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January 2018 issue

12 SHOWTIME 2017

12 SHOWTIME 2017 GWSA’s 35 th ANNUAL VARIETY SHOW As the doors opened at 1:00 pm on November 30 for the GWSA’s annual Variety Show’s 3-day run, the gathering crowd was treated to the guitar strains of Eric Lunn as he entertained with a pre-show selection of traditional and seasonal musical pieces. The show opened at 1:30 with the appearance on stage of Buddy Brennan, Emcee designate, with his jokes, witticisms and introduction of the show program. After appropriate thanks to significant volunteer contributors to the show, he invited the audience to join him in his bar and the curtain opened on a unique bar setting that would serve as the primary backdrop throughout the show. As unlikely a setting as it may have seemed, the curtain opening also revealed the opening act, the GWSA Silvertones, under the direction of Ann Sneyd and accompanied by Mary Lynn Woods on piano, offering a selection of popular tunes. Throughout the balance of the 2-act show, the audience was entertained by the comedic routines of the Sons of Beaches, Elvis and his Backup Singers and by both the solo and duet song offerings of guest vocalists Joan Charlebois, Stephen Berryman and Tammy Whetham. Of particular note in Act 2 was how popular and busy Buddy’s Bar became as patrons drifted in to revel in the casual atmosphere over a light libation and to dance. The Charleston? Really? Who knew! But the audience seemed to enjoy select members of the Silvertones, the Sons of Beaches and other cast members performing the dance, popular well before their time. As it opened, the show closed with a selection of songs performed by the Silvertones which included Christmas in Killarney. This was followed by an audience singalong of favourite Christmas pieces. The curtain closed and Emcee Buddy offered thanks to all those who brought the show together: the Variety Show committee chaired by Dorothe Fair, the Light and Sound tech crew, all the volunteers, and last, but certainly not least, the Producer and Director, respectively, Barry Scutt and John Snowden. Another successful season of fun and entertainment! T S - J 2018 — V. 42, N. 5

13 35 Years of Variety Shows! A Trip Down Memory Lane It has come to the attention of the Variety Show Committee that programs for previous shows dating back many years may still be in existence. If any members have saved copies and wouldn’t mind lending them out for a short time so they can be photographed, it would be greatly appreciated. The purpose is to create a montage to appear in the Sentinel. No doubt it would bring back some sweet memories for past performers and the GWSA membership at large. If you have copies available and wouldn’t mind sharing them, please contact the chair of this year’s Variety Show, Dorothe Fair. They will be treated with tender love and care and returned with much thanks and appreciation once the picture is taken. T S - J 2018