O-Ringen Magzine, Nr 1 2023

The magazine about the world's biggest orienteering adventure. O-Ringen Åre 2023, July 22-28.

The magazine about the world's biggest orienteering adventure. O-Ringen Åre 2023, July 22-28.


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NUMBER 1<br />

APRIL <strong>2023</strong><br />

See you in the<br />

mountains<br />

in Åre!<br />

BE SURE<br />


BY APRIL 1 ST<br />

- SAVE 10 %<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 1

Time flies when<br />

you are having fun<br />

Just as the headline and the old proverb suggests, time flies when you are<br />

having fun. And time really flies now for us officials who are working with<br />

the preparations for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre. Soon we will finally be able welcome you<br />

participants to beautiful Jämtland and Åredalen. How we long for this!<br />

In total, we will be about 1000 officials<br />

from Sweden and Norway who will<br />

receive you with open arms to a mountain<br />

landscape, which I hope will offer<br />

clear blue skies, nice temperature, and lovely<br />

days. This summer's O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre will have<br />

everything that is expected of an O-<strong>Ringen</strong>,<br />

varied terrain, nice arenas, nice officials who<br />

take care of you, cosy barbecue areas at the<br />

campsite and the sense of community that<br />

everyone wants at this competition.<br />

At the same time, I want to talk about the<br />

fact that arranging O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in a mountain<br />

landscape has its challenges. Postponing<br />

the project for two years forced us to move<br />

stages and redraw maps, then came a war in<br />

Ukraine that have contributed to skyrocketing<br />

transport costs. We have had to rethink both<br />

once and twice, we have changed and redone<br />

things. The changes have, among other things,<br />

resulted in changes in our transports and the<br />

addition of a fee for our stage buses.<br />

What I can promise is that our route<br />

planners, cartographers, officials, bus<br />

drivers and all the functionaries involved<br />

will do everything to ensure that you have a<br />

wonderful week in Åre and the surrounding<br />

area. We work all day (and sometimes night)<br />

to make sure that everything works and is as<br />

good as possible for you participants and we<br />

really look forward to welcoming you to the<br />

mountains this summer! On Saturday July<br />

22nd, I hope to see you at the inauguration<br />

of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong>. I promise that the<br />

entire O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week will be an experience<br />

that you will carry with you for a long time<br />

to come.<br />

Welcome to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong><br />


Project manager O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong><br />

niclas.lidstrom@oringen.se<br />

2 O-RINGENTIDNINGEN MAGAZINE NR 11 •• <strong>2023</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 3


O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Heliosgatan 3<br />

120 30 Stockholm<br />

info@oringen.se<br />

Stage areas:<br />

Trillevallen, Åre by,<br />

Järpen och Ånn<br />

25–35<br />

Contact O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Claes Forsberg | CEO<br />

070-492 14 50, claes.forsberg@oringen.se<br />

Niclas Lidström | Project manager O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong><br />

070-810 06 66, niclas.lidstrom@oringen.se<br />

Mats Adolfsson | Sales<br />

070-394 50 71, mats.adolfsson@oringen.se<br />

Anna Wennertorp | Marketing, Experience<br />

& Competitior services<br />

070-952 54 78, anna.wennertorp@oringen.se<br />

Magnus Johansson | Competition & IT<br />

070-381 03 56, magnus.johansson@oringen.se<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

See you in Åre<br />

8<br />

Conny Gunnarsson | Logistics<br />

070-8107349, conny.gunnarsson@oringen.se<br />



DUVED<br />



26/7 • STAGE 3<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

The magazine is produced and<br />

published by O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Responsible publisher<br />

Claes Forsberg<br />

@oringen<br />

Layout<br />

Martin Hammarberg, Adshape AB<br />

Cover<br />

Photo: Åre Destination/Frida Berglund<br />



12<br />






16<br />

Many types of accomodation<br />


JÄRPEN<br />



26/7 • STAGE 3<br />

38–39<br />

Three stages MTBO<br />




25/7 • STAGE 3<br />

28/7 • STAGE 5<br />

55<br />

Åsa helps us out with our sustainability work<br />

Photo: Anette Andersson.<br />

Perfect leg stretcher<br />

on the way to Åre<br />

14<br />

18<br />

Transport to the stages<br />



20<br />

Bus tickets, shower and dressing<br />

31<br />

SkiStars activity day<br />

23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />

MÖRSIL<br />

40–41<br />

Different Trail-O<br />

27/7 • STAGE 4<br />

44–45<br />

British national team runner in Åre<br />

48<br />

The perfect form of exercise for Britta<br />

58–66<br />

Discover more of Åre, Östersund,<br />

Krokom och Tröndelag<br />

70–79<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2024 och 2025<br />

82–90<br />

Registration guide<br />



23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 5<br />

19–22/7 • OTTSJÖ<br />


Varför betala mer?<br />

Skogsbana, hinderbana<br />

eller yrkesbana?<br />

129:-<br />

Balansplatta, Ø 40 cm<br />

14-764<br />

349:-<br />

Stepbräda<br />

14-980<br />

90<br />

89,<br />

Balanskudde, Ø 16 cm, 2 st.<br />

14-962<br />

Funkar även för<br />

ömma benmuskler!<br />

Från<br />

129:-<br />

Kettlebell, 4-20 kg<br />

14-974–14-976, 14-9770–14-9772<br />

90<br />

99,<br />

Träninghjul, Ø 18 cm<br />

14-947<br />

399:-<br />

Massagekudde nacke/rygg<br />

14-991<br />

Utbildningar för dig<br />

som gillar utmaningar<br />

179:-<br />

Yogamatta, 4 mm<br />

14-951<br />

249:-<br />

Underställ, S-XXL<br />

21-0150–21-0154<br />

129:-<br />

Gymboll, Ø65 cm<br />

14-7711<br />

www.slu.se<br />


See you in<br />

Åre <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

Minna Thuresson<br />

Ok Renen<br />

D16<br />

Why are you participating in O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– I'm competing at the O-Ring because it's such a fun competition.<br />

You get to compete against everyone who is their own age from all<br />

over Sweden in all five stages. It is good and fun because if you do a<br />

bad race, you get another chance to do a better race the next day. I<br />

also like that we live with the club and friends, and it is usually very fun<br />

between the races and in the evenings.<br />

What do you expect?<br />

– I don't expect anything specific, but I hope for good and challenging<br />

courses, and preferably a bit of a mountain feeling on some stage.<br />

Have you been to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> before? What year and what did you do?<br />

– I've been on every O-Ring that's been going since 2013 and all these<br />

years I've competed in orienteering.<br />

What are you looking forward to the most?<br />

– I'm most looking forward to competing, trying my best, and hanging<br />

out with friends before and after the competitions. I am also looking<br />

forward to competing in mountainous terrain.<br />

What do you think it is that makes O-<strong>Ringen</strong> a unique event?<br />

– I think O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is different from other competitions because there<br />

are so many participants, both in the woods and in the stadiums. I am<br />

not used to that. But it is a lot of fun when a lot of people gather at the<br />

same competition.<br />

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?<br />

– I always think that the hardest thing during O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is to manage<br />

to run a good race, technically speaking, every day. It's easy to make<br />

a couple of mistakes on some stage that I would have liked to have<br />

avoided. See you in Åre <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

Britta Brännström<br />

Responsible officials<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong><br />

Why are you participating/getting involved in O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– Once O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is finally arranged in Jämtland, I want to be on board.<br />

It is a wonderful happening every summer that fascinates me. Now I<br />

get to see everything behind the scenes.<br />

What do you expect?<br />

– A big job by all our volunteers to make the event work well for all<br />

visitors. It will be a type of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> that has never occurred before<br />

and it will be exciting to see the outcome.<br />

Have you been to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> before? What year and what did you do?<br />

– I went with my friends from Övertorneå to Östersund in 1989 and ran<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> for the first time and now I have lived here for a long time.<br />

Since then, there have been many O-<strong>Ringen</strong> for me in various ways<br />

with friends and the club. Now the children have grown into O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

and do not want to miss it.<br />

As a volunteer what are you looking forward to the most?<br />

– I look forward to launching everything we have worked with and<br />

hope to have time to have a moment to meet all the officials who<br />

gather here from all over.<br />

What do you think it is that makes O-<strong>Ringen</strong> a unique event?<br />

– The opportunity to see places and nature that I wouldn't have visited<br />

otherwise. And to do it with family and friends in both an active and<br />

relaxed context appeals to me.<br />

What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you?<br />

– For the event in general, I think the traffic and logistics in our narrow<br />

valley will be a challenge. For me personally, managing volunteers, it is<br />

a huge challenge to get all the officials in place.<br />

Satu Andersson<br />

Hotel manager<br />

Holiday club<br />

Why are you getting involved in O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– For us, it is important to be involved in attracting new target to our<br />

adventure hotel and thus also to Åre as a destination. This gives us the<br />

opportunity to run a year-round open hotel where both new guest<br />

experiences and more jobs are created.<br />

What do you expect from O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

– So very much! A full hotel and fully booked activities where active and<br />

curious guests want to combine O-<strong>Ringen</strong> with a unique mountain<br />

experience. The opportunities for different activities and dining experiences<br />

in Årefjällen are many. In addition to wanting our guests to discover<br />

everything on offer, we want to awaken their desire to come back!<br />

Have you been to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> before? What year and what did you do?<br />

– I visited O-<strong>Ringen</strong> for the first time in Uppsala in the summer of 2022.<br />

This was to prepare us as a business for what is to come. What a wonderful<br />

festival and what a professional event!<br />

As a partner, what are you looking forward to the most?<br />

– That our adventure hotel will be able to show what we can do when<br />

it comes to delivering world-class services and logistics. As visitors<br />

to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in the mountains, we want our guests to have a unique<br />

experience. That is our primary goal!<br />

What do you think it is that makes O-<strong>Ringen</strong> a unique event?<br />

– It is an achievement that it every year manages to attract new<br />

participants while having so many recurring ones. Then choosing<br />

to change destination from year to year gives the event a twist that<br />

makes it even more vibrant and more exciting to visit.<br />

What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you?<br />

– To predict when we will have the most visitors at the hotel and to be<br />

able to give everyone who wants the same opportunity to experience<br />

our pool, our activities and our restaurants. We also want to have time to<br />

bake as many Neapolitan pizzas as visitors want to eat. We cannot wait!<br />

Shannon Jones<br />

Abominable O-Men Australia<br />

D40 kort<br />

Why are you participating in O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– We come to Europe in the summer when it's winter at our place.<br />

We will be on vacation for 5 weeks and really want to visit Sweden.<br />

Participating in O-<strong>Ringen</strong> feels like a perfect opportunity to spend time<br />

in the Swedish mountains and the children get to try orienteering in<br />

Sweden! We will live with friends who live in Sweden so it will be a really<br />

fun holiday.<br />

What do you expect from O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

– It will be fun to see the Swedish mountains and I look forward to<br />

exploring the Åre area. I know that the competition will be of a very high<br />

standard, and I look forward to experiencing the excitement of O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

together with so many people!<br />

Have you been to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> before? What year and what did you do?<br />

– I was on O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in 2003 but I don't remember my results. I was not a<br />

very experienced orienteerer at the time.<br />

What are you looking forward to the most?<br />

– I hope to get around my courses without getting lost! The terrain will<br />

be very different from what I'm used to so I think it will be really hard,<br />

but in a good way! I am enrolled in D40 Short. I'm super grateful that this<br />

class is offered with a free-start so I can help my kids to their starts and<br />

then go off to mine. I'm really looking forward to spending a week in this<br />

really special area.<br />

What do you think it is that makes O-<strong>Ringen</strong> a unique event?<br />

– I've heard so much about O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in the last 25 years. I think it's<br />

special because it's such a big event! There must be so many people involved<br />

in the organization. Our biggest event in Australia has around 700<br />

people competing, so to experience when 20,000 people run O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

is truly phenomenal.<br />

What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you?<br />

– Probably the technical challenge with tricky courses in the unfamiliar<br />

terrain of Åre. I am really looking forward to it!<br />

8 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 9

Aktivitetspartner till O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Vilken väg<br />

väljer du?<br />

Här, i de djupa småländska skogarna, valde vi vår väg<br />

för snart 80 år sedan.<br />

Ett vägval där trygghet och långsiktighet väger tyngre<br />

än snabb tillväxt och flyktiga trender. Där hantverk<br />

och omsorg går före slit och släng.<br />

I fyra generationer har vi i familjen Lindholm tillverkat<br />

hus på vårt sätt. Småländska trähus för hela livet, från<br />

en familj till en annan.<br />

Det är inte lätt att veta vilken väg som är den bästa.<br />

Men som Sveriges mest rekommenderade hustillverkare<br />

vill vi tro att vi valt rätt.<br />

Vilken väg väljer du?<br />


www.engcon.com<br />

Hitta hem till oss på Eksjöhus.se

OVERVIEW O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong><br />


DUVED<br />



26/7 • STAGE 3<br />







26/7 • STAGE 3<br />




JÄRPEN<br />




25/7 • STAGE 3<br />

28/7 • STAGE 5<br />


27–28/7 • STAGE 4–5<br />


23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />

MÖRSIL<br />


27/7 • STAGE 4<br />



23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />


19–22/7 • OTTSJÖ<br />


23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />

First day of<br />

competiton is<br />

on Sunday.<br />

Get to Åre<br />

0 1 2 3 km<br />

You can easily get to Åre by train, car<br />

or plane, depending of what suits you.<br />

You will find the train station in the middle of Åre village<br />

and several of the trains to Åre also stops in Järpen and<br />

Undersåker and has a stop in Duved after Åre station.<br />

The night train is a very convenient way to get to Åre<br />

from several places in Sweden.<br />

Approximate travel times by train to Åre; from Stockholm<br />

7 hours, from Gothenburg 10 hours and from Malmö<br />

11 hours.<br />

If you choose to take the car, the E14 will take you all the<br />

way the way forward from both east and west. Do you<br />

come from inland it is the E45 north up to Svenstavik<br />

where you chooses to drive towards Åre and Trondheim.<br />

If you are coming from the north, there are several<br />

routes to take. Via inland and E45 south to Östersund<br />

and then E14. Or road 87 from Sollefteå to Östersund<br />

and then E14 west.<br />

If you are travelling by plane, there are two international<br />

airports; Åre Östersund airport approximately 85 km<br />

southeast about Åre and Trondheim Lufthavn Vaernes<br />

in Norway approx 135 km west of Åre.<br />

At both airports, you can pre-book a taxi for onward<br />

travel transport to your accommodation.<br />

12 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 13

Hittaut - perfect leg stretcher on the way to Åre<br />

Above: Mountain wiev when you do Hittaut on your way to Åre. Below: Hittaut in Järpen.<br />

At the time of writing, Hittaut is planned at 94 locations<br />

around the country. Through the preventive health care<br />

concept, which has attracted 100 000 participants three<br />

years in a row, the general public has become aware of<br />

orienteering. With maps in 112 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities,<br />

Hittaut also offers great training opportunities<br />

for the avid orienteerer – on holidays, work trips or on the<br />

way to O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

Hittaut at Fröå gruva.<br />

More than 150 clubs are involved in arranging<br />

Hittaut, from Luleå in the north to Trelleborg in<br />

the south. The controls, called checkpoints, come in<br />

four difficulty levels where green is easiest, followed by<br />

blue, red and black. The map areas used can be anything<br />

from wilderness to urban adjacent forests and urban environments.<br />

In addition to scenic spots, the checkpoints can offer<br />

beautiful views, natural phenomena, works of art, architecture,<br />

historical sites and hidden gems.<br />

Use Hittaut in your orienteering training. Set your own course<br />

or take as many checkpoints as you can in a set amount of time.<br />

Train sprint, medium or long distance. Feel free to create a<br />

Hittaut account and register your taken checkpoints so you can<br />

follow the standings in the leaderboards. All maps are available<br />

digitally in the Hittaut app and on the website hittaut.nu. Paper<br />

maps can be downloaded from delivery points that are posted<br />

on each organizer's Hittaut website. Many of the maps can be<br />

downloaded from the website and printed at home. In Jämtland<br />

there is Hittaut around Åre and Östersund.<br />

Andreas Lövdal, project manager for Hittaut in Åre, gives us<br />

some pointers on where you can sharpen your skills for O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

with the Hittaut map in hand.<br />

To try mountain orienteering you<br />

can visit Kall, Fröå, Ottsjö and Duved<br />

• Kall is a smaller map area but it is nice and gives a lot of mountain<br />

feeling when you get to the heights.<br />

• Fröå is in my opinion one of the better places<br />

we have when it comes to orienteering. A good<br />

challenge with varying terrain and views of, among<br />

other things, Åreskutan.<br />

• In Ottsjö you can practice running in wetlands. In Ottsjö,<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> will also have a training map of the western part,<br />

but we will be located in the eastern parts.<br />

• Duved's map area offers one hundred percent bare mountain<br />

terrain. It's a bit of a distance to get there, but once you do you<br />

are richly rewarded.<br />

The Hittaut maps in Hallen, Mörsil, Järpen, Tossön,<br />

Undersåker and Åre are at a lower altitude.<br />

• In Järpen, we have created proposals for a medium difficulty<br />

course of 3.4 km and a difficult one of 5 km. We have written in<br />

what order you can take the control points but not drawn any<br />

lines on the map. The map area is not close to where the O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

stage will go.<br />

Paper maps are available at most ICA stores. Download home<br />

maps for your own printing and see delivery points on hittaut.<br />

nu/are. In nearby Östersund, 20 different Hittaut areas are offered<br />

with over 300 checkpoints. There is a rich cultural life and fantastic<br />

opportunities for outdoor life. Most areas are located near<br />

Östersund with somewhat easier Orienteering. For more challenging<br />

orienteering, there are Häggenås and Storåsen, says Tomas<br />

Björk, project manager for Hittaut Östersund. This year's Hittaut<br />

areas are: Skidstadion, Spikbodarna, Odensala, Torvalla, Frösö<br />

beach, Östberget, Frösö park/Bynäset, Rödön, Storåsen, Krokom<br />

centrum, Lit, Häggenås, Brunflo centrum, Offerdal/Änge, Krokom,<br />

Böle, Bräcke, Andersön and Lugnvik. Delivery points for maps can<br />

be read on hittaut.nu/ostersund.<br />

Stretch your legs during the trip to O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

If you travel by car to O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, there are several opportunities to<br />

fit in a stopover at a Hittaut destination.<br />

• If you come from the north along the E4 and road 87, there is<br />

Hittaut in Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå.<br />

• On the way from the Stockholm region along the E4, road 84<br />

and E45 there is Hittaut in Uppsala, Gävle, Bollnäs, Ovanåker<br />

and Ljusdal.<br />

• On your way from the Gothenburg region there is Hittaut along<br />

the E45 and E16. Make a stop in Trollhättan, Säffle, Grums or<br />

Mora which also includes Orsa and Älvdalen.<br />

14 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 15

Many types of accommodation<br />

Book your<br />

accomodation at<br />

oringen.se<br />

Camping site Molanda<br />

Molanda is usually a small airport, located 5 km from Järpen and<br />

25 km from Åre village. Molanda is beautifully situated at Indalsälven.<br />

The campsite has around 900 spaces, half of which have<br />

electricity. At the campsite there will be a restaurant, food truck,<br />

kiosks, showers, dishwashing facilities and washing machines, as<br />

usual at the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping site.<br />

There will also be barbecue areas and good opportunities for a<br />

bath. Our Competitor Services will also be available at the campsite<br />

to a certain extent, for changes, purchase of start and printing<br />

of number tags.<br />

Transport to the stages:<br />

From the campsite at Molanda you can take the bus directly to the<br />

arena Trillevallen, Järpen and Ånn. Those who choose MTBO or<br />

PreO can take the car directly to the respective arena and park there.<br />

Camping site Röjsmon<br />

The second campsite, Röjsmon sports grounds, has around 120<br />

spaces, half of these with electricity. Röjsmon is in the middle of<br />

Järpen and close to shops and restaurants. There is a shower and<br />

changing rooms, as well as washing facilities. The distance from<br />

the campsite at Röjsmon to Undersåker is about 14 km and the<br />

distance into Åre village is about 25 km.<br />

Transport to the stages:<br />

Stages 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)<br />

Car to the satellite parking in Undersåker and buses from there to<br />

the stages. O-<strong>Ringen</strong> participants can also take Länstrafiken buses<br />

from Järpen to Undersåker for further transport by O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

buses to Trillevallen.<br />

Stage 3 (Järpen)<br />

There will also be buses from the centre of Järpen out to the third<br />

Stage. Walking distance from Röjsmon to the buses is about 150<br />

meters.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson.<br />

Soft, hard beds<br />

Racklöfska school, Jämtlands gymnasium,<br />

Lunden och Kulturskolan<br />

Soft beds are a very affordable new type of accommodation in<br />

Åre. Soft beds have the same principle as hard beds, but instead<br />

of bringing a sleeping mat or air mattress, you rent a bed with a<br />

mattress, duvet, and pillow. You bring your own sheets and towels.<br />

If you instead choose hard surface, you bring your own ground<br />

sheet, duvet, and pillow.<br />

Regardless of whether you choose hard surfaces or soft beds, the<br />

accommodations are situated in dormitories at Racklöfska school,<br />

Jämtlands gymnasium, Lunden and Kulturskolan in central Järpen.<br />

The accommodations are located near Röjsmons Camping and next<br />

to each other.<br />

There are about 210 soft beds and 200 hard beds.<br />

There are lavatories adjacent to the halls and showers are available<br />

at Röjsmons sports grounds but also in the swimming pool and<br />

sports hall which is located within the same area. There will be<br />

barbecue places in the area.<br />

For those of you who stay on hard or soft beds in Järpen, there<br />

will be access to kitchens near the schools.<br />

Transport to the stages:<br />

Stages 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)<br />

Take the car to the satellite parking in Undersåker or Länstrafiken<br />

buses from Järpen to Undersåker. From Undersåker, O-<strong>Ringen</strong> will<br />

take you to the stages.<br />

Länstrafiken buses from Järpen to Åre for further transport out to<br />

the stages in Ånn.<br />

Motorhome pitches<br />

In addition to the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping sites, there are several<br />

privately owned pitches available. The pitches can be found at the<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> booking portal under accommodations. For example:<br />

Såågården<br />

The village of Såå is beautifully located by lake Åresjön overlooking<br />

Åreskutan. The pitches are located 4 km from Åre village. There<br />

is a 2 km bike path to the ICA shop in in Björnen, and 6 km to<br />

Undersåker. There is access to lavatory and water.<br />

Vålådalen Tourist Station<br />

Offers pitches at its fine tourist facility. Here there is access to<br />

shower, sauna, restaurant, and fantastic hiking trails. Vålådalen<br />

also offers hotel rooms and cottages for rent.<br />

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)<br />

Take the car to the satellite parking in Staa for further transport<br />

with bus to the stages. O-<strong>Ringen</strong> participants will also be able to<br />

travel with Länstrafiken buses from Järpen to Åre and further<br />

transport out to the stages in Ånn.<br />

Stage 3 (Järpen)<br />

Car to satellite parking in Järpen. From here there will be stage buses.<br />

There will also be buses from central Järpen to the stage in Järpen.<br />

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)<br />

Take the car to the satellite car park in Staa for further transport<br />

with the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> buses out to the stage. O-<strong>Ringen</strong> can also take<br />

16 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 17

Private accommodation,<br />

hotels & hostels<br />

Do you want to live with high mountains right on your doorstep<br />

in one of the cosy accommodations that are scattered along the<br />

beautiful Åredalen and the surrounding area? You will be able to<br />

stay in private apartments, houses and cottages posted by private<br />

individuals via our booking portal. In addition, there are plenty of<br />

hotels, hostels, and guesthouses to choose from.<br />

Transport to the stages depending on where you live:<br />

Åre village<br />

Stages 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)<br />

Go to the bus stop located in central<br />

Åre at Kyrklägdan. From there, there<br />

are buses to the stages in Trillevallen.<br />

Stage 3 (Järpen)<br />

Go to the bus stop located in central<br />

Åre at Kyrklägdan. From there, there<br />

are buses to the stages in Järpen.<br />

MTBO and PreO<br />

have parking available<br />

adjacent to the arena<br />

all days.<br />

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)<br />

Go to the central station in Åre, From there, you can take the train to<br />

the stages in Ånn.<br />

Here we list how to get to the arenas based<br />

on where you live during O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong><br />

Tegefjäll/Duved<br />

Stages 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)<br />

Park your car at the satellite car park in Duved (which is located<br />

at the Skistar lifts). Here you can park during the race days and<br />

from the satellite car park parking you go to Duved village and<br />

the train station to take the train to the stages. The train departs<br />

according to a timetable that will be published at a later date. The<br />

train journey to Undersåker takes about 20 minutes and from<br />

Undersåker there will be buses to the stages in Trillevallen. The bus<br />

ride takes about 15 minutes.<br />

Åre Björnen, Kall, Huså*<br />

Stage 3 (Järpen)<br />

Park your car at the satellite car park in Duved (which is located at<br />

the Skistar lifts). Here you can park during the race days and from<br />

the satellite car park parking you go to Duved village and the train<br />

station to take the train to the stages. The train departs according<br />

to a timetable that will be published at a later date. The train journey<br />

to Undersåker takes about 20 minutes and from Undersåker<br />

there will be buses to the stage in Järpen. The bus ride takes about<br />

15 minutes.<br />

Stages 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)<br />

Take the car to Undersåker and park in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> satellite<br />

car park. From the satellite car park, buses depart to the stages<br />

at Trillevallen. The distance from Åre Björnen to Undersåker is<br />

about 20 km. The buses from the satellite car park in Undersåker to<br />

Trillevallen take about 15 minutes.<br />

Stage 3 (Järpen)<br />

Take the car to Järpen and park in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> satellite car park.<br />

The arena is within walking distance from the satellite car park.<br />

The distance from Åre Björnen to Järpen is about 30 km.<br />

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)<br />

Take the car to the satellite parking in Staa and park in the<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> satellite car park. The distance from Åre Björnen to<br />

Staa is 15 km and from the satellite parking there are buses to the<br />

arenas in Ånn. The bus ride up to Ånn from the Satellite Parking<br />

takes about 20 minutes.<br />

*There will be a limited bus capacity from Åre Björnen for those<br />

traveling without a car. These buses will serve Åre, Björnen and Åre<br />

village. From Åre village there are stage buses. We ask those of you<br />

who have a car to take it to the designated satellite parking – feel free<br />

to carpool.<br />

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)<br />

Park your car at the satellite car park in Duved (which is located at<br />

the Skistar lifts). Here you can park during the race days and from<br />

the satellite car park parking you go to Duved village and the train<br />

station to take the bus to the stages.<br />

Järpen, Mörsil, Alsen or that area<br />

Stages 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)<br />

Take the car to Undersåker and park in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> satellite car<br />

park. From the satellite car park, there are buses to the stages at<br />

Trillevallen. The buses from the satellite car park in Undersåker to<br />

Trillevallen take about 15 minutes.<br />

Stage 3 (Järpen)<br />

Take the car to Järpen and park in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> satellite car park.<br />

One of the satellite car parks is within walking distance to the<br />

arena. From the other satellite car parks located in central Järpen<br />

there are buses out to the stage.<br />

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)<br />

Take the car to Staa and park in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> satellite car park.<br />

From the satellite car park there are buses to the arenas in Ånn. The<br />

bus ride to Ånn from the satellite car park takes about 20 minutes.<br />

Undersåker, Trillevallen,<br />

Edsåsdalen, Ottsjö, Vålådalen<br />

Stages 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)<br />

Those of you who live in Trillevallen have walking distance to the<br />

arena. Those of you who live in Undersåker, Edsåsdalen and Ottsjö<br />

can take the car to Undersåker and park in the satellite car park<br />

lot and then take our buses to the arena. Those of you who live in<br />

Vålådalen take a direct bus from Vålådalens Fjällstation to stages 1<br />

and 2. It stops at Vallbo as well.<br />

Stage 3 (Järpen)<br />

Take the car to the satellite car park in Järpen for further transport<br />

to the arena by bus. The satellite car park is in central Järpen.<br />

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)<br />

Take the car to the satellite car park at Draklanda located inside<br />

Åre By. From here there are trains to Ånn and stages 4 and 5.<br />

Beautiful views in Ånn. Photo: Niclas Lidström.<br />

Ånn or west of Ånn (or arriving from Norway)<br />

Stages 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)<br />

Take the car to Undersåker and park in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> satellite car<br />

park. From the satellite car park, buses depart to the stages at Trillevallen.<br />

The distance from Åre to Undersåker is about 20 km. The<br />

buses from the satellite car park in Undersåker to Trillevallen take<br />

about 15 minutes.<br />

Stage 3 (Järpen)<br />

Take the car to Järpen and park in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> satellite car park. The<br />

satellite car park is within walking distance to the arena.<br />

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)<br />

Take the car to the satellite car park in Ånn for those coming from<br />

the west. Note, there are limited parking spaces in Ånn so feel free<br />

to carpool.<br />

The above information may change right up to week 30.<br />

18 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 19

Bus ticket to get to our<br />

arenas in Trillevallen,<br />

Järpen and Ånn<br />

The bus ticket will cost SEK 70 per competition day or<br />

SEK 345 for the whole week. The bus ticket includes<br />

discounts and offers that are useful during the O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

week, such as 10 % discount on ICA Åre, a discount on<br />

the club cake at Åre bakery and discounts on experiences<br />

at Holiday club. Children and youths up to the age of 16<br />

(born 2007 or later) travel for free on our buses. The<br />

executive committee of the orienteering federation has<br />

granted O-<strong>Ringen</strong> an exemption to exclude the cost of<br />

transportation from the registration fee.<br />

The reason for our need to charge a fee is the fact that the transport<br />

costs have risen to three times their original level in a fairly<br />

short time. The increase is due to two years of pandemic related<br />

postponement together with the prevailing external situation with<br />

generally increased costs.<br />

Our campsite in Molanda will have transport by bus from the<br />

campsite to our Foot-O arenas. For other accommodations in<br />

Åredalen, parking will be available at one of our satellite parking<br />

lots with further transport by bus or train to the arena. Participants<br />

in MTBO and TrailO have their own arenas that offer parking<br />

every day, so you do not require a bus ticket.<br />

Practical information about the purchase of bus tickets will be<br />

sent separately. As soon as all parking areas and bus lines are ready,<br />

they will be posted on our website. This will be done well in advance<br />

of week 30. You as participants will also receive a questionnaire<br />

before week 30 to help us plan the use of buses in more detail<br />

based on where you live.<br />

Parking fee for satellite parkings for our Foot-O is included in<br />

the bus ticket.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson.<br />

Shower and dressing<br />

This year we will offer shower facilities at our campsites<br />

at Molanda and Röjsmon as well as at schools in Järpen,<br />

Åre and Duved. There will be plenty of changing rooms and<br />

showers here.<br />

The reason we don't have showers at our arenas has to do with<br />

financial and environmental sustainability. This way we avoid<br />

having to transport water long distances with tanker trucks and<br />

in addition, we reduce costs by SEK 650,000. This decision was<br />

also influenced by the experience of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Sälen 2016, where<br />

the vast majority of participants lived in cottages and apartments,<br />

and therefore chose to go home and shower instead of using the<br />

showers at the arenas.<br />

At our arenas in Trillevallen, Järpen and Ånn, there will<br />

be changing opportunities for women and men at designated<br />

changing areas. At our MTBO arenas in Östersund and Röjsmon<br />

there are showers and changing rooms adjacent to the arenas. PreO<br />

has showers and changing rooms at arena Vålådalen and arena<br />

Röjsmon but not for Fröå mine and Mörsil.<br />

Kom ihåg Motionsloppsförsäkringen!<br />

Sjukdom eller skada kan komma snabbt och du ska inte tävla<br />

i O-<strong>Ringen</strong> om du inte är helt frisk. Med Motionsloppsförsäkringen<br />

för bara 155 kronor får du pengarna tillbaka om du<br />

blir sjuk eller skadad. Gäller för obegränsat antal lopp under<br />

ett år. Glöm inte berätta för morfar bara.<br />

Hela anmälningsavgiften tillbaka vid skada eller sjukdom!<br />

Gäller för obegränsat antal lopp under ett år!<br />

Kostar endast 155 kronor!<br />

20 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong><br />

Gick det för snabbt i anmälningen?<br />

Ingen fara, du kan köpa försäkringen i efterhand på<br />


Klart du har<br />

hittat hit!<br />

Det är här<br />

det händer.<br />

Norra Sverige är mitt i en grön revolution.<br />

Det investeras mångmiljardbelopp i industrin,<br />

inflyttningen ökar konstant och rekryteringsföretagen<br />

jobbar övertid. Tro det eller ej,<br />

Åre och Östersund utgör bara sydspetsen<br />

av denna glödande marknad i norr.<br />

Diös finns mitt i hetgröten – i tio städer, från<br />

Luleå i norr till Borlänge i söder. Vi brinner<br />

för stadsutveckling som möter den moderna<br />

stadsbons önskemål och behov.<br />

Vi vill skapa Sveriges mest<br />

inspirerande städer.<br />

Vill du också ha moderna lokaler på Sveriges<br />

hetaste marknad? Mejla oss på:<br />

hyrlokal@dios.se<br />

dios.se<br />

22 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 23



I vår nyhet Jordgubb samsas svensk färsk grädde<br />

med solvarma jordgubbar från Stora Berg självplock.<br />

En somrig smak av Sverige helt enkelt.<br />

O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong><br />


& stage areas<br />





FOOT-O<br />

SAT 22/7<br />

Åre by<br />

Bagheera<br />

youth relay<br />

SUN 23/7<br />

Trillevallen<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long distance<br />

MON 24/7<br />

Trillevallen<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long distance<br />

TUE 25/7<br />

SkiStar<br />

Activity day<br />

WED 26/7<br />

Järpen<br />

Stage 3<br />

Middle distance<br />

THU 27/7<br />

Ånn<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle distance<br />

FRI 28/7<br />

Ånn<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long distance<br />


Trillevallen<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long distance<br />

Trillevallen<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long distance<br />

Åre by<br />

Stage 3<br />

Elite sprint<br />

SkiStar<br />

Activity day<br />

Ånn<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle distance<br />

Ånn<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long distance<br />

MTBO<br />

Östersund<br />

Stage 1<br />

Middle distance<br />

Östersund<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long distance<br />

Röjsmon<br />

Stage 3<br />

Sprint<br />

TRAIL-O<br />

Vålådalen<br />

Stage 1<br />

Vålådalen<br />

Stage 2<br />

SkiStar<br />

Activity day<br />

Fröå gruva<br />

Stage 3<br />

Mörsil<br />

Stage 4<br />

Röjsmon<br />

Stage 5<br />

När livet leker<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström.<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 25

Following linear<br />

marshes or the edge of<br />

a larger marsh makes<br />

navigation easier<br />

and offers quicker<br />

running<br />

2600 m / 25 m stigning<br />

2350 m / 75 m stigning<br />

2320 m / 85 m stigning<br />

STAGES 1 & 2<br />


2840 m / 80 m stigning<br />

Above: Example leg, open fell. Below: Example leg, ski slopes.<br />

Stage 1 offers tricky route choice challenges,<br />

as parts of this terrain are both<br />

vague and difficult to get an overview<br />

of, thanks to reduced visibility. Runners<br />

who can use their compass well and<br />

use the larger features as handrails<br />

and catching features have a great<br />

chance of a good result here.<br />

The forest varies from sparse birch forest,<br />

with runnable underfoot vegetation, to spruce<br />

forest, where the going is slower underfoot.<br />

Example leg for beginners<br />

Many runners usually avoid marshes, mainly<br />

because they are slower to run through. So<br />

for most less experienced runners, using<br />

marshes as handrails isn’t something they’re<br />

Example leg for experienced runners.<br />

used to. In Åre, the marshes are mostly very<br />

runnable and running over open marshes<br />

can be a good idea, making it easier to see<br />

ahead and know where you are. Following<br />

linear marshes or the edge of a larger marsh<br />

not only makes navigation easier but offers<br />

quicker running than in the forest at the side<br />

of the marshes.<br />

Example leg for experienced runners<br />

For more experienced orienteers, Stage 1<br />

won’t offer big route choice challenges but<br />

parts of the terrain are vague and in places<br />

it’s difficult to see ahead, with reduced<br />

visibility. So you have to be careful with your<br />

direction and use the larger features, such as<br />

marshes, as handrails and catching features.<br />

In this example it’s a good idea to take a<br />

bearing to the left of the straight line (red<br />

route) and use the large marsh south-east of<br />

the control as a catching feature. It’s easier<br />

to find the control from the north-west tip<br />

of the lower marsh than from further north,<br />

closer to the straight line (blue route). There<br />

is less fine orienteering and not as much risk<br />

of overshooting.<br />

Stage 2 at Välliste offers hilly mountain<br />

orienteering, featuring steep slopes<br />

and high ridges with fantastic views.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong>’s highest ever control point<br />

sits 1025m above sea level, with 360<br />

degree views across Jämtland and<br />

Trøndelag.<br />

The hill tops are very runnable, with mountain<br />

heather and short grass underfoot. The<br />

surface is almost like a tartan athletics track.<br />

The sides of the slopes usually have more<br />

undergrowth, with some areas of goat willow<br />

and juniper. The mountain marshes on the<br />

slopes are as a rule runnable and many of<br />

them are rich in cloudberries at the time of<br />

year when O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is held.<br />

The mountain forest has many glimmering<br />

birches, with some spruce. Small areas<br />

of detail offer challenging fine orienteering<br />

and grassy undergrowth. There are few paths<br />

in the areas and a typical long leg on this<br />

stage will feature route choices based on the<br />

contour shapes.<br />

Example leg, open fell<br />

Here, it’s important to take the time to choose<br />

the best exit from the control before starting<br />

each leg. Straight (green line) starts with an<br />

85m climb up a long and energy-sapping<br />

hill, but once the top has been reached it’s a<br />

quick downhill and your min/km will drop<br />

dramatically. You’ll get a safe entry into the<br />

control as long as you stay high on the open<br />

fell, above the forest.<br />

If you exit a bit to the left (blue line),<br />

you’ll have a more gentle climb to start with<br />

and it will be easier to maintain a good<br />

speed without adding too much distance.<br />

If you want to save energy and have as<br />

little climb as possible, the red choice might<br />

be a good one. Here you save 70m climb<br />

in exchange for 300m more distance. Like<br />

the blue option, you get a good entry into<br />

the control by keeping your height after the<br />

open marsh 200m left of the control. The<br />

purple route stays in the open, with good<br />

runnability and visibility the whole way, as<br />

well as a safe attack into the control, but is<br />

maybe a bit too long.<br />

Which way would you go if you ran the<br />

leg in the other direction?<br />

Example leg, ski slopes<br />

This leg passes across the even slope of<br />

Trillevallen’s ski runs. Here it is important to<br />

avoid unnecessary climb, as well as to find a<br />

route where you can keep a high speed. The<br />

mountain forest is runnable and experienced<br />

orienteers can either run straight or take care<br />

to stay high on the way into the control.<br />

1120 m / 80 m stigning<br />

990 m / 80 m stigning<br />

» Competition area Trillevallen<br />


SUNDAY 23 JULY <strong>2023</strong><br />


SUNDAY 23 JULY <strong>2023</strong><br />


MONDAY 24 JULY<br />

1010 m / 85 m stigning<br />

1140 m<br />

/ 100 m stigning<br />


MONDAY 24 JULY<br />

26 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 27

SPRINT<br />

ÅRE BY<br />

Photo: Anette Andersson.<br />

There will be sprint races in Åre on two occasions during<br />

the week: the Bagheera relay for juniors in connection<br />

with the opening ceremony and the Engcon Elite Sprint,<br />

which is Stage 3 of the Elite Tour.<br />

Length of the different routes: red 504m, blue 611m, green 496m,<br />

orange 606m and yellow 481m.<br />

Example leg, Bagheera relay<br />

A leg from left to right in a residential area on the edge of Åre, with<br />

several possible route choices. As well as the four route choices<br />

shown on the map there are many micro route choices, where you<br />

have to choose the best line.<br />

As shown, the blue route choice is shortest. You keep close to the<br />

straight line all the way and can maintain high speed, if you’re in<br />

control of the navigation.<br />

The red route choice is only a few metres longer but has a few<br />

more changes in direction and an extra flight of steps to get up.<br />

The green choice is good for those who want to run round. The<br />

purple choice has simple orienteering but is a little too long. The<br />

green route is also on tarmac for a large proportion of the leg,<br />

which might be better than the uneven, grassy slope.<br />

During the relay, it’s important to stay in control all the way,<br />

because it’s not certain that the route choice that’s best for you is<br />

best for the other people running your leg.<br />

Example leg, Engcon Elite Sprint<br />

A classic Åre leg. A route choice which uses the E14 underpasses<br />

to break up the leg, as well as other micro route choices that must<br />

be made at the start of the leg when you run between the buildings.<br />

It’s easy to try too hard to run quickly and choose badly.<br />

As we can see, the yellow route is actually the shortest, closely<br />

followed by the green one. On the red route you would lose around<br />

ten seconds and if you’re tempted by any of the right-hand variants<br />

you’ll have an extra 120m to run!<br />

» Etappområde ÅRE BY<br />


Saturday 22nd July <strong>2023</strong><br />


Tuesday 25th July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Åre offers an interesting urban area with an irregular layout of buildings,<br />

many alleyways, steps and small passages. The terrain provides a<br />

mixture of intense orienteering and tough hills. The entire town is on a<br />

slope, adding an extra dimension to route choices.<br />

28 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong>

SkiStars activity day – Tuesday 25th July<br />



Hos oss finner du allt det du behöver<br />

för små eller stora byggprojekt.<br />

Tips och goda råd bjuder vi på!<br />

SkiStar are opening all<br />

lifts until 8pm during<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week!<br />

Photo: Emrik Jansson.<br />


O-RINGEN I ÅRE <strong>2023</strong><br />

BEIJER ÖSTERSUND • HAGVÄGEN 35 • 075 240 1723<br />


As usual, we have an activity day in the middle of the<br />

competition programme – this year, we’re providing this<br />

alongside SkiStar. It will be on 25th July for everyone taking<br />

part in the Orienteering and Trail-O. For MTBO competitors<br />

and the Elite Tour, it will be on Wednesday 26th July.<br />

There will be lots going on. On the programme we have Stage 3 of<br />

the Elite Tour, Engcom Elite Sprint, in Åre town centre. In partnership<br />

with SkiStar, we’re also organising a wide range of activities to<br />

choose from.<br />

Use the lift system to get up and enjoy the beautiful views and<br />

mountain surroundings of the high open fells, while saving your<br />

legs some climbing. Perhaps you would like to use some of the<br />

many hiking trails when you’re up there; almost all the trails can<br />

be adapted to let you travel either up or down in the lift. The best<br />

lifts to use depend on which trail you want to hike. You can find an<br />

overview of the lift system at skistar.com – Åre – Summer.<br />

In Åre Björnen you’ll find a climbing park for the whole family,<br />

featuring 9 different courses with different levels of difficulty. This<br />

year, the climbing park has a new course and now features tree<br />

climbing – where, with the help of a harness and ledges, you can<br />

climb a tree using your own strength.<br />

The courses have a total of 80 different obstacles, all in and<br />

around the trees, including rope swings and climbing walls. The<br />

height levels in the park vary, with a highest point of 12m above<br />

the ground. To use the climbing park you must be at least 7 years<br />

old and 120cm tall. For younger climbers, there is a smaller park in<br />

Björnen centre, where everyone can try some of the easier obstacles<br />

at a lower height.<br />

The climbing park also has 11 ziplines. The longest is 62m long<br />

and takes you on a wonderful journey over Björnbacken, with<br />

views across Åresjön.<br />

The climbing park is located next to Åre Bike Park – Trail, which<br />

is Scandinavia’s largest bike park and a trail arena perfect for adults<br />

and children alike. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can<br />

pre-order hire online at skistar.com or at SkiStarshop in Åre. Then<br />

you just have to get out there, either on downhill runs or on our<br />

network of cycling trails.<br />

If all that isn’t enough, you can play padel, bathe, relax at a cafe or<br />

just enjoy the beautiful views. However you decide, we recommend<br />

checking the website at skistar.com. Click on Åre, then Summer!<br />

Photo: SkiStar.<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 31


In the more<br />

difficult areas<br />

it’s possible to<br />

find safer route<br />

choices.<br />

STAGE 3<br />

JÄRPEN<br />

This stage will be held outside Järpen,<br />

around 25km east of Åre, and is a long<br />

middle distance. The terrain features<br />

open pine forest, marshes and some<br />

areas of younger trees. With the<br />

exception of some ski tracks and a<br />

gravel road, there are few paths, so<br />

many runners will get a feeling of<br />

running in wilderness. The terrain is<br />

moderately hilly.<br />

To succeed on Stage 3, it’s important to be<br />

able to keep control of your direction and<br />

adapt to the constantly changing terrain.<br />

From denser and trickier areas where you<br />

have to slow down to stay in control, to open<br />

pine forest and marshes with good visibility,<br />

which allow very high speed. Even in the<br />

more difficult areas it’s possible to find safer<br />

route choices.<br />

Example leg<br />

A medium length leg with several possible<br />

route choices, all staying quite close to the<br />

straight line. Here it’s important to balance<br />

speed against risk and the execution of the<br />

leg is key.<br />

If you want to minimise risk, choosing<br />

the red or green route makes it possible to<br />

32 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong><br />

570 m / 15 m stigning<br />

550 m / 20 m stigning<br />

610 m / 20 m stigning<br />

use features either to the right or the left<br />

to guide you. When choosing these routes,<br />

runners must weigh up whether the longer<br />

route is acceptable for the lower risk.<br />

For technically strong orienteers the blue<br />

route is best, whereas for faster runners the<br />

green route is better. The red option allows<br />

high speed and low risk on the way at the<br />

beginning of the leg but the second half is<br />

very technically demanding. Of these three<br />

alternatives, it gives the most difficult entry<br />

into the control.<br />

For even more security, there is a further<br />

alternative following the ski track, the open<br />

marsh and the edge of the water, taking the<br />

control from the north.<br />

» Competition area JÄRPEN<br />


Wednesday 26th July <strong>2023</strong><br />


Merino Brisk är tillverkad i den perfekta kombinationen av material.<br />

Vi har blandat merinoull tillsammans med lyocell, som är en miljövänlig regenatfiber<br />

tillverkad av cellulosa. Materialet transporterar bort fukt tre gånger snabbare<br />

än ren merinoull, och tillsammans blir de en perfekt blandning för dig som<br />

vill vara lite extra sval utan att gå miste om merinoullens fina egenskaper.<br />

www.bagheera.se<br />






Alla våra merinoplagg<br />

är miljömässigt tillverkade<br />

i enlighet med<br />


Stages 4 and 5<br />

are characterised<br />

by open forest and<br />

large marshes<br />

» Competition area ÅNN<br />


Thursday 27th July <strong>2023</strong><br />


Thursday 27th July <strong>2023</strong><br />


Friday 28th July <strong>2023</strong><br />


Friday 28th July <strong>2023</strong><br />

STAGES 4 & 5<br />

ÅNN<br />

Stage 4 will take place in Ånn, around<br />

30km west of Åre along the E14. The<br />

stage is one of two middle distances<br />

at Åre O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, offering typical West<br />

Jämtland terrain with subtle terrain<br />

shapes and vague, open forest, with<br />

some large, open marshes.<br />

With few paths and no big hills, route choices<br />

going a long way round are not often a<br />

good idea. Runners who can both maintain<br />

their direction while running at high speed<br />

in terrain that is sometimes tough will have<br />

a good chance to do well on stage 4. In many<br />

places there are few details to pick up, so the<br />

compass will be important.<br />

Example leg<br />

A medium length leg on a slope, with some<br />

route choice. As already mentioned, it seldom<br />

pays to run very far from the red line<br />

in this terrain, so the blue choice is the first<br />

one to consider. Here, you can run on a gentle<br />

downhill the whole way and, if you are<br />

careful with your direction, there are several<br />

details to use on the way. However, it’s worth<br />

770 m / 5 m stigning<br />

remembering that marshes are drier here in<br />

Ånn than elsewhere in Sweden, so especially<br />

the indistinct marshes under the red line<br />

may be difficult to see in the terrain.<br />

The red route choice uses the open<br />

marshes, which are very clear in this terrain.<br />

Here, you can keep a very high speed and<br />

keep your height all the way to the large<br />

marsh west of the control. This route choice,<br />

however, gives the most difficult way into<br />

the control and precious seconds may be lost<br />

if you drop too low on the slope.<br />

770 m / 20 m stigning<br />

720 m / 5 m stigning<br />

The green choice is perhaps a better one,<br />

even though it means more climb. You can<br />

keep a high speed on this route, too, and use<br />

the slope and the felled area to catch you.<br />

The way into the control is definitely the<br />

easiest of these choices.<br />

If you run cleanly, the blue option is definitely<br />

the quickest, but if you want to orienteer<br />

with less risk and save some energy, the<br />

green choice isn’t much slower.<br />

Stage 5 will be held at Ånn. During<br />

the final stage, most courses have<br />

only small amounts of climb, however<br />

some courses climb onto a ridge before<br />

turning towards the finish. The terrain<br />

has vague forest and many marshes.<br />

The terrain is very varied. There are many<br />

marshy areas of mature spruce forest. This<br />

part of the terrain is mostly very runnable.<br />

Other parts of the terrain have denser<br />

forest with somewhat reduced runnability.<br />

In general, it will be important to use your<br />

compass carefully and to know how far<br />

you’ve gone. Most courses also cross large<br />

marshes, where running strength and good<br />

route choices are important.<br />

The area around the arena has large glacial<br />

depressions and dense spruce forest. There is<br />

also a relatively comprehensive path network<br />

used by the shortest courses. In this part of the<br />

terrain, route choice and fine orienteering are<br />

more important. Parts of this area have a hard,<br />

sandy surface and birch forest.<br />

To sum up, you could say that strong<br />

orienteering skills in vague terrain will be<br />

360 m<br />

310 m<br />

355 m<br />

decisive during the final stage of the Åre<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

Example leg 1<br />

This leg is from terrain with mature spruce<br />

forest and many marshes. The terrain is very<br />

runnable. The blue route choice is easily<br />

the shortest, however you have to be very<br />

careful with your direction. The red and the<br />

green choices are similar, taking you through<br />

mature spruce forest and crossing a stream at<br />

the start of the leg. The red choice, however,<br />

has a safer entry into the control, making it<br />

the better option. None of the alternatives<br />

have much climb.<br />

465 m<br />

30 m stigning<br />

Example leg 1. Example leg 2.<br />

495 m<br />

30 m stigning<br />

Example leg 2<br />

Running straight is always shortest, but the<br />

straight blue option involves a lot more risk<br />

than the longer red one. The red route starts<br />

with easy path running, before a rough<br />

bearing takes you to the stream, which then<br />

leads you into the control. The blue choice<br />

requires much more careful compass work,<br />

which for most orienteers would mean<br />

slowing down a lot. It is also risky to use the<br />

stream as an attack point when you are only<br />

crossing it, meaning that you must use the<br />

contours on the way to the stream to make<br />

sure you’re in the right place. The red option<br />

is best for most people on this leg, even<br />

though it is longer.<br />

1120 m / 80 m stigning<br />

34 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 35

Snällare orm<br />

får du leta efter<br />

Stela muskler och träningsvärk är nästan lika<br />

vanligt som ormfobi. Ormsalva är dock inget<br />

att vara rädd för. Tvärtom! Släpp loss. Rör<br />

dig fritt och prestera på topp när du slingrar<br />

dig fram i terrängen. Alltid på bettet i skogen<br />

med Ormsalvan. Det kraftfulla linimentstiftet<br />

Fire Stick är mycket enkelt att använda,<br />

och du behöver inte kladda ner händerna,<br />

varken före, under eller efter loppet.<br />

Ormsalva är stolt sponsor till O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

och är ett av Sveriges mest kompletta<br />

sortiment av liniment* för många behov.<br />

Pssst... Ormsalva tillverkas i Borlänge<br />

och finns att köpa på t.ex. Apotea.se<br />



Liniment är en salva<br />

med antingen kylande eller värmande<br />

effekt. Den masseras in i huden<br />

för att öka blodcirkulation.<br />

Det finns flera olika typer av<br />

liniment som varierar i styrka,<br />

ingredienser och effekt.<br />

www.kitchentime.se<br />

Vad skiljer<br />

Handelsbanken från<br />

andra banker?<br />

SAVE<br />

10%<br />


APRIL 1 st<br />

Hos oss är mötet grunden för allt vi gör. Mötet mellan<br />

människor har gjort oss till en trygg och stabil bank<br />

som kan hjälpa dig att nå dina mål och förverkliga dina<br />

drömmar. När allt runtomkring oss hela tiden ändras<br />

kan du vara säker på att vi alltid sätter ditt bästa först.<br />

Välkommen att prata med en kunnig rådgivare på tider<br />

och i kanaler som passar dig. Hos oss sker avgörande<br />

möten varje dag.<br />

Ormsalva Extrem är ett av våra kraftfulla kraftfulla liniment* för härligt välgörande<br />

massage av stela, ömma muskler. Ormsalva Fire Stick biter hårt, men är galet snäll<br />

och kladdar inte på fingrarna, perfekt om man vill bättra på effekten under loppet.<br />

ormsalva.se<br />

Sankt Olavs väg 33 (Stationshuset) i Åre<br />

0647-66 56 60<br />

are@handelsbanken.se<br />

Register at oringen.se<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 37

Parking close<br />

to the arena<br />

on all stages<br />

Come and try it at Järpen<br />

The dense path network<br />

makes for intense<br />

orienteering and means<br />

competitors must focus<br />

» Programme O-RINGEN MTBO<br />

MTBO STAGE 1 – Sunday 23rd July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Arena ÖSTERSUND<br />

Middle distance<br />

MTBO STAGE 2 – Monday 24th July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Arena ÖSTERSUND<br />

Long distance<br />

STAGES 1–3<br />

MTBO<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson.<br />

On the SkiStars activity day, 25th July, you can come and try<br />

MTBO at Järpen. MTBO is high-speed, much like sprint orienteering<br />

on foot, where you must make quick decisions and choose<br />

routes based on how quickly you can ride on different tracks.<br />

The competition at Järpen is sprint distance, mostly in a<br />

residential area and the adjoining forest, with easily rideable, hard<br />

tracks and roads mixed with narrow forest paths. You can also use<br />

a hybrid bike, although e-bikes are not permitted. Don’t forget to<br />

take a helmet, as they are compulsory.<br />

You will be able to borrow a map board for MTBO at the event.<br />

Parking is within easy cycling distance from the arena, where there<br />

are showers, a food kiosk, a bike wash and race information desk.<br />

MTBO STAGE 3 – Tuesday 25th July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Arena RÖJSMON<br />

Sprint distance.<br />

This year it is unfortunately too far between the Foot-O and MTBO arenas<br />

to compete in both disciplines on the same day. If you want to “do the<br />

double”, however, you can compete in all three MTBO stages and then<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 3 Days (Foot-O stages 3-5). Competing in just MTBO Stage 3<br />

is also possible for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> runners, as this takes place on the SkiStar<br />

activity day.<br />

The race information desk for collecting numbers will be in Östersund.<br />

MTBO at Östersund and Järpen<br />

Stage 1 – Östersund<br />

Stage 2 – Östersund<br />

Stage 3 – Järpen<br />

The first MTBO stage is a middle distance in the area around Östersund<br />

ski arena. Here you’ll find fast rollerski tracks mixed with tricky<br />

small trails that can be hard to ride. The dense path network makes for<br />

intense orienteering and means competitors must focus.<br />

The second stage uses the same arena but is a long distance and<br />

takes place over a much bigger area east of Östersund, with varied<br />

gravel tracks, larger easily cycle trails and smaller and more<br />

technical paths. Here, the dense path network from the first stage is<br />

swapped for areas where route choices are key.<br />

The third and final stage will take place at Röjsmon, Järpen. This<br />

stage will be sprint distance and will mostly use built-up areas with<br />

tarmac surfaces. The start of the race will be in the forest, using<br />

ski and rollerski tracks as well as paths. This stage will really test<br />

competitors’ abilities to make quick decisions.<br />

Arena Röjsmon, Järpen. Photo: Niclas Lidström.<br />

38 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 39

Parking close<br />

to the arena<br />

on all stages<br />

Stage 1 – Start on the open fell<br />

The third stage, just like the first, will be something special. We’ll<br />

be going a few km east of Åreskutan to Fröå Mine, a copper mine<br />

built in the mid-18th century and operating in various phases<br />

until the start of the 20th century. The Fröå Mine association has<br />

refurbished parts of the mine, which is now a tourist attraction.<br />

This means we cannot compete during the day, when the visitors<br />

are there, so the competition starts at 5pm. We have access to the<br />

entire area, including the spoil heaps. The map has been updated to<br />

have a contour interval of 2.5m.<br />

For this stage, as for others, the area is currently embargoed for<br />

competitors, but we highly recommend a visit later in the week.<br />

We’ve had an excellent guided tour, which you will also get when<br />

you visit. Don’t miss it!<br />

Stage 4 – Mörsil<br />

The first stage will be fantastic! The courses will be up on the open<br />

fell, where you’ll be transported with minibuses. The arena has wide<br />

views across Ottfjället and the surrounding area, with controls at both<br />

shorter and longer distances away. There are no bushes or trees to hide<br />

the view and sometimes reindeer wander the area. We’re hoping for<br />

good weather, when being up there is better than any postcard.<br />

Stage 2 - Vålådalens fjällstation<br />



The fourth stage will be a more “normal” competition in the<br />

forest at Mörsil. A well-managed pine and spruce forest with<br />

clear but technical contour orienteering. There are plenty of wild<br />

raspberries, so try not to forget you’re competing!<br />

TRAIL-O<br />

Etapp 5 - Finale at Järpen<br />

The first two Trail-O stages will take place at Vålådalen,<br />

where Gösta and Olga Olander built a renowned training<br />

centre for Gunder Hägg, the world’s best middle distance<br />

runner of the era.<br />

One of the stages will take you up onto beautiful Ottfjället, with<br />

views across the other mountains. Here, competitors will encounter<br />

lone mountain birches, open fell and wide marshes. The second<br />

Vålådalen stage will take place in the valley itself, in completely<br />

different terrain to that above the treeline.<br />

The third stage will be an evening competition at Fröå mine. In<br />

this old mining landscape, history comes to life as you explore between<br />

the mine workings and remaining buildings. Most impressively<br />

of all, the restored flatrod system drives the pump that keeps one<br />

of the mineshafts dry, this in turn driven by a large water wheel.<br />

Stage four will take place in Mörsil and the final fifth stage will<br />

be held from the arena Röjsmon in Järpen.<br />

» Programme O-RINGEN PREO<br />

TRAIL-O STAGE 1 – Sunday 23rd July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Arena VÅLÅDALEN<br />

TRAIL-O STAGE 2 – Monday 24th July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Arena VÅLÅDALEN<br />

TRAIL-O STAGE 3 – Wednesday 26th Juy <strong>2023</strong><br />

Arena FRÖÅ GRUVA<br />

TRAIL-O STAGE 4 – Thursday 27th July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Arena MÖRSIL<br />

TRAIL-O STAGE 5 – Friday 28th July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Arena RÖJSMON<br />

The second stage will be held down in the valley at Vålådalens fjällstation.<br />

The entire stage will take place on tarmac roads, which skiers<br />

use all year round for training and competition – with rollerskis in<br />

the summer and on snow from the middle of October.<br />

Stage 3 – Evening at Fröå Mine<br />

The fifth and final stage will be held at Järpen. The arena is at the<br />

sport centre and ice rink. From there we go out into the forest via<br />

the Ski centre’s tarmac rollerski tracks, with out and back forays<br />

on good gravel tracks. The stage is divided into three parts, with<br />

different terrain and forest types.<br />

All three parts will have timed controls for the Elite class, two for<br />

the A class and one for the B and C classes.<br />

40 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 41

Plats för livet.<br />

lundstams.se<br />

Vi levererar råvaror,<br />

utrustning och dryck till<br />

Sveriges restauranger<br />

och storkök.<br />

Stolt samarbetspartner till O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

Läs om vårt hållbarhetsarbete på<br />

martinservera.se<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 43

Hector Haines – British national team runner in Åre<br />

The maps<br />

are fantastic<br />

– the mapmakers<br />

have done a really<br />

good job<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström.<br />

The British international runner Hector<br />

Haines has had a long orienteering<br />

career. He has been a part of the<br />

British team for many years, racing<br />

both at the World Cup and at several<br />

World Championships. Hector has<br />

lived in Åre for several years and is<br />

now part of the organising team for<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

– I think people will really enjoy the competitions<br />

in Åre,” says Hector.<br />

Hector Haines looks happy and a little<br />

sweaty when we meet in Trillevallen. He’s<br />

been out training and is now getting ready<br />

to be filmed and photographed up here. This<br />

mountain, Välliste, will be the venue where<br />

the first two of Åre’s O-<strong>Ringen</strong> competitions<br />

will be played out.<br />

Trillevallen is an old ski resort, which has<br />

been around for many years. Högfjällshotellet<br />

was built in 1938 and it was here that<br />

Olof Palme spent many days skiing.<br />

Hector Haines has lived in the Åre valley for<br />

some years now, when he followed the move<br />

from the UK by heading further north to Åre.<br />

How did a British team<br />

runner end up in Åre?<br />

– There’s a long story of course, but the short<br />

version is that I missed the mountains too<br />

much when I lived in Stockholm. I knew<br />

that I wanted to stay in Sweden, though, and<br />

it was easy to move my job up to Åre – so<br />

that’s what I did!<br />

How will competitors find their<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> experience in Åre?<br />

– The experience will be great – I could even<br />

say that it will be a unique O-<strong>Ringen</strong> experience!<br />

We’ll have open fell terrain, as well as<br />

many different kinds of forest. And the maps<br />

are fantastic – the mapmakers have done a<br />

really good job. You’ll be able to go up onto<br />

the famous Åreskutan, too, if you want. And<br />

finally, the Engcom Elite Sprint will be a great<br />

show and orienteering party – right in the<br />

centre of Åre itself!<br />

Last summer, O-<strong>Ringen</strong> offered relatively<br />

flat orienteering. This year will be different.<br />

–Yeah, I would recommend that you train<br />

on some of your local hills before coming to<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Åre. It’s physical terrain, and of<br />

course there is some uphill, although runners<br />

will in fact run further downhill than<br />

uphill during the week!<br />

The first two stages are right up in the<br />

open fells. The third stage, in Järpen, offers<br />

more traditional forest terrain, and stages 4<br />

and 5 will be held at 550m above sea level<br />

at Ånn.<br />

– The terrain is tough and will require<br />

strength and power to run quickly. But it’s<br />

also very forgiving in a way – I think some<br />

people will be surprised at how well they<br />

recover between the races! But of course, if<br />

you know that running uphill is particularly<br />

tough for you, I recommend a few hill training<br />

sessions so you arrive prepared.<br />

Mountain terrain can often be vague.<br />

Does that apply to the five stages at<br />

Åre <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

– It’s a real variety. It’s not massively detailed<br />

but there are some areas that will require really<br />

good orienteering skills. The slopes and<br />

open hilltops will demand accuracy with<br />

your compass. As ever, compass is king!<br />

We’ve arrived at the top of Väliste and below<br />

us, to the east, we can see the ski lifts of<br />

Trillevallen, and if we look to the north we<br />

can see Åreskutan as well as Edsåsdalen. To<br />

the south we can see Ottsjö and Vålådalen,<br />

but also over to Härjedalen. It’s a wonderful<br />

360 degree view and we can understand why<br />

Hector like it up here.<br />

– Sweden is awesome! I love the work-life<br />

balance here and the club set-up is fantastic.<br />

Sure, I sometimes go to Norway to get some<br />

extra mountains, but Åre is a pretty good<br />

base! And the coffee is great here. At least<br />

compared to the UK.<br />

– When I moved here I really missed<br />

good sausages and good beer, although<br />

Sweden has, in fact, got a lot better at this in<br />

recent years. But these days I don’t really eat<br />

much meat or drink much beer any more, so<br />

there’s not much to complain about anyway!<br />

Are you planning to stay here in Åre?<br />

– Yes! I’ve actually just bought a house in<br />

Duved. There’s a spare room, so if you need an<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> training camp, just give me a shout..<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson.<br />

44 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 45

Tork Biobaserade<br />

Rengöringsdukar för<br />

arbetsplatsen<br />

Tork Biobaserade Rengöringsduk Kraftig är 99 % växtbaserad så att<br />

ni på din arbetsplats inte behöver kompromissa med hållbarhet för<br />

att uppnå ett bra resultat. Rengöringsdukarna är både hållbara, har<br />

bra absorptionsförmåga och är extremt låg-luddande.<br />

tork.se<br />

031-746 17 00 | information.tork@essity.com<br />

Tork, an Essity brand<br />

Skanna!<br />

Prenumerera på<br />

Välkommen till våra miljötvättar i Östersund!<br />

Tvättarna har dubbel kapacitet och genomkörning. Vi samlar upp och återanvänder<br />

allt regnvatten, solceller på taket driver tvättarna. Dammsugare och mattvätt finns.<br />

JUST NU! 50% rabatt på första tvätten<br />

Med vår nya app, Tvätta Biltvätt, behöver du inte ens lämna bilen för att tvätta<br />

den. Du kan enkelt se hur lång kö det är, välja tvättprogram och betala säkert<br />

med några klick. Just nu 50% rabatt på första tvätten och dessutom var<br />

6:e tvätt gratis när du betalar med appen.<br />

Vill du läsa fördjupande reportage om orientering, veta mer om<br />

våra landslagsstjärnor och vad som händer i föreningarna,<br />

få hälso- och träningstips, läsa krönikor och lösa korsord?<br />

Prenumerera på Orienteraren - 500kr per helår.<br />

Välkomna till Tvätta på Fagerbacken 53 i Östersund.

Orienteering<br />

is the perfect<br />

form of exercise<br />

for Britta<br />

Spritsiga smaker<br />

från norr!<br />

She was the skier who abandoned traditional skiing for long distance races. She has<br />

won the Vasaloppet and was outstanding in the long-distance world cup for several<br />

years. But maybe you didn't know that Britta Johansson Norgren ran O-<strong>Ringen</strong> several<br />

times and likes to take a map and compass and go out into nature?<br />

– Orienteering is really good training for us skiers, she says.<br />

I've<br />

always liked<br />

orienteering<br />

Britta Johansson Norgren has turned 40, but<br />

until last season she was an elite athlete with<br />

a venture that has given her great success<br />

in the ski track. In 2006, she competed in<br />

the Turin Olympics and finished fourth in<br />

the relay. She ran all the distances and was<br />

active in the national team for many years.<br />

She has also won both silver and bronze in<br />

the World Championships, both times in the<br />

relay. In 2014, she chose to start her venture<br />

into the long-distance world cup, and she<br />

has nothing to regret there. Success came<br />

quickly and for 6–7 years she was dominant<br />

in the long-distance world cup.<br />

But after last year, she felt it was enough<br />

and in recent years, she has been seen more<br />

and more in the orienteering woods. This<br />

summer at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala, she participated<br />

as a prize-giver and also managed to<br />

run a stage.<br />

48 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong><br />

– Orienteering is incredibly fun to run.<br />

As training for the ski season, orienteering<br />

is perfect. It is clearly much more fun to<br />

train with a map and compass in hand than<br />

without, says Britta.<br />

She grew up in Uppsala and therefore the<br />

choice of cross-country skiing might feel a<br />

little strange. But her family was into skiing<br />

so the choice was perhaps not so difficult.<br />

– But I remember when I was 5-6 years<br />

old when I went to a competition with my<br />

sisters. I read the map upside down and<br />

didn't think it was that fun.<br />

Britta's older sisters were doing orienteering<br />

at the time, but after the upside-down<br />

map, she tried cross-country skiing instead.<br />

– And it turned out that it went really<br />

well. So, then I chose skiing instead, says<br />

Britta and laughs a little.<br />

But as an adult, Britta started to run<br />

orienteering as training for the winter. She<br />

tested on Naturpasset and Hittaut.<br />

– In addition, I have run Frösö 5-days,<br />

a local series of competitions during the<br />

spring. I usually take the challenge course<br />

there, it's a little longer and a little easier.<br />

She was involved in running the Mountain<br />

Orienteering for a few years and she also ran<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Hälsingland in 2006.<br />

– I've always liked orienteering. It's a great<br />

form of exercise. But I wouldn't call myself<br />

an orienteerer. I'm not that good, she says,<br />

laughing.<br />

In the summer, O-<strong>Ringen</strong> will be decided<br />

in Åre, and the idea is that Britta will have<br />

time to run some open courses and maybe<br />

also help as a functionary.<br />

- Yes, I hope I'll have time for that!<br />

Vi är många som njuter av det som finns runt knuten i vår natur. För<br />

det genuina och okonstlade har funnits där hela tiden, redo att ta dig<br />

med storm eller ge dig andrum. Vad du än behöver. Lite så är det även<br />

med Fjällfil®, med sin speciella spritsiga och extra krämiga karaktär.<br />

Fjällfil® är gjord på norrländsk mjölk och äkta bär, helt utan aromer.<br />

Så enkelt kan det vara. PS. Vi ses på O-ringen i sommar! DS

Änge Chark är Jämtlands ledande lokala charkföretag.<br />

Vi har alltid satsat på att tillverka charkprodukter<br />

av högsta kvalitet.<br />

Vi gillar att dela!<br />

Vi använder svenska<br />

råvaror från leverantörer<br />

som vi valt med omsorg.<br />

Till vår rökning är det<br />

en självklarhet att vi<br />

använder riktigt alspån.<br />

Alla våra produkter är fria<br />

från stabiliseringsmedel,<br />

fosfater och smakförstärkare.<br />

Som vi brukar säga;<br />

”Det finns inga<br />

genvägar till goda<br />

produkter.”<br />

Änge Chark AB www.angechark.se<br />

Fyll på din vätskebalans med<br />

kolhydrat-elektrolytdryck!<br />

Att hyra byggmaskiner är att dela vilket är<br />

hållbart för både miljön och ekonomin. 85<br />

procent av våra hyrprodukter ger dess utom<br />

0 procent utsläpp av växthusgaser. Vi kallar<br />

dem RamiGreen. En allt viktigare del av vårt<br />

hållbarhets arbete går ut på att stötta kunder<br />

med kunskap, erfarenhet och digitala lösningar<br />

som effektiviserar projekt hela vägen, från<br />

grushög till färdigt bygge. Det är både smart<br />

och klimatsmart.<br />

Ramirent - stolt sponsor av O-<strong>Ringen</strong>!<br />

Läs mer om vårt hållbarhetsarbete på ramirent.se<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 51

Eva and Henrik compete in Para-I<br />

Alltid på väg...<br />

Nu även Gröna transporter<br />

Para-I<br />

– New class<br />

at O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

To make orienteering more accessible for people with various<br />

disabilities, Swedish orienteering and O-<strong>Ringen</strong> have<br />

been working to introduce a Para-I class at this summer's<br />

competitions in Åre.<br />

– It's going to be a lot of fun, says Eva Dahlberg and Henrik Berglund,<br />

OK Storsjön, who will both be competing in the new class.<br />

When a new class is now being created, it will be something<br />

that suits both Eva and Henrik very well. Both of them live in<br />

Östersund and one of the initiators, Marie Ohlsson, introduced<br />

them to orienteering a few years ago and since then both are very<br />

committed.<br />

– I ran all the races this summer at the Youth Series, Henrik<br />

says. And it was great fun.<br />

The trophy stands on the windowsill, as proof that Henrik has<br />

run all eight races. Eva started with orienteering last fall and even<br />

though it started poorly, she thinks orienteering is fun.<br />

– After the first training session, I said never again, says Eva.<br />

But there will still be five stages for both of them this summer.<br />

And it's actually thanks to Henrik and Eva that there now is a<br />

Para-I class at O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

– Eva and Henrik thought it was fun to run but felt that they<br />

didn't have their own class to run in, then they asked me which<br />

class they should run in at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre, says Marie Ohlsson.<br />

After discussions between SOFT and O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, a new class was<br />

created.<br />

– I think it is fun that you do two things at the same time, running<br />

and reading the map, Eva says quickly.<br />

Henrik thinks a little and then he says confidently:<br />

– I think it's the social bit that is the most fun. Getting to know<br />

so many new people at competitions and trainings.<br />

Both Henrik and Eva are very active, they cycle, run, ski and<br />

train at the gym. The para-I classes at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> will run approximately<br />

2 km per stage and it is green difficulty that applies on these<br />

courses.<br />

– I hope to meet a lot of new people this summer, says Henrik,<br />

smiling and adding:<br />

– Now we're just hoping that many people sign up for this class.<br />

Eva is looking forward to the competitions for several reasons.<br />

– It will be great to be part of the premiere of the new class and<br />

see if O-<strong>Ringen</strong> and the rest of the orienteering world dare to<br />

invest in a Para-I class.<br />

Likes the idea<br />

In Swedish orienteering, we work to ensure that orienteering is an<br />

inclusive sport for everyone throughout their lives, regardless of<br />

physical ability, ambition or age. Several initiatives and projects<br />

exist around the country to make orienteering more accessible for<br />

people with various disabilities.<br />

– The fact that O-<strong>Ringen</strong> can contribute to making the sport<br />

accessible to more people feels both fun and obvious. Everyone<br />

should be able to participate based on their specific conditions and<br />

we look forward to welcoming all participants in our new class,<br />

concludes Anna Wennertorp, Marketing and Experience Manager<br />

at O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

Participating in the Para-I class costs SEK 550 for 5 days and<br />

SEK 110 for a stage start, for all ages regardless of when you register.<br />

Sign up at the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> booking portal, which you can find<br />

via oringen.se.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson.<br />

Ett Jämtländskt transportföretag.<br />

70 år på väg...<br />

Fagerbacken 64, Telefon 063-55 61 80<br />

E-post: trafik@sandberg-jonsson.se<br />

52 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 53

Orienteerer Åsa Sund helps us<br />

out with our sustainability work<br />

För alla matoch<br />

livsnjutare!<br />

Greengoat is the name of the company that helps<br />

Swedish orienteering and our events to become more<br />

sustainable. Greengoat Hållbarhetsbyrå is based in<br />

Sandviken but also has an office in Stockholm and was<br />

founded due to a common interest in sustainability<br />

issues. The agency helps companies and organizations<br />

with support in their sustainability journey by helping to<br />

see their role in the big picture and understand what they<br />

can do to become more sustainable in all three aspects<br />

of sustainability – social, economic and environmental.<br />

I vår butik kan du både fylla på med energi inför<br />

tävlingarna och sätta extra guldkant på vistelsen i Åre!<br />

Upptäck vårt stora delikatessdisk, våra jämtländska produkter<br />

och vår vinbar LaVin. Hos oss hittar du helt enkelt allt du<br />

behöver. Vi finns i stationshuset.<br />

Varmt välkommen!<br />

Mer tid på fjället, mindre<br />

i butik – handla online!<br />


PÅ – We strongly believe in raising knowledge within an organization,<br />

tinkering with the processes a little and attracting commitment<br />

and innovation. Highlighting what the organization does well<br />

already is an important element that contributes to an understanding<br />

of the issue, while additional knowledge creates the ability to<br />

make sustainability as a concept understandable and tangible for<br />

the organization, says Åsa.<br />

Åsa, who is one of the founders of Greengoat, has been an<br />

orienteerer since childhood and has thus orienteered all her life.<br />

Her parent club is OK Tranan but since she moved to Sandviken<br />

many years ago, OK Hammaren is her new club. Her first<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> was in Borås in 1986.<br />

– I remember that our family was featured in an article in Borås<br />

Tidning about how difficult it could be to set up an awning for the<br />

caravan. My memory from that day is very much like the game<br />

Pick-a-stick!<br />

In total, there have been 11 more O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, with Höga Kusten<br />

2018 being the latest. This summer, however, it will be O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

again since the family has a cottage in Duved.<br />

But how did Greengoat and orienteering find each other?<br />

–Of course, because Åsa herself is an orienteerer, but also because<br />

Greengoat has special expertise in sustainability, for example<br />

regarding developing sustainability strategies and policies, calculations<br />

of greenhouse gas emissions, circularity, and sustainability<br />

reporting.<br />

–Those are my three big interests in one, outdoor life, sports and<br />

sustainability! A colleague and I are part of a project called Mistra<br />

Sports & Outdoors, which is a large Swedish research / collaboration<br />

project that looks at how to make sports and outdoor life<br />

more sustainable. There we facilitate various working groups in the<br />

project. In some of the groups there are participants from Swedish<br />

orienteering and through that I found that orienteering with its<br />

associated events was in the process of starting up its sustainability<br />

work and that they would be procuring external assistance. And<br />

we won that procurement, and that is something I am really happy<br />

about! It is a dream job to work with sustainability in orienteering.<br />

The purpose is to understand where orienteering has the<br />

greatest sustainability impact, where we can make the biggest<br />

difference or where we can contribute the most and then to work<br />

step by step with sustainability improvements.<br />

What does the sustainability work look like?<br />

– Work started in the autumn and the first step has been to map<br />

environmental, economic and social sustainability within Swedish<br />

orienteering. Part of the survey was done by interviews with many<br />

of the interested parties in orienteering and a survey was also sent<br />

to members and clubs. When that was completed, we turned to<br />

developing goals and then to finally work towards these goals and<br />

create improvement. That work will begin this spring.<br />

So, what are we going to work for?<br />

– Swedish orienteering is good at many things in sustainability and<br />

the mapping we did came up with five things where we can see a<br />

need to become even better and which are focus areas for the next<br />

two years. These are: Climate impact from transport, Conditions<br />

for elite investment, Digitization, Partnership, Diversity and Inclusivity.<br />

– We will work on various improvement activities during the year,<br />

a concrete activity that I look forward to is a hackathon for young<br />

people on sustainability that we will carry out at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> this<br />

summer together with Youth 2030. During the spring, we will also<br />

produce a sustainability report and then look, in autumn, look at<br />

how the clubs can work with sustainability in a simple and effective<br />

way, Åsa concludes.<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 55

Vi skickar<br />

ett magasin gärna<br />

hem till dig!<br />

om drömlivet*<br />

*<br />

Orientera dig<br />

vidare i livet!<br />

Vi vill bjuda dig på inspiration och information från<br />

Jämtland Härjedalen, ett livsstilslän utöver det vanliga.<br />

Håll kontakten med oss inför O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

UPPLEV<br />


i Åre<br />

Företag & inflyttare - allt fler tar steget till Jämtland Härjedalen. Sida 32–33<br />

Engagemang<br />

föder nytt engagemang<br />

Kristina Ernehed: Landsbygden är en del av lösningen för<br />

framtidens hållbara samhällen. Sida 40–41<br />

skistar.com<br />

Året runt<br />



"Ett levande syd Saepmie"<br />

Samtal med Patricia Fjellgren om<br />

språket och kulturen – ett sätt<br />

att hitta hem. Sida 23–24<br />

"Många vill lämna ekorrhjulet"<br />

Lars Blixt om hur byn Borgvattnet<br />

vände utflyttning till inflyttning.<br />

Sida 10–11<br />

*<br />

Drömliv för dig som vill toppa karriären med omedelbar närhet till fjällen, skogarna och sjöarna. För dig som vill ha äventyr året runt och fyra riktiga<br />

årstider (vi bjussar på en femte – vårvintern). För dig som längtar efter en hållbar, påhittig landsbygd och stadsmiljö med event- och matupplevelser i<br />

världsklass. Helt enkelt för dig som vill ta steget till en skönare tillvaro där tiden räcker till mer.<br />

Vi ses till fjälls i Åre!<br />

Det ska vara enkelt att flytta till drömlivet* i Jämtland Härjedalen.<br />

Just därför finns sajten tasteget.nu där du får personlig flyttvägledning<br />

och lär känna den plats vi kallar hemma. Under O-<strong>Ringen</strong> i Åre vill vi träffa dig<br />

och prata om jobb, boende och om alla möjligheter en flytt hit innebär.<br />

Få inspiration redan nu genom att maila namn och adress till<br />

hej@tasteget.nu så skickar vi vårt magasin kostnadsfritt till dig!<br />

Väldigt bra grej,<br />

eller hur?<br />

www.smellwell.com<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 57


Åre municipality<br />

– more than just skiing<br />

Västgård Game Fair. Photo: Anna Lindner.<br />

Storlien. Photo: Niclas Lidström.<br />

Åre municipality has so much more than just skiing to<br />

offer. The bare ground season is growing strongly and<br />

there are plenty of activities and places to discover. Here<br />

you will find everything from hiking on the mountain, to<br />

fantastic waterfalls, breath-taking adventures, worldclass<br />

bike trails and a vibrant Åre village with gastronomic<br />

experiences.<br />

In the municipality you will find several different districts. All<br />

with their own unique experiences and hidden gems. For example,<br />

beautiful Kallbygden. Kallbygden is a mountain paradise that offers<br />

magnificent tour areas, beautiful places for swimming, fantastic<br />

fishing, horseback riding, delicious locally produced food, cosy<br />

accommodation and local handicrafts.<br />

A little bit south from Kall you will also find Järpen and here you<br />

must not miss a visit to Järpen's roller ski track and exercise tracks,<br />

train in the outdoor gym or to discover the newly built bike trails<br />

in the area around Röjsmon. Västgård Game Fair will be held in<br />

Kall on July 28–30. A country life & leisure fair with everything<br />

from hunting, fishing, horses, forest and agriculture to food and<br />

crafts. It is a very popular fair that offers good food and exciting<br />

performances.<br />

In the village of Arvesund, which is beautifully situated on the<br />

shores of Lake Storsjön, we have the technology museum Arvemuseet.<br />

Here, young and old alike learn all about the development of<br />

technology. There is also the steamboat Östersundaren that takes<br />

you out on Storsjön's waters. Storlien is the classic ski resort located<br />

next to the Norwegian border, 6o km from Åre. In addition to<br />

border shopping, Storlien offers plenty of nice hiking and cycling<br />

trails. In the immediate area you can go fishing in mountain lakes<br />

and ponds for trout and char in a beautiful mountain environment.<br />

Storlien is home to restaurant Flamman, which is well worth a<br />

visit. The village of Ottsjö is beautifully situated by lake Ottsjön,<br />

30 kilometres from Åre. With the setting of Ottfjället, the tip is<br />

to experience the valley from a kayak on the lake. Or take the<br />

opportunity to hike across the historic Ridvadet, the only hiking<br />

trail in Sweden where you wade across an entire lake. Vålådalen is<br />

the place where exercise and outdoor life meet. Here you will find<br />

the five-kilometre roller ski course with connection to the biathlon<br />

course, a sports ground for course intervals while you can also<br />

learn more about nature through a visit to Naturum. Vålådalen<br />

was also usually the first in the country with a ski premiere at the<br />

end of October. In July, it is full speed ahead in Åre municipality<br />

with hustle and bustle in many places from early morning to late<br />

evening – this is a fantastic month to experience, among other<br />

things, the wonderful summer atmosphere in Åre Village. Here<br />

you will find accessible hiking, cycling, trail running, canoeing,<br />

paragliding or maybe a visit to Åre museum as some of the activities.<br />

Åre beach and the marina are popular places for swimming on<br />

hot summer days.<br />

After a day full of activities at Åreskutan, the outdoor cafes<br />

in the village offer a relaxing "after mountain" and tasty dinners<br />

in the evening sun. In Björnen you will find the high-altitude<br />

course where you can challenge yourself in climbing, ziplines and<br />

tricks. There is something for all ages, and comfort zones. If high<br />

altitudes is the thing for you, there is also a zipline in Åre where<br />

you can whizz down the mountain over the long distances that<br />

that crisscross the Susabäcken. Perfect for feeling the butterflies<br />

fluttering around in your stomach. On the east side of Åreskutan<br />

is the former copper mine Fröå Mine. The copper mine was put<br />

into operation in 1744 and was operated until 1914. Today it is a<br />

popular destination. You can easily follow how everything worked<br />

at the copper mine. Today there is a cosy café here that serves<br />

fantastic coffee. From Fröå Mine, there are several lovely hiking<br />

trails to, among other destinations, Byxtjärn where it is possible to<br />

swim. There are also barbecue areas. The Åre Kabinbana cable car<br />

is perhaps the most well-known symbol of Åre. Since 1976, the two<br />

cable cars run summer and winter and transport us from the village<br />

to the mountain station at 1274 meters above sea level, almost<br />

all the way to the top of Åreskutan. It must be experienced at least<br />

once. During O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week, Kabinbanan and most lifts will be<br />

open daily until 20.00. Ride up and hike down or hike further up<br />

to take you all the way up to the peak of Åreskutan at 1420 meters<br />

above sea level. Visit Toppstugan, Sweden's highest café, for waffle<br />

fika before you go down again! Cycling in the mountains - Åre<br />

Bike Park on Åreskutan is a popular place for downhill cycling.<br />

There is also the newly built tarmacked pump track where you<br />

can practice technique and cornering to perfection. The area for<br />

cross-country cycling in Björnen is also growing every year and<br />

offers fun and easily accessible trail cycling for the whole family in<br />

a fantastic mountain environment. We promise that there is a lot<br />

of cycling to discover in Åre! For more ideas on places to visit and<br />

activities in Åre municipality, visit the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> website and see<br />

the tab Experience Åre.<br />

58 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 59

Söders - O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 180x121.qxp_Layout 1 <strong>2023</strong>-02-22 10:36 Sida 1<br />


Det ligger<br />

i vår natur<br />

Hydraulik &<br />

Kompressorteknik<br />

på högsta nivå<br />

Kompressorer som komprimerar<br />

luft och gaser som till exempel<br />

argon, biogas, helium, vätgas,<br />

naturgas och nitrogen.<br />

Att ifrågasätta, förbättra och tänka långsiktigt ligger<br />

i vår natur. Att ha ett ansvarsfullt skogsbruk för nästa och<br />

nästnästa generation – och bry oss om dem som lever<br />

där vår råvara växer. Därför har vi valt att uppkalla våra<br />

produkter efter de norrländska skogarnas invånare.<br />

En hyllning till djuren. Möt SCA Lynx, SCA Martes, SCA<br />

Strix och många fler. Snart i ett byggvaruhus nära dig.<br />

Mer om produkterna på scasmarttimber.com.<br />

Er självklara servicepartner inom hydraulik, filtrering och kompressorteknik.<br />

Huvudkontor Oskarshamn Formaregatan 2, Oskarshamn • Tel. 0491-130 65<br />

Kalmarkontoret Trångsundsv. 2 Kalmar • Tel 0480-250 09<br />

info@soders.eu • www.soders.eu<br />

Stolt<br />

sponsor till<br />

”Högtryckssprinten<br />

med Söders”<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Smålandskusten<br />

2024<br />

Design: Happify Oskarshamn. www.happify.se<br />

Skogsvinge<br />


Kom närmare<br />

din skog.<br />

I Skogsvinge finns allt du behöver för ett enkelt<br />

och lönsamt skogsbruk. Här kan du göra allt<br />

från att hålla koll på ekonomi, kontrakt och<br />

åtgärder till att signera avtal. Samla allt som<br />

rör ditt skogsägande på skogsvinge.se<br />


60 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong><br />



Discover Östersund during O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week<br />

In Östersund, just an hour's drive from Åre, you get a unique combination pulse of city and<br />

mountains. Here you will find restaurants, shops and a nice city hangout but also magnificent<br />

culture and nature experiences. Here we have gathered 10 pointers for your visit.<br />

Jamtli<br />

Jamtli History Land is a popular destination for all generations.<br />

With a few steps, you move in time from the 1700s to the 1970s.<br />

Among Jamtli's old farms and city quarters, you will meet actors<br />

who tell you about what it was like to live in the past. Learn about<br />

lean years of famine, take a ride in the 1920 bus, or stop at the 1956<br />

gas station. Don't miss the 1970s Green Wavers and “Five Ants<br />

Are More Than Four Elephants”-show. At Jamtli you will also find<br />

Nationalmuseum Jamtli. This year's exhibition "Ideals and Reality"<br />

shows parts of Nationalmuseum's large collections of Nordic nature<br />

in art and crafts from the 1600s onwards.<br />

City & Gastronomy<br />

Östersund has been named Creative City of Gastronomy by UNES-<br />

CO. The city have the highest number of small-scale food artisans in<br />

the whole country and many exciting restaurants, cafes and courtyards<br />

to discover. Östersund's city centre has been praised several<br />

times and here you will find a variety of popular small unique shops<br />

mixed in with the large chains.<br />

Surf Bay & Birgers Adventure Park<br />

The obvious hang of summer. Here you can swim from the<br />

bathing piers, jump from the bath tower and try wakeboarding<br />

with the help of a cable. In surf bay there is also beach volleyball,<br />

long boards, a pump track, Birgers Adventure Park for small<br />

children and lovely grass areas for the picnic blanket.<br />

Photo: Göran Strand.<br />

Photo: Göran Strand.<br />

A rainy day<br />

At Teknikland, technology, aviation and military history are mixed.<br />

At Jamtli you travel in time. Multi Challenge is Sweden's largest<br />

adventure house with Boda Borg, playland, laser hall, bowling,<br />

climbing and much more. At Storsjöbadet water park there are both<br />

indoor and outdoor pools, water slides and a large relaxation area.<br />

Flowig cycling<br />

It is said that Frösön has Sweden's best trail cycling and here, on<br />

Östberget, Sweden's elite in enduro cycling gather for Swedish<br />

Championship competitions in week 27. There you will also find<br />

the lift-borne downhill cycling. In addition to the advanced trails,<br />

there are also simpler trails and trails that are suitable for both the<br />

beginner and the whole family. Just outside the city are Fugelsta and<br />

Brunflo Bike Park where enthusiasts build fantastically flowy trails<br />

and Östersund's ski stadium is the starting point for two of the MT-<br />

BO-stages. If you want to take it a little easier, rent a bike and explore<br />

some of Frösön's summer cafés.<br />

Historic Frösön<br />

A 1000 years ago, people already gathered on Frösön for market<br />

and things. Frösö Church with a wonderful view is built on top of a<br />

pagan sacrificial site. Next to Frösöbron stands Sweden's northernmost<br />

runestone that tells about the Christianization of Jämtland.<br />

The composer Wilhelm Peterson-Berger was so taken by Frösön's<br />

beauty that he had his home Sommarhagen built here. Today it<br />

is a museum, café and popular tourist destination. There are also<br />

plenty of cosy summer cafes on Frösön and nice trails for walking,<br />

cycling, and running.<br />

By kite, kayak, or boat on Storsjön<br />

Storsjön is the fifth largest lake in Sweden. Aquatic sports are popular<br />

and in the middle of town you can kayak, rent a SUP-board<br />

and go wakeboarding. There are nice places for surfing of various<br />

kinds and kitesurfing is very popular. Just outside the city, Locknesjön<br />

attracts with its green calcareous water or Andersön with<br />

its mountain view. Fishing enthusiasts get their fill in the rivers just<br />

outside the city. M/S Thomée makes trips out on Storsjön every<br />

day of the week.<br />

Relax at the spa<br />

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa visit. Frösö Park spa has been<br />

named the best spa experience in Sweden and here you are inspired<br />

by the health traditions of Jämtland. At Cloud SPA you can<br />

enjoy the pool and sauna with views of the whole of Östersund.<br />

Both facilities accommodate day spa guests.<br />

Storsjöyran and Krogstråket<br />

The Storsjöyran festival is surrounded by the world's longest festive<br />

week, the ten-day Yranveckan starting the Friday before the festival<br />

weekend. Yranveckan consists of film, art, theatre, installations,<br />

and exhibitions around central Östersund. The harbour is also part<br />

of the festival area, and during Yranveckan a number of restaurants<br />

move here to form Krogstråket. On the other side of Badhusparken<br />

is the festival amusement park, which is also open all week.<br />

Storsjöyran festival takes place July 28-30 with a total of over 45<br />

national and international artists. Yranveckan runs from July 21st<br />

to 30th.<br />

Domesticated moose at Moose Garden<br />

Make a visit to Moose Garden and get close contact with the king<br />

of the forest. Did you know that a moose can grow up to two<br />

meters in height at the withers, weigh up to 700 kilograms and<br />

that the crown of a moose can span two meters? At Moose Garden<br />

in Orrviken, just outside Östersund, you will meet the landscape<br />

animal of Jämtland, learn more about the moose, how it lives and<br />

get to pet the king of the forest. Guided tours daily.<br />

Do you want to know more about everything you can experience<br />

in Östersund before / during / after O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week? Contact our<br />

Tourist Centre for personal service or take a look at our website<br />

visitostersund.se<br />

62 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 63



Krokom – find your way here and find your home<br />

Krokom is the mountain municipality in Jämtland that<br />

constantly welcomes new residents. Project Kaxås has<br />

attracted about 160 new residents so far, Åsbygden is<br />

growing fast, but other villages there are also seeing<br />

frequent moving loads.<br />

Upplev Östersund i samband med O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2023</strong>. Bara en timmes<br />

bilväg från Åre och O-<strong>Ringen</strong>arenorna hittar du sommarstaden Östersund<br />

och det är också här som O-<strong>Ringen</strong>s två första etapper i MTB-O avgörs.<br />

Boka några dagar hos oss och ladda energi inför tävlingsdagarna eller<br />

besök oss under den lediga dagen. Här finns massor att göra och vi vill<br />

gärna dela med oss.<br />

Välkommen till Sveriges mysigaste stadskärna. Här hittar du<br />

små unika butiker, innergårdar med restauranger, caféer<br />

och gallerier - och massor att göra för hela familjen.<br />

Vad sägs om adrenalinfylld downhillcykling eller kanske Sveriges<br />

bästa stigcykling med utsikt över sjö och fjäll. Vackra vandrings-<br />

och traillöpningsstigar och mer än 100 klätterleder.<br />

Mitt i stan kan du paddla kajak, hyra SUP-bräda och åka<br />

wakeboard på Storsjön, Sveriges femte största sjö, och de<br />

fiskeintresserade får sitt lystmäte av ädelfisk i älvarna<br />

strax utanför stan.<br />

Under sommaren vaknar Jamtlis hus och gårdar till liv. Med några steg<br />

förflyttar du dig från 1700-tal till 1970-tal och möter människor från<br />

andra tider än vår egen. På Nationalmuseum Jamtli visas konst ur<br />

Nationalmuseums stora samlingar.<br />

Gillar du lokal mat kan det vara bra att veta att Östersund är utsedd<br />

till Creative City of Gastronomy av UNESCO och här finns<br />

flest småskaliga mathantverkare i hela landet.<br />

Samtidigt som O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2023</strong> pågår Yranveckan – 10<br />

dagar av kulturhappenings och inte minst Krogstråket<br />

med fantastiska restauranger i hamnen. Och den 28-30 juli<br />

intar artisterna Yranscenerna runt om i stan. Välkommen<br />

till svårslagen stämning!<br />

Östersund – en unik puls av stad och fjäll!<br />

Tångeråsen in Offerdal is one such village, one that is characterized<br />

by visions of the future and ingenuity. One of the villagers, eightyear-old<br />

Anna-Stina Bergwall, pulses along among the snowdrifts<br />

to greet the neighbours.<br />

–The best thing about Tångeråsen is that here no one gets cranky<br />

here, people are very happy. Even the dogs are happy, she said.<br />

Anna-Stina is the youngest child in the village where there was<br />

a real baby boom in the early 2000s. The goal of the village has<br />

always been, whether you organize summer theatre or rent out<br />

and sold farms, to get increased occupancy. It was Anna-Stina who<br />

was the first to welcome Eva Melin and Camilo Tapia when their<br />

moving load came from Stockholm to Tångeråsen.<br />

– She stepped right in and became best friend with our dog<br />

Samson right away, Eva says with a laugh.<br />

Eva moves the work computer away from the kitchen table. Both<br />

she and Camilo work from home, she is an engineer and he is a<br />

salesman. In August, they moved and realized their dream of living<br />

closer to the mountains.<br />

– Now I can go out to lunch with Samson and have these vistas<br />

just outside the door, Camilo says, pointing with a smile at Åreskutan,<br />

which towers on the horizon.<br />

Rödön in the southern parts of the municipality is a village close<br />

to the city with fantastic views. Although the airport is only seven<br />

kilometres away, the feeling of rural paradise is palpable. Christian<br />

Olsson, who has moved up from Malmö, is brewing coffee when<br />

neighbour Martin Nilsson, who moved in from Stockholm, peeks in.<br />

– The first time we drove over the Rödö bridge, we just felt, wow,<br />

this is how we want to live, says Martin.<br />

That feeling is easy to understand when you look out over the<br />

meadows down to Storsjön and see the still snow-capped mountains<br />

in the distance. Over coffee, they think about what it is that makes<br />

Rödön so attractive. The rural feel, the proximity to the city and the<br />

mountains. The village school, ski trails and active clubs.<br />

– There is a natural everyday calm here. Life will be different.<br />

The kids can run around between the houses themselves without us<br />

having to worry, Christian said.<br />

Do you also get curious about life in one of Krokom's 193 villages?<br />

Read more at krokom.se/flyttahit.<br />

Photo: Krokoms Kommun<br />

visitostersund.se<br />

nestorville.se<br />

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TILL ETT<br />


BILLIV!<br />

Visit Trøndelag<br />

Olavsfesten i Trondheim. Photo: Ole Martin Wold.<br />

On the way to, from or during the days in Åre, the neighbouring<br />

municipality of Trøndelag is well worth a visit. The<br />

main town of Trondheim is located 190 km from Åre. Here<br />

there are many opportunities for activities and experiences.<br />

For hundreds of years, Trondheim has been the destination for<br />

pilgrims from all over the world to visit the northernmost Gothic<br />

cathedral in Europe, the beautiful Nidaros Cathedral built over<br />

the tomb of St. Olafs. Today, Trondheim offers so much more. It<br />

is a big city with small-town charm. Trondheim is known for its<br />

culinary interest and ranked as one of the best food destinations<br />

with three Michelin-starred restaurants.<br />

On August 3–5, a brewery festival is organized and Trøndersk<br />

food festival in Trondheim gives you the opportunity to try fantastic<br />

food and beer. For families with children, a visit to Pirbadet is a<br />

must. Here you will find everything from a children's pool for the<br />

smallest to an experience pool for the larger ones. Sverreborg, Trøndelag's<br />

folk museum is located on the outskirts of Trondheim. The<br />

Folk Museum is beautifully located in the ruins of Norway's oldest<br />

medieval castle. It is Norway's largest open-air museum, where you<br />

can experience Trondheim's history from the 1700s until today.<br />

On July 28th – August 3rd, the festival Olavsfesten is arranged<br />

in the middle of Trondheim with both music and culture. Why not<br />

stop on the way home from O-<strong>Ringen</strong> and experience Trondheim's<br />

biggest festival? In Stiklestad, which is 100 km from Åre, there is<br />

a national cultural centre. On July 26–30, you can take part in the<br />

story of St. Olav in a theatrical performance. For those who long for<br />

adventure, one of Norway's largest climbing parks Rypetoppen is<br />

an hour's drive from Åre. Rypetoppen's climbing park is beautifully<br />

located and in addition to climbing courses, you can rent canoes and<br />

SUP-boards, or have lunch in cosy barbecue areas.<br />

The mountain town of Røros is a 4 1/2-hour drive south from<br />

Åre. Røros is one of Europe's oldest wooden house cities and is on<br />

Unesco's cultural heritage list. Beautiful wooden houses, mines and<br />

strong food tradition characterize the city. There is also the opportunity<br />

for fishing, cycling and hiking. Oppdal, located 150 km south<br />

of Trondheim, offers rafting, zipline, mini rafts, etc. For further<br />

information visit www.trondelag.com.<br />

Photo: Lene Mari Proven<br />

Hur krångligt ska det vara att ha bil egentligen? Inte alls tycker vi på Suzuki.<br />

Våra driftsäkra, prisvärda kvalitetsbilar från Japan får din vardag med bil att bara<br />

flyta på. Alla modeller finns i olika hybridversioner och så gott som alla har<br />

fyrhjulsdrift och extrautrustning som standard. Med Suzuki tillbringar du helt<br />

enkelt mindre tid på verkstan och mer på vägarna – och i terrängen! Läs mer<br />

om det krångelfria billivet och hitta din återförsäljare på suzukibilar.se<br />

Stolt tävlingspartner<br />

till O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

66 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong>



i fjällen<br />

Ta med familjen eller vännerna på<br />

träningsresa. Se alla sommarens<br />

evenemang på skistar.com<br />


8–11 juni <strong>2023</strong><br />


16–18 juni <strong>2023</strong><br />


28 juni–2 juli <strong>2023</strong><br />

Till<br />

fjälls!<br />

Välkommen till Åre!<br />

Vår turistinformation guidar dig genom det stora utbudet av friluftsliv, kultur,<br />

historiska miljöer, aktiviteter och upplevelser i våra byar och bygder.<br />

O-ringen till fjälls i samarbete med HOliday Club Åre<br />

Skäm bort dig själv med en vistelse på fjällens äventyrshotell. Med bokningskoden Oringen10<br />

ger vi dig 10% rabatt på boendepaket Stay & Enjoy, där fjällfrukost, bad och träning ingår.<br />

Välkommen att boka din vistelse på www.holidayclub.se<br />

Följ oss på sociala medier: facebook.com/visitare.tourism visitare_com<br />

Webb: visitare.com | E-post: visit@are.se | Tel: 0647-163 21<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 69

Welcome to the<br />

Småland Coast in 2024<br />

Among these rounded hills and fairytale forests, we find<br />

our host town of Oskarshamn and a beautiful place we<br />

call the Småland Coast.<br />

A playful and powerful region, which annually welcomes hundreds<br />

of thousands of visitors to our popular destinations such as Glasriket,<br />

Kalmar Castle, Västervik archipelago, Öland, Blue Maiden<br />

island and Astrid Lindgren’s World.<br />

We can’t wait to be the centre of the orienteering world for a hot<br />

summer week in 2024. We’ll welcome orienteers from all over with<br />

open arms and intend to give you the best starting point for a great<br />

competition and sociable week. This is where the brackish waters of<br />

the Baltic Sea meet the classic Småland countryside and forest. Fresh<br />

Småland air and an adventure round every corner. Are you ready?<br />

Naturally beautiful accommodation<br />

Stay in beautiful Döderhultsdalen, within walking distance of the town<br />

centre. A large, classic O-<strong>Ringen</strong> campsite will be a wonderful frame<br />

for your adventure, with access to everything you might need for a<br />

lovely stay and a sociable time with other campers. If you would rather<br />

stay in a cabin, hotel or with a host family, these are also possible!<br />

Småland Coast’s top three<br />

The communal campsite and coastal location are the icing on the<br />

cake. We promise that you’ll take away great memories from the<br />

Småland coast. Let us present our three favourites:<br />

1. A classic O-<strong>Ringen</strong> campsite right next to town<br />

2. Coastal terrain with magical views<br />

3. The best location for art and history enthusiasts, adventure<br />

seekers and anyone looking to play.<br />

Experience everything at Småland Coast 2024<br />

– For all the family!<br />

Småland is famous as an idyll with kilometres of traditional<br />

Swedish roundpole fences and red wooden houses with white<br />

windowframes, hidden along gravel roads and by small lakes.<br />

Determination and competitive spirit have thrived here since time<br />

immemorial. Struggling to wait for the adventure? Come and get<br />

a taste of the Småland Coast now! Here are some tips for things<br />

to do, experience and enjoy. Climb the coastal cliffs, take off your<br />

shoes and feel the white sand between your toes at Böda beach, get<br />

up to mischief with Pippi Longstocking, or why not pet an elk?! We<br />

are ready to entertain the whole family. Welcome!<br />

Photo: Cornelia<br />

Photo: Claes Svensson.. Photo: Claes Svensson..<br />

70 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 71

Tips from the Småland Coast course planners<br />

THU 18/7<br />

– SAT 20/7<br />

SUN 21/7<br />

MON 22/7 TUE 23/7 WED 24/7 THU 25/7 FRI 26/7 SAT 27/7<br />

People who can<br />

read the map at<br />

high speed will<br />

enjoy it here<br />

FOOT-O<br />

ELITE<br />

TOUR<br />

MTBO<br />

TRAIL-O<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Training courses<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Bagheera<br />

Youth Relay<br />

Målilla<br />

Rosenfors<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long<br />

Målilla<br />

Rosenfors<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long<br />

Mönsterås<br />

Långehäll<br />

Stage 1<br />

Middle<br />

Hultsfred<br />

Målilla OK’s<br />

klubbstuga<br />

Stage 1<br />

Målilla<br />

Rosenfors<br />

Stage 2<br />

Middle<br />

Målilla<br />

Rosenfors<br />

Stage 2<br />

Middle<br />

Mönsterås<br />

Långehäll<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Havslätts<br />

friluftsområde<br />

Stage 2<br />

Activity day<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Stage 3<br />

Elite sprint<br />

Activity day<br />

Activity day<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Gunnarsö<br />

Stage 3<br />

Long<br />

Activity day<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Havslätt<br />

Stage 3<br />

Prolonged sprint<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Vallhallaskolan<br />

Stage 3<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Havslätt<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Havslätt<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Kronoparken<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle<br />

Högsby<br />

Berga IP<br />

Stage 4<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Flathult<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Flathult<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Skorpetorp<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Scaniaslingan<br />

Stage 5<br />

Photo: Cornelia Höglind.<br />

Rosenfors – stage 1 & 2<br />

For the first two stages we’ll head 35km inland, away from the<br />

flatter coastal terrain. Here you’ll find proper Småland forest with<br />

some real hills. In total we have six course planners for the Rosenfors<br />

stages, in the form of two teams. Joakim Karmetun, Björn<br />

Axemo and Torbjörn Falk will plan the middle distance, while<br />

Gunnar Karlsson, Erik Karlsson and Marie Svalbring will plan the<br />

long distance.<br />

When the group received their course planning task, the arena and<br />

finish area were already decided, so the first job was to look at options<br />

for start areas. Now the team are planning the shape of the courses in the<br />

area, so at the moment there is a lot of running and walking in the forest<br />

to see which areas are suitable for which courses.<br />

The Rosenfors stages use two completely separate areas. At the moment<br />

it looks as if only the final control will be the same for both stages.<br />

These stages feature a number of larger hills and generally runnable<br />

forest. There are quite a lot of rock features and crags in the area, but<br />

only a small number of paths and forest roads, so the courses will be in<br />

mostly pathless terrain. That means competitors will be able to enjoy the<br />

lovely open forest, where visibility is generally very good.<br />

Apart from the physical challenges offered by the hills, there is some<br />

technical orienteering, for example, the rockier areas with many crags.<br />

Here, those following paths should slow down and take care to use the<br />

right one. Those running on fewer paths should also slow down and<br />

read more than just the black details on the map.<br />

The greatest challenge for the course planners has been to find<br />

suitable areas for the longer, easier courses, which don’t clash too much<br />

with areas used by more difficult courses. Another challenge is that the<br />

topography of the area means that the planners must take care when<br />

planning for the oldest competitors.<br />

Because there aren’t many paths in the area, it’s difficult to plan easy<br />

courses. We will probably have to create some new paths to make sure<br />

that we can get these courses right.<br />

Gunnarsö, Havslätt & Flathult – stages 3, 4 and 5<br />

From inland we now travel out to Oskarshamn and will have three<br />

stages near the town. There’s a lot to consider when we’re close<br />

to built-up areas and main roads, as well as one or two inlets to<br />

negotiate, so the course planners have had to really think hard to<br />

find good solutions that mean all competitors have the best courses<br />

possible.<br />

After two tough stages at Rosenfors, some physically easier<br />

courses will be welcome. Technical skills will be well and truly<br />

tested in Oskarshamn. People who can read the map at high speed<br />

will enjoy it here. Even those who aren’t in such a rush, but who<br />

take their time and orienteer well, will have some great days, where<br />

competitors experience coastal Småland terrain with some detailed<br />

areas and without big hills. Visibility will be mostly good, but the<br />

aim is to find some more challenging areas for the longer courses.<br />

The main difference between the first two stages at Rosenfors<br />

and the stages round Oskarshamn is of course the hills. The<br />

contours at Rosenfors are drawn at 5m but after day 2 these are<br />

swapped for 2.5m contours for the flatter coastal areas. O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

starts with bigger hills, boulders and real orienteering in Rosenfors,<br />

and finishes with flat but detailed terrain round Oskarshamn.<br />

We think that this will be a good mix, where a variety of skills are<br />

tested, and hope that all participants find the competition varied<br />

and challenging.<br />

For stages 3-5, we have two or three course planners for each stage.<br />

Stage 3: Karolina Karlsson, Jonas Bergfors and Bo Söderqvist.<br />

Stage 4: Tomas Johansson and Tony Lövdahl.<br />

Stage 5: Lennart Kalén and Magnus Andersson.<br />

During the autumn and winter, the planners have worked to<br />

find suitable start areas and course shapes to give the right course<br />

lengths. The planners reason that those running quickly will come<br />

from one direction, and non-competitive and open courses from<br />

another direction. Other things to bear in mind are some allotments<br />

that runners must run round, inlets that must have bridges<br />

over them and a road that will have to be closed.<br />

Most of the courses will be planned during the spring so that test running<br />

can begin, just as the spring sun starts to shine through properly.<br />

MTBO<br />

Course planners for the MTBO are:<br />

Stages 1 and 2: Stefan Olsson Ålems OK and Manfred Olejnik,<br />

Ålems OK<br />

Stage 3: Åsa Bergfors, SOK Viljan<br />

Stage 4: Thomas and Lotta Almqvist, Västerviks OK<br />

Stage 5: Jakob Jakobsson, Nybro OK (team leaderl)<br />

The course planning has started by using old orienteering maps<br />

and cycling along tracks in order to add them using GPS. We have<br />

decided on the start and finish areas for all stages, and are ready to<br />

start making the race maps.<br />

At Småland Coast 2024, the MTBO will have a good mix of terrain<br />

and cycling surfaces. Three of the stages use great MTB areas<br />

with brilliantly contrasting surfaces, bare rock cycling, singletrack,<br />

very rough paths but also fast and wide roads and tracks.<br />

The challenges have been to make all the stages within easy<br />

reach of other O-<strong>Ringen</strong> events, in order to create cohesion without<br />

sacrificing good cycling terrain.<br />

If we look at what makes the MTBO stages different, on Stage 1<br />

there are many paths and open rock. Stage 2 has similar terrain but<br />

with more forest roads. In contrast, Stage 3 is a residential area, so<br />

there are more small paths, as well as short hills. Stage 4 also has<br />

many paths and is quite flat, with one or two forest roads passing<br />

through the competition area. The final stage features fast cycling<br />

on forest roads, but is otherwise lacking in paths.<br />

Trail-O<br />

Very varied, from hillier, rockier terrain to smaller hills and<br />

parkland. The tricky Småland terrain will be challenging for<br />

competitors. The planners’ challenge is to make fun courses of the<br />

correct difficulty level.<br />

There is everything here, from hilly forest to parkland. One<br />

thing that’s new is that one of the stages will be competed as a<br />

Temp-O. This means going to a number of stations and answering<br />

as quickly as possible which point the control is at. Each station<br />

has 4-6 tasks. Only the Elite and A classes will compete at Temp-O.<br />

The B and C classes will compete in ordinary Trail-O on this day.<br />

72 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 73

Accommodation officer Lars-Göran<br />

has a lot of camping experience<br />

Welcome to<br />

the Småland Coast<br />

Lars-Göran Johansson is the accommodation officer<br />

for Småland Coast. He has just become an M65 and<br />

orienteers for Vimmerby OK. His first O-<strong>Ringen</strong> was in<br />

1971 but he’s been orienteering a bit longer, since 1969.<br />

He has been part of the organising team before – the<br />

first time was in 1972, when O-<strong>Ringen</strong> was held in Eksjö,<br />

Småland, for around 8,500 competitors.<br />

That time, Lars-Göran’s dad was the assistant team leader for start<br />

officals, so as a boy Lars-Göran got to help out with small jobs at<br />

Stage 2, which took place at Skuru Rumskulla, about 2km from<br />

where the Emil films were shot.<br />

In the early 70s, Vimmerby OK had a good coach in the form of<br />

Billy Höglund Hagaby, which was significant for both Lars-Göran<br />

and the club, who were successful at both the Swedish Championships<br />

and in relays, Smålandskaveln and Kolmårdskaveln. So<br />

thanks to Billy, Lars-Göran went from being mid-pack to junior<br />

elite. Today, though, he is happy being a more casual participant<br />

when it comes to orienteering.<br />

He fell into his role as accommodation officer when the competition<br />

was pushed back by two years. This meant that he had time<br />

to sell Vimmerby camping, which he had previously owned and<br />

managed for many years.<br />


Accommodation officer<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Smålandskusten 2024<br />

So he has plenty of camping experience. And the O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

campsite itself? That will be in Döderhultsdalen. It has 2,500-2,800<br />

pitches in beautiful green surroundings close to the centre of<br />

Oskarshamn. Depending on where you are, it’s around 2.5-3.7km<br />

away. The perfect cycling distance!!<br />

21 st -27 th July 2024<br />

Photo: Cornelia Höglind.<br />

74 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 75

Swedish<br />

League<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />


15-16 april<br />


En nyhet god att<br />

njuta av i det fria.<br />


Fotograferat vid Ulvi slogbod. Väl värt ett besök.<br />

• Årets första Swedish League tävling med<br />

landslagstest inför World Cup i Norge<br />

• Medeldistans lördag 15/4 och<br />

Långdistans söndag 16/4<br />

• Fullständig klassindelning för elit, vuxna<br />

och ungdomar båda dagarna<br />

• Tävla i den utmanande och speciella<br />

kustterängen med omväxlande snabblöpta<br />

och riktigt tuffa partier<br />

• Tillsammans med inbjudan på Eventor<br />

finns flera träningspaket, logierbjudanden<br />

och beställning av varm lunch båda<br />

dagarna<br />

• Tävlingscentrum på Grännäs<br />

– framröstad som ”Sveriges vackraste<br />

idrottsplats”<br />

Björkfors GoIF Gamleby OK Hammarkinds OK OK Denseln Söderköpings OK Västerviks OK<br />

Valdemarsviks<br />

kommun<br />

Fröigt med en nypa salt<br />

Hej! Här är vårt klassiska trekantsknäcke i en ny spännande tappning. Vi har<br />

kavlat degen tunt med rosnagg och toppat med en härlig fröblandning med<br />

svenska ugnsrostade rapsfrön, linfrön och hirs. Grunden till brödet är friskt vatten<br />

från vår egen källa, och rena svenska ingredienser, alltid utan onödiga tillsatser.<br />

Den mustiga smaken förhöjs av krispig sälta från havssalt. Resultatet är ett fint<br />

och frasigt knäcke fullt med naturlig smak som du kan njuta av i varje tugga.

Welcome to Jönköping<br />

Photon: Destination Jönköping.<br />

Photo: Elmia/Tommy Hvitfeldt.<br />

The energy during the opening ceremony<br />

of the world’s biggest digital<br />

festival, the noise of the footsteps on<br />

Munksjöbron during a marathon, the<br />

celebration erupting at Stadparksvallen<br />

when the ball hits the back of the<br />

net. In Jönköping events are the main<br />

focus, so we are very happy and proud<br />

to welcome O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2025 to our city.<br />

Along Vättern’s southern shore stretches<br />

Småland’s biggest city. This is where town<br />

and country meet in perfect symbiosis.<br />

Wherever you are in town, it’s never a long<br />

way out. For nature lovers and botanists, the<br />

region is a paradise of nature reserves, wonderful<br />

views and one of Sweden’s largest oak<br />

forests. Jönköping has plenty of hiking trails<br />

and charming country roads to cycle along.<br />

Here in Jönköping we’re used to big<br />

events. This year we started by organising<br />

the Handball world championships at<br />

Huskvarna Garden, welcoming players, fans<br />

and delegates from Egypt, Croatia, Morocco<br />

and the USA. This summer we once again<br />

hosted DreamHack, the world’s biggest digital<br />

festival with many millions joining us internationally<br />

and an exhibition with around<br />

50,000 visitors, which has taken place in<br />

the Elmia area for around 20 years. Shortly<br />

afterwards, Håkan Hellström filled the Elmia<br />

stadium on his tour of Sweden. For events<br />

like rowing, cycling and orienteering, nature<br />

is always ready to use as an arena.<br />

A city full of life<br />

Jönköping, with its international college and<br />

around 140,000 inhabitants, is teeming with life<br />

all year round. The city centre comprises<br />

attractive narrow streets and canals opening<br />

into three lakes. Restaurants, museums,<br />

skating, frisbee and cycle parks are situated<br />

just a stone’s throw from some of the city’s<br />

comfiest hotel beds. A dinner on the waterfront,<br />

watching the sun set among the sailing<br />

boats, or perhaps spending the evening<br />

in a blooming Tändsticksområde is the<br />

perfect end to the day. But if we may say so<br />

ourselves, the proximity to nature is the one<br />

of the greatest attractions of our destination.<br />

With its soft footpaths, beautiful views, John<br />

Bauer forests, wide stretches of marshland,<br />

lakes and hillsides, the countryside south of<br />

Vättern is the perfect place to find your way<br />

to. A warm welcome!<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City<br />

at Elmia 2025<br />

On Rosenlundsfältet, next to the<br />

shores of Vättern, you will find<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City. Camping, O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Square and everything else that<br />

comes with a wonderful week at<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> can be found in one place<br />

at Elmia’s unique outdoor area, with<br />

unrivalled views out over Vättern.<br />

– We at Elmia are happy to have been chosen<br />

as the centre for O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, with Jönköping<br />

as the host city for this great event. In our<br />

dialogues with O-<strong>Ringen</strong> we have seen huge<br />

engagement, extensive knowledge on event<br />

organisation and an infectious passion for<br />

your sport, so much so that I think we have<br />

several team members who would like to try<br />

out orienteering with one of the great local<br />

clubs. O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is an event which really<br />

fits in with Elmia’s vision to be the world’s<br />

greenest meeting space and we are looking<br />

forward to welcoming both competitors<br />

and organisers, says AnnaKarin Zinnerfors,<br />

Business manager at Elmia.<br />

78 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 79

Spring inte vilse<br />

i CMS-skogen<br />

Sitevision är Sveriges mest omtyckta<br />

CMS för webbplatser och intranät.<br />

Det är ingen slump att O-<strong>Ringen</strong> har valt Sitevision<br />

som publiceringsverktyg (CMS) för sin webbplats.<br />

Det har till exempel Scania, Skatteverket, Nordnet och<br />

fler än hälften av Sveriges kommuner också gjort. I<br />

Sitevision finns allt du behöver för att enkelt skapa<br />

kommunikation som blir av – idag och imorgon.<br />

Läs mer på sitevision.se<br />


Över din maskinpark tillsammans med Axima.<br />

Vi är din maskinleverantör inom lantbruk, entreprenad,<br />

skogsbruk, atv, park- & grönyta och transportbilar.<br />

Kontakta oss för en maskinlösning som passar dig<br />

INDUSTRIGATAN 3, 521 51 FLOBY | 0515-421 80<br />


O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 81

ANMÄLNINGSGUIDE O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong> <br />

Photos: Peter Holgersson.<br />

SAVE<br />

10%<br />


APRIL 1 st<br />

Levels of difficulty - Main-, Short-, Recreational- and Open classes<br />


There will be many beautiful vistas when we meet in<br />

Åre this summer. Among other things, we find one of the<br />

absolutely highest control points throughout O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

history when we on stage 2 in Trillevallen find ourselves<br />

at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level for some of<br />

our courses. But not everyone needs to get to that high<br />

altitude to experience world-class orienteering along with<br />

magnificent scenery. Instead of uphill in Trillevallen, you<br />

might prefer to cycle MTBO with the finish at Östersund ski<br />

stadium. Or is it PreO with an evening stage on Wednesday<br />

at Fröå mine that attracts you the most?<br />

In any case, we hope that you find your very own<br />

challenge and that you have a wonderful week together<br />

with us in Åre. Welcome to the mountains!<br />

Level<br />

Beginner<br />

Very easy<br />

Easy<br />

Moderate<br />

Moderate<br />

Moderate<br />

Difficult<br />

Difficult<br />

Description<br />

The course is in terrain with clear and connected features such as roads, larger paths, buildings and open land. The controls on a green<br />

course must always be placed on handrails and must provide reassurance that the competitor is following the correct route. Control<br />

features may be path bends, path junctions, telegraph posts, buildings or other clear features or objects.<br />

The terrain is the same as for green courses, i.e. clear and connected features, e.g. roads, larger paths, open land and buildings. The controls<br />

on a white course must mark only the end of one leg and the start of the next. The control features must therefore be easily identified<br />

and distinct. As well as green course features, controls on white courses may also be on e.g. boulders, crags, fences and similar features.<br />

Yellow courses can be in more difficult terrain but runnability and visibility must still be good. The terrain must have a connected network<br />

of roads, paths, fences, waterways, open areas etc. Control points may be on more difficult features, for example on the top of a very<br />

distinct hill, but must always have a clear attack point. There must be a clear catching feature behind controls.<br />

Orange and red courses must use runnable terrain, with gentler hills and forest, preferably with areas of cultivated land. Terrain details<br />

must be clear. Compared to green, white and yellow courses, more difficult control features may be used, for example larger re-entrants,<br />

distinct ridges, hills and crags. There must be a clear feature a maximum of 200 m before the control and a clear catching feature behind it.<br />

Same as for orange courses but you can encounter all types of terrain.<br />

All types of terrain may be used. Very physically tough terrain should be avoided. All types of control feature may be used. Compared to<br />

orange and red courses, purple courses place higher demands on, planning skills, choosing quick routes ahead of safe routes and finding<br />

controls without clear catching features behind them.<br />

On blue and black courses, the difficulty should always suit skilled orienteers, even if anyone can compete. The increased difficulty level<br />

compared to other courses is because more of the orienteering uses contour features, detailed terrain and smaller features.<br />

Same as for blue courses but you can encounter all types of terrain.<br />

82 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 83

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong> <br />

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong> <br />

5-DAYS<br />


Program Elite tour<br />

Stage 1 Long Sunday 23 july Arena Trillevallen<br />

Stage 2 Long Monday 24 july Arena Trillevallen<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong>s biggest and most classic competition is<br />

to compete over five days.<br />

The winner for many of the classes is determined<br />

by an exciting chasing start on the final day of<br />

competition, available for Foot-O and Trail-O.<br />

Programme 5-days OL<br />

Stage 1 Long Sunday 23 july Arena Trillevallen<br />

Stage 2 Long Monday 24 july Arena Trillevallen<br />

Stage 3 Middle Wednesday 26 july Arena Järpen<br />

Stage 4 Middle Thursday 27 july Arena Ånn<br />

Stage 5 Long Friday 28 july Arena Ånn<br />


Compete on shorter and easier courses in classes divided by age and<br />

gender. Open start times every day and no chasing start the last day.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

D21 Motion 3,7 5,5 Moderate H21 Motion 4 6,6<br />

D35 Motion 3,2 4,6 Moderate H35 Motion 3,8 6,3<br />

D40 Motion 3 4,4 Moderate H40 Motion 3,6 6,1<br />

D45 Motion 2,8 4,1 Moderate H45 Motion 3,5 4,9<br />

D50 Motion 2,7 3,8 Moderate H50 Motion 3,3 4,7<br />

D55 Motion 2,6 3,6 Moderate H55 Motion 3,2 4,6<br />

D60 Motion 2,5 3,4 Moderate H60 Motion 3 4,3<br />

D65 Motion 2,3 3,2 Moderate H65 Motion 2,9 4<br />

D70 Motion 2,2 2,9 Moderate H70 Motion 2,6 3,8<br />

D80 Motion 2 2,5 Moderate H80 Motion 2 2,5<br />

The competition where the world’s orienteering<br />

superstars compete with Sweden's elite. The<br />

Elite Tour is open to Foot-O classes DH21 Elit,<br />

DH20 Elit and DH18 Elit.<br />

The Elite Tour is open for registration. The 80 best<br />

runners from DH21 will be selected and the 120 best<br />

runners in the junior classes. Additionally, O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

exclusively invites the world’s top orienteers to participate<br />

in the DH21 Elit classes. The competitions are<br />

specially monitored throughout the week. Prize money<br />

is awarded in all classes, with the greatest focus on the<br />

total result.<br />

Stage 3 Sprint Tuesday 25 july Arena Åre by<br />

Stage 4 Middle Thursday 27 july Arena Ånn<br />

Stage 5 Long Friday 28 july Arena Ånn<br />

Class Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Difficulty<br />

D18 Elit 6,8 6,9 1,9 4,2 7,2 Difficult<br />

D20 Elit 7,7 8,1 2,0 4,3 8,6 Difficult<br />

D21 Elit 10,5 11,8 2,4 5,1 11,0 Difficult<br />

H18 Elit 7,6 8,3 2,1 4,7 8,5 Difficult<br />

H20 Elit 9,0 10,4 2,1 5,1 10,5 Difficult<br />

H21 Elit 12,1 13,8 2,4 6,3 13,7 Difficult<br />





Our main classes with five days of competition attract the most participants.<br />

Main classes have assigned start times for stages 1-4. For our<br />

younger participants there are introductory and development classes;<br />

Introduction (Inskolning) and Youth (U-klass). In these you have<br />

open start times and get a result, but only Youth has a list of results.<br />

Everyone participating in the Introduction class gets a prize. The final<br />

stage is a chasing for all main classes, except Introduction, Youth and<br />

DH10 – DH12.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

Inskolning 1,5 1,5 Beginner U1 2,0 2,0<br />

Very easy U2 2,5 2,5<br />

D10 2,0 2,5 Very easy H10 2,0 2,5<br />

D11 2,5 3 Easy H11 2,5 3<br />

D12 2,5 3 Easy H12 2,5 3<br />

D13 3,0 4,4 Moderate H13 3,0 4,4<br />

D14 3,0 4,4 Moderate H14 3,0 4,4<br />

D15 3,5 5,5 Moderate H15 3,5 6<br />

D16 3,5 5,5 Moderate H16 3,5 6<br />

D18 3,5 5,5 Difficult H18 3,5 7,1<br />

D20 3,5 6 Difficult H20 3,5 7,7<br />

D21 3,5 7,7 Difficult H21 5,0 9,9<br />

D21 Lång 4,5 9,3 Difficult H21 Lång 5,5 11,5<br />

D35 4,0 6,6 Difficult H35 5,0 8,8<br />

D40 4,0 5,5 Difficult H40 4,8 8,2<br />

D45 4,0 4,9 Difficult H45 4,8 7,1<br />

D50 3,5 4,4 Difficult H50 4,5 6,6<br />

D55 3,5 4,4 Difficult H55 4,0 6,1<br />

D60 3,5 3,9 Difficult H60 4,0 5,5<br />

D65 3,0 3,8 Difficult H65 3,5 5<br />

D70 3,0 3,3 Difficult H70 3,5 4,4<br />

D75 3,0 3,1 Difficult H75 3,0 3,9<br />

D80 2,5 2,5 Difficult H80 2,5 3<br />

D85 2,5 2,5 Difficult H85 2,0 2,5<br />

D90 1,5 2 Difficult H90 1,5 2<br />

D95 1,5 1,5 Difficult H95 1,5 1,5<br />

Shorter stages than our main classes but the same technical<br />

challenge. Short classes for ages 12–20 years has assigned start for<br />

the first four stages (12 years also on the fifth stage). From age 21<br />

and up our short classes has free minute start, meaning you get<br />

your start minute when you get to the start. Chasing start at the<br />

last stage.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

D12 Kort 2,0 2,5 Very easy H12 Kort 2,0 2,5<br />

D14 Kort 2,5 3,0 Easy H14 Kort 2,5 3,0<br />

D16 Kort 3,0 4,4 Moderate H16 Kort 3,0 4,4<br />

D17-20 Kort 3,0 4,5 Moderate H17-20 Kort 3,2 5,5<br />

D21 Kort 4,0 5,5 Difficult H21 Kort 4,5 7,6<br />

D35 Kort 3,6 4,5 Difficult H35 Kort 4,3 6,3<br />

D40 Kort 3,3 4,1 Difficult H40 Kort 4,2 5,7<br />

D45 Kort 3,3 3,9 Difficult H45 Kort 4,1 5<br />

D50 Kort 3,0 3,7 Difficult H50 Kort 3,8 4,8<br />

D55 Kort 3,0 3,5 Difficult H55 Kort 3,5 4,6<br />

D60 Kort 2,3 3,2 Difficult H60 Kort 3,3 4,0<br />

D65 Kort 2,2 3 Difficult H65 Kort 2,8 3,8<br />

D70 Kort 2,1 2,7 Difficult H70 Kort 2,6 3,3<br />

D75 Kort 2,4 2,5 Difficult H75 Kort 2 2,5<br />

D80 Kort 2,2 2,7 Difficult H80 Kort 2,4 2,7<br />

Alla banlängder är<br />

preliminära och kan<br />

komma att justeras<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

We have 12 open classes for Foot-O. Select courses with a variety<br />

af lenght and dificulty letting you challenge your self during the<br />

whole week. Open start times for each stage.<br />

Class Middle Difficulty<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 3,5 2,8 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 4,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 10,0 6,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 2,5 2,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,5 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 4,0 3,0 Moderate<br />

Class Middle Difficulty<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 4,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 6,0 4,5 Moderate<br />

Svår 2,5 2,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 3,5 2,8 Difficult<br />

Svår 5,0 4,4 Difficult<br />

Svår 7,5 6,0 Difficult<br />

In the Trail-O competition map knowledge is in focus. Each<br />

control has up to five alternate control markers. You must remotely<br />

determine which control marker is correctly placed according<br />

to the control ring on the map and the control description. You<br />

compete in a class determined by its difficulty level, rather than age<br />

and gender. The competition takes place in easily passable terrain.<br />

Program Trail-O<br />

Stage 1 Sunday 23 july Arena Vålådalen<br />

Stage 2 Monday 24 july Arena Vålådalen<br />

Stage 3 Wednesday 26 july Arena Fröå Gruva<br />

Stage 4 Thursday 27 july Arena Mörsil<br />

Stage 5 Friday 28 july Arena Röjsmon<br />

Class<br />

Pre-Elit<br />

Pre-A<br />

Pre-B<br />

Pre-C<br />

Photo: Andreas Davidsson<br />

84 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 85

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong> <br />

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong> <br />


3-DAYS<br />

With the Stage Start option, you can choose the course<br />

you want to run at each stage of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. The Stage<br />

Start option is available for each orienteering discipline<br />

that is offered at O-<strong>Ringen</strong>; Foot-O, MTBO and Trail-O.<br />

For our younger orienteers we offer Introduction and U-classes.<br />

Theese classes can also be booked for 5 days main- and short classes.<br />

Free start times apply to everyone so you can start when it suits<br />

you. If you are an adult and a beginner, there are Try-it out classes<br />

to start with. Then you can gradually choose a more difficult and /<br />

or longer course.<br />

For MTBO, both orienteering technical difficulty and cycling<br />

technical difficulty are indicated. Class/Course indicates the<br />

orienteering technical difficulty. Bicycle level indicates the bicycle<br />

technical difficulty.<br />

If you are new to the sport of orienteering, you can get help with<br />

the basic skills and with finding the right course for you through<br />

our orienteering school, located at each of the arenas used for foot<br />

orienteering.<br />


Class/Course Middle Long Difficulty<br />

Mycket lätt 2,5 (prova på) 2,5 2,5 Very easy<br />

Mycket lätt 4,0 (prova på) 4,0 4,0 Very easy<br />

Inskolning 1,5 1,5 Beginner<br />

U1 2,0 2,0 Beginner<br />

U2 2,5 2,5 Very easy<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 2,5 Easy<br />

Lätt 3,5 3,0 3,8 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 3,7 5,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 10,0 6,5 10,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 2,5 2,5 2,5 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,5 3,3 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 4,0 3,0 4,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 3,7 5,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 6,0 4,0 6,0 Moderate<br />

Svår 2,5 2,0 2,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 3,5 2,7 3,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 5,0 4,4 5,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 7,5 6,0 7,5 Difficult<br />


Class/Course<br />

Öppen Pre-A<br />

Öppen Pre-B<br />

Öppen Pre-C<br />


Class/Course Sprint Mid. Long Level<br />

Mycket lätt kort (prova på) 2,5 4,5 6,0 Easy<br />

Lätt mellan 3,0 6,0 10,0 Moderate<br />

Lätt lång 3,5 7,0 15,0 Difficult<br />

Svår kort 3,5 4,5 6,0 Moderate<br />

Svår mellan 4,3 6,0 10,0 Difficult<br />

Svår lång 5,5 7,0 15,0 Difficult<br />

MTBO will take place during the three first days of<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre at own arenas in Ösersund and Järpen.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

For MTBO, Östersund is the competition area for<br />

two of the days and Järpen for one day.<br />

MTBO is fast-paced and is very much about making the right path<br />

and making quick decisions. The map is similar to the one used in<br />

regular orienteering. The biggest difference is how paths and roads<br />

are shown on the map. The road and the path's ride are reported<br />

where you can simply say that the longer the lines on the map, the<br />

faster the path can be cycled.<br />

Program MTBO<br />

Stage 1 Middle Sunday 23 july Arena Östersund<br />

Stage 2 Long Monday 24 july Arena Östersund<br />

Stage 3 Sprint Tuesday 25 july Arena Röjsmon<br />


Class/Course Sprint Middle Long Level<br />

Lätt mellan 3,0 6,0 10,0 Moderate<br />

Lätt lång 3,5 7,0 15,0 Difficult<br />

Svår mellan 4,3 6,0 10,0 Difficult<br />


If you only want to participate during the last<br />

three days; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,<br />

we offer several open classes.<br />

Choose the lenght and difficulty that suits you.<br />

Our open classes have free starting times.<br />


Class Sprint Middle Long<br />

D12 2,5 3,0 5,5<br />

D14 3,0 5,0 8,5<br />

D16 4,0 5,5 10,0<br />

D20 4,5 7,0 14,5<br />

D21 5,5 8,5 20,0<br />

D35 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

D40 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

D45 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

D50 4,0 6,0 11,0<br />

D55 3,5 6,0 11,0<br />

D60 3,5 5,0 9,0<br />

D65 3,5 5,0 9,0<br />

D70 3,0 4,0 7,5<br />

D75 3,0 4,0 7,5<br />

D80 2,5 4,0 7,5<br />

Klass Class Sprint Medel Middle Lång Long<br />

H12 2,5 3,0 5,5<br />

H14 3,5 5,5 8,5<br />

H16 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

H20 5,5 9,0 21,0 18,5<br />

H21 6,0 11,0 25,0<br />

H35 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H40 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H45 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H50 5,0 7,5 15,0<br />

H55 5,0 7,5 15,0<br />

H60 5,0 6,0 13,0<br />

H65 4,0 6,0 13,0<br />

H70 4,0 5,0 11,0<br />

D75 3,5 5,0 11,0<br />

D80 3,5 5,0 11,0<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 2,5 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 4,0 5,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,7 3,3 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 4,0 5,0 Moderate<br />

Svår 3,5 2,8 3,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 5,0 4,4 5,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 7,5 6,0 7,5 Difficult<br />

86 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 87

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong> <br />

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong> <br />

Photon: Peter Holgersson.<br />


The traditional youth relay is organized in conjunction<br />

with the opening ceremony July 22. The relay is between<br />

club teams but you can also create a combination team<br />

between clubs. Teams consists of four runners, one from<br />

each classes D14, H14, D16 and H16.<br />

Bring your club and support your team!<br />

Legs Length Start procedure<br />


The map scale varies depending on which class you have entered.<br />

Here you can find the map scale for your class.<br />


For Inskolning, U1, U2, DH10-DH14 (short classes included) the<br />

map scale is 1:7500 for all stages.<br />

DH15-DH16 (short classes included) have map scale 1:10 000<br />

for all stages.<br />


DH18-DH21 (short and elite classes included) have map scale<br />

1:15 000 for the long distance stages and 1:10 000 for the middle<br />

distance stages.<br />


DH21 Motion, DH35-DH40 (short and recreational classes<br />

included) have map scale 1:10 000 for all stages.<br />

DH45 and older classes (short and recreational classes included)<br />

have map scale 1:7500 for all stages<br />


Lätt 10.0, Svår 5.0, Svår 7.5 have 1:10 000 for all stages. All other open<br />

classes have 1:7500 for all stages. The same map scales apply to the<br />

open classes regardless of you enter for 5-days, 3-days or stage start.<br />

For Training courses with timing, the classes Svår 5,0 and Svår<br />

7,5 use map scale 1:10 000 and all other classes have map scale<br />

1:7500.<br />




During O-<strong>Ringen</strong> we offer child care for kids aged 3-8 years at<br />

Arena Trillevallen, Arena Järpen och Arena Ånn.<br />

Pre book your child care at oringen.se. You can leave your child<br />

with us for up to 3 hours at a time (while you race).<br />


For the youngest orienteers there are daily Miniknat, or String<br />

courses, at Arena Trillevallen, Arena Järpen and Arena Ånn. In<br />

Miniknat, kids follow a streamered course between check points,<br />

which feature different activities, challenges, and fun surprises.<br />

They do, of course, get a map to follow and a SI card.<br />

There is no timing or results list, but all children get a prize<br />

when they finish.<br />

You can pre book Miniknat at oringen.se or book it directly at<br />

the arena.<br />


Have you never tried orienteering but want to try? Or re you a former<br />

orienteer and want to refresh your skills? At the Orienteering School,<br />

we will cover all the necessary skills that you need in order to set out<br />

by yourself on an easy-level O-<strong>Ringen</strong> course. We will then come with<br />

you to the start and help you get going.<br />


- to be selected at<br />

the same time as<br />

you book your start<br />

SAVE<br />

10%<br />


APRIL 1 st<br />



Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring is for participants in<br />

exercise and competition events and gives you back the<br />

entire registration fee if you become acutely ill or injured<br />

and can not participate. The insurance also includes an<br />

olycksfallsförsäkring (accident insurance) when you are<br />

training. Only valid for Swedish residents.<br />


Rent your punsching card for one or all stages.<br />



Start with another club than your own.<br />


You start on different times during the day. Only avaliable<br />

when you compete in the same dicipline.<br />


Help to punch, only for Trail-O.<br />


Transport help, only for Trail-O.<br />

H16-D14-H14-D16 4 x 1,8 km Mass start<br />



Get ready by taking one of our training courses with timing.<br />

during the period Wednesday July 19 - Saturday July 23 in Ottsjö.<br />

Registration in our booking portal or our Competitor services.<br />

You will pick up your map at Competitior services. Ottsjö is<br />

located 30 km from Åre by.<br />

For MTBO, the map scales have not been decided yet. Information<br />

will be updated at oringen.se.<br />

Follow us!<br />

Instagram: @oringen<br />

Facebook: O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Branch Class/course Length Difficulty<br />

OL Mycket lätt 2,0 2,0 Very easy<br />

OL Lätt 2,5 2,5 Easy<br />

OL Lätt 4,0 4,0 Easy<br />

OL Medelsvår 3,0 3,0 Moderate<br />

OL Medelsvår 4,0 4,0 Moderate<br />

OL Medelsvår 5,0 5,0 Moderate<br />

OL Svår 3,0 3,0 Difficult<br />

OL Svår 5,0 5,0 Difficult<br />

OL Svår 7,5 7,5 Difficult<br />

88 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 89

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN ÅRE <strong>2023</strong> <br />

REGISTRATION FEES <strong>2023</strong><br />

Product Prize category 1 Nov<br />

-20%<br />

Elite tour<br />

5-days<br />

3-days<br />

Stage start<br />

Main- &<br />

Short classes.<br />

TrailO<br />

1 April<br />

-10%<br />

1 June<br />

ordinary<br />

After<br />

+30%<br />

Up to age 20 2010 2260 2510 3260<br />

Age 21 and up 2480 2790 3100 4030<br />

Introduction and U-class 500 570 630 820<br />

Up to age 16 820 920 1020 1330<br />

Ages 17-20 1120 1260 1400 1820<br />

Age 21 and up 1720 1940 2150 2800<br />

Recreational classes Age 21 and up 1630 1840 2040 2650<br />

Open classes<br />

Open classes<br />

MTBO-klass<br />

Up to age 16 700 790 880 1140<br />

Ages 17-20 1010 1130 1260 1640<br />

Age 21 and up 1540 1740 1930 2510<br />

Up to age 16 420 480 530 690<br />

Ages 17-20 600 680 750 980<br />

Age 21 and up 940 1050 1170 1520<br />

Up to age 16 500 560 620 810<br />

Ages 17-20 670 760 840 1090<br />

Age 21 and up 1040 1160 1290 1680<br />

Try it out (all ages) 110 120 130 170<br />

Up to age 16 110 120 130 170<br />

Ages 17-20 140 160 180 220<br />

Age 21 and up 190 220 240 310<br />

Bagheerastafetten Per lag 320 360 400 520<br />

Training courses<br />

with timing<br />

Up to age 16 50 60 70 90<br />

Ages 17-20 80 90 100 130<br />

Age 21 and up 90 100 110 140<br />


1 Nov<br />

ordinary<br />

1 April<br />

ordinary<br />

1 June<br />

ordinary<br />

Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring (Insurance) 155 155 155<br />

Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring plus (Insurance) 275 275 275 275<br />

SI Punching card rental, per stage 40 40 40 50<br />

SI, SIAC (MTBO) Punching card rental, per stage 60 60 60 70<br />

Start times blocked with another club 120 120 120 140<br />

Split start time 120 120 120 140<br />

Punch help Trail-O 110 110 110 130<br />

Push help Trail-O 110 110 110 130<br />

Jubilee plaque (order before 1/6) 0 0 0 -<br />

Visa 0 0 0 0<br />

Customized map (order before 1/4) 0 - - -<br />

After<br />

+30%<br />


1 Nov<br />

ordinary<br />

1 April<br />

ordinary<br />

1 June<br />

ordinary<br />

Child care 60 60 60 70<br />

Miniknat 40 40 40 60<br />

Bagheera orienteering school 0 0 0 0<br />

After<br />

+30%<br />

Terms for registration at oringen.se<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson.<br />

90 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2023</strong> 91

HOST<br />





Photo: Peter Holgersson

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