MUNZSSInlD - usaid

MUNZSSInlD - usaid


Purnose of the BuX-in Mechanism. In response to Mission demand,

EXITOS includes a buy-in mechanism permitting bilateral USAIDs to easily

access EXITOS during implementation. This mechanism is consistent with

ROCAP's desire to (1) complement bilateral USAID programs; (2) facilitate

access to ROCAP projects; and (3) maximize the benefit of ROCAP activities to

Agency programs in Central America. The EXITOS buy-in mechanism has two

specific purposes: (1) to permit bilateral USAIDs to easily access the

Contract Team for activities that are consistent with the Purpose of the

Project; and (2) to contribute to attainment of Project objectives.

The buy-in contract under EXITOS will give bilateral USAIDs in Central America

a mechanism to buy in to the Project to obtain TA, training, commodity

procurement and MTAE-related research services from the Contractor. The

mechanism is, in effect, a joint venture between ROCAP, bilateral USAIDs and

the Contractor, and the successful bidder on EXITOS will be required to

execute both the Core and Buy-In Contracts. These services, directly relevant

to attainment of Project objectives, will generally be "follow-on" services,

i.e., provided subsequent to assistance given to CA counterpart export

promotion organizations by advisors under the Core Contract.

Proammatic Accentabilitv of Bu-in Activities. The purpose of EXITOS is

"to increase the sales and/or volumes of Central American non-traditional

exports". Activities proposed for implementation under the EXITOS buy-in

mechanism shall therefore be considered by ROCAP to be programmatically

consistent with the Purpose of EXITOS, and thus eligible for execution under

the buy-in mechanism, so long as they: (1) are consistent with attainment of

Project objectives; (2) occur in one or more of the same five major TA areas

covered under the Core Contract; and (3) are completed by the EXITOS project

activity completion date (PACD). The ROCAP Director will be responsible for

ensuring that individual buy-ins have been subjected to an acceptable

programmatic analysis, i.e., are consistent with these criteria.

Buy-ins for all types of field actions consistent with attainment of Project

objectives--including the purchase of inputs to be used in research projects

that are either additional to or complement activities occurring unda, Lhe

Core Contract--will be programmatically acceptable. Research-related buy-ins

may fund such inputs as planting materials, packaging materials, post harvest

technologies, and subsidized freight rates for experimental shipments. Buy-in

funds may also be used to purchase additional technical equipment such as that

required to supplement database systems, poftware programs, add-on computer

equipment, or diagnostic equipment such as refractometers and microscopes.

Buy-ins should generally be for a minimum of US$50,000.

Buy-in Procedures. The procedures to be employed by USAIDs wishing to

access EXITOS through the buy-in mechanism are as follows for activities that

are part of an already authorized project. First, counterpart organizations,

in coordination with the applicable bilateral USAID, will develop a scope of

work for a specific level of effort consistent with the Statement of Work in

the Core Contract. The USAID will then submit to ROCAP a PIO/T including


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