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X22/14C-GB-TCD-UK - Sky Media UK LTD

X22/14C-GB-TCD-UK - Sky Media UK LTD


ELECTRONIC PROGRAM GUIDE & DIGITAL TELETEXTElectronic Program Guide (EPG)The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) isavailable in Digital TV mode. It is a 7 dayTV guide and provides informationabout forthcoming programmes (wheresupported by the broadcasted channel).You can view the start and end time of alprograms and on all channels for the nex7 days.It is very simple to operate.1) Press [GUIDE]. The following menu willappear.Electronic Programme Guide Tues 14/10 09:42Real Rescues 09:15-10:00(News/CA) Nick Knowles presents dramaticevents from the day-to-day work of theemergency services, The series is out on callwith the dedicated crews, answering 999calls as they protect the public. [S]Channels1. BBC ONECurrent EventReal RescuesNext EventPut your Money Where Y...2. BBC TWO3. ITV 14. Channel 4BalamoryThe Jeremy Kyle ShowImpressionism: Revenge...Little Red TractorThis MorningFreshly Squeezed ShortsNavigate 7 Day EPG Exit Exit OK Watch Display More2) Navigate through the now and next menuusing the [>], [

TELETEXT OPERATION (ANALOGUE TV ONLY)Teletext is a service offered by somebroadcasters.Teletext Operation1) To start digital teletext press the REDbutton (BBC channels) or the TEXTbuttons (Other channels)Here is an example of BBC12) You can now navigate to the pageyou require in a number of ways:a) Press the page you require usingthe number buttons i.e. page 302,by pressing [3][0][2]b) Press the colour buttons, these willtake you to the page indicatedon screen for each colour3) To exit Teletext press [TEXT] twiceat any timeOther buttons[SIZE] this increases or decreases thesize of the text on screen[INDEX] some pages are more than onepage long this button displaysthe number of pages[REVEAL] if there is an answer orsomething hidden this will display it[SUBPAGE] displays the sub pageif it exists[HOLD] This stops the pages changingwhen there are multiple pages21

39/66G-GB-3B-FTCU-UK - Sky Media UK LTD
39-66J-GB-3B-FHCU-ROI - Sky Media UK LTD
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tv menu operation - UMC - Slovakia
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