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Facilitator Guide 2017 FINAL

Using the Sapphire

Using the Sapphire Facilitator Guide Objectives • Every session will start with objectives that outline the goals for the session. • They will appear as bullets before the curriculum for that session begins. • Refer to these bullets often during the session as a reminder of what is to be accomplished. x/x Section Title Timing marks for session. First number indicates amount of time for that section. Second mark is total time elapsed for the session. Instructions for activities will be bolded and italicized Indicates that material should be put on Flip Chart. Indicates a video WB PAGE Refers to page in student workbook. Normal text and information. • Questions that are posed to the group Facilitator Guide Format adapted from North-American Interfraternity Conference 3

Welcome and Expectations Day One: 3:00-3:55pm Objectives • Welcome participants to the Sapphire Leadership Institute • Set a positive tone for the experience • Review camp, organization, and academy expectations • Small icebreaker activities to get participants to know each other 10/10 Welcome On behalf of the fraternity, the Executive Director should welcome participants to the Sapphire Leadership Academy and explain the history and development of the Sapphire Leadership Academy After welcoming participants to Sapphire, Executive Director should introduce Lead Presenters 20/30 Lead Presenter Welcome and Expectations Institute and Theme Personal Responsibility Active Learning After introductions, presenters should begin to discuss Sapphire expectations that will enable the entire group to be successful Sapphire is an institute – it is a shared experience with one curriculum that we will be engaging in together. In this, we will all learn and develop from each other. Sapphire is not a nuts and bolts training of specific leadership positions or how to run a chapter – this is an institute to teach you how to be better leaders overall. Officers’ Academy and the Regional Recruitment Academies teach members nuts and bolts of specific positions. The theme for Sapphire is “Start With Why”. Through this experience, we will challenge each other to get back to our core purposes and think about how we can utilize that purpose to act in a way that not only improves our personal leadership behaviors, but our entire brotherhood. If we are able to collectively start with our why, we can create a clearer vision for the future of your chapters and Phi Mu Delta as a whole. Throughout this experience, we all have the choice to either be a prisoner, vacationer, or explorer. The prisoner is the person who is thinking “Why am I stuck here, why are we doing this?” The Vacationer is the person who is thinking “I don’t really need this, so I am just going to sit back and enjoy the break, someone wake me up later.” The explorer is full of energy and wants to learn. We will naturally take on different roles throughout the entire conference. Give yourself permission and forgiveness to flow between each. When you find yourself feeling as if you are a prisoner – free yourself to participate and focus on the here and now. If you are taking a little vacation – feel free to come back to the present, listen, participate, share some of your knowledge, as well as learn from other participants. Part of being an explorer being an active learner. This institute relies on everyone’s contributions and taking responsibility for our own learning. Throughout the experience, we will honest conversation, reflective activities, and hands on conversation – all 4

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