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Culinary Guide Volume 6


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Restaurants • Culinary Retail • Craft Beer • Farmers’ Markets



Culinary Guide Volume 6


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8 Introduction

10 Vegetarian, Vegan & Plant-Based Cuisine

14 Food Trucks Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

86 Craft Beer in London

90 The Case for Farmers’ Markets

94 Food Festivals in the Forest City


Maps Pages 4–7

# = business location

16 David’s Bistro 1

18 Abruzzi Ristorante 2

20 Blu Duby Downtown / Blu Duby North 3 4

22 The River Room / Rhino Lounge 5

24 Craft Farmacy 6

26 The Church Key Bistro-Pub 7

28 Thaifoon 8

30 Black Trumpet 9

34 La Casa Ristorante 10

36 Toboggan Brewing Co. 11

38 Idlewyld Inn & Spa 12

40 Restaurant Ninety One 13

42 Plant Matter Kitchen 14 15

44 Garlic’s of London 16

46 Blackfriars Bistro & Catering 17

50 The Squire Pub & Grill 18

52 Blake’s Bistro & Bar 19

54 Spruce on Wellington 20

56 Glassroots 21

58 Wolfe of Wortley 22

62 Katana Kafé & Grill 23

63 The Springs Restaurant 24

64 Fellini Koolini’s / The Runt Club 25

65 Joe Kool’s 26

66 Tiger Jack’s Bar & Grill 27

67 The Root Cellar Organic Restaurant 28

68 Edgar and Joe’s Café 29 30

69 La Noisette Bakery & Deli 31

70 Pasto’s Grill 32

71 Bourbon Street Cajun & Creole Kitchen + Bar 33

72 T.G.’s Addis Ababa Restaurant 34

73 The Tea Lounge 35

74 The Early Bird 36

75 Los Lobos 37

76 Marienbad / Chaucer’s Pub 38

77 Elm Hurst Inn & Spa

London’s Local Flavour CULINARY RETAILERS

Culinary Retail

82 The Pristine Olive Tasting Bar 39

84 Hey, Cupcake! 40

83 Jill’s Table 41

Craft Beer

87 London Brewing Co-operative 42

88 Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium 43

89 Anderson Craft Ales 44

Farmers’ Markets

91 Covent Garden Market 45

Covent Garden Farmers’ Market

96 Acknowledgments

From The River Room Private Dining:

Pan Seared Crispy Skinned Salmon with mango salsa

and seasonal veg on forbidden rice. Photo by Alieska Robles.

CULINARY RETAILERS London’s Local Flavour 3






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EXIT 177


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EXIT 183



Blackfriars Bridge is

Closed to Cars Indefinitely.

Access Blackfriars Bistro

off Wharncliffe.



HWY. 4


University of

Western Ontario


? Information Centres VIA Rail – Train Station

H Hospitals

Greyhound – Bus Terminal

Shopping Malls





















26 21


3726 11 9 7

38 16






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10 W







EXIT 186





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TOURISM LONDON (519) 661-5000 OR 1-800-265-2602



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London’s Local Flavour



Free Outdoor Wi-Fi Zone


Free Indoor Wi-Fi Hotspot



Downtown London Office

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For More Information:

123 King Street, London






London’s Local Flavour



London is Cooking with Local Flavour!

Are you passionate about what you eat and where your

food comes from? If so, you are going to love discovering

London’s community pride in our exciting food festivals,

farmers’ markets, food trucks, craft beer breweries and interesting

culinary scene. Visitors looking for experiences when they travel will

find it easy to connect with the city and live like the locals.

There is a growing demand for greater diversity and higher

levels of authenticity in world cuisines. Our range and choice in

food offerings reflects both our global and cultural diversity and

the increased demand by consumers and culinary enthusiasts for

integrity. Visitors can enjoy a real taste of London.

Many London cooks and culinary artisans are

developing innovative takes on eating locally, while

examining the origins of farm-to-table cuisine and

developing new region-specific specialties and

home-grown products. They typify the vanguard

of the contemporary culinary scene by rethinking

the food chain, taking care of the environment

and adding their voices to the collective Canadian

culinary identity.

While we celebrate our local and regional

farmers and producers, our culinary stars are

innovating in kitchens throughout the city. They

are offering up some of Ontario’s finest farm-totable

foods and pairing them with a rich variety

of locally-brewed craft beer, micro-distilled

beverages and regional wine tasting experiences.

Locally there has been an unprecedented

increase of upmarket cafés and specialty tea


London’s Local Flavour


From Restaurant Ninety One: Potato and Herb Potage with

garden herbs, crème fraîche, house cracker, pickled radish

and olive oil powder. Photo by Maria Denomme.

purveyors that are part grab-and-go café, part

bakery, and part casual dine-in restaurant. Some

of them are licensed. A quest of beverage drinkers

for artisanal and single-origin teas with diverse

flavour profiles will be well satisfied.

The local craft beer movement has brought new

flavours, innovation and customer loyalty, not only

to the products they are creating, but to the local

marketplace. Our forward-thinking craft brewers

are creating meaningful and lasting on-site

experiences to make genuine connections between

brands and consumers.

Our restaurants and cafés — new and old

— distinguish themselves with both tradition

and contemporary adaptations of our region’s

characteristic flavours and ingredients. The

demand for farm-to-table, vegan and locallysourced

products shows no signs of abating on

local menus.

Whether you’re interested in attending one of

our celebrated food festivals, shopping at one of

our specialty food shops, visiting our farmers’

markets, or want to explore as many exciting

restaurants as possible, we know you’ll savour the

vast choice of food-focused options and our unique

culinary scene. Enjoy “London’s Local Flavour.”

Bryan Lavery

Food Editor & Writer at Large, Eatdrink magazine

Bryan Lavery, brings years of professional experience

in the restaurant and hospitality industry, as a chef,

restaurateur, event planner and consultant.


London’s Local Flavour


The Rise of

The Plant

Vegetarian, Vegan & Plant-Based Cuisine

Made by hand, in small batches, with

specialized and local plant-based

ingredients continues to be the vegan

entrepreneur’s motto. The big news on the

culinary front is the ever-increasing popularity

of — and passion for — vegan cuisine. Plantbased

cuisine has gone from a hot food trend

to a mainstream contender. The rise in local

bakeries, cafés and restaurants like serving

innovative vegetable-centred cuisine is not a

trend but the new reality. This year cultured

plant and nut-based cheese businesses have

continued to boom giving cheese lovers amazing

new alternatives. It’s another local trend that

has become mainstream. London’s trailblazing

Globally Local with its serious vegan credentials

has a new claim to fame as the “world’s” first 24

hr drive-through vegan restaurant.

Pre-conceived perceptions of vegans and

plant-based dining have changed quickly.

Contemporary veganism suddenly has a glam

factor, and high profile vegan athletes and

celebrities abound in the media.

The majority of meat alternatives may still be

soy or wheat-based but chickpeas, corn, legumes

and fungi are replacing animal proteins in

restaurants. Think kidney bean pepperoni, heart

of palm calamari, coconut bacon, smoked carrot

lox, cultured cashew milk cheeses and vegan

doughnuts. At the centre of several trends —

plant-based cuisine, foraging and umami — all

manner of fungi are building a forceful presence

on the culinary scene. The inclination of for

natural, uncomplicated and healthful diets drives

the continuing expansion of plant-based food and

beverage offerings. Recent studies have indicated

that 58% of millennials are inclined to agree that

the food you purchase and where you buy it are

a reflection of your personal values. For others,

offering vegan dishes is just common sense and

being on trend with the explosion of vegetablecentric



London’s Local Flavour


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London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS




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The Road Is Clear

Food Trucks are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Food trucks serve a diverse variety of healthy

options and cultural foods. In fact, food

trucks are the new incubators for culinary

innovation. We’re not talking about corporate food

trucks serving commercially produced food. We’re

speaking about the chef-driven, entrepreneurial,

indie food truck innovators who post their location

of the day on social media to those in the know.

Tear into outstanding smoked brisket or pulled

pork from Smokestacks. Enjoy a tricked-out

gourmet grilled cheese with Cheddar, Jack, Mozza

and Gouda from Goodah Gastrotruck. Do you like

some heat? How about a beautifully spiced Piri

Piri chicken sandwich or the signature Bifana

Sandwich — perfect marinated pork slices in a

bun from Bifana Boys. The Smoking Cubano from

COCOville is Cuban-style braised pork, Swiss

cheese, pickles, mustard, ham and aioli on a bun.

Another favourite is COCOville’s “Jamaican Me

Hot” with jerk chicken, pickled kale and pineapple

salsa on a bun.

Another well-known food truck is the McVegan’s

owned by Globally Local which focusses primarily

on providing vegan options at festivals. Try the

McInnes Burger — McVegans’ take on the Big Mac

— or their BBQ sandwich made from jackfruit and

served with a creamy coleslaw.

Food Trucks are the real deal in London. These

modern mobile eateries have built a solid fan base

at food festivals serving healthy, creative cultural

foods. We like food trucks because they stimulate

culinary innovation and diversity. They are destined

to become an important part of the social and

culinary fabric of the city. One of our favourite

food trailers is the organic, Mexican-inspired

Ivanopoblano on Oxford Street, a few blocks east

of Quebec.

The London Food Truck Association has

turned blocks of the downtown into a food truck

pod. Bifana Boys (Portuguese Food), COCOville

(Caribbean and Cuban), Goodah Gastrotruck

(gourmet grilled cheese), Donut Diva (minidoughnuts),

Smokestacks (smoked brisket, pulled

pork, fried chicken), MegaCone Creamery (ice

cream) and Roli Poli (hand-rolled ice cream) can

usually be found parked in specific blocks of

downtown on different days:

• Tuesdays at Talbot and Queens

• Wednesdays at Richmond and Queens

• Thursdays at King and Wellington

• Fridays at Queens and Wellington

On Sundays, look for food trucks in Springbank

Park from noon to about 5 p.m., across from the

splash pad.

On page opposite, from Spruce on Wellington:

Spiced Barramund with Israeli cous cous,

tomato marshmallow, heirloom tomato salad

and olive oil two ways. Photo by Jessie Dodman.


London’s Local Flavour



Restaurant Amenities Legend

— Licenced — Wheelchair Accessible — Patio — Take-Out Available

— Bring Your Own Bottle Service Available — Accommodations Available

QR CODES: We have included these to quickly assist mobile phone

users who want additional information. Any QR Reader will work

but we recommend the NeoReader QR & Barcode Reader. There

is a free download for every device. Go to on

your phone’s web browser and follow the easy instructions.

CULINARY RETAILERS London’s Local Flavour


London’s Oasis for

Food Lovers!


Chef David Chapman (centre), his daughter, Manager Natalie

Chapman (centre left), and wife Cindy Kinsella (centre right)

help create “an oasis for food lovers” with professional,

friendly service at David’s Bistro. Chef Elvis Drennan

(third from left) leads an exceptional kitchen staff. Elegantly

tucked into a fine Richmond Street heritage building, this is

one of Downtown London’s culinary landmarks.




David’s Bistro, a classic French bistro, was opened in 1998 by David Chapman.

After being chef and then chef/owner of Anthony’s Seafood Bistro (a local

landmark at the time) for 18 years, Chapman decided to reinvent himself. His

traditional bistro, with its small bar, vibrant red walls and checkered tablecloths,

is a venerated downtown London culinary anchor. The classic bistro motif

perfectly matches the traditional approach to service and attention to detail.


Chef/owner David Chapman and Co-Chef Elvis Drennan, who has

helmed the kitchen and a talented kitchen staff for a number of

years, present perfectly executed classic regional French-inspired

specialties. The emphasis is on authentic country cuisine with

primarily seasonal and high quality local ingredients. Chapman and

Drennan are long-time proponents of the philosophy that simplicity,

seasonality and purity are the hallmarks of good cooking.

Chalkboard prix-fixe

menus change daily, in tune

with the seasons and the

availability of special items.

So too does the interesting

wine list vary, always with a

range of carefully selected

consignment wines listed

Daily Prix Fixe Specials

Classic Bistro

432 Richmond Street (at Carling)

MAPS A & B: 1 519-667-0535

LUNCH: WED–FRI 11:30 am–2:30 pm

DINNER: MON–SUN 5 pm–10 pm

LUNCH: $14– $18

DINNER: $28 – $36

prix fixe menu changes daily

2 Courses: $26

3 Courses: $30

Classic French Bistro Fare

Daily Prix Fixe Choices

Excellent Wine List, Available

by Glass or Bottle

Full Service Catering Available

Exceptional Wine List

on a separate blackboard, augmenting regular favourites. Classic Bistro Fare at

David’s includes the highly recommended:

• Pan roasted Halibut with zucchini, sweetydrop pepper and pea ragoût, saffron

cream sauce;

• Braised Spring Lamb Shank with hominy grits and mint gremolata;

• Grilled Rack of Venison with ricotta gnocchi, boar bacon and red wine jus;

• Duck Leg Confit with lingonberry jus, rösti potato and asparagus;

• An innovative dessert selection, all made in house.

Poached Wild Spring Salmon

with clam, mussel & chorizo stew

Risotto Noir with Beet-Cured

Atlantic Salmon & crispy basil

Chocolate Custard Tart with

ancho chili caramel sauce

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Italian Inspired ...

Locally Focused



Co-owners Rob D’Amico and Chef Dave

Lamers have lifted Abruzzi into the top

echelon of Italian-inspired restaurants,

serving both modern and traditional regional

specialties. As host and chef, respectively,

each brings a polished professionalism to

their Downtown epicurean hotspot.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


Abruzzi is well-groomed but casual, with an elegant white marble bar just inside

the front entrance. There is an elevated communal table in the centre of the

dining room that seats eight. The chairs and banquettes are comfortable enough

for a three-hour sitting. The simple, striking decor with bare brick walls and lots

of mirrors, the innovative lighting, and the friendly ambience are all central to the

Abruzzi experience. The service is attentive, polished and knowledgeable.


Chef Dave Lamers takes the earthy Italian culinary vocabulary and

imbues it with both his idiosyncratic style and a culinary dialect that is

responsive to the seasons. Lamers stresses simplicity and freshness

as foundations of the Abruzzi kitchen philosophy. The menu offerings

capture the essence of Italian cooking. They are intuitive, often iconic,

prepared with locally-sourced and quality ethnic ingredients,

executed with skill and an eye to detail. The kitchen has a long-standing

commitment to procuring local

and sustainable ingredients.

Signature dishes include:

• Crispy Pork Belly & Bay

Scallops with charred Loco

Fields carrots, carrot purée, kale and spiced jus;

House-Cured Pancetta

& Assorted Charcuterie



119 King Street (at Talbot)

MAPS A & B: 2 519-675-9995

HOURS: MON–SAT 11:30 am – LATE

closed sunday

LUNCH: $8– $16

DINNER: $15 – $33

A superior wine list includes

interesting consignments

A long-standing commitment to

local sustainable ingredients

Menus change seasonally

Authentic Italian regional specialties

Attentive, knowledgeable service

Steps to Budweiser Gardens

• Ricotta Gnudi with Brussels sprouts, leeks, shallots, house lamb pancetta,

honey mushrooms and sage brown butter;

• Sous Vide Alberta Lamb Sirloin & Lamb Tortellini, parsnips, smoked yogurt,

Loco Fields organic baby heirloom carrots & carrot purée and lamb jus;

• Grilled Beef Tenderloin with crispy gnocchi, mushrooms, spinach, green

beans,red wine and veal stock reduction;

• Sous Vide Cauliflower “Steak,” beluga lentils, roasted fennel, charred red onion

Brussels sprouts, fennel hot sauce, onion, thyme and white bean purée;

• S’Mores, dark chocolate brownie, torched marshmallow crème, fudge sauce,

vanilla gelato and graham crumble.

Pan Roasted Branzino, squash

purée, ricotta gnocchi, Brussels

sprouts, roasted squash

Everspring Farms Duck Breast, braised

duck & mascarpone crespelle, carrots &

baby beets, kale, sour cherry duck jus

Tiramisu — ladyfingers, amaretto

zabaglione, chocolate crémeux,

espresso caviar, toasted white chocolate

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Remarkable Dining


Owners Joe Duby and Cheryl Milani

opened Blu Duby North in the fall

of 2016, following the same mandate

that has been successful for Blu

Duby Downtown: “A remarkable

experience designed to accommodate

every budget.” Both operations serve

a diverse clientele who appreciate a

high energy atmosphere where people

can enjoy a drink at the bar, a few

appetizers or a recession-friendly full

gourmet dining experience in a casual

yet elegant venue.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Blu Duby Downtown


Blu Duby — both the original

downtown location and Blu

Duby North — features modern

sophistication with its stylish decor,

and offers an innovative approach

to family-friendly comfort food and

artful cuisine. Private dining areas

can accommodate parties and

special occasions with awardwinning

service, customizable

menus and, best of all, the ability to

leave the planning to talented professionals.


Blu Duby North

Contemporary bistro-style selections and tantalizing vegetarian choices are

on offer, as well as many classic favourites that have been updated. The

restaurant’s cooking repertoire keeps evolving, and the presentation is both

stylish and simple. The menu is an eclectic collection of Asian, Continental

and Mediterranean influences and features items such as Pulled Pork

Cuban Sliders, Authentic Korean Potstickers, Maple Bacon Wrapped

Dates, and a Cilantro, Mint & Pistachio Rack of Lamb.


Comfort Food


32 Covent Market Place


Blu Duby offers lunch engineered to fit into the most limited break, perfect for busy professionals. You will find

everything from comfort food in the Duck Confit and Smoked

Gouda Mac N’ Cheese to light, healthy fare in a variety of fresh

salads. The menu is over 80% gluten-friendly and has many

vegetarian options, with 22 appetizer and sharing plates, and

16 entrée offerings. Blu Duby Favourites include:

• Artichoke, Leek and Spinach Tart in a buttery, housemade

rustic tart shell;

• Field Gate Certified Organic Angus Steaks (Striploin,

Tenderloin or Ribeye);

Beautiful, Sophisticated Ambience

(also open at 125 Dundas Street)

MAPS A & B: 3 519-433-1414

MON–THURS: 11:30 am–11 pm

FRI & SAT: 11:30 am–1 am


SUNDAY: 11:30 am–9 pm

Three Private Caesar Rooms Salad Available for

Smoked bacon, shaved asiago,

Dining or for Your Next Celebration

baguette crisp

Atrium for meetings in Hotel Metro

Steps to Budweiser OR Gardens &

Underground Vegetarian Parking Caesar at Salad Covent

Garden MarketOR

Quick Lunch Options

La Sopa Del Dia

2. BLU Daily DUBY soup inspiration, NORTH fresh ingredients

745 Fanshawe Park OR Rd W #1

( West of Wonderland) Escargot

Pernod and fennel cream, julienne vegetables,

MAP A : 4 pastry 519-472-1414


HOURS: MON–THURS OR 11 am–11 pm

FRI–SAT 11 am–12 midnight

Creamy Polenta

SUNDAY 4 pm–9 pm

Sundried Tomato, mesclun greens,

Same wild Menu mushroom as Downtown & marsala sauce Location sauce

Ample Free Parking


Spacious Seasonal Patio

Seafood cakes

LUNCH: Variety of seafood, $8– $15 soya ginger aioli, asian slaw

DINNER: $15 – $30

• Malaysian Pad Thai with coconut milk, ginger, brown

sugar bean, tamarind, cilantro, green onions & cashews.

Locally Sourced Fish

Blu Duby Wedge Salad

Antipasto on Live Edge Forest Board

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Sublime Food in a

Stunning Location

THE RIVER ROOM Café & Private Dining

RHINO LOUNGE Bakery & Coffee Shoppe

Owners Jess Jazey-Spoelstra and Harmen Spoelstra opened

The River Room and put Museum London on the local

dining map. This exceptional lunch and brunch spot reflects

Jess’ culinary philosophy “to create exceptional food at reasonable

prices,” with lots of New York-style bravado. Since 2014, the

stylish Rhino Lounge Bakery & Coffee Shoppe has

been know for its sleek ambience, creative menu, specialty

coffees and outstanding baked goods.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Weekday Lunch & Sunday Brunch


The River Room offers outstanding

food and service in a stunning space

with fabulous views of the The Forks

of the Thames and the old courthouse.

Jess Jazey-Spoelstra’s sophisticated

design sensibility is reflected in the

cuisine as well as the stylish and

relaxed interior. The ambience is warm

and friendly, and the textural elements

are glass, leather and linen. The dining

Available Evenings

for Private Dining

room features an attractive curved bar at the entrance. The walls are lined with

beautiful photos that pay homage to the owners’ days in New York City.

Contemporary Casual

Fine Dining & Café

421 Ridout Street North

(within Museum London)

MAPS A & B: 5 519-850-2287

HOURS: TUES–FRI 11 am–4 pm

SUNDAY 11 am–4 pm

open for dinner during londonlicious

LUNCH: $8– $20

BRUNCH: $25 Prix Fixe

Daily Lunch Specials

Prix Fixe Sunday Brunch

Caterer for Every Social Occasion

Open Evenings for Private Dining

THE RHINO LOUNGE 519-850-5111

HOURS: TUES–WED 11 am–4:30 pm

THURS 11 am–8:30 pm

FRI–SUN 11 am–4:30 pm

Open Evenings for Private Events

Plant-based Wednesdays & Fridays

Cronut Thursdays


At lunch, Chef’s features include a Pastrami Reuben sandwich — essential New York deli — with Swiss cheese,

sauerkraut, Russian dressing and crispy dills. East Coast Lobster Roll with celery, scallion, mayo and topsider bun

quickly became a signature dish. House Cured Smoked Salmon with two potato

latkes, crème fraîche and fried capers is a classic, or try the Braised Beef Short Rib

with creamy mashed potatoes, seasonal veg, veal bone reduction and greens.

Über-Pastry-Chef Michele Lenhardt brings dessert offerings to a whole new

level at both locations. Decadent Chocolate Cake with fudge frosting and Carrot

Cake with cream cheese icing are classics, as are her made-to-order Apple

Fritters (with salted caramel sauce). Try the River Room’s signature Vanilla Bean

Crème Brûlée and the Rhino’s Brookies (brownie meets cookie).

Perfect bookend days to the popular Cronut Thursdays, the Rhino becomes

“plant-based” on Wednesdays and Fridays. Enjoy house-made delights such as

vegan Mac ‘n Cheese, vegan Sausage Rolls and vegan Cheesecake and Dutchies.

The River Room has over a dozen dishes on the Brunch prix fixe menu ($25),

including a classic Cobb Salad with grilled chicken, bacon, blue cheese, hardboiled

egg and chopped tomato & cucumbers. Their bestselling Eggs River Room

with mini Maryland crab cakes and poached eggs on toasted brioche is served with

East Coast Lobster Roll Hollandaise sauce, roasted potatoes and greens.

Smoked Salmon & Potato Latkes

Lemon Tart with Raspberry Purée

Cronut Thursdays at Rhino Lounge

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour





& North Moore Catering

Jess Jazey-Spoelstra (centre) and Harmen Spoelstra

(right) of North Moore Catering and The

River Room welcomed über chef Andrew

Wolwowicz (left) to the team as Executive Chef of

North Moore Catering Ltd in 2016. Now Jess and

Andrew are partners in Craft Farmacy, London’s

new local craft beer and oyster bar opening in Fall

2017. Look for buck-a-shuck oyster nights.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


Jess Jazey-Spoelstra’s stylish

design sensibility — delivering

style and comfort, and paying

attention to the smallest details —

is reflected at Craft Farmacy. A 24-

foot cherry bar, stunning fireplace,

custom-made leather banquettes

and rustic tables with vineyard

chairs set the tenor. A private room

upstairs seats 40 people.


Craft Farmacy is the ultimate

neighbourhood restaurant,

featuring rustic-style food, craft

beer, great wines, lots of sharing plates and fabulous

Executive Chef

Andrew Wolwowicz

house cocktails. Executive Chef Andrew Wolwowicz cooks

with reverence and purpose, sourcing ingredients from

producers and farms dedicated to sustainable agriculture,

organic growing practices, and ethically raised livestock.

Think, Harissa-Braised Lamb Belly with caramelized

barberry and sour orange gastrique, or Saffron-Scented

Celeriac and Mousseline with toasted almond dust.

Wolwowicz’s menus are progressive, with high quality

ingredients crafted from local, region-specific and

specialty products and are executed with aptitude, innovation and attention to detail.

Oyster Bar &

Boutique Caterer

449 Wharncliffe Rd S (N of Baseline)

MAP A: 6 519-914-2699


LUNCH: $12– $20

APPS: $12– $20

DINNER: $20– $38

London’s Premier Oyster Bar

Extensive Craft Beer Selection

Fireplace & Welcoming Ambience

Ample Free Parking

Private Rooms Available



Caterer for Every Social Occasion

Full Service Event Planning

Exclusive Museum London Caterer

Some of the North Moore Catering Team

North Moore Catering is an upscale, full-service boutique caterer and event planning company, synonymous with

professional service and inventive made-from-scratch cuisine with high-quality ingredients. Innovation is the name of

the game: party planners, chefs, stylists and servers work together to execute truly unique events. The team provides

cutting-edge culinary experiences — scrumptious and innovative foods are designed with all tastes in mind —

combined with extraordinary service.

Attention to Detail Innovative Cuisine for All Tastes Craft Farmacy Opens Fall ’17

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Craft Beer & Modern

Pub Fare with Flair



The Church Key is your destination pub, whether you’re

looking for an impressive selection of craft beers or a pub

meal with flair. Owners Pete and Vanessa Willis have nearly

50 years combined experience in the restaurant industry.

The opening of The Church Key in May of 2009 was the

culmination of a longtime dream. “We are definitely pub

people,” says Vanessa. “We like an uncomplicated place

where you can talk and have good food and beer and wine.”

26 London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

The Bar


Warm and comfortable, with a pleasing combination of brick, stone and

wood, The Church Key is an extensively renovated pub in a prominent

Richmond Row heritage building across from The Grand Theatre. An intimate

outdoor courtyard flanks the south side of the building.


The Church Key follows in the British tradition of the gastro pub by

specializing in traditional food done with gourmet flair. Chef Michael

Anglestad, with over 20 years in fine dining, uses seasonal, locally sourced

ingredients extensively.

Try the Ploughman’s Plate, great as a meal or a shared appetizer, with

English cheeses, crusty bread, paté, smoked salmon, duck breast bacon,

branston pickle, pickled quail eggs and vegetables. Or start with Salmon

Wrapped Scallops, sea scallops wrapped in house-smoked salmon, drizzled

with grapefruit and rice wine syrup and togarashi aioli.

Entrée favourites include the famous Church Key Burger, a traditional

Fish & Chips, Lamb Curry — lamb braised in mild ginger curry sauce on

seasoned rice with cucumber raita and fresh cilantro.



476 Richmond Street (N of Queens)

MAPS A & B: 7 519-936-0960

HOURS: SUN–TUES 11 am–11 pm

WED & THURS 11 am–12 am

FRI & SAT 11 am–1 am

LUNCH: $9 – $15

DINNER: $14 – $26

Across from The Grand Theatre

Vegetarian Options

Sunday Brunch 11 am–2 pm

Game Meat of the Week Specials

Food Served Late!

• The Game of the Week: This popular feature changes every week, as Chef

creates a unique dish that showcases a different variety of game meat.

• Sunday Brunch begins

with a large basket of

baked pastries, such

as fresh croissants,

almond cheesecake

Danish, or sweet

potato & pumpkin

seed bread, all baked

fresh by Pastry Chef

Cliff Briden. Then enjoy a choice of five different brunch entrée

items. The menu is different every week!

Heritage Building Charm

Across from the Grand Theatre

Inviting Courtyard Patio

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


A Modern Approach

to Classic Thai Cuisine


Manisay Visouvath and Fouzan (Rafael) Beg invite

you to Thaifoon, Downtown London’s upscale Thai

restaurant. Thaifoon’s with-it and tasteful take on the

ancient Thai culture, with a decor that honours the

past while embracing modernity, has earned raves

of admiration. The restaurant continues to set itself

apart with wonderfully exuberant flavours in dishes

presented with an expert eye for detail.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


The 38-seat restaurant is a tasteful and refined take on the ancient Siamese

culture, with a soothing decor and a rich palette of browns and blacks with

golden accents and pleasing Thai iconography. The minimalist room is sleek,

with a sexy, Buddha Lounge-style soundtrack, rich dark woods and ultrasoft

leather banquettes with cushions.


The kitchen’s oeuvre is a consistent showcase of Thailand’s regional

flavours of hot, sweet, sour and salty, honouring tradition while embracing

modernity. Thaifoon is careful to give you just the level of spicing you want.

The restaurant is popular with vegetarian and gluten-free clients.

Won-ton bundles are flawless — well-executed crispy and crunchy parcels

of chili-infused minced chicken

accompanied by a ginger and

plum sauce. Savoury curries

surpass expectations with

richness and variations on

spiciness that are tempered

with velvety coconut milk and

fragrant aromatics.

The pad Thai continues

to be properly prepared with

perfectly cooked noodles, firm

tofu with a silky interior, egg,

Mango Salad — crispy mango, red

onion, carrot, crispy egg noodle,

cilantro, mint leaves, roasted peanuts,

crispy onions, roasted rice vinaigrette


Thai Cuisine

120 Dundas Street (E of Talbot)

MAPS A & B: 8 519-850-1222

LUNCH: MON–FRI 11:30 am–2:30 pm

DINNER: MON–SUN from 5 pm

LUNCH: From $10

DINNER: From $14

Buddha Lounge Soundtrack

Coconut Currys

Signature Peanut Pasta

Homestyle Cooking

City Wide Delivery


An exotic escape in

the heart of the city

crisp bean sprouts, scallions, fragrant cilantro, minced peanuts, fresh lime

and the crucial sweet and sour tanginess.

Recommended: Try the delicious signature Peanut Pasta, with Pankocrusted

wide rice noodle, broccoli, spinach, bell pepper, carrot, coconut

milk and peanut sauce, with shrimp, chicken or tofu.

Panko Crusted Salmon on sushi

with jasmine rice, asparagus, spinach,

carrot & massaman curry sauce

Peanut Pasta with panko crust, wide

rice noodle, broccoli, spinach, bell pepper,

carrot, coconut milk & peanut sauce

Crispy Chiang Mai with crispy egg

noodle, bell pepper, broccoli, celery,

onion, carrot & signature house sauce

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


An Experience

to Savour


Bamboo, stone, Douglas fir, tile and fabric work

together in Black Trumpet in an aesthetic

and architectural triumph that remains ageless.

Between the front terrace with its wrought iron

gate and an inviting open-air courtyard, there are

eight unique areas to the restaurant that remain

faithful to the original design concept, expressed

as Dutch-colonial Indonesian eclecticism.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Chefs Scott Wesseling

and Matt Rice


Black Trumpet has a stunning and

lush ambience with a global point of

view. In the warm weather months,

the beautifully appointed and private

Indonesian-style garden is a prestige

spot for alfresco dining. This secluded

oasis, seating 60, is one of the city’s

best kept secrets.



523 Richmond Street (S of Kent)

MAPS A & B: 9 519-850-1500


Lunch & Dinner 11:30 am–Close

closed sundays & holidays

LUNCH: $10–$19

DINNER: $10–$35

World Cuisine Inspired by Local

and Seasonal Ingredients

In the Heart of Richmond Row,

Just North of The Grand Theatre

Perfect for Groups, Birthdays,Rehearsal

Lunches & Dinners, Small Weddings,

Receptions and Private Dining

Multi-media Capabilities

Exotic Courtyard Patio


Chef Scott Wesseling has a modern-day take on the classics, drawing from local

and seasonal ingredients to create his menu offerings. At lunch, the cuisine is an

amalgam of Asian- and internationally-inspired signature dishes with influences

and ingredients from various Mediterranean cultures. A new Vegan Menu offers

delicious options, such as the BT Buddha Bowl, with quinoa, avocado, golden sauerkraut, mixed lettuce, kales, fennel,

carrot, radish, hemp hearts, falafel & lemon tahini dressing. Look for other innovative takes on time-honoured entrées

that include: Cocoa & Cayenne Rack of Elk with parmesan orzo

croquettes, seasonal vegetables & pear-cinnamon chutney; and

Chili Lime Crusted Salmon with sweet corn purée, dirty rice

and bean fritters, charred greens with lemon and leek & orange

marmalade. Other recommendations include:

• Sherry Foie Gras Ganache with french toast, maple grilled

stone fruit, spiced apple chutney & nitro espresso;

• Chicken Carbonara with herb & garlic oil, heirloom tomatoes,

house-cured bacon, peas, grano padano & sous vide yolk;

• Sumac Seared Ahi Tuna with coconut jasmine rice,

tempura avocado, seaweed salad, creamy wasabi and

mango tiger sauce.

Private Dining Rooms Available

Togarashi King Cole Duck Breast

with braised cabbage, duck confit

potatoes, cauliflower & vanilla

purée and aged balsamic reduction

BT Seaweed Salad: mixed seaweeds,

lemon grass tofu, puffed rice noodle

and beet gastrique, walnuts, maple

sake & miso vinaigrette

Lamb Two Ways: Big Green Egg

smoked leg of lamb mousakka,

mint crusted chops, balsamic &

yoghurt fluid gel

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour





London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Get the latest lineup of

upcoming festivals,

live music & the hottest

shows in town.


RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Come Home to

La Casa — Since 1994


A Downtown London landmark for fine dining for more than

two decades, the 75-seat “ristorante” remains a quintessential

experience for casual but refined dining. Consistency

and familiarity are the hallmarks of the La Casa culinary

experience. Count on fresh, local ingredients and a warm,

neighbourly ambience with intimate dining rooms accented by

a crackling wood-burning fireplace and a well-stocked bar.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Tomato Napoleon

Chefs Jason Eccles

and James Smith

Traditional Italian

& Mediterranean

117 King Street (at Talbot)

MAPS A & B: 10 519-434-2272


Lunch & Dinner 11:30 am–Close

closed sundays & holidays

LUNCH: $9–$20

DINNER: $10–$35

Steps to Budweiser Gardens


Across from the Covent Garden Market

In the middle of King Street’s Perfect for Groups, Birthdays, Rehearsal

restaurant row, across the street Lunches & Dinners, Small Weddings,

from the Covent Garden Market and Receptions and Private Dining

kitty corner to Budweiser Gardens Outstanding Scotch Selection

stands La Casa, with a stylish black Fresh Daily Food Specials

brick façade. One enters the dining

room through a short hallway, as

one might enter a gracious home. Intimately

Beef Tenderloin

candle-lit by night, large windows provide

lots of natural light by day.


La Casa encapsulates its Italian roots by

offering traditional home-style fare such

as risotto, ravioli, lasagne, spicy lobster

& shrimp fettuccine and angel hair pasta. The

menus emphasize the classics of the Italian

culinary canon and the authenticity that comes

from family recipes handed down through the

generations. The pastas are all made in-house.

The restaurant does its own smoking, baking and

desserts. The sourdough starter is 20 years old

now! Recommendations include:

• Rack of Lamb — herb-crusted Ontario lamb, with roasted red potatoes, vegetable

ratatouille and a shiraz-lamb sauce;

• Seafood Risotto — lobster, seared scallops, shrimp, diced pancetta, mascarpone

cheese and fresh pea shoots;

• Beef Tenderloin — 8-ounce hand-cut fillet, with asparagus tips, garlic mashed

potatoes, roasted portebello mushroom and a beef jus demi-glace.

Veal Marsala, veal tenderloin tower,

on a spinach & wild mushroom risotto

gâteau, in a marsala reduction

Salmone Della Casa, fresh salmon,

one of the daily specials, always uniquely

flavoured and always with a grilled prawn

Calamari, marinated and lightly

pan-fried, with a lemon-dill beurre


RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Craft Beer Brewery

& Local Food Focus


With a state-of-the-art craft brewery in the basement, a chic

farm-to-table brew pub on the main level, and an inviting

seasonal patio upstairs, Toboggan Brewing Company

immediately made an indelible mark on London’s craft beer

and culinary scene. Ten Toboggan beers are regularly available,

in addition to seasonal small-batch specials. Two Gold Medalwinning

Toboggan ciders are also on tap. Enjoy a pint or a

tasting flight in-house or take some home with you.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


The basement

houses the brewing

equipment, with

sparkling stainless

steel brewing tanks

decoratively lit on

the north side wall

of the main level. A

long bar — featuring

a total of 36 different

Gourmet sandwiches with house-smoked meats

Craft Brewery &

Farm-to-Table Pub

585 Richmond Street (at Central)

MAPS A & B: 11 519-433-BEER (2337)

OPEN: SUN–THURS 12 noon–11 pm

FRI & SAT 12 noon–2 am

STORE HOURS: Daily, 12 noon–11 pm

LUNCH: $8– $15

DINNER: $15 – $30

10 Different Toboggan Craft Beers

Brewed On Site, with Seasonal

Small-Batch Specials

Two Toboggan Craft Ciders on Tap

36 Drafts in Total on Tap

Seasonal Farm-to-Table Menus

Vegetarian & Gluten-free Options

Beer & Gear Store Open Daily, including

Weekends & Holidays, for take-home

beer & supplies

beers on tap — flanks the opposite wall, with flat screen TVs behind it, and

a large moose head anchoring one end. The 519 Kitchen runs across the

back of the room, capped by the curled end of the large woodwork evoking

a toboggan on the ceiling. The Beer & Gear Store near the exit offers a regular and rotating selection of Toboggan

beers to take home, and all the accessories you might need.


“We’re focused on as many foods as we can from the 519 area code,” says owner Mike Smith, describing the 519

Kitchen. The emphasis on local ingredients is in sync with the craft beer options. The open kitchen allows visitors

to see the staff in action with the blazing stone pizza oven and a large BBQ smoker. Chef Mike Smith (same name,

different person) cooks up Neapolitan Pizzas, from traditional

favourites like the Margherita, to modern choices like the

Cajun Chicken & Brie, or the Grilled Shrimp & Asparagus.

There are also plenty of vegetarian options, more than usually

found on a typical pub menu. Other recommendations include:

• House Smoked Meats, in a variety of gourmet sandwiches

or in the popular Street Tacos, served with flour or glutenfree

soft corn tortillas;

• Small Plates Pub Fare, perfect for sharing, such as

Mussels or fresh-cut shoestring Frites served with roasted

garlic mayo, ketchup and sriracha aioli;

• Cheese & Charcuterie Boards, featuring local producers.

Assorted Tasting Flights

Thin-crust Neapolitan Pizzas

On-site State-of-the-Art Brewery

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


London’s Premier

Historic Inn


In addition to boasting one of the city’s most

distinguished dining experiences, the Idlewyld

also offers 21 guest rooms, each uniquely

decorated to enhance the Inn’s distinctive allure.

A day spa has been added to the Inn’s amenities,

with two massage beds, and manicure and

pedicure stations.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


Two well-appointed dining

rooms are a reflection of

the casual elegance that

the Idlewyld has built its

reputation around. The

rooms are smart and

impeccable, combined

with well-spaced tables,

Seared Filet of Beef with potato fondant

comfortable armchairs

and banquettes. With unique furnishings and gleaming exotic woods and

other amenities, the Idlewyld is a step across the threshold of a grander era.

Savour the comfort of the sun-filled dining room, enjoy al fresco dining on

the gracious front porch, or escape to Idlewyld’s hidden Garden Courtyard.



36 Grand Avenue (W of High)

MAPS A : 12 519-432-5554

Breakfast: MON–FRI 7 am–10 am

SAT, SUN & Holidays

8 am– 11 am


Chef de cuisine Trevor Stephens offers a locally-inspired menu of contemporary and traditional choices, complemented

by an international and local selection of wines, and draught ales are on tap. There is a prix fixe Sunday Brunch. Idlewyld

service is knowledgeable, polished and deferential.

Menus are loaded with ingredients that, along with the stylish dining room, evoke the phrase “fine dining.” Try

the Asian 5-Spice Roast Rack of Lamb with roasted fennel, arancini, sorrel pesto, cucumber kimchi and mint

raita. Creamy White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake is served with White Chocolate Ganache. Other delicious

recommendations include:

White Chocolate


Lunch: MON–FRI 11 am–3 pm

SAT 11:30 am–2 pm

Dinner: DAILY 5 pm– 9 pm

Brunch: SUNDAY 11am–2 pm

Afternoon Tea: 2 pm–4 pm

(3rd SAT of the month)

LUNCH: $8 – $24

DINNER: $8 – $43

Saturday Afternoon Tea

Prix Fixe Sunday Brunch

Conference and Wedding Venue

A Short Walk to Wortley Village

Multi-media Capabilities

Al Fresco Dining on the porch or

on the Garden Courtyard Patio

• Pan Seared Chicken Supreme with roasted garlic & tarragon

brioche pudding, braised daikon, pea shoot & red daikon sprout

garnish; spring pea tendrils;

• House-Made Tagliatelle Pasta with wild mushrooms, asparagus,

shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, thyme & parsley, onion & garlic


• Seared Filet of Beef Tenderloin with Duchess potato, orangecaraway

glazed carrots, tomato à la Provençale, baked bone

marrow canoe; horseradish gremolata butter and glace de veau.

Private Dining Rooms Available

21 Unique Guest Rooms

On-site Day Spa

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Charming Elegance,

Fresh Seasonal Menus


Executive Chef Angela Murphy (front) and her culinary

team invite you to Restaurant Ninety One to enjoy

their seasonal lunch and dinner menus. From left to right are

Sr. Sous Chef Kris Simmons, Jr. Sous Chefs Jordan Keidan

and Dennis Davidson, Alex Kemp and Christina Asquith (seated).

They present inspired modern Canadian cuisine with each ingredient,

as is each guest, treated with refined skill and focused attention.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


Restaurant Ninety One offers London the

option to experience fine quality luxury

dining without leaving town. Secluded yet

convenient, the modern re-designed venue

combines the historical charm of a centuryold

manor house with contemporary style

and sophistication. Designed as a peaceful

natural sanctuary, views of curious wildlife

including deer and wild turkeys are common.



200 Collip Circle, Windermere Manor

Western Discovery Park

(off Windermere, W of Western Rd)

MAPS A : 13 519-858-5866

HOURS: MON–THURS 7 am–9 pm

FRIDAY 7 am–10 pm

SAT & SUN 7 am–9 pm

LUNCH: $10 – $20

DINNER: $15 – $30

Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch & Dinner

Ample free parking

Featuring local food products &

craft beers, including Windermere

Honey Stung Ale, by the glass or

pitcher, made from honey from their

own on-site apiary

Live Jazz on Fridays


Befitting the surroundings, the fare is a balance of modern trends and classic

techniques artfully presented and skillfully prepared. Each element

is considered, each flavour distinctively built to impress, inspire and

indulge the guest. Executive Chef Angela Murphy creates menus true

to her “farm-to-table” philosophy. Seasonally, Chef Angela introduces

new dishes featuring the very best of-the-moment products from local

farmers and purveyors. A graduate of Stratford Chef School, Chef

Angela honed her culinary skills in Stratford restaurants before joining

The Windermere Manor staff working to develop the culinary program.

A dedicated focus on creating all things from scratch has translated to

house-baked sourdough bread before every meal, a completely in-house

Fine quality dining in comfort

dessert menu, and house-cured meats and charcuterie. An on-site

apiary, boasting 23

honeybee hives, provides plenty of fresh honey. Creative vegetarian, glutenfree,

and vegan options are also available. Recommendations include:

• Berkshire Pork Belly: black radish, juniper glaze, chanterelle

mushrooms, wild blueberries;

• Bison Loin: bison coppa, parsley root purée, wheat grass, cinnamon

cap mushrooms, broccolini, red fife mushroom soil, bison grass

vodka broth;

• Rhubarb & Cheesecake: shortbread, rhubarb gel, sponge toffee,

Lamb Sirlioin,

rhubarb curls, meringue drops, rhubarb sorbet.

Berkshire Pork Belly

Bison Loin

Rhubarb & Cheesecake

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Good Food First




At Plant Matter Kitchen,

“Good Food First” is more than a slogan.

There is a total commitment to good meals.

Meals that are delicious.

Meals that are memorable.

Meals that make you feel good.

Meals that also happen to be organic, local, and vegan.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


Located in the heart of London’s

Wortley Village, Plant Matter Kitchen

has a distinctly modern urban vibe,

integrating clean but rustic wooden

details that warm the space and

speak to the earth-friendly ethos that

permeate all aspects of the business.

Watch for a second location opening in

downtown London in Fall 2017.


Whether it is the food served, or the

tables the meals are served on, Plant Matter Kitchen strives to support local

businesses, from food producers to restaurant suppliers, reinforcing a core

belief in sustainability and in leaving as minimal an eco footprint as possible.

Plant Matter Kitchen’s focus on community also extends to monthly events including

Dinner For a Cause, which supports local charities, and Sundays in the Kitchen,

a community-based interactive learning forum. Both events, as well as full breakfast,

lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch, and always-evolving drinks menus offer opportunities

to showcase the wide variety and adaptability inherent to plant-based cuisine.

Try one of Plant Matter Kitchen’s popular juices or smoothies, such as the

Power Smoothie, made with banana, cacao, cashews,

chia and hemp seeds, and cashew milk. Or enjoy a

Fresh Pressed



Knowledgeable Staff

Vegan, Organic, Local

1. 162 Wortley Road ( just S of Bruce)

MAP A : 14 519-660-3663

HOURS: MON–THURS 8 am–9 pm

FRI–SAT 8 am–10 pm

SUNDAY 10:30 am–2:30 pm

2. 224 Dundas St. East (W of Wellington)

MAPS A & B: 15 519-660-3663

BREAKFAST: $10–$18

BRUNCH: $12–$32

LUNCH: $8–$16

DINNER: $8–$26

Restaurant, Juice Bar &

Neighbourhood Coffee Shop

Whole Food, Plant-Based, Vegan,

Organic & Local

Smoothies & Juices

Booch Organic Kombucha on tap

Innovative Cocktail & Craft Beer List

Sunday Brunch

Handmade Burgers

delicious baked good with a cup of specially blended Patrick’s Beans coffee. Booch Organic

Kombucha, on tap or in bottles, pairs well with many menu favourites, such as:

• The 162 Burger — a house-made patty topped with mozzarella cashew cheese, sautéed

onions & mushrooms, smoky tempeh, avocado mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts,

served on organic greens or wrapped in a freshly baked tortilla;

• Breakfast Burrito — a freshly baked tortilla stuffed with a daily filling, topped with

tomato sauce and sour cream, and served with butter-fried potatoes;

• Tuesday Special Tacos — featuring a different filling each week, wrapped in a housemade


Most menu items are available gluten-free. Plant Matter Kitchen is also fully licensed.

Breakfast Burrito

Freshly Made Pizza

Fresh-Baked Donuts & Pastries

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Ethical, Seasonal,

Regional Cuisine


Celebrating a passion for food, wine and

service, Garlic’s of London offers

traditionally prepared high-quality food

with a modern edge. The pan-seared linecaught

pickerel, served here with kale,

potatoes and sage butter, typifies

Garlic’s approach to top-of-the-line

rustic cooking using quality

seasonal and local ingredients.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


Garlic’s of London has

been a venerated dining

destination on Richmond

Row for over 20 years.

A proponent of stellar

farm-to-table cuisine,

Garlic’s of London owner

Edin Pehilj (known to regulars and friends as Edo) ensures his carefully chosen

team offers only intelligent and ethically-informed menu choices. Manager

Emma Pratt leads a passionate service team and is involved with all aspects of service,

from menu development to group bookings and special event co-ordination.


Chef Carla Cooper and her culinary team share a dedication to the menu sensibilities

adopted by Pehilj. Carla has developed important and long-standing relationships with

local producers, some of whom have initiated production of specialized items for use

in Garlic’s kitchen. With contemporary plating, the

often rustic cooking is made from scratch with

inspiration from local and signature ingredients

and seasonal products. The bar includes Niagaraarea

wines and a draught list sourced from London

and Ontario breweries, now including Twin Pines’

award-winning local cider.

Naturally raised foods, local farms and slow

cooking make the Garlic’s dining experience

Manager Emma Pratt

Owner Edin Pehilj

Farm-to-Table Dining

481 Richmond Street (S of Dufferin)

MAPS A & B: 16 519-432-4092

MON–THURS 11:30 am–10 pm

FRIDAY 11:30 am–11 pm

SATURDAY 11 am–11 pm

SUNDAY 11 am–10 pm

subject to change seasonally

LUNCH: $12 – $25

DINNER: $12 – $37

Beside The Grand Theatre

Upscale Rustic Cuisine

Seasonal Ingredients

Naturally-raised Meats

Menu Changes Monthly

$35 3-Course Dinner Seasonally

Chef Carla Cooper

memorable, from handmade pastas and slowly simmered stock reductions to freshly

baked breads and desserts. The menu changes monthly, combining seasonal harvests

of the London area with sustainable, organic Ontario and Canadian products.

Recommendations include signature items including: Sunday Brunch Benedict,

Prosciutto Pizza, Roasted Garlic & Onion Bisque, Pan-seared Salmon Salad,

Everspring Farm’s Muscovy Duck and longtime favourite Crème Brûlée.

Sandwiches, Wraps & Burgers

are served with a choice of salad,

soup or fresh cut frites

Ontario Spring Lamb Rack with

chèvre potato mash, vegetable ribbons

& mint pesto

Seasonal Desserts with coffee/

espresso products from London’s

Fire Roasted Coffee

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


A Gastronomical

London Landmark



Farm fresh food

prepared on site

allows the talented

Blackfriars team

to provide guests with

seasonal meals geared

to their individual needs.

The casually elegant

bistro provides cutting

edge flavours with a

respect for culinary

traditions. This same attention to detail and

personalized menu planning are hallmarks

of Blackfriars’ full service catering.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Owner Betty Heydon


Blackfriars offers a deliciously

artistic setting minutes from

downtown London. The central

location and ample parking make

this the perfect meeting place

for a culinary adventure. Upbeat,

knowledgeable staff are your first

introduction to Blackfriars. A large blackboard covers one wall, featuring

daily creations by Blackfriars’ talented chefs. There you’ll also find an everchanging

beverage list; Blackfriars has been a leader in providing diners with

well-chosen craft beer and consignment wines to enhance a full bar selection,

including signature cocktails. The bistro’s intimate size and style allow for

perfect closed room parties. Don’t let

size fool you! Blackfriars has a strong

reputation as London’s premier caterer.


Blackfriars’ powerhouse culinary team — led by Head Chef Alicia Hartley —

showcases prodigious individual talents with farm fresh menus augmented by

creative daily specials. The menus are elegantly handwritten by restaurateur

Betty Heydon, who has presided over Blackfriars for more than 20 years.

Recommendations include:

• SUNDAY BRUNCH — a must to highlight your weekend. Try the classic Eggs

Benedict with Metzger’s Black Forest ham and roasted potatoes or Nona

Bridget’s Steak and Eggs, beef tenderloin, sweet onions and roasted garlic in

wine and butter sauce with two fried eggs, potatoes and grilled garlic baguette;

• LUNCH — Blackfriars signature Sundried Cranberry & Sage Cheesecake

with Grilled Hayter’s Turkey Breast or Sesame-Crusted Local Trout Filet on

an Asian-inspired risotto;

• DINNER — Duck Confit Spring Rolls with julienned vegetables, rice noodles

& Bali peanut sauce or the Cajun-rubbed Catfish on a Crab Cake with fresh

fruit salsa and sriracha aioli.


Bistro & Caterer

46 Blackfriars Street (Off Wharncliffe)

MAP A: 17 519-667-4930

LUNCH: MON–FRI 11:30 am–2:30 pm

DINNER: MON–SAT 5 pm–10 pm

BRUNCH: SUN 11 am–2 pm

LUNCH: $9 – $17

DINNER: $18 – $36

BRUNCH: $8 – $15

Enter off Wharncliffe Road

Ample Free Parking

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

Closed Room Parties Available

Dietary Needs Accommodated

Introducing Blackfriars’

New Head Chef Alicia Hartley

Artistic Intimate Atmosphere

Soup & Sandwich Lunch Combos

Creative Daily Specials

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour




to the d



London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS



RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Enjoy the Classics!



Located in an Art Deco former bank

building at the corner of Dundas and

Talbot, The Squire Pub & Grill is

a welcoming, American-style restaurant

and bar with good food and great deals

throughout the week. Close to Covent

Garden Market, the location is also ideal

for before and after events at Budweiser

Gardens. Perfect for a great meal or to just

grab a pint and a snack, The Squire is open

daily for lunch, dinner and late nights.

50 London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Owner & GM Chris Cleary


Art deco features remain, refurbished

to create a casual but vibrant energy,

decorated with warm brown tones and

lots of wood. Guests can watch the action

from a long granite bar or slide into a cozy

comfortable booth or 4-top. Overhead TV


Casual Bar & Grill

109 Dundas Street (at Talbot)

MAPS A & B: 18 519-204-0173

OPEN DAILY 11 am–close

ALL-DAY MENU: $6 – $25

Live Local Musicians

Great selection of popular macrobeers

on tap as well as in bottles & cans

Kid-friendly Menu

Located across from Budweiser Garden

screens over the bar dominate the east wall. A large draft beer fridge is both a focal

point and a signpost for the brand. Large windows provide great natural light and

visibility from inside and out, appealing to lunch and dinner crowds and the later-night

audience spilling out of Budweiser Gardens. Expect a friendly crowd, especially on

event nights.


The small plates/snack menu with larger items and handhelds (like

their variety of delicious burgers) is diverse and accessible enough to

cater to everyone. The Squire Burger, with house-cured pork, aged

cheddar and crispy onions, has

quickly become a house signature.

There are lots of small plates

with items like meatballs, tacos,

nachos, wings and perogies. Try

the Shepherd’s Pie, with braised The Classic Burger

lamb, roasted root vegetables,

garlic smashed potato topping, crispy peas. Other recommendations include:

• The PBLT, with roasted pork belly, herb garlic mayo, pickled veg, lettuce & tomato;

• Braised Beef Philly, with pulled beef short rib, beer and cheddar sauce,

caramelized onions & mushrooms;

• Grilled Chicken Sandwich with herb-rubbed, goat cheese, pickled vegetables,

lettuce & tomato;

Daily Food & Drink Specials • Rib Eye with roasted garlic & herb potatoes and grilled seasonal vegetables.

Fish in Chips, local white fish

breaded in crushed chips with

coleslaw, tartar sauce & fries

Kale ‘n’ Romaine Caesar with garlic

croutons, fried pork belly bits & parmesan


Wings such as Classic Franks, Maple

BBQ, Extra Hot, Cajun, Chipotle Mango

& Salt-n-Pepper Lime

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Come Join Us On

the Second Floor!



Come in and enjoy London’s trendiest new bistro & bar.

Blakes is located on the easily accessible 2nd floor

of the newly renovated DoubleTree by Hilton

London in the heart of downtown. No need to be

staying overnight — all are welcome. Free parking for all

Blakes guests (subject to availability) makes this the ideal

spot if you are coming for dinner and taking the short

walk to a show or a game at the Budweiser Gardens.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS




Blakes Bistro & Bar is one of the jewels in the beautifully renovated

DoubleTree by Hilton London, conveniently connected to the London

Convention Centre and within easy walking distance of all of Downtown

London’s hotspots. The hotel has all the amenities for guests coming for

a meal, a weekend getaway, or an extended stay in the heart of the city.

Relax in contemporary accommodations, with all the essentials and more

covered in modern, stylish guest rooms with an array of

comforts to make you feel at home.

Casual Dining Bistro

300 King Street (North of Wellington)

MAPS A & B: 19 519-430-6414

OPEN DAILY: 6 am–11 pm

BREAKFAST: $3– $15

LUNCH: $7– $18

DINNER: $9 – $37

All Day Breakfast

In-Room Dining Service

Coffee or tea at an onsite Starbucks

Snacks & after-dinner drinks at the bar

Free parking (based on availability) for

all Blakes guests.


Executive Chef Todd Pylypiw and Executive Sous

Chef Hayley Ness reflect the chain’s high standards for

beautifully prepared and presented menu selections.

The emphasis is on quality ingredients, freshness,

and exceeding customer expectations, with a similar

commitment to excellent service. A broad selection of

wine, draught and local craft beer is also on offer.

Menu features include the award-winning Conrad

Burger, outstanding Cobia with caper and lemon

Beef Tenderloin

beurre blanc, and the extremely popular Salmon

Niçoise or Pad Thai.

An array of hand-cut steaks includes Beef

Tenderloin, Top Sirloin and New York Striploin, and

Ontario Lamb Racks grilled to perfection — sure to

please the meat lover! And save room for dessert so

you can savour Apple Crumble, Cheesecake, or one

of the unique flavours that change daily of Crème

Brûlée such as saffron vanilla, lemon-blackberry or

banana-chocolate chip.

Jumbo Scallops

Classic Bistro Burger

Delectable Desserts

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Classical Preparations

with a Modern Twist


Chef Thomas Waite started the In Home Chef in 2010

as an outlet to express modern takes on cuisine. It is now

one of London’s most innovative and successful boutique

caterers. Waite wanted another way to show more culinary

options, to allow more people to experience innovations

in dining. Spruce on Wellington was born in 2017,

delivering a professional restaurant experience, directly,

like every successful in-home catering event.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS












Located in a small bungalow with plenty of charm, Spruce on Wellington

features a minimalist design is compact, with 32 seats in the dining room

and 22 on a nicely appointed seasonal patio. The intimacy of the operation

allows executive chef/owner Thomas Waite and chef de cuisine Evan

Futcher to prepare meals à la minute, plus converse with diners.

Contemporary Casual

Fine Dining

731 Wellington St. N. (S of Oxford)

MAPS A & B: 20 519-434-9797


SUNDAY 10 am–2 pm

monday & tuesday closed

LUNCH: $10 – $13

DINNER: $14 – $38

Al Fresco Dining

The In Home Chef Catering

Cooking Classes

Culinary Retail

Take Away

Brunch Saturday and Sunday


Work is everything to Chef Waite — his consuming passion is for cooking and

jobs he can really sink his teeth into. His cuisine is beautifully handcrafted,

classic in its influences, innovative in sensibility and plating, and known for

outstanding combinations of flavours and textures.

Artfully arranged Beef Tar Tar, Double Beet Carpaccio and Chicken Liver Pate

are on trend, and as appetizers at the Spruce, they generate good word of mouth.

Also recommended is the Muscovy Duck Two Ways, with seared duck breast, pulled

duck croquet, orange ginger jus, buttered hakurei

turnips & mushroom and confit sweet potato. The

AAA Beef Tenderloin, a fillet with Scallop Gratin,

Cipollini Onion, Whiskey-Braised Carrot, Demi-Glace

and blackberry has become a house signature.

AAA Beef Tenderloin

At lunch, the excellent “Spruce” Burger is made

with ground chuck, smoked bacon, heirloom tomato, Boston bibb, smoked cheddar, garlic aioli

and brioche bun. Perfectly al dente Fettuccine Carbonara, with Parmigiano and boar bacon

crowned with a raw egg (that is essentially cooked tossing in the hot pasta) is a hit. There is

also delicious Potato Gnocchi with cauliflower, romesco, crispy prosciutto, Manchengo, crème

fraîche and sprouts.

Desserts might include Double Chocolate Cake with peanut butter mousse, berry

purée, chocolate sauce, banana honey comb, blackberry, burnt banana and mint powder.

Al Fresco Dining

A creative Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday.

Potato Gnocchi with cauliflower,

romesco, crispy prosciutto, Manchengo,

crème fraîche & sprout

Spiced Barramundi with Israeli cous

cous, tomato marshmallow, heirloom

tomato salad & olive oil two ways

White Gazpacho with cucumber,

green grape, almond, radish &


RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


A Food and Wine



Boasting a fully plant-based menu that

embraces local seasonality to the fullest

every single week of the year, Glassroots

has found success with its unique approach.

Led by Chef & Sommelier owners Yoda

Olinyk and Mike Fish, the restaurant fuses

innovative vegan cuisine with a wine and

cocktail culture unparalleled in London.

Diners can enjoy a Chef’s Choice Tasting

Menu paired with the city’s most extensive

all-Canadian wine list.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS


Funk music fills the intimate dining room and diners of all ages enjoy unique

dishes and spins on old classics. The semi-open kitchen is bordered by a

beautiful bar made from local black walnut and the decor is all recycled,

upcycled and made by hand. A Stormtrooper helmet sits atop the beer fridge

and antique kitchen gadgets line the kitchen walls. The elevated front patio

offers views of Richmond Row. The energy is high and the conversation

infectious. The staff — personable, engaging and genuine — help deliver a

timeless experience that makes Glassroots a true destination location.


Glassroots does things a little differently than most restaurants. Instead of

deciding on menu items and then finding the ingredients, Chef Yoda gets a

weekly list of what’s available from local farmers and then creates a menu

based on those ingredients. While not everything is local, like avocado,

citrus fruit and cashews, 95% of the thousands of ingredients used in a

year come from within 100 km of the restaurant. In their first year alone,

Glassroots created more than 550 unique menu items spread over 60

unique menus. Some of the seasonal

creations include:

• Daily Chef’s Choice Tasting Menu —

Enjoy 3, 4 or 5 courses with or without

wine pairings. Changing daily, no two

tasting menus are the same as Chef

Yoda presents her best dishes and

exciting new recipes;


Seasonal Cuisine

646 Richmond Street (S of Pall Mall)

MAPS A & B: 21 519-850-8688

HOURS: WED–SAT 12 noon–10 pm

SUNDAY 4:30 pm–9 pm

closed monday & tuesday

Weekly Seasonal Menu from $12–$26

Menu Changes Weekly with the Seasons

Chef’s Choice Tasting Menus, available

with Wine Pairings

Completely Vegan & Fiercely Local

Richmond Row Elevated Patio

Extensive All-Canadian Wine List

Creative Cocktail Menu & Craft Beers

Owners Sommelier Mike Fish

and Chef Yoda Olinyk

• Hearts of Palm Calamari — This Glassroots signature dish, a plant-based version

of the popular appetizer, is the only item that stays on the menu week after week;

• Chickpea Fries with White Bean Ragout — Inspired by a Santa Barbara dish, this

combination of local beans with housemade chickpea fries is a world of flavour;

• Cashew Cheese and Charcuterie Platters, perfect for sharing or to start or end

a meal, include an assortment of cashew cheeses or vegan meats with pickled

veggies, seasonal paté, jam and fruits.

Cocktail & Wine Culture

Glassroots Seasonal Salad

Hearts of Palm Calamari

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Small Plates,

Big Flavours


An authentic original in one of London’s most interesting

neighbourhoods, Wolfe of Wortley launched in 2016.

In front from the left are Jennifer Wolfe (Service Manager),

Justin Wolfe (Owner/Executive Chef) and Gregg Wolfe

(Owner/Mixologist/Bartender). In back are Josh Ward

(Sous Chef) and Kyle Rose (Chef de Cuisine).


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Farm-to-Table Dining

147 Wortley Road (N of Bruce)

MAP A: 22 519-854-6004


DINNER: $6–$36

Signature Cocktails and Full Bar

Seasonal Patio

Small Plates Menu Options

Housemade Charcuterie

New Menu Weekly


Justin and Gregg Wolfe created the

kind of hole-in-the-wall in Wolfe of Wortley that you’d love to stumble upon in

a big city. The brothers, who initially found sustenance in music careers, are

also proprietors of London’s red-hot retro diner The Early Bird (see p. 74), and

the new Mexican-themed Los Lobos (p. 75). The Wolfe of Wortley is a compact

rustic-chic 24-seat restaurant with a welcoming ambience and an artisanal

flourish in the decor and menu.


Signature Cocktails are prepared with fresh ingredients, homemade mixers

and premium liquors, including the Smoked Manhattan made with Bulleit

Bourbon, Antica Formula (red vermouth), Angostura bitters and cherry vanilla

bitters served in a cinnamon smoke-filled glass. Curated Whiskey Flights are

also popular. A carefully chosen wine list features real gems.

The dinner menu encourages sharing, building a meal out of several dishes, with small plates so that you can try

something new. The food is casual but sophisticated, with a major focus on

curing, pickling, fermenting and preserving. The culinary brigade embraces

the “nose-to-tail” ethos and excels at the craft of salumi, commonly known

as charcuterie. A small temperature- and humidity-controlled meat chamber

helps develop the desirable rounded savoury taste that comes from slow

curing and ripening. A “meat window,” showcases an impressive diversity of

hanging salumi.

The menu includes Oysters — raw, cold-smoked, or grilled with Creole

butter and parmesan, and sometimes chicken-fried. There is also Culatello

(the king of salumi, a dry-cured ham) and very tasty Coppa (salt-cured from

the pig’s neck) on offer. Starters might include a creamy Chicken Liver

Brûlée with cherry or Chickpea Fries with scallions and pecorino. “Tongue in

Cheek” is beef tongue wrapped in guanciale (cured pork jowl).

Proteins have included rainbow trout, bison ribs, octopus and a Beef

Striploin for two. Menus change weekly and special diets can be fully

Cauliflower / Kale / Cheddar

accommodated with advance notice.

Curated Whiskey Flights

Charcuterie / Pickles / Mustards / Bread

Chocolate / Cherry / Whipped Cream

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Escape the Ordinary


Nestled between the entertainment

and business districts in Downtown

London, Hotel Metro offers a boutique

hotel experience. An architectural

blend of modern and historic design

complements this private 20-room

hotel that delivers a personal service

during your stay.


Hotel Metro’s rooms are designed to

enhance your visit. Awaiting you are

luxurious AVEDA bath amenities, flat

screen TVs, Keurig coffee makers,

soothing soaker tubs, exposed brick

walls in our signature lofts and fine

dining delivered to your door —

ensuring an exceptional and unique



Many of London’s finest entertainment

attractions are within steps of Hotel

Metro’s doors: Budweiser Gardens, the

historic Covent Garden Market and the

Grand Theatre and many of London’s

best restaurants and bars — including

famed Richmond Row — are within

walking distance. Located within Hotel

Metro, Blu Duby Restaurant and Bar

offers an eclectic seasonal menu. Feel

like staying in? Blu Duby offers its menu

in-room for your convenience.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

London’s Premiere Boutique Hotel

There is no limit to what we can arrange.

Please contact us to customize your stay.

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

T: 519.518.9000 or 1.866.626.3876

E: W:

32 Covent Market Lane, Downtown London

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour




& Grill

Modern Bistro

2530 Blair Blvd. (off Crumlin Road)

in the Diamond Flight Centre

MAP A : 23 519-455-9005

Breakfast: SAT & SUN

9 am–12 pm noon

Lunch: MON–FRI 11 am–3 pm

SAT & SUN 12 pm–3 pm

Dinner: WED–SUN from 5 pm

LUNCH: $8–$16

DINNER: $23–$29

Weekend Breakfasts

Plenty of Free Parking

1 Block North of the Airport,

off Crumlin Side Road


KATANA KAFÉ’s tagline — “A little out of the way, a lot

out of the ordinary!” — is more true today than ever. Perfect for

plane spotters and aeronautical aficionados, in the Diamond

Flight Centre, the Katana patio runs beside the London

International Airport tarmac. The view is spectacular and the

food soars.


The decor is sleek,

with a contemporary

vibe and aeronautical theme, with biplanes and hot-air balloons.

Bright and airy, the tarmac-side patio and large windows

allow for viewing flights coming and going on various London

International Airport runways. Reservations are recommended.

Unique Views

& Fabulous Food

London International Airport

Plane Spotting


Katana Kafé offers a modern take on the bistro theme. Chef

Chris Morrison guides a stellar culinary team behind a glass

partition, and the cuisine receives raves. The restaurant is a

lunch-time favourite for

the East London business

crowd, who appreciate the

professional and attentive

staff. Enjoy a seasonal menu with interesting interpretations of seafood, game and

steaks, and all desserts and ice cream are made in house. Suggestions include:

• Starters such as the Warm Mushroom Tart on puff pastry with Rockford blue

cheese, tomato chutney and bacon vinaigrette, or the Charcuterie Plate with

artisan cheeses & meats with an apple & fig chutney and crostini;

• Entrées such as the Moroccan-Spiced Ontario Rack of Lamb with lamb sausage

on tri-colour quinoa with baby carrots and a roasted tomato demi, or the

Chipotle Grilled Pork Chop with roasted sweet potato and green beans topped

Seasonal Bistro Fare

with a blueberry & peach salsa.

Sleek but Cozy Ambience

Runway View 45-Seat Patio

Diamond Flight Centre


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Savoury Seasonal



At once both an upscale bistro and an ethical gourmet refuge,

THE SPRINGS lies minutes from downtown on Southwest

London’s Springbank Drive. Soaring ceilings, large windows

and exposed brickwork evoke the location’s century-old Baptist

Church history without compromising modern amenities. The

Springs is one of London’s most esteemed dining establishments.


Natural and organic muted wall colours enhance an airy and light-filled dining

room, with large windows and a beautifully appointed patio. A comfortable

downstairs banquet room is available for private parties. The space hums

with the contented sighs of satisfied diners. Reservations are recommended.

Cuisine Farm-to-Table Dining

310 Springbank Drive (at Chelsea)

MAP A: 24 519-657-1100

MON–THURS: 11:30 am–10 pm

FRI: 11:30 am–12 midnight

SAT: 12 noon–12 midnight

closed sunday

LUNCH: from $10

DINNER: from $18

Savoury Seasonal Cuisine

Beautifully Appointed Patio

Live Music with Glenn Bennett

FRI & SAT from 7:30 pm

Minutes from Downtown London

Plenty of Free Well-lit Parking

Private Dining Suite for parties

of up to 35 people


The Springs is proud to use the finest locally grown products from farms

specializing in sustainable agriculture, organic growing practices and

ethically-raised livestock. The menus reflect dishes crafted from local,

regional and seasonal speciality

ingredients. Suggestions include:

• Bourbon Chicken and

Cornbread — chicken

supreme, toasted cornbread,

seasonal vegetables and

bourbon demi;

• Seafood Fettucini — shrimp, mussels and scallops in a creamy sambuca

sauce with dill, carrot and onion;

Salmon & Beluga Lentils

with pickled cabbage, seasonal

vegetables & grape gastrique

• Rack of Lamb — with textures of cauliflower, barbecued cabbage,

fingerling potatoes, pickled mustard seed and a red wine demi;

• Frozen Chocolate Bar Cake — flourless chocolate cake, chocolate mousse,

chocolate ganache, with white chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis.

Innovative Desserts

Ethical Gourmet Fare

Light-filled Dining Room

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Casual Italian/

Mediterranean &

Traditional Pub

153-155 Albert St. (W of Richmond)

MAPS A & B: 25 519-642-2300

HOURS: MON–THURS 11:30 am–2 pm

5 pm–10 pm

FRIDAY 11:30 am–11 pm

SATURDAY 11 am–11 pm

SUNDAY 4 pm–10 pm


MON–THURS 11:30 am–1 am

FRIDAY 11:30 am–2 am

SATURDAY 11 am–2 am

SUNDAY 6 pm–1 am

Summer Hours: 12 noon–1 am

LUNCH: $8 – $12

DINNER: $18 – $24

Build your own thin-crust pizza

or pasta creation

Children’s Menu

Flavours of Italy and

the Mediterranean


& The Runt Club

FELLINI KOOLINI’S is a playfully tongue-in-cheek

homage to the surrealist Italian director Federico Fellini. With

its sibling restaurant THE RUNT CLUB next door, the twin

patios have made Albert Street off Richmond Row a festive

destination for over a quarter of a century.


Fellini Koolini’s decor entertains

guests and sets a light-hearted mood

for an enjoyable meal with purposely

overdone sentimental Italian kitsch.

The terrace offers an inviting spot for

al fresco dining. The Runt Club is a popular watering hole, with a larger patio

and a traditional pub atmosphere inspired by a “post-war Italian home.” Mature

trees, festooned with twinkle lights at night, provide welcome daytime shade.

The Runt Club Patio


Sharing plates can bring out the most in your dining experience, so explore

the extensive selection of Tapas and Pintxos (bite-size small plates) that are

perfect for passing around

the table. Other affordable

Mediterranean-inspired menu

favourites include an endless

selection of made-to-order pastas and gourmet thin crust

pizzas (or become the Pizza Architect and choose your favourite

ingredients). The menu also offers daily fresh fish, steamed

mussels, calamari, steak, poultry, pork and veal. There are

plenty of choices for vegetarians and gluten-free options and a

Extensive Tapas Menu

large selection of wines available by the bottle or the glass. The

Runt Club offers the full Fellini Koolini’s menu.

A Passion for Pasta

Tomato Pancetta Tower

Gourmet Pizzas


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Not As Bad As

We Used to Be


Sports Bar. Family Restaurant. Party Central. This is truly

a place for everyone, of any age. Restaurateur Mike Smith

launched JOE KOOL’S over a third of a century ago,

and it’s been a fun and popular Richmond Row landmark

ever since.

Casual Bar and Grill

595 Richmond Street (at Central)

MAPS A & B: 26 519-663-5665

HOURS: MONDAY 11:30 am–1 am

TUES–SAT 11:30 am–2 am

SUNDAY 12 noon–1 am

LUNCH: $9 – $16

DINNER: $11 – $23

Semi-private Rooms Available

Entire Menu Available for

Take-Out and Delivery

Vegetarian & Gluten-free Options

Kid’s Menu


The eccentric surroundings provide a never-ending supply of eyecatching

kitsch and memorabilia, from Elvis in his coffin to the 1000+

beer can collection. Kool’s is also a sports lover’s paradise, evidenced

in umpteen big screens and regular TVs covering all of the angles and

all of the games. If you want to watch it, they can probably get it! A

seasonal rooftop patio has capacity for 130 people. Large groups can

Local Lake Perch Dinner also arrange for semi-private rooms: the ever-popular “Back Room”

with mezzanine, and “The Penthouse” in the basement.


There are 25 draft beers on tap, but Joe Kool’s is also about the

food. While there is something for everyone, Kool’s is known for its

Local Lake Perch fillets,

pan-fried and served

with lemon caper mayo,

Pot Stickers

and ever-popular Jose

Nachos, the Kitchen Sink Pizza, Deluxe Hot Dogs and Burgers and

Chicken Wings. Also recommended are the Thai Lettuce Wraps —

marinated chicken, julienned vegetables, peanuts and cilantro — or

the pan-seared chicken and pork Pot Stickers, served with toasted

sesame and sweet soya dipping sauce. Joe Kool’s also offers a

convenient take-out and delivery service.

Fun Memorabilia

Large & Popular Rooftop Patio

Deluxe Burgers & Hot Dogs Menu

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Casual Dining

Bar & Grill

842 Wharncliffe Rd S (at Southdale)

MAP A : 27 519-690-0292

HOURS: MON–WED: 11 am–12 midnight

THURS: 11 am–1 am

SAT: 11 am–2 am

SUN: 12 noon–11 pm

LUNCH: from $7

DINNER: from $8

Lunch & Dinner Daily Specials

• Mexican Mondays – Fajitas & Coronas

• Tuesday Pasta Special

• Wednesday NY Steak Special

• Thursday Rib Festival

• Friday Catch of the Day

• Kids Eat Free All Day Sundays

FRI & SAT night DJ & Dancing

Plenty of Free Parking

Reserve the Tiger’s Den for your private party, and check out the

Party Platter Menu for some great party food suggestions.

Let the Good Times



Deep in the heart of South London, local restaurateur Rick

DeJager has created a welcoming hot spot that has been

pleasing crowds since 1998. TIGER JACKS is a communityminded

business with a focus on delicious food and great

service. Let the good times ROAR!


A large dining room, a full and lively sports-themed bar, and quick and attentive

service make for a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Pool tables are

available, and on Friday and Saturday nights, a DJ and dancing warms up the

crowd. Looking for a spot to celebrate a special occasion or host a group event?


The extensive Tiger Jack’s menu is full of affordable casual

dining options. The Soup of the Day is always fresh made,

and the fryers all use trans fat-free oil. Expect all the regular

pub food specialties such as a large selection of Chicken

Wings, thin crust Pizzas, awesome Nachos and new Burgers,

made in-house with fresh Ontario corn-fed beef, hormone- and



Sports rule in the bar area

features include the signature “Jumpin’ Jack Wrap,” Chicken

Parmesan, salt & vinegar Fish & Chips, a selection of Steaks,

Sandwiches, Salads and a section for all of “Tigers Favourites”!

• Tiger Jack’s Famous Back Ribs (try the Blueberry BBQ sauce!)

• Value-packed Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials feature some of

Tiger Jack’s all-time favourites.

• Bring Tiger’s home with you! Full menus are online; phone to

Enjoy the pool tables

place your take-out order.

Thursdays Rib Night Special

Signature Sauces for sale

Seasonal Patio


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Local Organic Food


Organic Restaurant

THE ROOT CELLAR is truly a gem in the historic

Old East Village. With a strong commitment to sourcing

ingredients from London’s local organic farming

community through their partners at On The Move

Organics, The Root Cellar offers lunch and dinner daily

and an inspired Saturday brunch, with delicious and

nourishing options to please vegans and carnivores alike.

Farm to Fork

Plough to Pint

623 Dundas Street (E of Adelaide)

MAP: 28 519-719-7675

HOURS: MON–SAT 11 am–10 pm

SAT 9 am–10 pm

LUNCH: $9 – $15

DINNER: $15–$20

Lunch & Dinner Daily, Saturday Brunch

Reservations are recommended

Fresh, Local, Organic Menus

Craft Beer from London Beer Co-op

& exclusively VQA Wines Offered

Second-floor Event Space available


The restaurant’s interior is artful and functional with many comfortable

seating options. Monthly local art exhibits and decorative features like the

large sheet-metal flowers suspended above the bar reflect the café’s artisan

sensibility. Upstairs is Taproot, a beautifully renovated special events space.


Executive Chef Paul Harding leads an energetic culinary team, preparing

a repertoire of from-scratch menu offerings with ever-changing specials.

Taproot, the second-floor event space All of the produce and the majority of ingredients in the restaurant’s

dishes are certified organic, with 80% local in season. Try the Local

Water Buffalo Burger, the Captain Planet Bowl salad, and Chef Paul’s handmade gnocchi. The Swords to

Ploughshares Board is exceptional, featuring an array of artisanal offerings, including a vegan option.

Also available are fresh smoothies, an exclusively VQA Ontario wine list, a dynamic new cocktail bar, five rotating

taps featuring London Brewing Co-operative’s awesome local ales and high-quality coffee and espresso-based

drinks featuring Patrick’s Beans coffee and Organic Meadows milk.

Organic Burgers

Patatas Brava

Potato Gnocchi

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour



Social Enterprise

1. 255 Horton Street (Goodwill Centre)

MAP A: 29 519-645-0900

HOURS: MON–FRI 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

SAT & SUN 9 am – 3 pm

2. 201 King Street (Innovation Works)

MAPS A & B: 30 519-675-1733

HOURS: MON–FRI 8 am – 4 pm

saturday & sunday closed

Breakfast: $5 – $8

Lunch: $4.75 – $10

Fresh and Local Ingredients

Catering Available

Free Parking at Horton St.

Available Evenings for Private Functions

A Café

With a Purpose



EDGAR AND JOE’S, now at two locations, is a gathering

space and food operation with a social purpose. Each café makes

fresh and local food available, affordable and approachable with

healthy choices. Choose from a wide variety of selections made

from scratch with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.


A stylish and minimalist 70-seat

café is located in the Goodwill

Social Enterprise Abilities

Centre, opened in 2013. The

Centre features a 50-seat town hall, 160-seat community hall and various

other gathering spaces. Rave reviews led to the opening of another location

within the Innovation Works London building on King Street. Both cafés

serve a diverse clientele from all over the city.


Nutritious baked goods with high quality ingredients are freshly baked

throughout the day. Sandwiches are definitely the stars of the show,

from the classic BLT to innovative combinations inspired by global cuisines. Delicious soups, salads and a daily

chalkboard special are on offer. The kitchen is liberal with fresh herbs,

leaves and vegetables and never compromises on the quality of the meats

and cheeses. The Classic Breakfast Special — eggs, toast, hash browns,

and bacon, sausage or ham — is a standout. Or try the Eggs Benny with

two soft poached eggs served on a warm buttermilk biscuit topped with

house peameal and the café’s signature hollandaise, served with home

fries. Other recommendations include:

• Roasted Vegetable Panini with mozzarella, basil pesto, tomato, grilled

zucchini, roasted peppers, alfalfa sprouts and capers drizzled with

balsamic & olive oil;

• Edgar Burger with house-ground AAA Angus chuck, charbroiled and topped

with Asiago cheese, sautéed mushrooms, double-smoked bacon and

shallots. Served on a toasted Kaiser with lettuce, tomato and house mayo.

Community Gathering Spaces

Innovative Lunch Combinations

Fresh Baked Goods


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Lovingly crafted

with skill and heart


Like the small but delicious hazelnut

from which it takes its name, LA

NOISETTE is a bakery café that

surpasses expectations. Owned and operated

by the young but seasoned team of Tabitha

Switzer and Dave Coulter, this is a perfect

spot for a coffee and a tasty bite — or a

hearty meal. Take home some fresh bread

and baked goods, including sensational

desserts, or a gourmet grab-n-go sandwich

and salad.


Conveniently located in a spacious

building on Oxford Street, the wonderful

scents of the bakery and a relaxing atmosphere offer a peaceful refuge.

Light pours in oversized "port

hole" windows, with a brick and

Artisanal Baking At Its Best

bookcase wall treatment creating

a comfy vibe. Relax on leather

couches and chairs or sit at stylish

tables on contemporary wood and

steel bistro chairs.


Tabitha’s passion for baking

Artisanal Bakery &

Neighbourhood Café

900 Oxford Street East (at Gammage)

MAP A: 31 519-601-1651

HOURS: TUESDAY 10 am–6 pm

WED & THURS 8 am–6 pm

FRI & SAT 8 am–4 pm

closed sunday and monday

A Variety of Breads, Muffins, Cookies,

Pies, Squares etc. baked fresh daily

Real ingredients with everything made

from scratch by hand

Homemade Soups & Sandwiches

Outstanding Coffee and Grab-n-Go

Snacks and Meals

Comfortable Lounge Area

Custom Orders and Catering

Owners Tabitha Switzer (Baking

Specialist) and Dave Coulter

(Cook & Savoury Expert)

become obvious with a glance at the beautifully crafted loaves of bread,

and exquisite array of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, pies, squares and

tarts. Dave takes the same artisanal approach to his soups, sandwiches,

quiches and other entrées. As with the baked goods, everything is made

from scratch with local ingredients like Arva flour, real butter, and a

commitment to quality in every bite.

Comfortable Seating

Beautifully Crafted Loaves of Bread

Freshly Baked Goodies!

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour



Casual Dining

6675 Burtwistle Lane

(off Colonel Talbot Road near 401)

MAP A : 32 519-652-7659

HOURS: MON–TUES 11 am–10 pm

WED–SAT 11 am–11 pm

SUNDAY 5 pm–10 pm

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

Happy Hour 3–6 pm MON–FRI with

½-Price Appetizers at the Bar

All Desserts Made In-House

Interesting & Affordable Wine List

Extensive Gluten-Friendly Options

Take-Out & Catering Available

Italian Seduction ...

Bite by Bite


Inspired by travel and a passion for the traditions of Italian

culture, PASTO’S GRILL follows the Italian principle of

proper execution of simple recipes featuring the freshest

seasonal ingredients available.


Pasto’s Grill is a chic bistro in a casually

elegant environment. The dining room is

built in a half-circle, decorated in warm and calming shades, with white linen tables

surrounded by wine racks and period posters. Service is friendly and professional.


Under the direction of Chef Peter Johnson, the kitchen is literally the hub of the

restaurant. Chef Peter took inspiration from his mother, and he has embraced

the age-old motto, “There are no shortcuts in the kitchen.” Traditional recipes

are the heart of both the lunch and dinner menus, with occasional nods to global

and modern sensitivities. For example, all pasta dishes can be prepared with

gluten-free noodles. Menu items are all made to order.

The antipasti menu offers plenty of choice, including Antipasto Platters

for two or more, with Chef’s selection of cured meats and local cheeses

with roasted peppers, olives and garlic crostini, or the Marco Polo, with

Siblings, Manager Natalie Zima

and Chef Peter Johnson

wonton shrimp, calamari fritti, grilled shrimp and crabfilled

mushrooms. Hand-made, thin crust pizzas include

classics such as the San Michelle, with pesto, garlic,

sliced tomatoes, grilled chicken, spinach, goat cheese and

mozzarella. Other recommendations include:

• Veal Romano, tender provimi veal scallopini with wild

mushrooms in a cognac-peppercorn sauce;

• Grilled Vegetable Napoleon, stacked vegetables, portobello

mushroom & melted provolone served with orzo-farro pilaf;

• Tuscan Rib-Eye, a 10 oz AAA Alberta rib-eye served with a

cognac-peppercorn and wild mushroom reduction.

Chic Bistro Character

Well-Stocked Comfortable Bar

A Taste of Italy Awaits!


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

New Orleans-Inspired



Cajun & Creole Kitchen + Bar

An unbeatable setting. Incredible food. Deep South roots.

Pleasurable jazz. Find all this at BOURBON STREET

— London’s destination for Cajun and Creole food. Serving

breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are delectable delights to

satisfy your appetite no matter the time of day.


An outdoor patio space on Oxford Street is only the first of many

surprises. Rich woods, exposed brick, 16-foot ceilings and an

open kitchen create immediate ambience, with a sleek and

contemporary look accented by jazz-inspired decorative touches.

Natural light floods the space by day, with interesting lighting

creating a more intimate mood by night.


Rooted in true New Orleans inspiration, Chef Dominic Raso

was first moved to cook Cajun and Creole food after visiting

Louisiana in the early 1990s. He returned home to Alberta and

Cajun and Creole


587 Oxford Street E (W of Adelaide)

MAP: 33 519-667-2000

HOURS: MON–SAT 10 am–10 pm

SUNDAY: 9 am–8 pm

LUNCH: $7 – $15

DINNER: $7–$29.50

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Jazz Brunch

Live Entertainment Evenings

Cooking Classes Available

Private & Corporate Events

Ample Free Parking

Watch the action in the open kitchen!

opened a restaurant that integrated the unique ambience, music, and delicious food that The Big Easy is known for.

His move to London means we can now pull up a chair at the open kitchen and watch his two decades of experience

in action, as he guides his kitchen team and creates a real taste of New Orleans.

A full breakfast menu includes Eggs Bourbon, with poached eggs

served atop homemade crab cakes, topped with a shrimp Creole

sauce, and served with Cajun potatoes. Lunch features a range of

salads, sandwiches and po’ boys, and specialties such as the Pecan-

Crusted Catfish and Cajun Jambalaya.

Explore the interesting wine list and creative signature cocktails.

For dinner, try the Taste of N’awlins Platter, with grilled scallops,

fried oysters, crawfish etouffee, Bayou tilapia, rice and Chef’s

Enjoy a real taste of The Big Easy

vegetables. House-made desserts and specialty coffees complete

the night in true Southern style.

Seafood Gumbo

Crawfish & Shrimp Beignets

Jazz Brunch & Select Evenings

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour





Authentic Ethiopian


465 Dundas St. (at Maitland)

MAP A : 34 519-433-4222

Family Friendly,

Veg/Vegan Choices

TUES–SUN 11 am–10 pm by reservation

closed monday

MENU: $12 – $17

Platters for sharing for 2, 3 or a crowd,

or individual plates

Traditional Cuisine & Spices

Fully Vegetarian Menu Available

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies

Ethiopian Beers, African Wines and

Local Beverages

Reservations Recommended

Take-Out & Catering Available



For more than a decade, T.G.’S ADDIS ABABA

RESTAURANT has offered a tour de force from the

Ethiopian culinary repertoire by chef/restaurateur T.G. Haile.


The modest restaurant is tucked

away of the beaten track in an

unassuming brick building on

Dundas Street. The decor reflects the ancient Ethiopian culture, which makes

an exotic yet comfortable, homey atmosphere.


Dining at T.G.’S Addis Ababa Restaurant is characterized by the ritual of breaking

injera (traditional yeast-risen flatbread, spongy in texture, crèpe-like in appearance,

with sourdough tanginess) and sharing food from a communal platter, strengthening

bonds of loyalty and friendship.

Falsely rumoured to be blistering hot,

truly authentic Ethiopian cuisine features

a harmonious blend of flavours. T.G.’s

signature dishes comprise variations of

sweet, bitter, sour, salty, hot and fragrant.

A large variety of vegetarian and vegan

T.G. Haile, with her family

dishes, with a wide range of deliciously spiced preparations and beautifully

balanced flavours. Meat dishes fall mostly into two distinct categories: red stews

(wat), which include berbere, and green stews (alicha wat), which do not. Ethiopian

cuisine does not include pork. Recommendations include:

• Dulet Kitfo — freshly minced, very lean beef, mixed and cooked with butter,

onion, jalapeno pepper, and a special addis spice;

• Quanta Ferfer — marinated grilled beef, with onion, tomato and a spicy sauce

mixed with injera;

• Defen Misr — green lentils cooked with traditional seasoning, onion and curry.

An Injera Platter Combination

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Vegan Options


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Experience the

World of Tea


Certified tea sommelier and nutritionist Michelle Pierce

Hamilton and her business partner Yixing Tang operate THE

TEA LOUNGE in a charming small house on Piccadilly

Street, just east of Richmond Row. Enjoy a premium tea

service experience, with ethically-sourced singleorigin

teas and tisanes from around the world. Unique

and traditional teaware is also available for purchase.

An informative and exciting schedule of classes and

events is also part of The Tea Lounge experience.


Millwork shelving showcases an interestingly eclectic selection of

products. The focal point is a 10-foot “Wall of Tea” featuring over

100 hand-selected teas from around the world. Guests can choose

from traditional Chinese, Japanese and English teas, each with its

own teaware and serving style. Chinese “Grandpa style” is another

option on offer. Guests sip their meticulously-sourced teas while



Tea Lounge & Shop

268 Piccadilly Street (at Wellington)

MAPS A & B: 35 519-601-TEAS (8327)

Over 100 different international teas

Light and Healthy Menu

Flight Nights

Afternoon Tea Service

Tea Experiences

Iced Teas & Lattes

Unique & Traditional Teaware

experiencing a choice of

traditional or contemporary

style tea service, presented

in the laid-back and

comfortable lounge areas. Or you can simply get a quick cup to go!

Yixing Tang & Michelle Pierce Hamilton


Delicious baked goods, Mason jar-layered organic salads and wholesome

healthful snacks (with gluten-free and vegan options) add to the tea experience.

An ever-evolving seasonal menu includes a daily made-from-scratch soup.

There is an “All ’Bout Cheese Board” featuring a selection of local Ontario

artisanal cheeses, served with condiments, nuts and various accompaniments

that keep things interesting. For the plant-based crowd, the “Nuts for Cheese

Board” features a selection of artisanal, handcrafted, and vegan cheeses made

from cultured organic cashews.

A Global Selection

Relax in the Lounge or at a table

Guided Tea Tastings

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


Retro-Chic Diner

355 Talbot Street (at King)

MAPS A & B: 36 519-439-6483

OPEN DAILY 9 am–9 pm

these new hours start september 2017

ALL-DAY MENU: $7–$16

All-Day Breakfast

Seasonal Roadside Patio

Craft Beer, Wine, Full Bar & Tiki Drinks!

Uniquely Inspired Menu & Decor

Variety of Sandwiches & Perogies

A Fine Diner

popularity. Since opening “The Bird” in 2012, the London siblings

have continued to travel the globe to bring big-city food and drink

ideas to their hometown.


Brothers Justin and Gregg Wolfe’s THE EARLY BIRD,

downtown London’s red-hot retro diner, recently expanded,

adding additional seating to the premises to accommodate its

Eggs Jenny


The Early Bird has an idiosyncratic charm and by two steps inside you know

this is not your typical resto. Delightfully fun and funky decor — see the “Elvis

Meets KISS” busts for example— stretches back throughout the long narrow

space, creating an atmosphere perfectly suited to the creative and lively menu.

In season, a street-side patio brings the Early Bird vibe outdoors.


The food is fresh and fun — comfort food with always surprising twists. The

cooking is from scratch, using local products and ingredients. Ontario meats

are smoked and cured in-house for a

The Turducken Club

variety of sandwiches. Perhaps the awe-inspiringly huge Turducken Club —

a two-hander with smoked turkey, fried chicken, duck bacon, maple mayo,

tomato and greens — is the most iconic Early Bird dish. Other contenders

include Perogie Poutine, homemade perogies burrowed in fries, cheese

curds and rich dark gravy, the Smoked Meat Sandwich, with a Montrealstyle

brisket, sauerkraut, Thousand Island, Swiss cheese and thyme, or

the delicious Eggs Jenny, a turn on the classic with grilled tofu, herb fried

tomato, avocado and chèvre. The extensive breakfast menu is served all day,

but there are also a variety of salads and homemade soups. And save room

for the Bacon-Fried Pickles and other interesting sides.

Be sure to check out the Tiki Bar and try the Early Bird take on a Hurricane,

Mai Tai or Zombie. A solid craft beer and selective wine list augment the full bar.

Hot Chicken / Chipotle / Pickles

All-Day Breakfast and More!

Street-side Patio


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Moderno Mexicano


The latest creation from London brothers Justin and Gregg Wolfe,

proprietors of The Early Bird, Wolfe of Wortley (and former Rock au

Taco), LOS LOBOS is literally “the wolves” in Spanish. This hot take

on Modern Mexican cuisine is a feast for all the senses.


Los Lobos has a fun, funky and eclectic atmosphere, appealing to all ages.

Think Mexican flavours, with modern ideas and local references. The style and

decor is loud, wild and fun, painted floor-to-ceiling in murals and one-of-a-kind

art installations by Toronto artist Stu Andrenelli of Toronto-based clothing

company Playdead Cult. A new patio is perfect for al fresco dining or beverages.


Platos pequeno (small plates) predominate on a menu of gourmet Mexicaninspired

fare with a modern twist.

Totopos (tortilla chips) come with a

variety of salsas, traditionally-made

guacamole or pico de gallo, or variations

Original Murals & Artwork

Modern Mexican

580 Talbot Street (at Albert)

MAPS A & B: 37 519-439-6483

OPEN DAILY 11 am–11 pm

opening september 2017

Al Fresco Dining

Private Room Available

Largely Small Plates Menu

Options for All Dietary Choices

Signature Cocktails

such as Queso Fundido, with black bean, chorizo or cauliflower. Try the

Jalapeno Relleno, stuffed with Monterey jack and cornmeal battered, served

with red salsa or lobos mole, or the Bay Scallop Ceviche with red onion,

radish, cilantro, lime and habanero.

The La Carne menu includes Beef Cheeks, chili braised with fried yuka and

pickled cabbage, and Pork Belly with jalapeno, radish and cilantro. An extensive

Tacos menu includes exciting Fish, Cauliflower, Scallop, or Black Beans

options, and any of them can be made into a Burrito with rice and/or beans.

The inspiring Los Lobos bar serves up ice cold cervezas, smooth tequilas,

mezcal, bourbon and margarita-focused signature cocktails. Expect innovation!

The Wolfe Brothers love to take blended drink classics and island-style

beverages up to an entirely new level and offer plenty of interesting options.

Taco Menu & More!

An Artistic Tabletop

Reclaimed Bar Shelving

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


European Cuisine &

English Beer Pub

122 Carling Street (at Talbot)

MAPS A & B: 38 519-679-9940


MON 11:30 am–10:00 pm

TUES & WED 11:30 am–10 pm

THURS 11:30 am–10:00 pm

FRI & SAT 11:30 am–10:30 pm

SUNDAY 4:30 pm–9 pm

Private Rooms Available

Fine Banquet Facilities

Murder Mystery Dinners


MON 11:30 am–10:30 pm

TUES & WED 11:30 am–11 pm

THURS 11:30 am–11:30 pm

FRI & SAT 11:30 am–1 am

closed sunday

Large Craft & Import Beer Selection

Single Malt Specialists

Live Folk Music

Walk-In Orders Available


Sidewalk Patio

continents at any given time, rotating in selections seasonally, with

heartier ales for winter and clean crisp lagers for warmer months.

Chaucer’s also has a fine selection of single malt scotches on offer.

A Taste of Europe



Located in one of London’s oldest heritage buildings,

MARIENBAD RESTAURANT has brought a sophisticated

European flair to the city since 1974. This is fine dining, in a casual

atmosphere. Next door, CHAUCER’S PUB features one of

London’s strongest craft beer and import selections. In season,

the sidewalk patio is a popular spot for dining or a cold beverage.


Marienbad Restaurant has Old World style and elegance. A number of finely

furnished private rooms make this is a popular spot for parties, banquets and

corporate gatherings. Chaucer’s Pub provides a more casual atmosphere.

While Marienbad takes its cues from eastern and central Europe, Chaucer’s

features true Olde English style. Comfortable and cozy, it’s a throwback to a

different era, with a large bar, beautiful woodwork and a stone fireplace.


Casual fine dining features dishes from eastern and central Europe, such as gourmet

Schnitzels, Goulash, Chicken Paprikash, Steak Tartare, Rouladen, Prime Rib,

Seafood, Pastas and Salads. Suggestions include the savoury Hungarian Goulash,

served with Bohemian dumplings, and the crispy Jäger Schnitzel, a pan-fried

natural schnitzel, topped with

wild mushroom sauce. Popular

Murder Mystery Dinners offer

an interactive — and tasty! —

dining experience.

Chaucer’s has 14 beers on

tap and stocks approximately

85 different brews from six

Chaucer’s Pub

Heritage Building, c. 1854

Elegant Private Rooms

Traditional Fare


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

An Inspired Escape


A southwestern Ontario landmark since 1872, the ELM HURST

INN & SPA combines historic charm and scenic beauty with

the modern amenities today’s travellers have come to expect

from a premier boutique hotel. A half-hour drive east of London,

Elm Hurst is ideally located between Toronto and Windsor on 30

acres of rolling countryside just off Highway 401.


The Inn offers 46 spacious guest rooms and 3 luxury suites, a fine dining

restaurant, the Spa at Elm Hurst Inn, and a choice of unique reception

spaces for weddings, conferences and special celebrations and events. A

large patio is open for al fresco dining in season.



415 Harris Street, Ingersoll

(at Highways 19 & 401)

519-485-5321 or 1-800-561-5321

Breakfast: Daily 7am–10am

A la carte Lunch: MON–SAT 11am–4pm

Lunch Buffet: TUES–SAT 11:30–1:30

A la carte Dinner: MON–SAT 5pm–9pm

3-course Dinner Tasting Menu: MON–FRI

Sunday Brunch Buffet: 10:30am–2pm

Sunday Prime Rib Buffet: 4:30pm–8pm

LUNCH: $11 – $22

DINNER: $11 – $47.50

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Sunday Brunch & Dinner Buffets

Senior’s Lunch Buffet every Tuesday

Conference and Wedding Venue

Private & Corporate Events

Ample Free Parking


Dining at the Elm Hurst restaurant is always an occasion to remember,

whether you are celebrating with family and friends, catching up over a

famous Sunday Brunch, or simply looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy a

glass of wine and some top-notch cuisine. Savour locally-inspired menus

prepared by Executive Chef Michael Davies and soak up the atmosphere in

one of nine private dining rooms. Try the Charcuterie Board with prosciutto,

sopresseta salami, Lonza cured pork loin, artisan paté, honey pickled

vegetables, taleggio cheese, olive tapenade, apricot-cherry compote, stone

ground mustard and

sliced baguette. Other recommendations include:

• Seared Diver Scallops, Cauliflower Vanilla Purée & Crisp

Pancetta with toasted pine nuts & maple butter sauce;

• Oven Baked Salmon “Rosette” filled with crab & Brie, ginger,

sun-dried peach & braised savory cabbage & citrus beurre blanc;

• House-made Spinach, Walnut & Goat’s Cheese Ravioli with

soleggiati tomato, baby bok choy & shiitake-ginger vinaigrette;

• Pecan Crusted Pork Tenderloin “Scaloppini” with wilted

Swiss chard, black barley risotto, corn fritters & roasted

sweet red pepper sauce.

Affordable Luxury

Seasonally-inspired Menus

Artisanal Charcuterie Boards

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour


We will only print the number of copies sold through our crowd-funding campaign.

78 London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

A tribute to London, our inspiring chefs, dedicated

producers & culinary artists who build community

around the table!

The Forest City Cookbook will be a one time

craft edition available by pre-sale only at

Pre-sale ends in December 2017 and the book is expected to be ready by Spring 2018.

RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour 79

See What’s On in London at:



London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Culinary Retail





Taste the Difference

Real Quality Makes!



In 2012, Jamie Griffiths and his

wife Clara (now with son Reid and daughter Ally)

introduced an exciting new concept to the city — The Pristine Olive

Tasting Bar. For five years, fresh extra virgin olive oil has been the

essence of their family business and the cornerstone of success.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

Bright and Spacious New Store!


TASTING BAR top priorities today

remain the same as the day they swung

open the doors; to bring Londoners the

freshest and highest quality extra virgin

olive oils and balsamic vinegars available,

and educate consumers on what makes the

difference when it comes to true taste and

health benefits.


The health benefits of an extra virgin olive oil are unmatched, with

research revealing more benefits almost daily. However, not all olive

oils are created equal. “Think of your olive oil as a freshly squeezed

fruit juice,” explains Jamie. “A fresh juice contains the most flavour,

nutrients and health benefits. And just as you wouldn’t want your

freshly squeezed orange juice sitting around for years, an old, poorly

made, improperly stored or fraudulent olive oil yields fewer, if any,

health benefits and has undesirable flavour.”

The Pristine Olive’s standards for extra virgin olive oil were

developed to define and distinguish the freshest, highest quality olive



Olive Oil & Balsamic

Vinegar Tasting Bar

Moved on June 1, 2017 to

884 Adelaide St. North (at Grosvenor)

MAP A: 39 519-433-4444

MON–FRI: 10 am–5:30 pm

SATURDAY: 10 am–5 pm


closed sunday

Extra virgin olive oils and balsamic

vinegars: $13.95–$32.95

Gourmet oils: $11.95–$97.95

Fused (Agrumato) & Infused Olive Oils

Traditional-style Balsamic Vinegar


Natural-Flavoured, Whole Fruit, and

Whole Ingredient White and Dark

Balsamic Vinegars

After Hours, Private Tastings Available

Ample Free Parking

oils in the world. “The Pristine Olive is the only place in London to offer these high standards,” says Jamie, “The ultimate

in flavour, authenticity, tree-to-bottle transparency and third-party sensory and chemistry lab testing.” This focus

on freshness is guaranteed through the rotation of all their olive oil with every harvest. For half the year, The Pristine Olive

only carries oils produced in the Northern Hemisphere, and the other half of the year, only oils produced from the Southern

Hemisphere. “We never have oils available past the 12-month mark following their harvest date,” says Jamie.


Including a minimum of 12 single cultivar extra virgin oils — all available to try before you buy — there is a myriad of choices

to ignite your taste buds. And the value placed on purity certainly doesn’t end with olive oil. As one of the few companies in the

world to offer a truly colour-free product, all of the aged dark balsamic vinegars available at The Pristine Olive are caramel-colour

free, with no added thickeners or sweeteners.

The store also carries many complementary items: natural olive oil soap, pesto, pasta, tapenades and spreads, all made with

the finest ingredients, and of course, loads of their very own, fresh, vibrant extra virgin olive oil. #wherefreshmatters

Over 60 Oil and Vinegar Flavours

Sample Pack Options

Convenient New Location!

CULINARY RETAILERS London’s Local Flavour


Custom Bakery

275 Wharncliffe Road N. (at Oxford)

MAP A : 40 519-433-CAKE (2253)

HOURS: MON–FRI 11 am–7 pm

SATURDAY 10 am–5 pm

SUNDAY: 11 am–4 pm

Walk-In Orders Available

Plenty of Free Parking

Custom Orders for Unique Cupcakes,

Cakes & Cookies

Delivery Service Available

Walk-In Orders Available

Delicious Bites

of Creativity


The Daily Menu features favourites such as the Black & White — chocolate

fudge cupcake topped with Madagascar vanilla buttercream or the

Raspberry Ripple — vanilla cupcake with a raspberry ribbon throughout

topped with raspberry buttercream. Special Flavours, such as the Chunky

Monkey — banana & chocolate chunk cupcake topped with milk chocolate

buttercream and candied banana chips— or Custom Cupcakes are

available with 48 hours notice.

Several gluten-free options are available, and food restrictions or allergies,

including peanut, may be accommodated, but please call to inquire.

Krista Trollope


Each cookie, cupcake and custom cake is an original work

of art at HEY, CUPCAKE! The family-run bakery, owned

by Krista and Heath Trollope, caters to clientele who have a

whimsical and clever sense of taste and style, and an appreciation

of quality. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, every

order is baked from scratch ... and created with a whole lotta lovin’.

Ask about their ongoing campaign “Random Acts of Sweetness!”


This small boutique bakery creates custom orders but also serves walk-in

customers. Scan the large variety of enticing selections from the revolving Daily

Menu of freshly baked cookies and cupcakes (Regular size only; Mini and Junior

sizes are available with 24-hour notice).

Cakes are custom made to suit your occasion — think birthdays,

anniversaries, seasonal or theme parties. If you can imagine it, they can create

it! Cakes can be made to serve any size of gathering. A minimum two weeks’

notice is required for any custom cake order, and two months for wedding

orders. Book your free consultation

by phone or online today!

Custom Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies

The ORIGINAL London Cakery

Custom Cake & Matching Cupcake

Unique Cookies


London’s Local Flavour CULINARY RETAILERS

London’s Destination

for Food Lovers


With over 15 years of experience in being London’s destination

for food lovers, owner Jill Wilcox and her friendly team at

JILL’S TABLE continue to offer excellent product knowledge

and superior customer service to make shopping an exciting


Kitchen Shop

115 King Street (at Talbot)

MAPS A & B: 41 519-645-1335

MON–FRI: 9:30 am–6 pm

SATURDAY: 8 am–6 pm

Superior Kitchenware

Unique Specialty Foods

Outstanding Selection of Oils & Vinegars

Cooking Classes for All Levels


You’ll find a wide array of unique specialty foods, including one of the best

selections of oils and vinegars; superior kitchenware, including All-Clad,

Wusthof, Staub en France and Emile Henry; as well as many Canadian

made items, including The Garlic Box products, Touche Bakery cookies

and Kozlik’s mustards.

Looking for a fun activity to do with friends and family? Enjoy a unique

evening out at a Jill’s Table Cooking Class taught by some of Southwestern

Ontario’s best chefs. Or on the weekend, let your senses get the better of you

with Sample


when great new

Proprietor Jill Wilcox

food products

and recipes are yours to try. Plus, check out the cookbooks

by the Jill’s Table team. The latest features wonderful

soups, stews and bread recipes!


Jill’s staff will help you choose a gift that wows! A

custom- or pre-designed gift basket is always a great

choice. Whether it is for a wedding, housewarming or

Cooking Classes

birthday, they are always happy to gift wrap.

Unique Specialty Foods

Superior Kitchenware & Utensils

Across from Covent Garden Market

CULINARY RETAILERS London’s Local Flavour


I’ll Drink to That!

Craft Beer in London

Canadian beer — nay, London beer — was

synonymous with our national culture for the

better part of two centuries. The Canadian

identity was tied to the storied history of early London

brewmasters, notably Carling and Labatt, who

became Canadian icons. Today, an global brewing

renaissance has welcomed a new generation of

brewers devoted to making remarkable local craft

beer. Aficionados can find everything from signature

brews to seasonal flavours that pay tribute to the hard

work and wisdom of our local growers.

Toboggan Brewing Company is a high-tech,

brewed-on-premises, craft brewery and pub located

on Richmond Row. The concept is the inspiration

of restaurateur Mike Smith, owner/operator of the

landmark Joe Kool’s, Fellini Koolini’s and The Runt

Club. Enlisting the expertise of skilled brewing

masters, Smith launched a popular line of small-

Craft Beer Brewery

& Local Food Focus


With its state-of-the-art craft brewery in the basement, a chic

farm-to-table brew pub on the main level, and an inviting

seasonal patio upstairs, Toboggan Brewing Company

immediately made an indelible mark on London’s craft beer

and culinary scene. Ten Toboggan beers are regularly available,

in addition to seasonal small-batch specials, and two Gold

Medal-winning Toboggan ciders are also on tap. Enjoy a pint or

a tasting flight in house or take some home with you.

Craft Brewery &

Farm-to-Table Pub

585 Richmond St. (at Central)

MAPS A & B: 15 519-433-BEER (2337)




LUNCH: $8– $15


DINNER: $15 – $30

The basement houses

the the brewing

10 Different Toboggan Craft Beers

equipment, with

Brewed On Site, with Seasonal

sparkling stainless

Small-Batch Specials

steel brewing tanks

Two Toboggan Craft Ciders on Tap

decoratively lit on the

36 Drafts in Total on Tap

north side wall of the

Seasonal Farm-to-Table Menus

main level. A long bar

Vegetarian & Gluten-free Options

Gourmet sandwiches with house-smoked meats

— featuring a total

Beer & Gear Store Open Daily, including

of 36 different beers

Weekends & Holidays, for take-home

on tap — fl anks the opposite wall, with fl at screen TVs behind it, and a

beer & supplies

large moose head anchoring one end. The 519 Kitchen runs across the back

of the room, capped by the the curled end of the large woodwork evoking

a toboggan on the ceiling. The Beer & Gear Store near the exit offers a regular and rotating selection of Toboggan

beers to take home, and all the accessories you might need.


“We’re focused on as many foods as we can from the 519 area code,” says owner Mike Smith, describing the 519

Kitchen. The emphasis on local ingredients is in sync with the craft beer options. The open kitchen allows visitors

to see the staff in action with the blazing stone pizza oven and a large BBQ smoker. Chef Mike Smith (same name,

different person) cooks up Neapolitan Pizzas, from traditional

favourites like the Margherita, to modern choices like the

Cajun Chicken & Brie, or the Grilled Shrimp & Asparagus.

There are also plenty of vegetarian options, more than usually

found on a typical pub menu. Other recommendations include:

• House Smoked Meats, in a variety of gourmet sandwiches

or in the popular Street Tacos, served with fl our or glutenfree

soft corn tortillas;

• Small Plates Pub Fare, perfect for sharing, such as

Mussels or fresh-cut shoestring Frites served with roasted

garlic mayo, ketchup and sriracha aioli;

• Cheese & Charcuterie Boards, featuring local producers.

Assorted Tasting Flights Thin crust Neapolitan Pizzas

On-site State-of-the-Art Brewery

36 London’s Local Flavour



London’s Local Flavour 37

See the Toboggan Brewing Co. profile on pages 36-37

batch craft beers to local acclaim. A variety of

flagship beers are available year round, with an

evolving selection of seasonal beers, one-offs and


The worker-owned London Brewing Cooperative

promises “great beers start with

superior ingredients,” and they walk the talk,

choosing the finest locally grown, organic malts

and hops available. Birthed in The Root Cellar

Organic Restaurant in Old East Village, the Co-op

recently moved into its own industrial-chic location

just a few blocks away. A commitment to the

neighbourhood and to quality beer are evident. LBC

flights are encouraged, with twelve beers on tap,

so you can try different styles and perhaps discover

your new favourite brew.

Old East Village’s Anderson Craft Ales is a

family-owned, independent brewery focused on

crafting small-batch, handcrafted premium hopbased

ales. More taps have been added recently,

plus a dedicated nitro line installed to add creamy

complexity. An on-site bar sells beer by the glass

or flight. Take home growlers or cans. The

convivial atmosphere includes a second-floor

gathering spot overlooking the brewery, a new

patio for al fresco drinking, and frequent local

food truck visits, making this a community

gathering spot. The refurbished industrial

building is well structured for tours and social


Forked River Brewing Company is known

for consistent and flavourful seasonal brews,

made with care in the traditional craftsman

manner, with all-natural, quality ingredients.

Three local award-winning home brewers —

all Western University grads — teamed up in

2012. Two flagship brews, Capital Blonde Ale

and Riptide Rye Pale Ale, and a rotating selection of

one-offs are on offer. A retail and tasting room sells

growlers and half-litre bottles. Free brewery tours

are offered on Saturdays.


London’s Local Flavour CRAFT BEER

Worker Owned.

Locally Grown.



This is the epitome of local beer. The LONDON

BREWING CO-OPERATIVE members don’t just

brew it locally — they source it locally. A map opposite

the bar indicates where the finest local and organic malts

and hops ingredients are sourced — all within about 100

kilometres of the brewery.


The decor, complete with overhead cranes, reclaimed metal roofing,

and reclaimed furniture throughout, celebrates local ingredients,

sustainable practices, and the manufacturing tradition of the

building. The new facility in the Old East Village features a tasting

Plough to Pint

Craft Brewery

521 Burbrook Place (North of Kellogg’s)

Brewery Tours

room, a fully-stocked retail store, snack food options, indoor and outdoor casual seating, classic pinball, board

games, and a full view of the brewing process.


Visitors can purchase 4-ounce tastings and 12-ounce drinks as well as

growlers (1.89 L), Boston rounds (950 mL), and 650 mL bottles. Notable

flagship beers include Local 117, a malt-forward amber ale brewed with

100% local and organic ingredients, and Tolpuddle Porter, a robust

porter with hints of dark fruit and nuts. Both have garnered legions of

fans. Two Steppe is a golden wheat ale with a touch of citrus from locally

grown Cascade and Chinook hops — recommended for your first time

visitor’s flight. LBC Flights are a selection of four 4-oz glasses that are

Community Building Space

MAP A: 30 226-667-6363

HOURS: THURS–FRI 12 noon–9 pm

SATURDAY 11 am–9 pm

SUNDAY 12 noon–5 pm

Full Tasting Room with a view of the

brewing process

Fully Stocked Retail Store with Bottles,

Boston Rounds & Growlers

Four 4-oz Flights Available

Snack Food Options

Outdoor & Indoor Seating

curated by your bartender or you can build your own from the twelve

beers on tap.

Truly Local Brewing

Bottles, Boston Rounds & Growlers to go

Welcome to Old East Village!

CRAFT BEER London’s Local Flavour



Beer Pub

420 Talbot Street (at Carling)

MAPS A & B : 43 519-601-4447

OPEN: MON–WED 11:30 am–12 midnight

THURSDAY 11:30 am–1 am

FRIDAY 11:30 am–2 am

SATURDAY 4:30 pm–2 am

closed sunday

LUNCH: $6 – $14

DINNER: $9 – $23

Outdoor Patio

Extensive Craft Beer Selection

23 Rotating Draughts on Tap

Two Rotating Cask Ales

Beer Pairing Options

Special Beer Dinners

Milos Kral

Home of Craft Beer &

Fresh Local Food


Craft Beer Emporium

London’s premier craft beer destination, MILOS’ CRAFT

BEER EMPORIUM is owned and operated by awardwinning

publican Milos Kral. “Pub Milos” has become one

of the best hubs for “local” beer aficionados in Ontario.

According to Milos, “There’s no such thing as a person who

doesn’t love beer. There are only people who haven’t yet

found a beer to love.”


Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium serves 2 cask ales and 23 micro

taps with excellent style variation. An impressive, everchanging

lineup of Ontario craft beers is on offer, with a few

Quebec selections and some well-picked imports. A limited

bottle menu primarily consists of private order, consignment

and rare beers unavailable from the LCBO. The pub has

an open tap room layout with a large screen displaying the

draughts on offer. A welcoming

street corner patio seats 40

people comfortably.


Chef Matt Reijnen prepares seasonal menus and specials that reflect a commitment

and passion for everything local. The Lunch Menu features great salads and fresh

sandwiches. The ever-changing Bar Menu features house-ground burgers, stunning

charcuterie & cheese boards and other great tastes.

Chef Reijnen’s extensive use of local produce and farms includes local duck from

Everspring Farms, for items like Duck Breast Confit, and heritage pork from De

Martines Farms, for items such as Tamworth Pork Chop with grainy mustard gravy,

roasted apples & pickled red cabbage.

Farm-to-Table Cuisine

Ever-Changing Draught List

Late Night Menu


London’s Local Flavour CRAFT BEER

Ask for Anderson



Fully independent and 100% family-run, ANDERSON

CRAFT ALES takes pride in crafting small batch,

handcrafted, premium beers without compromise.

Under Brewmaster Gavin Anderson’s rigourous

watch and reliance on Canadian-grown barley, North

American hops, crisp clean water, and yeast, top-quality

ingredients make top-quality beer.


Located in London’s Old East Village, Anderson has warmed an

industrial building with a friendly bar and retail space, a social

space on the second floor that overlooks the gleaming tanks and

brewing process, and an inviting seasonal patio. Food trucks

visit on Friday nights, and the brewery has already established itself as a strong community force in its first year

of business. “We love the social aspect of drinking and appreciating craft beer,” says Aynsley Anderson. “It is

important to us to maintain a family-friendly environment, and encourage people to come and meet friends, family or

work colleagues in a setting where they can have a beer, but also just relax and socialize.”

Available by Can, Growler or On Tap

Craft Brewery

1030 Elias Street (East of Dorinda)

MAP A: 44

HOURS: WED–SAT 11 am–9 pm

SUNDAY 12 noon–5 pm

Social space

Retail Store with Growlers & Cans To Go

Beer Flights and Tours Available

Friendly Bar, Indoor & Patio Seating,

with a Group-Friendly Social Space

overlooking the brewery


Gavin Anderson


Anderson IPA (pleasantly hoppy, stonger) and Anderson Amber (ruby

red, maltier, lighter) were the first two beers launched, and quickly

established a following. Cream Ale (straw-coloured, unfiltered),

Brown (toasty, chocolate and espresso notes) and a quarterly

seasonal (Winter was a spiced ale, Spring was a dark lager, and

Summer a session IPA) round out a core of five flagship beers. An

imminent expansion to the Anderson draft system will put seven

beers on tap plus a dedicated nitro line.

You can find Anderson Craft Ales at the Beer Store and LCBO in

cans, and on tap at an ever-growing number of bars and restaurants.

Friendly Bar/Retail

Brewery View from Second Floor Level

A Quality Canadian-Built Brewery

CRAFT BEER London’s Local Flavour


A Passion for


The Case for Farmers’ Markets

The “eat and buy local” movements have taken

Ontario by storm, and there are farmers’ markets

dotted across the province to prove it.

Farmers’ markets are an integral aspect of local food

distribution and strengthen food systems and practices

by supporting the health and well-being of communities

as well as being connected to their economical, ethical

and social systems. In many locales, farmers’ markets

have started to collaborate by establishing synergy,

sharing operational knowledge, best practices, vendors

and community initiatives. They perform a significant

role in our local economic development by facilitating a

location for small business incubation while generating

an economic multiplier effect — increasing the returns

arising from the redistribution of new spending and

consumer consumption within the community.

Most important, farmers’ markets allow you to meet

the growers and taste the best locally-sourced fruit and

vegetables, meat, eggs and artisanal products such as

hand-crafted breads, honey, local cheeses, preserves,

cider, maple syrup and fermented foods. What a great

way to savour the terroir and talents of a community!


The Studio

Carpe D


The Heart of London



Eat local in the heart of London! COVENT GARDEN

MARKET is located downtown at the junction of King and

Talbot Streets. A strong attraction for locals and out-of-town

guests alike, this is one of the city’s most venerated cultural

landmarks and the heart and soul of the downtown area.

The Heart of London

Farmers’ Market

130 King Street (at Talbot)

MAPS A & B: 45 519-439-3921

NEW HOURS*: MON–SAT 8 am–7 pm

SUNDAY: 11 am–5 pm

*starting september 5/17

Underground Parking

Outdoor Farmers’ Market

In the Market Square


SATURDAY 8 am–1 pm

May to December


The original market building and

Gourmet, artisanal and wholesome, farm-fresh quality can be found daily.

square, by Paul Peel, 1883

Ask Bob Usher, the market’s personable CEO and a past President and

still long-standing board member of the London Downtown Business

Association, about some of the city’s best selection of organic foods,

award-winning meats (Fieldgate Organics), ethnic foods (a long list!), the

largest assortment of cheese (thanks to Glenda Smith) in Southwestern

Ontario, confectionery, chocolatiers, market-roasted coffees, and a wide

selection of seasonal fresh cut flowers. You’ll be amazed with the variety of

ethnic, gourmet and specialty

foods you can purchase, which

showcase the multicultural

diversity of our community. Covent Garden Market and Square

Newer hot spots include

was rebuilt in 1999

The Coop Rotisserie. Proudly

presented by Petit Paris, the focus is on simple rotisserie chicken

dinners. Fresh local hormone-free chicken is brined, marinated, then

slow cooked. Choose from several sauce and side choices made in

house from as many local and whole ingredients as possible, including

fresh cut fries, a selection of salads, daily soups, an already infamous

mac n’ cheese, quiche and delectable desserts baked daily by Petit

Paris. Take out or dine in, in an exclusive seating area where you can

enjoy the real “market feel” of Covent Garden Market.

Sacred Earth Whole Food, the latest addition, added a

Bob Usher, Covent Garden Market CEO

new ambience to the Market with timber construction that

connects with the earth, offering organic and local goods.


FARMERS’ MARKETS London’s Local Flavour



On Thursdays and Saturdays from May to December an

outdoor Farmers’ Market offers fresh, local food on the

Market Square. Share the passion for locally-grown food

direct from local farmers, growers and producers. The

vendors selling here “grow it, raise it, bake it, or make

it!” For current news, recipes and seasonal information,

visit and sign up for the weekly


The Farmers’ Market hosts free cooking classes

every Saturday in the Market Kitchen on the

Mezzanine, from 11am–noon. This is a unique

opportunity to learn a new dish

featuring products fresh from the

farmers’ market.

Rain or shine, enjoy live music

every Saturday, 10am–noon. In the

case of inclement weather, music

will move indoors, upstairs in the

mezzanine. Also outside, FieldGate

Organics along with Smith Cheese

are offering up delicious organic

sliders, hot off the barbeque and

topped with the cheese of the day.

$3 each, 2 for $5, every Saturday

from 10am to noon.

At the Thurs day Market,

expert chefs help get the local food

party going with their fantastic

recipes and delicious samples, from

11:45–1:15pm. This is delicious

entertainment and education!

Covent Garden Market also houses several excellent

restaurants, such as Olive R. Twist’s, Waldo’s on King

Bistro and Wine Bar, and Tanakaya. Amy Shackleton,

Covent Garden Market Executive Assistant / Events

Co-ordinator, will tell you that arts and culture are the

focus of the market’s mezzanine, where a number of

local artists and cultural organizations are located,

and there’s even a community kitchen, an art school

and a theatre.

As in the days of old, market days are full of enticing

surprises, adding an element of discovery to the

consistent appeal and bounty of Covent Garden Market.


London’s Local Flavour FARMERS’ MARKETS

CULINARY RETAILERS London’s Local Flavour 93

To Every Thing

There Is a Season

Food Festivals in the Forest City

London boasts a variety of seasonal food festivals,

in addition to the irresistible culinary side of

the city’s excellent annual music festivals.

Highlights include the hugely popular London Wine &

Food Show in January, bringing locals and visitors an

enticing mix of local restaurants, wineries, craft

beers, and spirits to the Western Fair District. It

is three days dedicated to sampling the finest

foods and drink, while being entertained

by everything from taste seminars, stage

presentations and cooking demos.

If you love cold beer and sizzling grilled

foods, the London Beer & BBQ Show

is the place to be in June. Quench your

thirsts with Canada’s top breweries

and Ontario’s craft breweries and a

selection of wines, coolers, ciders and

spirits all served ice cold and perfectly

sized for finding your signature drink of

the summer.


Forest City Beer Fest is downtown

London’s annual craft beer event held in

August at the Covent Garden Market. Over

20 different beer and cider brewers showcase

their popular brews, including many homegrown

specialties. Food trucks and music are all part of the


VegFest London is an annual festival in November,

showcasing plant-based and vegan food and

products, health and wellness vendors, special guest

speakers, cooking demos, and a children’s activities.


London’s Local Flavour RESTAURANTS

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RESTAURANTS London’s Local Flavour




Bryan Lavery, Stacey McDonald & Chris McDonell.


Bryan Lavery wrote the editorial contributions and

business profiles, helping shape this guide in countless

hands-on and consultative ways.


Steve Grimes took all of the original photography

created specifically for this project, going above and

beyond expectations.

Alieska Robles took the photos for Toboggan

Brewing Co., Fellini Koolini’s and Joe Kools, people

shots for The River Room and Craft Farmacy, and food

shots for Thaifoon.

Maria Denomme took the food photos for Restaurant

Ninety One.

Thanks to many of the businesses involved for

providing additional images for this guide.

Front cover salad image by Steve Grimes, courtesy of

Abruzzi Ristorante: Loco Fields Organic Baby Beets

with goat cheese panna cotta, beet pureé, Niagara

baco noir vinaigrette, arugula and toasted hazelnuts.


Thanks for the assistance and support from the

following people and organizations: Chris Campbell

and John Winston from Tourism London; Darrin

Pollard and Kim Phair from London Convention

Centre; Bob Usher and Michele Poisson from Covent

Garden Market; Skye Nicholson-Smith from Western

Fair District; Janette MacDonald, Andrew Sercombe

and Kathy McLaughlin from Downtown London;

Chris Pinelli from Lexus of London; Justin Wolfe and

Gregg Wolfe from Wolfe of Wortley; Zul Karmali from

Hotel Metro; Alieska Robles and Brian Blatnicki from

Forest City Cookbook; Cecilia Buy from Eatdrink and

Sue Gordon.

Copyright © 2017 Eatdrink Inc. and the businesses listed. All rights reserved.

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Satisfy your appetite

for a remarkable experience

with locally sourced ingredients

available at the London

Convention Centre.

Whether it’s a convention, gala

or wedding, our culinary team

has designed flexible menu

options to delight every palate.

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