Arteles Creative Center's residency artists and their projects 2015-2018

Enter Text program / NOVEMBER 2018

Hannah Kezema



Hannah Kezema is an artist who works across mediums.

She’s the author of the chapbook three (2017, Tea and Tattered

Pages), as well as several online and print publications that

can be found in Full Stop, Spiral Orb, Emergency Index,

Gesture, and other places. She holds an MFA in Writing &

Poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied

Poetics and a BA in Literature from The New School. Along

with Angel Dominguez, she co-founded the performance

art collaborative DREAM TIGERS. She continues to explore

failure, trauma, asemic writing, and the cross-overs of

text and image, while intermittently working on a project

which investigates ancestral memory, poem-as-ritual, and


A Diviner’s Notebook

While at Arteles, I was able to complete a draft of my

manuscript, A Diviner’s Notebook, that I have been

intermittently working on for the past four years. The text

centers around my great-great aunt, who was a rebellious

psychic medium, but it also explores other aspects/absences

in my ancestry, interweaving female occult figures and saints

and my own divinatory practice, along with photographs

and ephemera. During my four weeks, however, I did much

more than write. I wasn’t only granted the time to reignite

my near-dormant artistic practice but also to reconnect

with my intuition in a palpable way. What fueled the writing

was the cultivation of certain rituals, and most surprisingly,

self-care. I’d wake early and often begin the day with a tarot

reading for myself, which became a compass for the artmaking

as well as a vehicle for communing with the dead

who inhabit the text. I wandered through the quiet woods,

collecting birch twigs, which I made dolls out of by wrapping

them in colorful yarn. This was something I later realized

connected me with another part of my ancestry, specifically,

my great grandmother, who would make dolls out of various

materials. This is also a divinatory practice in itself. I worked

with the moon cycle adamantly and pestered relatives with

my incessant questioning. I wrote two songs and had many

stimulating conversations with residents and staff about

process and care. I fell in love with sauna and the lakes.

Every day, I chased the sun.

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