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Facilitator Guide 2017 FINAL

Brotherhood Session:

Brotherhood Session: Start With Why Day One: 7:00-8:00pm Objectives • Introduce the concept of “Starting with Why” • Develop participant connection to the concept and the connections that exist for the fraternal experience. 20/20 Starting With Why We are going to start this session with a video. It is one of the most popular Ted Talks that have ever been recorded and it will get us started in talking about the concept that will form the backbone of our experience at Sapphire. As you watch, begin to think about the connections you can make to your chapter, Phi Mu Delta, and the rest of our time at Sapphire. Show Start With Why. Running time: 18 minutes. Transcript is included on Workbook pages 5-8. 20/40 Understanding the Concept 15/55 The Golden Circle • Was anyone familiar with this concept prior to watching this video? • What are your reactions to this video and concept? • How are we inspired to action? • Where does inspiration come from? • What is the difference between a leader and someone who leads? What do we want to be? (someone / organization that leads) Why? • How do we get to that point? The Golden Circle is am important concept for us not just a Sapphire, but throughout Phi Mu Delta. Let’s further examine the concept. Why How What WB page 11 The What, the outer circle is our product. It is the things that we create as an organization. It is the things that we do that should back up what we believe. The How is the manner is which we achieve our product and outcomes. The How is the route to achieve the Why. The How makes the Why tangible 9

And then finally, the why – it is our purpose. It is the reason we do things, personally and as organizations. It is sometimes difficult to understand, but it is critical to our success, both as individuals, and as an organization. If we start in the middle and work outwards, the why is our purpose. The how is the things we do to further that purpose. The what is the proof of that purpose. Right now, we are going to focus on your chapter and Phi Mu Delta 5/60 • What are the potential connections from this concept to your chapter and Phi Mu Delta (Recruitment, Brotherhood, Service, Philanthropy, Ritual, Member Development, New Member Education, etc…) • What do we need to do in order to better start with Why? • What effect will that have on our chapters? On Phi Mu Delta? • Why is it important to start with why in our chapters? After thorough discussion, participant should wrap up the conversation and dismiss the group to chapter meetings 10

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