a former president who may re-run in the future is being recognized

by Kukkiwon president GrandMaster Dong Sup – Lee. I think people who know me

probably know that I liked having one of my business idols become the president of

the United States.






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King Tiger Tae Kwon Do Remains

the King of Community Service

Even During the Pandemic

Grandmaster Byung Lee’s King Tiger Tae Kwon Do has been in

operation serving his NC community for over 30 years, since June of

1988. The school has a great reputation and has an active enrollment

of 350 Tae Kwon Do Members. The school has been a beacon of light

during the pandemic and provided a great service to parents with a

successful return to summer camp for children this past summer.

Grandmaster Byung Lee

MAWN: Grandmaster Lee, you’ve been a pillar in

your community for decades, what are some examples

of your community outreach efforts?

BL: Before the pandemic, we put on a Tae Kwon

Do tournament on for St. Jude Children’s hospital, did

a break-a-thon and head shaving event for the St.

Baldrick’s Foundation, and a fund raising event for community


During the pandemic, we hosted a virtual fundraiser

and received 5K in funds for the Local Food Bank

which equated to 26,000 meals. Secondly, we also did

a breaking challenge for classroom supplies for local

schools and we were able to donate to 4 local elementary


MAWN: In your efforts to best serve your community,

what have been the most effective marketing

strategies you’ve used?

BL: Our most successful strategies have been using Facebook

marketing along with our unique online trial programs. These have

enabled us to reach out into our community and attract 30-40

prospects each month. These outreach efforts have been able to

convert around 20-30 into a long term programs which provides

the new members with our school’s life-changing traditional martial

arts philosophy.

MAWN: During these challenging times, what are your most

significant programs that you provide for the community and the

benefits to participants?

BL: When service is a top priority you find ways to serve regardless

of the circumstances. In the face of social distance requirements,

during the pandemic, we have provided weapon classes

for our current members which has boosted excitement, loyalty,

and retention. A second program that has been great for our

Grandmaster Lee Has Developed a Large Adult Leadership

Team to Carry on the Traditions of His School

students is heavy bag training, which releases stress and improves

cardio through the exercise.

From a practical business standpoint, we also elevated our

customer service with lobby management for greeting visitors at

the door and made an even greater conscious effort to demonstrate

the tenets of Traditional Tae Kwon Do through better manners

and respect.

MAWN: Are there any other ways that you have been able to

connect with your community in order to keep them aware of all

the services you would like to provide for their benefit?

BL: We have a lead generating website that has served the

purpose of keeping them informed of the latest offering and what

we’re doing. The website also includes our updated trial registration

page for them to easily take advantage of the benefits Tae

Kwon Do can bring to their life, even during a global pandemic.

MAWN: Thanks for sharing with us Grandmaster Lee!



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The House Where Discipline

Is Your Weapon

Master Ivory Irvin is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and was

Combative Arts Instructor for the U.S. Army Military Police. In 2005, he

opened Master Irvin’s House of Discipline and has been in business

continuously for the past 16 years as one of the premier martial arts

schools in Louisiana.

Master Ivory Irvin

MAWN: You are focused on

building the community around

you, what are some example of

your community outreach efforts?

II: We provide instruction to the

community in the form of cost free

Women’s Self Defense Classes to

Teens and Senior Citizens, local

sororities, and college freshmen

(Women). Additionally, we provide

(on demand) “Bully Proof” classes

to school age students. Finally, we

provide annual instructions in Self

Defense to all JROTC cadets in

Northwest Louisiana during their

Summer Camp Program.

MAWN: What has been a

unique marketing strategy that

has been productive in producing


II: Providing “No Cost” classes

on a “one time” basis is definitely

time consuming, but provides an

avenue that makes my school’s

name synonomous with Integrity,

Expertise and Professionalism. This

has been one of my best marketing strategies, that has produced

approximately 15-20 leads per month.

MAWN: What programs do you feel the community benefits

from the most?

II: Weapons Instruction, “Bully Proofing” Classes, Child Abduction

Prevention Training is of great value to our classroom participants.

MAWN: Do you have a lead generating website and what

about it has been most productive regarding leads?

II: My school exclusively uses AMS!!! The lead generating website

is provided and hosted by AMS. The prospect listing has been

Grandmaster Byung Lee

Students learn discipline at a combative martial arts class.

by far the most instrumental tool in identifying potential leads!!!! It’s

an effortless system that regularly generates leads for our school.

MAWN: Do you use a management software and what features

are providing the best benefits for running your school more


II: Yes, and our school utilizes the ATLAS Martial Arts Software.

It is a proven software system to generate more leads. My Advice to

school owners is to get this system and expect to get lots of leads.

Afterwards, it’s on you to turn those “LEADS” to active students.

MAWN: Thank you Master Irvin for sharing your school success

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We provide integrity-based coaching and

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4 Tips to Boost Your

Social Media

By Hanshi Dave Kovar

It’s fair to say a lot of us would rather be training or instructing on the mat than

spending time hunched over our computers on Facebook.

But of course with their popularity, we can’t ignore the potential

for growth using these ever evolving social media platforms. No

matter how much some of us may try to avoid the digital frontiers,

the truth we face is that in order to grow the attendance at our

martial arts schools we must be willing to communicate where the

students and parents are found most frequently.

Today we will navigate just a short distance into the vast web

that is social media. Here are some tips to

help you venture into the world…

1. Make sure you have your profile


The more information you provide

to your viewers the easier it will be for

them to find you. Make sure everything

is filled out, you’ve added your

own pictures, and all contact information

is up-to-date. Just like your martial

arts school, you don’t want things

to be half-presented. Think of

your online profiles as your

internet storefront.

2. Interact with your

social media networks.

Being active and engaging

is important. If

a school that is always

closed, is a school

that will close—

then a social media

network that is never

social, will never produce

return. Engage the audience

and reply to comments and questions.

3. Have visually appealing content.

Sometimes all it takes is the same message in another format.

Not everyone responds to plain text posts. Decide what messages

need extra attention, then use more images, videos, or graphics to

further drive the point you want to make.

4. Be consistent with your brand.

Understand that wherever you are, you want to keep a professional

and consistent message just as you might at your school.

Think to yourself, “Would I want my students and/or parents to see

this profile?” You should always consider and be aware that your

audience could and should be your students. Likewise, for logos,

photos, and all content you share—keep to the same rules and

make sure it stays true to your brand and welcoming to anyone

you’d like to have as a student.

These are just a few tips to help ease you into your social

media marketing. If you can at least do 1 or 2 of these techniques,

you may be surprised at how this will launch you ahead of many

competitors already. However, the more time you put into these

platforms will directly impact the value of your returns. The more

time you spend, the more value you will see in new leads, developing

community, and local networking.

HANSHI DAVE KOVAR is an 8th degree black belt and recognized as the “Trainer of Trainers.”

Hanshi Dave Kovar is an internationally acclaimed instructor with black belt degrees in ten different martial

arts styles. His systems have been implemented in hundreds of schools around the US.


Photograph by Victollio

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Branding: Is it a Waste of Your

Time? (Part 2)

by Shihan Allie Alberigo

Let’s first start with the multiple definitions of the word “branding.”

I think the clearest brand definition is that of livestock

branding. This is the marking of animals to indicate ownership.

Or, in advertising, a brand is simply a name, logo,

slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or

service to clearly identify it amongst the competition.

One of the best lessons I had was when I visited all of

world-famous illusionist Criss Angel’s shops in Las Vegas.

His brother, my student at the time, took me on a tour to

illustrate what they did to build the Criss Angel

brand. He in particular pointed out, in

his words, the “Criss Angel world.”

As I walked into each of his

stores, it was clear that there was

nothing in the store that didn’t represent

him or show what he did. The colors

matched his brand, even down to the huge

Criss Angel logo on the ceiling of each

location. What J.D. (Criss’ brother) told me

was that when people enter the

store, they get swept away in

everything Criss, from video

monitors and picture boxes,

to merchandise.

Now, you may

be saying, you

aren’t a worldfamous


or even a famous

martial artist,

movies star, etc.

To be honest, you

are the star of your

own show and world, so you

might as well capitalize on it.

So what is it we can do to find out what your brand is?

The good news is that it isn’t all that difficult. You can simply

take some of these ideas and build a checklist. Are you known

as the cleanest and best school for teaching traditional martial

arts? Or do you specialize in Kickboxing or grappling? What would

those benefits be? Do you want your establishment to look like an

ancient Japanese school, or are you interested in a more modern

school with flags and bright colors? What do you want people to

see, feel, smell, and hear from the minute they walk through the

doors? Who are you as an instructor?

But don’t talk about you, talk about who you are and how

that will benefit your clients. In other words, you have five titles

in full contact fighting, that’s great, but how does that experience

help clients?

This is all part of establishing a clear understanding for the

client of what you do for them: the WIIFM, or the What’s in it For

Me? strategy.

Start working on these topics, and if you have further questions,

don’t hesitate to email me at Shihan@lininja.com for more tips and


SHIHAN ALLIE ALBERIGO is a 7th degree black belt, the founder of the L.I. Ninjutsu

Centers, one of the largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet, the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur

with one of the first online coaching companies.


Photograph by HATICE GOCMEN


Making Business Move Quickly

by Mr. Sean Lee

It can seem like things get done painfully slowly when you need it most.

“Expect six to eight weeks for delivery” isn’t anyone’s

idea of quick. With the amount of competition facing your

business today, you want the fastest, most streamlined

business model you can have. Increasing your productivity

will encourage your staff to step up their recruiting efforts,

which will boost your enrollment, and an all-around more

efficient effort from your school means strong retention for

years to come. Here are some areas you’ll want to focus

on to speed things up:

Efficient Meetings

The rule of thumb on meetings is that if they can’t be

wrapped up in an hour, then you’re either trying to cover

too much ground or not meeting efficiently.

Experiencing this dilemma? Create agendas

for your meetings and email them

to your staff ahead of your scheduled

meeting time to allow everyone to think about

their responses before they get into the


Pay on Time Every Time

Paying bills can be like getting a root

canal—slow, painful, and expensive. Still, we

all have to do it. Paying bills on time ensures

you don’t lose any of the essential

components of your business (like

electricity), plus you avoid late

charges that can set you back

and cut into your revenue.

Also, remember that not every

business is run as efficiently

as yours. Paying for things

early gives your suppliers

more time to get you the

equipment you need in

a timely manner.

Set Timetables

If you don’t set guidelines, everything is on time. Make a

monthly calendar with milestones each month. Want to get ten

new students this month? Put a milestone to distribute 100 flyers

by the 15th of the month with another 100 by month’s end. Timetables

make projects tangible for everybody on staff and help you

move projects along faster.

Maintain Communication

Never assume. That means not taking for granted that your staff

and business associates are silently toiling away on every detail of

the projects you’ve given them. Check in weekly and get updates

on what your staff is doing. Projects change organically and occasionally

need your input to make the right adjustments. Doing

this early will keep staff from wasting time on projects going in the

wrong direction.

If you’re experience difficulty with streamlining your martial arts

school, my Marketing Consultants can help you. Simply give them

a call at 800-275-1600 and they’ll be happy to assist you.

SEAN LEE is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for hundreds of martial arts schools

and specializes in online and social media marketing using his extensive professional experience in

sports and martial arts marketing, contract negotiation, and investment.


Photograph by coffeekai




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Teaching Child Students in 2022

By An-Shu Stephen Hayes

If you’re teaching the type of curriculum that’s more applicable on the street, how do

you translate that to the much younger audience?

Well, that is a very awkward question. Where my Dayton/Centerville,

Ohio school is located, it’s middle and upper-middle class,

and nobody gets in fights! Kids in general don’t get into fights.

Martial arts are all abstract to them, and yet it’s a very pragmatic

self-defense system. How do we approach youth?

Sometimes my wife will comment, “Oh gosh, I wish we were

teaching Tang Soo Do, it would be easier! ‘This is upper-block, this

is the punch.’”

But what we’ve done is create exercises where we have to be

so careful. With a nine year old, you don’t want to scare them, but

you do know more than they do and that they’re going

to be driving in a couple of years, and they’re

going to be out on their own and could be

victimized—they could go away to college, to

a party, and get victimized—so we’re really

training the way the person thinks. Because

when a young woman goes to her first fraternity

party, she thinks she’s all grown up.

She’s 19, she’s probably not going to get

into a fist fight with some guy, but things are

going to be offered. For her to be confident

enough in herself to know that, “No, this is of

more benefit to you than it is to me; no thank

you,” is a major thing. So, we can emphasize

that kind of thinking.

At our school we have a

series of four elements—

earth, water, fire, and

wind—that come from

the ninja tradition.

Earth is holding

your ground. And

some people are

just naturally that

way if they get

into a conflict or confrontation. Then there’s water, which is being

overwhelmed, so I tactically position myself so that the person

comes in and I can’t hold my ground. We say, “If you had to fight a

shark in the ocean, would you punch him in the teeth or would you

sneak over here and hit him in the gills?”

Then there’s fire, which is interrupting, and wind, which is evading.

We’re constantly emphasizing to kids, “Hey, you’re little! What

if a big kid comes around and pushes you around, or somebody

tries to grab you?” We use these principles from age six or seven

on. We have a very different program for four, five, and six year

olds. There we use a lot of obstacle courses and brightly colored

pool noodles so they don’t look threatening, but we use them

like swords and kids have to get out of the way as we try to wrap

that around their head and they get away. It’s a lot of fun and a lot

of giggling, but every now and then we’ll tell them get in line. I’ll

be honest, I’m looking for more ways to relate to kids with what

we have. It’s so pragmatic and yet kids don’t see violence in the

school; where they do run into violence is keyboard stuff—cyber

bullying is a big deal. A little kid is forming their identity and they’re

cheerfully reaching out to their friends and getting that kind of

feedback and Mom tells them she loves them; well, that’s just

Mom. Dad says he’s proud of you, Oh, that’s just Dad. I want positive

feedback from my friends at school, and then it goes haywire.

We teach them the technique, but secretly, the technique transmits

a state of mind. We have to teach these kids who they are, the

value they provide, the gift they are, so that when they come up

against this inevitable onslaught, they can believe in themselves,

that they have a value, and we have to teach them some tricks and

ways of dealing with that. I call them “tricks,” but you could call

them “techniques” or “methods.” They’ll think, “I learned this at the

martial arts school! I did this, it got the response from the person

that my teacher told me they would!” They’ll be so stunned they’ll

laugh and try to call you a name, but that means you got under

their skin. You won! We need to work on developing some of those

aspects as we go into the future.

AN-SHU STEPHEN HAYES has authored more than 20 books, worked as a body guard for the Dali

Lama, supervised over 30 school locations worldwide, and was named “A legend; one of the 10 most influential

living martial artists in the world” by Black Belt Magazine



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How Do You Know if You Have

Physical Fitness? (Part 2)

by Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

Our Martial Arts World family and I are 100% committed to make America healthier by

losing 3 billion pounds.

Create a Healthier Lifestyle: The number one secret to losing

weight is to change your lifestyle. How? Change your habits

and create a healthier lifestyle.

Set a Positive Goal: To lose

weight and get in shape requires

that you fight for yourself. How? Set a

positive goal. A positive

goal will give you hope,

and hope gives you the

strength to win.

1. Say, “I will get rid of 30

pounds within three months. My

target date is 0-00-0000.”

2. Make a commitment. Say, “I never

give in until I win.”

Plan for Success: A proper plan motivates

you. It’ll be easier and more

fun to lose weight and get

in shape. Develop an

eating and exercise


Announce Your

Goal: Show your commitment

and confidence.


will help you lose

weight and get in shape. Ask your family and

friends to support you. Post your goal and

commitment on social media. So many

people will support you in achieving your


Execute Your Plan: Focus on your

plan 10,000% and never give up until

you get in shape. Throw away all junk

food at home and at work. Weigh

yourself every day so you can adjust

your plan properly, and report your

experience to your family and friends

every day.

After you achieve your goal,

share your successful methods with

someone else that needs to lose

weight. Keep practicing the Four

Wheels of Physical Fitness. You

will enjoy healthy living for the

rest of your life. Extra fat is

your enemy, my enemy, and

health’s enemy.

I strongly believe that together

we can turn this obstacle

into a steppingstone. We will save

a trillion dollars in healthcare

costs, and we will be healthier,

stronger, and happier.

GRANDMASTER Y. K. KIM is the most successful martial arts business leader in the US, having written

over 30 books on martial arts, business, leadership, and success. He has won numerous public service

awards and is the founder of the leading martial arts marketing and management company in the US.


Photograph by warrengoldswain

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1st Pillar: Fight for your body – practice the 4

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you set your mind to do.

2nd Pillar: Fight for your mind – earn mental fitness

through self-education and self-discipline, so you

can be whatever you want to be.

3rd Pillar: Fight for your heart – believe in yourself

to develop the moral fitness to turn obstacles into

stepping stones, so you can have a winning spirit.

4th Pillar: Fight for your finances – develop financial

fitness to create financial freedom, so you can have

everything you want to have.

Audio Book

5th Pillar: Fight for your life – develop the 7 kinds of

modern leadership to build life fitness, so you can

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Embrace The 5 Pillars of True Success to be

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happier. You will create a successful future.


As a bonus, The 5 Powers of Self-Defense and The

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Modern Success is Your Choice!

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Children and the Art of the

Sword, Part 1

by Shihan Dana Abbott

When we think about swords and martial arts involving swords,

we seldom think of children.

It seems that the cutting blade and young people don’t mix

well…or at least that’s the belief in America, when in fact, I suggest

that there are ways to introduce the sword at early ages with extraordinary

benefits without introducing major risk of injury.

If we look at Japanese culture, we find that many Kendo

students begin their practice in the early years of grade school.

Learning Kendo in Japanese grade school is like American kids

learning baseball.

Early in my teaching experience in Kendo, I had the pleasure

of having a young Japanese girl in one of

my classes. When my American students

first began competing with her, they

severely underestimated her abilities.

Their Americanbased


system looked

at her diminutive

size and young

age and assumed

her abilities would

match her American

counterparts’ skills. In

reality, her skills were

way beyond what would

normally be expected,

an advantage of

her early start in


However, this

impressive ability

comes with a price.

Young Japanese

students may practice

many hours a day, doing strenuous training exercises that can

eventually result in stunted growth. It is a well-known fact that extreme

exercise in young people does affect development. Energy

from the nutrition children take in is diverted to their muscles to

support their exercises, rather than being used for growth development.

Olympic gymnasts are good examples of this. Think of

the small stature of gymnasts, as well as the delays or absence of

menstrual cycles in young girls.

Obviously we want to avoid affecting a student’s growth

potential, and allow them to learn the art safely while reaping the

benefits of the early cycles of learning. Today’s modern Chanbara

weaponry provides a safer alternative to the bamboo (Shinai) or

wooden (Bokuto or Bokken) swords used by older students.

By starting with soft weaponry, instructors don’t need to worry

about the inability of children to handle bamboo or wood to teach

basic sword strikes. Students can also begin learning sword techniques

earlier through the use of games and simple exercises. In addition,

the fear of injury that we often see in students when they’re

concerned about being struck by the Shinai or Bokuto is removed.

In the next part of this column, I will provide some suggestions

on how to integrate the sword into martial arts for young children.

Adapted from Lin Conklin

Samurai Sports, Inc.

Children’s Curriculum development

SHIHAN DANA ABBOTT Is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu, starting his 14-year education

in Tokyo. He has published five books and designed a US Patent. Abbott has also conducted seminars in

over 30 countries and obtained his black belt at the Hombu dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers online

classes on LearntheSword.com, his unique swordsmanship academy.


Photograph by master1305

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Is Everyone in Your Boat Rowing

in the Same Direction? (Part 1)

by Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

Do you have anyone on your team who is constantly pulling in

a different direction? It doesn’t have to mean that they are right or

wrong, stupid or brilliant.

As owner, you’re the leader. Everyone’s got to be on your

page. They’ve got to march to your drumbeat. If you have students

or staff (especially staff) who are constantly pulling in the wrong

direction, they’ve got to go.

They may be very successful somewhere else. Don’t feel bad

about moving them on to a new path. But you CANNOT have staff

or students who are pulling in a different direction. At best, they’re

a distraction. At worst, they’re a cancer that spreads. Be ruthless in

fixing this RIGHT AWAY.

Over the years I was VERY good at developing

this esprit de corps within my schools.

One significant reason is that it wasn’t

about me. It wasn’t about having everything

revolve around me as the teacher

or “Master.” It was about introducing new

students to each other. About introducing

new students to the black belts and other

senior students. It was about making the

black belts responsible for each other.

It was about creating situations

and opportunities for parents

to bond with one another.

I would organize carpools.

Introduce parents

to each other during class

during class transitions.

I’d create various

“teams.” Black Belt Prep

was a team activity. Senior

“nonpaid” students were

assigned leadership roles.

In many cases, the staff

was much less important

than the senior students in

being the glue that held things together.

I also made sure that NO ONE fell through the cracks. All staff

would talk about every student every week. We’d notice if someone

missed a class. We were on the phone and sending notes

QUICKLY if someone didn’t show up, fell behind, or slacked off.

The other key is held in a comment that Jeff Smith made about

me years ago.

He said, “Before he was an MBA, he was an ABM: Always Be


In my turnaround role with my own schools, I was VERY good

at filling the pipeline with new students. Of anyone I’ve seen, the

number one and two people in our industry for running a school

up FAST are myself and Jeff Smith respectively. I haven’t seen

anyone else come close.

How I did that varied greatly over the years. In some cases I

could take a school that was doing only four or six enrollments a

month and do 20 or more just by keeping track of all the Introductory

traffic and being effective at closing EVERYONE. In just about

every case, this was where I started. In other cases, I MASSIVELY

ramped up the traffic on new introductory students. Sadly, even

with extensive training, most people only scratch the surface on

their various marketing opportunities.

The same basic strategy, almost no matter what it is, can

have five, ten, sometimes even 30 times the difference in

results with someone who’s maximizing opportunity and really

paying attention.

With everything you do, ask the question WHAT ELSE COULD I


GRANDMASTER STEPHEN OLIVER, is a 9th degree black belt and is the founder and CEO of

Mile High Karate schools, and founder of the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery Program.


Photograph by VectorInspiration


Why You Must Start Your

Summer Camp

In The Middle of Winter

That’s right! A profitable Summer Camp with lots of enrollments begins right smack in

the middle of winter. Are you surprised? Well, so are the many school owners who get

excited about the possibilities of running an exceptional Summer Camp who begin in

March or April only to be disappointed in June and July. On the other hand, schools

that begin Summer Camp now can earn $100,000 to $250,000 for their camps.

Great Competition

Why must your Summer Camp begin now?

Just go and take a look at your local newspaper’s

upcoming events or social section and

you’ll find out why the beginning of the year

is the time to begin your Summer Camp.

Surely, you’ll see that there is a whole bunch

of competition: YMCA’s, Sports’ Camps, Music

Camps, Traditional Camps, and of course,

other Martial Arts Summer Camps.

If you think you can wait until the

Spring to begin your Summer Camp,

you will give an edge to all of your

competition and they’ll take advantage.

The saying, “The early bird

catches the worm” is true with

regard to running a successful

Summer Camp.

Proven Path

Maybe you’re not quite so

sure how to begin a Summer

Camp now. Have you

ever heard the expression,

“You don’t have to reinvent

the wheel”? AMS guided school owners just like you to achieve

tremendous success in their Summer Camps by following a simple

step-by-step path that works no matter what style you teach. In

other words, there is a proven path that will help any school owner

earn $100,000 or more with their camp.

Success Secrets

There are lots of secrets within the AMS Summer Camp Kit to

give you the edge you need over the competition. Just consider

some of the topics in the kit:

1. How to Prepare to Succeed – everything from facility, staff,

equipment, field trips, ads and form, etc.

2. How to Promote Successfully – ideas like internal and external

promotion, brochures, signs, sales presentation, getting

into the public school system, etc.

3. How to Operate for Success – all the direction you need

from organizing students and staff to scheduling and specific


Now can you see why Summer Camp must start now? It’s a big

undertaking that is well worth the effort in the financial and enrollment

rewards you’ll receive. Breathe a sigh of relief because with

the AMS Summer Camp Kit you’ll have an easy to follow step-bystep

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One Shot to Survive

by Grandmaster Tom Patire

One of the key EP defenses to learn is the ability to disarm an assailant who has a

firearm locked and loaded on your client.

Many systems preach different tactics for disarming a person

with a gun, but most of those disarms were not made to disarm a

gun that’s being held at a third party. When a weapon is pointed

at or on another person and you have to intervene to disarm that

weapon, many different factors come into play, such as getting to

the weapon with precise movement, redirecting it out of the way,

or getting your client out of the direct line of fire as you disarm the

assailant, which can mean the difference between life and death.

Should you get close enough to the weapon itself, the key to

survival is to stop, or at least limit, the discharge of the firearm.

So my philosophy is simple when it comes to in-close

weapon disarms: you get one shot to survive, so

make it count!

It’s not impossible to redirect the weapon or

stop the weapon from discharging. Most shooters

that go after clients in the private sector

target them because of work-related situations

or obsessions, thus wanting to get up close and

personal before firing their first shot. In certain

situations, they want to vent and say what’s on

their mind before blazing away. These

types of shooters often miss

their target completely from

the first shots, and if they hit

them, it’s usually in a nonvital

area. With this being

the framework for an assassination

attempt, let’s

look at the word GUN

and break it down into a

positive term so that the

chances of your survival,

as well as that of your client

and team, increase.

G is for GET

GET the client

or loved one

out of harm’s

way. GET your vitals

out of the shooter’s direct

line of fire. GET to the weapon as

quickly as you can. GET your hands

on the mass of the weapon and redirect

it towards the ground or the gunman, but away from you

and your client. GET control of the weapon as fast as you can. GET

the shooter distracted and off balance. GET to the shooter and apply

your disarm as quickly and precisely as you can so he doesn’t

GET you or your client! GET the gun at all costs!


As the situation unfolds, you need to UNDERSTAND all the

variables. UNDERSTAND that your mind will be racing and your

body will be filling with adrenaline. UNDERSTAND that you ‘ve

trained for this moment and are ready. UNDERSTAND your client

is scared, surprised, and confused. UNDERSTAND that what you

do will decide who may live or die. UNDERSTAND that you need

to maintain focus and act out your skills. UNDERSTAND that the

entire situation will feel like it’s in slow motion but will be over in

a few seconds. UNDERSTAND you have what it takes, so do the

deed and live on!

N is for NOW!

When a gunman appears, the time is NOW. Know the situation

and act on it NOW. Make sure the client is out of the line of fire

when you make your move to disarm or redirect NOW. NOW is the

time your training has to take over. NOW is when speed counts

and cooler heads prevail. NOW is the time to execute your ONE


GRANDMASTER TOM PATIRE, is known as “America’s Leading Personal Safety Expert” and has appeared

on Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Show, The Colbert Report, Montel, plus in mainstream publications such as

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He has written several books and has personal

safety programs that can be incorporated into your martial arts school, available at TomPatire.com.





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Dreams Do Come True

by Professor Willie “The Bam” Johnson

Wake up and stop dreaming! You’ll never see that come true. Take those magazine

covers off your wall. You’ll never meet those people. Snap out of it and live in reality,

and not in a dream world.

Dreams are valuable, and when your daily reality involves

abuse, bullying, drug dealing, violence, addiction, poverty,

homelessness, incarceration, suicide, and so much more,

dreams are the only thing you have. You feel them in your soul

and taste them in your mouth. This was the case for me 48 years

ago. The only thing I had was a dream, and that was to use martial

arts to get out of the Baltimore city projects and help

youth feel empowered through martial arts, like my

hero Bruce Lee did for me.

During the early years of martial arts instruction,

I didn’t understand the beauty of it, so it

was really hard back then. So, my faith had to

be strong, and I had to find support from action

movies, music books, and magazines. The

most influential support came from an issue

of the world’s legendary magazine of

martial arts, “Black Belt Magazine.”

As a kid, I would work

to earn money for a copy

of “Black Belt Magazine,”

and even steal it. With

such daily pain going on

inside of me, that magazine

would relieve me

of my inner pain. After

more than 40 years in

the martial arts industry,

I was featured on the

cover. Wow, dreams

do come true! With all

of the world’s greatest

martial arts teachers,

champions, leaders, peers, and celebrities coming before me, it’s

truly unbelievable.

I was teased when I was a kid, and called “the black Bruce Lee.”

I’m now featured on the cover—the same cover as Bruce Lee, in

the Black Belt Hall of Fame with Bruce Lee, and starred in a hit TV

show with Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon: the Saturday morning

live-action martial arts competition on Fox that was ranked number

one among kids 17 and older, called “WMAC Masters. I played

myself, and in recent days, fans from all over have been asking for

a Netflix or Hulu reboot.

These are the most exciting moments of my life, as I stand on

the shoulders of martial arts legends. What an honorable and humbling

moment in my life. The irony here is that the magazine saved

my life as I dreamed of getting out of the Baltimore projects and

breaking the negative cycle that many people face in an environment

like Baltimore. “Black Belt Magazine” hit the newsstands in

1961 as the first and only source on the martial arts industry and its

heroes. Only the legends of martial arts would grace the cover, like

Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Jet Lee, Billy

Blanks, and so many more—and now myself. To be on the cover

of the world’s leading martial arts magazine, talking about a new

sport to empower today’s youth, still feels unreal. It’s the bible of

the martial arts industry.

Yes, I made it to the mountaintop of martial arts achievements.

I am an example of dreams coming true when you keep God first,

family second, community third, and entrepreneurship fourth in

your efforts to lead a fearless life for the sake of being a genuine

servant leader. Effective leadership starts from the inside out,

and those that have earned such a title are humble servants to

others. They’re on a constant journey of the renewal of mind,

body, and soul, the ultimate achievement of becoming a complete

martial artist.

PROFESSOR WILLIE “THE BAM” JOHNSON is a 7th degree black belt and seventime

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion. He has appeared in four movies, 16 plays, and 11 television

shows. He is also the national spokesperson for the Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the Champions

Against Drugs.



Prescriptive Behavior

by Ms. Lee Milteer

It is better to be over rehearsed than ambushed!

You must have visionary thinking when it comes to your future. I

call this “flying into the future” with your mind so you can acknowledge

the possible changes happening in your world. When you

know something might come your way, prepare yourself so you

aren’t caught off guard. You must arm yourself with information

that keeps you balanced and conscious to prevent stress and panic,

regardless of whatever little mess you find yourself in. No one

makes good decisions when they’re trapped in an unresourceful

state of mind or caught off guard. In fact, most of us can trace bad

decisions to when we reacted to a situation instead of acting in a

manner that served us. I want to remind you of the importance of

prescriptive behavior, or arming yourself with the tools and information

that will help you deal with whatever changes come your

way so you can achieve your goals.

When you decide to choose your response to circumstances,

you powerfully affect the outcome. By

taking responsibility of the decisions in your life

and business, you change the circumstances

and the outcome. When you focus on the

highest and best outcome possible, you

don’t allow challenges to make you a

victim. You go from victim to powerful.

When you give yourself permission

to let go of what doesn’t work and

make a decision on what you want,

you clearly start to take control

of your life and future.

Instead of dreading

change, reframe

your life. Think about

the possibility of new,

exciting opportunities

for operating your

business so you can be

happy instead of being

afraid and dreading what

might happen. Remember,

you’re always a self-fulfilling prophecy. YOU design your future

with your thoughts, expectations, behaviors, and actions. If something

hasn’t worked well for you in the past, it’s TIME TO CHANGE

IT. Shift your mindset to get new results.

The old saying “success in life is 80 percent attitude and 20

percent aptitude” is true. You can learn anything if you’re willing to

spend the time and energy to learn. It’s your attitude that will make

the difference if you are open to change. So, ask yourself what

your attitude is toward change.

No matter what kind of business you run, there are going

to be days that are filled with problems. The news is negative,

employees let you down, and competition is beating you up. You

feel exhausted from making decisions, and challenging things

constantly happen. In the end, the people who thrive and prosper

are the ones who have the prescriptive attitude. The people who

succeed are the ones who take charge of the caliber of information

that reaches their brain. In other words, a habit of the wealthy

is having the skill of awareness to stop negative self-talk and keep

from having a negative view of life that will impact your future and

keep you from reaching greatness.

You get in life what you focus on. If you dwell on limitations, you

will reach them. You’ll have a better life in every way if you make

the least of the worst while making the most of the best.

MS. LEE MILTEER is an Intuitive Business Coach, award-winning professional speaker, and TV personality

who has counseled and trained over a million people throughout her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s Martial Arts

Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling author of educational resources.


Photograph by Olivier Le Moal


Bodybuilding Shoes


Boxing & Martial Arts Sneakers

Martial Arts Gear





Our Little World

by Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci

“Feeling important makes one heavy, clumsy, and vain. To be a warrior one needs to

be light and fluid.” –Carlos Castaneda

How small we all are! Our inconsequential lives are filled with

importance, especially because, whether we like it or not, we live

them in the first person. With some totally wrapped in the character

they represent because, justifying themselves in such fiction,

end up living alienated in a role or dream in pursuit of their personal

conviction, paranoia, or melodrama. But, all of us in our little

world under the sheets, at some point unmasked, have to know

about our inferior condition. No matter how fast we erase that image,

even if we hide behind the excuse of sustaining our personal

courage after a difficult life, as a justification for an ego that must

fight and stand firm and live for the sake of our dignity and selfesteem,

the truth is that what Castaneda brilliantly defined as “the

personal importance” ends up being a treacherous

trap that consumes, cajoles, and confuses all of us.

Everything that gives value and sustains the ego,

whether positive or negative, is “personal importance.”

It implies exactly that for all of us: personal

importance is the quotation marks we continue

adding to everything in life.

It’s as if the facts lacked all thrust on the balance

scale until we put them in quotation marks.

As a matter of fact, the same event that for one is

bad can be magnificent for another one. Personal

importance is responsible for placing

the adjectives in our minds, coloring the

images, and uploading them. Everything

that gives value to things is based on

this curious recital, capable of making

beautiful the horrible, or justifying

the most extravagant outburst in the

context of the plainest normality.

Although only people possess this

magnetic unifier of adjectives, every

society or culture ends up gathering

around a set of rules that are

deposited as a barrage of personal experiences in a moral norm.

In turn, this will sooner or later have to be overcome when the

protective bubble it creates will begin to be perceived more as a

suffocating cage than a protection. How can we not have personal

importance? How can we stop being vulnerable to this titanic


There’s only one way for it; a path that entails ceasing to be

human. The detachment and self-abandonment proper to a

renounced monk, without being so, must be mixed with absolute

domination of a self, which is no longer personal. But what shall we

be then, to have everything of something of which we don’t want

anything? Clearly, the wisest among the wise have come to rescue

us at this point to differentiate the soul from the Ego. But, beyond

semantic tricks, for most that difference is no greater than the

thickness of the wing of a butterfly. How can you measure a priori

something you don’t even know exists until you find it? The higher

you ascend in the path of consciousness, life, or knowledge, the

more evident it becomes that choices are getting shorter. Differences

become more and more subtle, as well as more radical, and

therefore prices are more expensive. A small mistake when you

start climbing up the mountain is not the same as a mistake when

you’re about to reach the top. That’s why the sage slows down

his temper, reproves his reactions, and measures his facts much

more than the ignorant, which enters situations like an elephant

in glassware. More control with greater detachment? These two

virtues seem indispensable, whatever the path of growth through

which your feet may lead you. We cannot be great without both

things having nested in our souls, for neither can be feigned or

faked. Deceiving ourselves at this point is always dangerous

because personal importance acquires multiple forms and justifies

everything in the name of our understanding. Good and evil, the

crucible of all the best and worst of humans, far from being black

or white, enjoy the infinite range of grays in which they slide, and in

their flow, the confusion to which they submit us. In our little world,

in the end, it’s surprisingly a child who decides.

SHIDOSHI ALFREDO TUCCI is the CEO and General Manager of the Budo International Publishing

Company, a leading publisher in the martial arts with over 35 years in the industry. He is also author of several

books: The Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain.



Martial Arts Professionals in

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Find the Missing Piece of Your

School with Puzzle Mats

by Mr. Sun Kang

It can build retention through innovation and safety.

There was a time when many of the

martial arts were almost solely limited to

punches and kicks. If a person could not

perform big kicks, they usually weren’t

considered a well-rounded martial artist.

Many schools didn’t teach grappling

because it wasn’t a part of their traditional


Now, with puzzle mats, there are

cushioned surfaces that provide surefooted

support for stepping and kicking

drills, and are also great shock absorbers

for jumping and falling drills. Puzzle

mats also have a nonslip surface that

improves safety for your students, no

matter which drill they’re performing.

When you use puzzle mats, you can

teach grappling and throwing techniques.

By adding new techniques and

practices into your martial arts training,

you offer more for your students.

Adding the variation of grappling to your curriculum can boost

your retention. Students who don’t feel as confident in their kicking

techniques might feel much stronger with grappling. Even

students who are strong in kicking techniques should learn the

usefulness of grappling.

When they know more techniques, a martial artist

becomes better rounded.

Puzzle mats can also lead to more enrollments

as well. Grappling and throwing techniques are

things that people look for when they are looking

for a school for self-defense purposes. In addition,

when someone is looking for a martial arts school,

they want to know that they’ll be safe.

Puzzle mats will show them that you are

concerned for your students’ safety.

Grappling involves students hitting the floor more often. With

puzzle mats, students will be safe when they fall. Puzzle mats also

provide a safe surface for a student who missteps and falls during

any drill. An added bonus of the puzzle mats is less fatigue on the

body. Standing on a firm, cushioned surface puts less stress on the

bones and joints. That means that your students can train longer

and safer!

Puzzle mats are a reasonably inexpensive way to boost your

retention and vary your curriculum. They are worth the investment

compared to the gains that your school will make.

AMS member schools get discounted pricing when ordering

from Vision USA, so visit VisionMA.com or call 1-800-424-5425

to place an order or get more information!

MR. SUN KANG is the President of Vision Martial Arts Supply, Los Angeles Branch, who helps school owners all over

the US maximize their retail sales and drive more revenue into their schools.


Photograph by ilen nalishawa

Learn the Sword

with Shihan Dana Abbott

Learn Samurai swordsmanship online with Shihan Dana Abbott!

For $1 a day, you can take advantage

of Danna Abbott’s expertise in

Kenjutsu, known as Japanese

Swordsmanship, where he

holds the rank of Shihan 7th

Degree Black Belt.

Abbot has shared his expertise

from the Hombu Dojo in

Yokohama with thousands of

instructors worldwide – and

now he’d like to share it with you.

Samurai Program Online Training

You’ll get unlimited access to videos and tutorials

detailing sword techniques and covering wood,

bamboo, synthetics, and steel for long sword!

Individual Courses & Self Study

Instruction is based on tried-and-true methods

taught in Japan for generations. Experience oneon-one

instruction with a simple, step-by-step,

methodical approach to mastering the sword.

Instructor Courses & Certification

Traditional and combative courses allow

students to grasp the basic dynamics of

traditional & combative sword techniques

and mindsets, making learning and achieving

certification easier!

For more information, head to LearnTheSword.com


Developing Your Students’

Devotion to Becoming Black Belts

by Master Tina Bane

A diamond is one of the most precious and sought-after gems on Earth. They’re strong

enough to cut glass while being beautiful and elegant symbols of love and devotion.

But how long does it take for a diamond to form?

Scientists don’t agree on how long it takes because there are

many factors that contribute to a diamond’s progress from rock

to diamond, and because the elements that make up diamonds

aren’t useful in determining their age. However, estimates range

anywhere from a couple days to millions of years.

Your school is full of young students who are diamonds in the

rough. Going from novice to black belt is a similar process to

diamond formation. There’s no way to know exactly

how long it’s going to take, but everybody knows

a diamond when they see one. It’s important

that along this long and uncertain journey your

students maintain their devotion to their quest

of becoming black belts and, more importantly,

maintaining their commitment to mastering

their art. This kind of devotion needs to be

nurtured, just like their front kicks and

reverse punches.

Here are some ways you can

help your students stick to their

martial arts goals during the

often difficult but rewarding


Set benchmarks.

Becoming a black belt

will take a minimum of

a few years. Depending

on the age of your

students and the regulations

surrounding your ranking

system, some of your students

may not be able to become black

belts until they reach a certain age,

regardless of their

current skillset. To

reduce some of the

impatience students

feel when their goals

seem so far away,

break the journey

down into shorter

timeframe benchmarks.

How far apart

the benchmarks

are depends on the patience of each individual student. You may

need to keep some students focused on their next belt test. Other

students may need really short benchmarks, like increasing their

number of kicks a little bit each day. Focus your students on the

farthest goal they can handle and they’ll rise to the challenge.

Be a broken record. Don’t assume that once the goal has been

set your students will stay focused. Once your students state their

goals, remind them every day. Instilling a sense of purpose takes

time, but if you repeat yourself like a broken record, your students

will internalize their goals and hear that voice inside their head

driving them on every time they think about quitting.

Take mental breaks. Just like diamonds, getting your students

to black belt means keeping the pressure on them to keep going.

However, too much pressure can cause your students to feel anxious

and have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. Take

time to have fun by running exciting promotions, exhibitions, and

taking short breaks in intense training.

There’s a reason why diamonds are so rare: they’re difficult

to make, and they take time and the right amount of pressure to

come out just right. By keeping these tips in mind, you can help

develop the devotion your students’ need to shine brightly in

your program!

MASTER TINA BANE is a 6th degree master instructor and owner of a Top Ten martial arts school

with successful after school and summer camp programs.


Photograph by robertcicchetti


The Value of Failure, Part 2

by Grandmaster Tim Mccarthy

Of course, in class, not every technique will be perfect.

During practice, we offer constructive criticism to help the student

improve. I believe in

positive instruction using

the PIR method: Praise,

Instruct, Result.

For example, “Nice front

kick! If you raise your knee a

little higher, you’ll kick a little


I praise the student,

instruct on how to improve the

technique, and motivate

him by predicting

the result.

Another opportunity is in

tip testing. Tip tests serve several

purposes. First of all, for those with a

short attention span (most kids in the 21st

century), it provides an immediate goal to

work toward. Younger, lower-ranking children

may have a hard time working toward a new

belt that is three or four months away. They can

more easily focus on a tip test that is happening

in the next week or two.

Second, it provides practice

under pressure. They know

they can pass or fail, so they

feel the pressure and get

practice performing under


Third, it provides an

opportunity to fail and

learn. Students should

fail tip tests often so they

get used to failing and

recovering. With failure they should get an opportunity for private

help and instruction, plus an opportunity to tip test again

in a day or two. They learn to fail and recover, and

learn that failure is a

necessary step on

the road to success.

They’re also

better prepared

for the belt test

because they

know they have all

the skills.

As I have

often said in

this column,

most of us are

not training

soldiers for

the battlefield.

We’re training children, moms, accountants,

and other everyday people who

may not be strong enough when they

come to us, but who count on us to help

them become stronger.

We need to structure our schools using

failure at the right times to help them learn to

bounce back from mistakes and use feedback

to improve, but never to encourage them to quit

because we asked them to do more than they

are ready to do.

Step by step, belt by belt, we can help them

become stronger physically and emotionally until

they’ve truly earned their black belts in technique,

character, and indomitable spirit.

Nothing breeds success like success.

GRANDMASTER TIM MCCARTHY is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial

arts educator with a master’s degree in education. He has been instrumental in developing two

industry-changing programs, plus has directed and been featured in hundreds of martial arts videos

and webinars.


Photograph by SerhiiBobyk

Touch The Future

Of Martial Arts School Management



• Send automated

2-4-6 week follow

up messages to

keep new students


• Create unlimited

automated followup

messages for

students whose

attendance has

“slipped,” effectively

slamming your

“back door” shut!



• You don’t even

have to log in to

the system, simply

schedule any of the

over 100 reports

to be automatically

emailed to you or

a staff member

whenever you wish.



• Generate new

leads with a

website that

will find new


collect their

information, and

funnel them into

your school.

• Guide new

prospects and


into your door

with automated

sequential email

and SMS text




• Reactivate lost

and former

students with

regular automated


about special

events and special

offers at your



• Automatically push, pre-scheduled

posts to Facebook, Twitter and other

Social Networks magnetically attracting

students to your school.



CALL 1-(800) 275-1600



Statistics, Part 3

by Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

There are certain key numbers you should keep track of.

These numbers will help you maintain control and know if

you’re doing the right kind of work to make your school successful.

Remember, “What gets counted gets done.”

Gross—Know where you are all the time. This isn’t something

you add up at the end of the month. You have to know

where you’ve been to enable you to project where you’re going.

You need to keep your eye on the pulse of your business

to know if you need to speed up or pat yourself on the back for

achieving your goals. Each day, make your plan and take the

necessary steps to make sure you’re on track to ask for whatever

amount of money you need to hit your daily,

weekly, and monthly goals. We use a daily

report to keep track of statistics numbers

one through nine, plus ten. The daily report

also has a reminder list for times of the day,

days of the week, and certain days of the

month. There’s also a daily planning chart

where you plan where, whom, how much

you’re going to ask for that day. It includes

all nine areas of income:

1. New enrollments

2. Merchandise

3. Upgrades

4. Tuition compressions

5. Graduation fees

6. Seminars

7. Activities and


8. Past-due purchases

9. Past-due


By planning

in advance

whom and how

much you’re going to ask for, you’ll collect more. Chances are

you will collect 20% of what you ask for.

Goal—What’s your monthly goal? To be in the top

10% of schools nationally, you have to gross $30,000 per

month. The average school grosses $70,000 per year!

There are different sets of problems for schools trying to

gross $10K a month and those trying to get from $50K to

$80K per month. Your goal should start with your minimum

gross that you need to take in before you enjoy any

profits, including rent/mortgage, utilities, payroll including

yourself, supplies, marketing (3–10%), and miscellaneous

expenses. After you meet minimum gross, you can start

giving/receiving bonuses and commissions for additional

incomes. The best way to figure what you should be grossing

is to average your last three months’ gross, and then

add 20% as a goal. Unless you change things drastically,

you’ll probably do the same thing this month as you’ve

been averaging. We use a Monthly Revenue Goal Projection

form that will help keep track of our goals and income.

Make a list of the following items and then add it up to see

what you’ll gross this month:

1. How much is your monthly tuition income?

2. Do you have any postdated deposits to make?

3. How many beginners will you enroll?

4. How many of them will prepay (20%)? Or the amount of

enrollment fees?

5. How many upgrades will you enroll and get them to prepay?

Or enrollment fees?

That will give you your membership revenue total. List

the numbers of equipment packages you’ll sell based on

the numbers of enrollments and upgrades (80%). List how

many belt promotion fees you’ll register including multi-belt

prepays. Finally, project how many people will register for

your monthly seminar and activities. I have one school that is

projecting to gross $30,000 next month just in seminars and

activities! This one idea will put $50,000 to $100,000 in your

account this year!

GRANDMASTER LAWRENCE ARTHUR has been a martial artist, specializing

in Karate, Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shotokan, and Goju Ryu, since 1968. He owns 40 Super Kick Karate

locations and is founder of the American Freestyle Karate Association (AFKA). A world champion

and hall of famer, Lawrence also runs the Black Belt Success Systems consulting firm, which trains

martial arts instructors on proper business practices and is used by schools all over the country.


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A Diary of a Black Belt, Part 3

by Sensei Gary Lee

My First Sport Karate


Very exciting, to say the least: hundreds

of people watching you perform

and the pressure of representing your

school, but mainly your Sensei. Tanaka

Sensei has got me here. Now I do this

day for Sensei. I have told no one my

thoughts, but this is what my hearts

says. I’ve trained hard for this, thrown

thousands of punches on the Makiwara,

hundreds of kicks, takedowns,

sweeps, and follow up.

I am defensive, ready. I can be offensive

also. Back fist, reverse punch,

spin back kick, I owned them.

Sensei has taught me to have

confidence in your technique, pure

PMA, live for the Ippon. If you’re going

to do sport Karate, do the best that you

can and go for the win!

Got disqualified for excessive contact—reverse

punch to the body—he couldn’t continue!

Judges said it was excessive with no control.

Oss, sorry, Tanaka Sensei, please forgive


One year later

6th Green Belt

The test was hard but different

this time. I was totally prepared

because I want this! I want

this real bad!

All I think about is

class and Sensei

Tanaka. I can’t

believe I’ve

stayed a

year and am now in the advanced class. I mean this is a big deal.

My background, my attitude when I first came here—a complete



I am so excited! Oss!

I have learned so much and my life has changed. My attitude,

just believing in something is cool, and now I get to work out

with Mr. Tanaka. Sensei, he is so different than the other black

belts. By different I mean he’s sharper, more precise, almost

scary he’s so fast.

Now I get to hit the Makiwara boards covered in hard rope

at punching and kicking heights. I would sometimes watch the

advanced class and black belts would hit the Makiwara 500 times,

exhausted, knuckles bleeding. Back then I thought they were

crazy and I would laugh at it, now I can’t wait to get permission to

do it and work on my kime and get my knuckles bleeding! Bull in

the ring, pure self-defense and street application, Kata, application

of Kata, Bunkai, precision movement of the Kata applied to uki’s

attacking, this is what I’ve learned and I want my black belt.

SENSEI GARY LEE, the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black belt, a USA Karate

Federation gold medalist, winner of five Super Grand National Titles, a featured actor in

the movie Sidekicks, and is the founder of the National Sport Karate Museum.



Would You Spend a Dollar to

Save a Dime?

by Chief Master Kirk Pelt

It seems like everybody is talking about the economy and looking for ways to save

money. Well, how far would you go to save money?

Would you drive ten miles out of your way to save two cents a

gallon on gas? Would you drive across town because a store has

soap on sale? Or do you realize that you’d spend more on gas for

the drive than you’d save at the register? Or maybe you’ve tried

fixing something around the house, like a leaky pipe, only to break

it even more, turning a $100 repair into a $300 repair?

Saving money is good, but you have to be smart

enough to know when being cheap actually costs

you more than being smart. I learned this lesson

early in my career in the martial arts. I wanted to

collect my own tuition because of that old saying,

“If you want a job done right, do it yourself.”

I soon found out that it wasn’t such a good

idea when I got into an argument with a student

over money. The same student who was saying,

“Yes, Sir!” in the dojang was cussing me out in the

office. That was not the kind of martial arts master I

wanted to be.

Even when I had one of my staff members

try to do the billing, it still created an

adversarial relationship between

the student and the school. Again,

this is not what I wanted.

I found that by using a billing

company like AMS to handle

my student accounts, I solved

a whole bunch of problems

at once. First of all, my staff

and I were no longer the bill

collectors. When students

wanted to talk about

money, I just told them

to contact AMS. Not only did that prevent an adversarial confrontation,

it saved my staff and me a tremendous amount of time,

and time is money. Second, I found out that the AMS professionals

were better at collecting money than I was. I’m sure you can

imagine that my heart wasn’t really in it. I didn’t want to be a bill

collector, so if a student came to me with a sob story, it was really

easy for me to be the nice guy and help him out. Unfortunately,

every time I helped a student, I hurt my school and my family. I really

needed an unrelated professional to be firm enough to collect

the tuition for me.

So, I found out that paying a small percentage to AMS actually

increased my income because they were able to collect more,

plus I got a free bonus of extra time to think about teaching better

classes and enrolling more students instead of dealing with money


Using AMS is kind of like calling the plumber to fix a leaky

pipe—you may think you’re going to save money by doing it yourself,

but you can easily end up spending, because you really didn’t

know what you were doing. It’s just one more example where being

smart is much better than being cheap.

In our modern world, “When you want a job done right, hire a

professional.” For martial arts schools, that professional is AMS.

To learn more about how AMS Billing can help your school

thrive, contact a friendly Billing Consultant at 1-800-275-1600.

CHIEF MASTER KIRK PELT is an 8th degree black belt and is the President of a multimillion

dollar, multi-school organization, has a 30-year track record of success, and is currently on

the leading edge of martial arts curriculum and business innovation.



A Touch of Zen



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Twenty Ways To Keep Your

Attitude Positive, Part 1

by Grandmaster Bill Clark

The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our

circumstances.” –Martha Washington

Being happy is not about circumstances or any other outside

force. Happiness is a decision we make. Choose to be happy. Be

responsible for your attitude.

Create a Positive Morning Routine

Begin your day on a positive note by creating a positive

morning routine to set your day off right!

• Get up with plenty of time to get ready leisurely.

• Turn on some happy or rousing music.

• Put on clothes that make you feel good (get

rid of the ones that don’t).

• Savor the smell of that first cup of coffee.

• Play motivational or inspirational audio in

your car rather than listen to the news or

mindless disc jockey banter.

• SMILE and say hi to everyone you

meet before they say hi to you!

I start the day with a

light martial arts workout,

followed by a protein

breakfast. I then start

my work, taking a

relaxed but focused

approach to each


Rid Your Day

of Negative

People and


Yourself With Happy People

If you want to live a positive, joyful and happy life, you cannot—absolutely

CANNOT—be surrounded by negative people

who aren’t encouraging your happiness. You know the type of

people I mean. The ones who think their lack of happiness in life

can be blamed on their spouse, boss, family, job, or the economy.

I’ve designed my life to be with my instructors, friends, and

other people that build each other and me up. I’ve made a conscious

decision not to allow negative people to stay in my life.

These people’s attitudes can quickly grow in you like a cancer.

Disassociate yourself from this type of person at once. Those

people are destined to go nowhere. You, however, because of

your excellent attitude, have a ticket to the TOP! Remember,

you choose whether you soar with the eagles or live with the


Minimize Your Exposure to Negative Situations

Stay out of negative conversations on social media. Limit TV

time, especially the news.

I don’t get into negative conversations with or about people.

I stay up to date with the news but I don’t spend all of my time

paying attention to the news.

Maximize Positive Input

Instead, read a positive book, start a project, pick up a new

hobby, spend some quality time with your family or friends, do

something that will enhance your life. Manage your time around

your goals. I constantly read and listen to positive recordings in

my cars. I regularly attend classes and seminars to keep improving

myself personally and professionally.

GRANDMASTER BILL CLARK is a 9th degree black belt and a former PKA Fighter of

the Year. He is widely considered one of the top experts in martial arts business with over 50 years

of leadership and innovation, having been inducted into almost every Hall of Fame in the industry. He

is one of the largest multi-school owners in the world.



Mining for Instructors:

Planting the Seed, Part 3

by Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed

Make Teaching a Part of Your Brown Belt Curriculum

Many schools already require black belt candidates to start

teaching to fulfill requirements towards their black belt-earning

process. The required amount of assisted teaching hours can vary

widely from 20 hours to over 200 hours. I recommend that you

start the teaching requirement process as early as a brown belt

and not wait until they begin the testing cycle.

The earlier you begin their indoctrination into

instructorship and other leadership roles, the

earlier you’ll see the benefits come to fruition

as they begin forming better teaching habits.

Encourage Leadership

Development As

Early As White Belt

Encourage leadership

development as early as white belt?

Of course encourage leadership development

as early as white belt! After all, most

students come to us seeking confidence and

self-esteem development, so why not start the

process of giving them responsibility and earning

recognition as early as white belt? Start by

giving them simple, fun responsibilities

such as organizing the pads or bags,

helping with simple classroom management,

taking roll, calling class to

assemble in formation, or assist with

stripe awards. Once they reach the

intermediate level, begin giving

them larger and more important

responsibilities. They can even

lead warm-ups, count out loud

a certain skillset, or assist

younger, more junior students under the supervision of an adult

instructor. There’s always someone out there on your floor who

can one day become an outstanding instructor.

Have a Robust Instructor Training Program

Simply implementing all of the above ideas without actually

having a well-developed instructor development

and training program that clearly outlines the

process, guidelines, and requirements from white

belt to instructor will only keep students engaged

for so long. If you truly want to grow an instructor

base and have a good number of students benefit

from your education, it’s imperative that you

have a robust and systematic instructor, and even

a master instructor training program accessible

and available to all your qualified instructor candidates.

To achieve this, you need to clearly define the process and

curriculum for your school and get it organized in a manner that

allows you to start teaching and implementing it in your school.

A Clearly Defined Process For Your Students

When your students can actually observe other students

participating and benefiting from your instructor training program,

they, too, will want to become a part of this exciting process. But

they must first see the teaching and training in action for themselves.

The culture of instructors differs from that of the student

body in that there are many privileges and various aspects to instructorship

that differ from normal student life, such as invitations

to special events, discounts, beautifully adorned certificates of

achievement, and many other tangible and intangible benefits that

come with being an instructor. But, most of all, the status, respect,

and skill level of the martial artist must be visible by everyone.

Every student is a potential future instructor.

GRANDMASTER ZULFI AHMED has amassed acclaim as a world-class competitor, martial

arts educator, and is most notably founder and designer of the internationally renowned style, Bushi Ban.

With over 45 years of martial arts experience and over 300 martial arts awards, his schools include ten

locations across Texas.


Photograph by JackF



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Tools & Tactics

Let the Retention Rise

by Ms. Chris Lee

For starters, enrollment is the growth of a martial arts school business, and retention is

the maintaining of enrollment.

Right there, you can already see the connection. However,

many schools promote themselves in a manner such that their

purpose focuses entirely on enrollment. This is fine since, after all,

bringing in new students is what helps the school grow. Yet

what’s being overlooked is the importance of retention.

Some schools create goals such as bringing in ten

new students this month—difficult, but achievable.

All of their goals are based on growth. This coincides

with all businesses’ customers as well, but

why? There’s something

missing in this picture.

If they achieve

their goal and bring in

twelve new students,

what good is it if ten leave?

I wouldn’t consider that a goal

reached. Sure, there’s an addition

of two students, but that’s not an

accomplished goal because there

isn’t enough focus on keeping

students enrolled in martial arts.

The goal of enrolling new

students is a great mindset

and action to take, but

schools need to find a way

to incorporate retention as

well. The best way to do

this is to alter your promotions,

deals, and attention

from not only on the

outside audience, but also

to the current students

of your school. I suggest

allowing your students

to bring a friend for free

whenever they like. This

doesn’t cost you anything and may be all a new visitor needs to be

attracted to martial arts and your school.

By improving the focus of our promotions, we can assure our

current students to stay while bringing in new students, thus creating

more enrollments. It can’t be enrollment if you’ve lost

just as many students in the time being. Acting now on

this path will not only make your school grow, but it

will strengthen it as well. If a school begins focusing

on maintaining retention a little more than just more

enrollments, the enrollments might benefit from this

move. For example, let’s say a martial arts school

enrolled 28 new students in September for their

after school program, but lost 19 students—a surplus

of only nine students. These 19 students are likely to

never come back.

The next month, there were only two new students, but five

more students left, because their friends left the month before

or because parents were frustrated by the massive changes

in the school with its dramatic gains and losses. By December,

the school may be in the negative since the school year began

because of the amount of losses it had. This kind of situation is

not only due to a lack of enrollment, but to an even greater lack

of maintaining the students that were already enrolled. Now, if

we reversed the direction to promoting retention just as much as

enrollment, this will be a likely scenario. The school will add 16

new students for the after school program and lose a low amount

of two students—a surplus of 14. The next month, it only adds six

new students and loses only one. By December, no students are

leaving and the school is in a surplus of 30 or more students and

counting. This action will develop a minimum of students lost while

still gaining enough students to see growth. Remember, a student

staying is a student gained.

Follow these rules and your school shall prosper in coming


For more information regarding retention, please feel free to

call my Marketing Consultant colleagues or me at 1-800-275-1600.

MS. CHRIS LEE is a martial arts business development consultant with a background in online and

social media marketing.






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