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Genesee County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan

Genesee County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan

commodity at the state

commodity at the state level, and Census of Agriculture estimates of crop acreage by type and of the dollar value of livestock related commodities. The IMPLAN vendor does offer the sensible caveat that “analysts with better [local] agricultural data are encouraged to use it.” (See the IMPLAN PRO Data Guide, Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc, 1996 for more information.) The overall consistency that is achieved by IMPLAN’s data integration procedures enables a comprehensive analysis of the relationships between all sectors of the economy that is otherwise elusive. The maximum use of county level data that is available throughout the United States helps makes this modeling approach significantly more defensible than similar estimates based on multipliers “borrowed” from another study or another economy. In particular, multiplier estimates based upon larger state or regional economies typically have multipliers that are too large because they implicitly overestimate local production capabilities. Up to 528 industry sectors are tracked in the full national IMPLAN model, though local economies typically have only half of these or less present. The Genesee County model indicates that 135 of these industries are present in the county. Of these, 25 are agricultural and forestry industries considered for the purposes of this study. Agricultural Trends Profile for Genesee County, New York 40

Genesee County: Agricultural Development Plan APPENDIX B: PROJECTCONTACT LIST FOR GENESEE COUNTY, NEW YORK Copyright©, 2001: Agricultural & Community Development Services, Inc, Columbia, MD

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