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Selwyn Times: October 25, 2016

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28 Tuesday October 25 2016 MAINSCAPE Garden Supplies “Making your great outdoors greater” free Hire trailer We deliver 6 days a week or pickup from our yard Mon & Fri 8am–5pm, Sat 8am–3pm Eftpos available Call us on 021 241 7908 1543 Springs rd, lincoln See our range of products on our website The magazine for gardeners who like To geT Their hands dirTy 100% Gardening Lights can be fun and decorative GARDEN lighting is practical. Lights on a pathway will help you and your friends find their way to your front door in the dead of night, and will help deter unwanted guests. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Lights can also be fun, dramatic and creative. When you add lighting to your garden, follow the philosophy ‘‘less-is-more’’ and you will add a new dimension to your garden. Place a light behind a pot or statue, this will create interesting silhouettes. Add a submersible light to your water ponds or water feature. Light up a painted wall as a back drop to a favourite garden bed or plant feature. Place down lights in a tree Chch business scoops landscaping awards THE BIENNIAL Landscaping New Zealand landscapes of distinction awards continue to be the industry yardstick for excellence in the fields of landscape design, construction, horticulture and maintenance. The recent event in Christchurch saw Goom Landscapes Ltd awarded a sensational haul of awards across various projects and categories. to create pools of light on featured plants or ornaments. Lights will let you enjoy the They include one bronze, one silver, four gold, best landscape sustainability, best landscape design and the penultimate supreme award, landscape of the year 2016, for the green residence in Christchurch. Landscaping New Zealand Awards judges commented: “We were looking for really good use of space and supreme garden at night throughout the year. A simple flick of a switch can make the winter night quality design, construction and planting. These awards give the public inspiration regarding what can be achieved in their own gardens, but more importantly, the awards are about what our professions can do and the standards expected when employing a landscape professional”. This is the second time Gooms have taken out the SELWYN TIMES DRAMATIC: Garden lights have quite an effect during the evening. garden a fantastic composition when viewed from inside, and help to brighten up those dark gloomy nights. Lay out your cable around the desired area from the point where it will connect to the transformer ensuring you follow any directions on the transformer and its packaging. Plug transformer into a weatherproof exterior power point and switch on. At twilight, you can adjust the position and angles of the lights, if required. Your lighting is ready for you to enjoy. landscape of the year award. Having won back in 2004 under the direction of retired founder, Chris Goom. Fast forward 12 years with a completely new team under the guidance of son Tim Goom is testimony to the heritage and pedigree of design innovation and construction excellence that has become synonymous with the Goom brand. Tend to your Potatoes! LET’S GET GardEninG Mounding potatoes is an important part of the whole growing process. It helps to cover and protect the tubers from damage, and from insects. If they turn green they become inedible and go to waste, and you don’t want the insects to get to them before you do! Once the plant has grown to about 10-20cm, you will need to mound up around the base of the plant again, adding that protective layer. Use some Organic Compost, or some Garden Soil Mix to do this. Simply push up the soil around the base of the plants into mounds (mound to about half the height of the plant). You will need to continue to do this as the plant grows, until they are ready to be harvested. It is also a good idea to add some of our Potato Fertiliser and then water in well afterwards. This is particularly important if you didn’t fertilise at planting time. When watering, try to avoid watering the foliage, instead water between the mounds. Remove any weeds as they appear. Luscious Lawns Sow new lawns now! Intelligro Lawn Construction Mix is an ideal product for this, and will give you an excellent base for sowing the seed into. Our Lawn Care Guide is packed with information about how to establish your new lawn, and maintenance afterwards. These are available instore, or we can send one via email. Existing lawns don’t miss out entirely, they need to be rewarded with a good feed of Lawn Fertiliser, and a long soak of water afterwards. This is best done in the early morning or evening. INTELLIGRO OFFERS: 3 Expert gardening advice 3 High quality products 3 South-Hort growing mixes 3 VIP rewards 3 Buy in-store and online 3 Handy delivery service For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: 1394 Main South Road, RD7 Weedons | Phone 03 347 9415

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday October 25 2016 29 Get your veges growing for summer eating A FAVOURITE time of year for many gardeners, the end of October is the traditional period for planting out a full range of summer vegetables (and flowers) into a prepared garden, whether it’s in the ground or raised beds. But don’t panic if you haven’t prepared your soil for planting yet. Mix in plenty of compost into your existing soil now to a depth of 1-1.5 spade depth before you plant out. Delicious summer veggies to plant out are beans, beetroot, carrots, celery, corn, cucumber, lettuce, onions, peas, pumpkin, radish, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes and zucchini. For plants that climb or need support like peas, beans or tomatoes, always put in your support structure before you plant your seedling so as not to disturb the roots later on. A good tip is to make sure you water regularly and to a plant’s requirements, for example, more water for leafy crops such as lettuce or fruiting varieties such as tomato and strawberries. During the early summer growing months (through to early December) side dress with fertiliser at 3-4 weekly intervals. Ensure you water it in well. If you have limited space but still want to grow your own, then SUPPLY: Raised beds are useful for growing summer veges get the seedlings in the ground now. start a container garden instead. You can grow many vegetables successfully in pots or containers, especially with the different types of dwarf or mini-varieties now available. Growing in pots is also a great way to get children involved in gardening. There are a couple of things you need to do to ensure a bumper crop. Choosing the right sized container is important; people tend to select smaller pots, but make sure you choose a decent size. What you plant your veges in is crucial, so use good quality potting or container mixes as they contain well balanced, slow release nutrients and have moisture retaining qualities. It’s a good idea to change the soil every time you want to grow a new crop, as nutrients and water holding capabilities can get depleted. Position your pot or container in a warm sunny, north facing position, away from strong winds. Do small succession plantings of fast growing summer vegetables so you do not have them all cropping at once. SUPPORT: Put in your structure before you plant runner beans so as not to disturb the roots later on. ANNUAL PLANT SALE Save up to 60% on thousands of selected plants! Visit for details Includes Natives, Hedging, Grasses, Specimen Trees, Perennials, Forestry & Fruit Begins Labour Weekend - Sat 22 to Sun 30 October 9AM-5PM Open every day from EVERY 9am to 5pm, DAY with plenty of helpful staff! Deals instore only. FINISHES 5PM SUNDAY 30 1133 Main South Road - Between Templeton & Rolleston Phone 0800 800 352