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5.5 initial diagnostic check: efi -

5.5 initial diagnostic check: efi -


HOME FUEL SYSTEM ELECTRICAL TEST 5.13 GENERAL With ignition switch turned to IGNITION and the engine stop switch at RUN, the ECM will energize the system relay to complete the circuit to the in-tank fuel pump. It will remain on as long as the engine is cranking or running, and the ECM is receiving ignition reference pulses from the CKP. If there are no reference pulses, the ECM will de-energize the system relay within 2 seconds after ignition is ON or engine has stalled, or immediately after the ignition is shut OFF. The fuel pump delivers fuel to the injectors. The pressure regulator is where the system pressure is controlled. Excess fuel flow is bypassed into the fuel tank through the pressure regulator. When the engine is stopped, the pump can be turned on by applying battery voltage and ground to the fuel pump connector [141A]. The fuel pump connector is located on the canopy at the top of the fuel tank. Improper fuel system pressure may contribute to one or all of the following symptoms. ● Engine cranks, but won’t run. Fuel Tank f1924x8x Fuel Tank Harness Connector [13] Not Present on FLHR/C/S ● ● Engine cuts out (may feel like ignition problems). Hesitation, loss of power and poor fuel economy. Figure 5-25. Fuel Pump/Fuel Level Sender Connector (FLTR, FLHT/C/U) NOTE After turning ignition OFF, you must wait 10 seconds before turning the ignition back ON to get the fuel pump to reprime. This time out period is necessary for the ECM and IAC to reset. Spare EFI System Relay DIAGNOSTICS Fuel Pump f2223x9x Diagnostic Notes ECM Power The reference numbers below correlate with the circled numbers on the Test 5.15 flow charts. 1. Turns on fuel pump if wiring is OK. If pump runs, problem is in basic fuel delivery. Figure 5-26. EFI Fuse Block 2. Use HARNESS CONNECTOR TEST KIT (Part No. HD- 41404), brown pin probe and patch cord. 3. Connect BREAKOUT BOX (Part No. HD-43876). See Section 5.7 BREAKOUT BOX: EFI. 4. Use HARNESS CONNECTOR TEST KIT (Part No. HD- 41404), purple pin probe and patch cord. 5-40 2004 Touring: Engine Management (EFI)

HOME [62B] [78] Y/GN BE/GY GN/O W/BK I Q C P R 87 87A 30 85 86 System relay [13A] [13B] System relay Inj. F 4 21 GN/O W/Y AB AB [84B] [84A] Y/GN Y/GN Y/GN 15 Amp fuel pump fuse BK 1 2 3 1 2 3 O/GY All Except FLHR/C/S 1 2 3 1 2 3 [141B] [141A] Fuel pump Inj. R 19 GN/GY AB AB [85B] [85A] Idle air control [87A] [87B] A B A B BE/GN BN/R 35 36 40 Amp Maxi Fuse C D C D BK/PK BK/O 18 17 15 Amp ECM fuse R Battery – + Constant power Switch power 31 13 BE/GY W/BK Engine stop switch GY 15 Amp IGN fuse R/BK Ignition switch BK MAIN FUSE BLOCK COVER 10A 15A 15A BRAKE RELAY P&A IGN BATTERY RADIO PWR RADIO MEM SPARE FUSES P&A ACCESS. CRUISE/BRK HEADLAMPS IGN LIGHTS INSTRUMENTS H F BRAKE RELAY D 15A B 10A 15A 4 3 15A 15A 15A 2 J 15A G 15A E 15A C 15A A 1 Power gnd. Power gnd. 10 28 BK BK MAIN FUSE BLOCK f2208d8x Figure 5-27. Fuel Pump Circuit Table 5-14. Wire Harness Connectors in Figure 5-27. NO. DESCRIPTION TYPE LOCATION [13] Fuel Tank Harness 3-Place Multilock Behind Fuel Tank (Under Seat) [78] ECM 36-Place Packard Under Right Side Cover [141] Fuel Pump/Fuel Level Sender 3-Place Mini-Deutsch Top of Canopy (Under Console) 2004 Touring: Engine Management (EFI) 5-41

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