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The Star: March 23, 2017

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PEOPLE I 2 For people who don’t want hearing aids but need them Audiologist, Greg Foote, has served the Canterbury region for many years. One of the most common complaints Greg hears is “Everyone mumbles”, this is perhaps the first sign of hearing loss. Other common statements include: “I can’t hear in noisy places”, “My family complains the TV is too loud”, “I often misunderstand what is being said to me”. If any of these comments sound like you, it might be time to talk with an audiologist. Like most things associated with our body, the saying ‘use it or lose it’, holds true for hearing. Current research suggests that people who suffer from hearing loss may have an overall increased risk of physical and mental health deterioration. The overall message to take away from this is to treat the hearing loss sooner rather than later, before brain changes may occur. Hearing loss manifests itself in many ways, and quality of life for all concerned deteriorates. It is stressful for those communicating with a person with hearing loss and fatiguing for the hearing impaired individual as they need to concentrate more to understand what is being said. This increased concentration can cause difficulty when multi tasking at You can’t see it, but you can hear the difference! Ultra discreet hearing solution Latest technology Ready to wear in one visit Comfortable, secure fit EASY TO USE! Merivale Hearing Clinic 24b Church Lane. Call now: 356 2324 Greg Foote, Audiologist home, in group situations or driving. Due to the effort of trying to focus on speech, listening fatigue has even been shown to increase the risk of falls in older adults. The latest hearing aid technology offers a person the ability to listen and understand in a variety of listening situations with a minimal ease on the users part. Hearing aids reduce the listening effort in multiple activities including communication. Appropriately fitted hearing aids and realistic expectations of the wearer provide an improved quality of life. Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and options to fit individual needs. For a person who wants total convenience to adjust their hearing aids, there is an optional range of wireless accessories including a Smartphone and in some cases you can leave your initial appointment with a hearing aid fitted and adjusted to your personal preference. Book an appointment now to discuss how to best resolve your hearing problem, initial consultation and hearing check is free. Merivale Hearing Clinic is locally owned and operated, phone Greg Foote today on 356 2324. LEnd ME YOuR EaRs FREE Lend Me Your Ears and Listen for Yourself* Book Today, Limited Offer * Conditions apply. Offer valid till April 30th 2017 4 QUESTIONS WITH...andrew little - Labour leader 1> I imagine it must be hard to find time for exercise, what do you do to stay in shape? You do have to make the time for it so I build a lot of fitness into my daily routines. I like to take the stairs whenever I can which my staff love when they accompany me back to the office! I walk as many places as I can. I do the dog walking duties at home as much as I can. I tend to take Harry on the power walks so we go up the steep hills not just for his aerobic fitness, but mine too. When I can get into the gym I do. I get in the kayak when I can, and on the bike too in the summer time. In winter, I try to get one or two days skiing in. All that adds up to staying fit and then there’s the basics, watching your diet, good nutrition, sleep and a balanced life. 2> 2017 saw the removal of your glasses. Was this under a stylist’s guidance or are we set to see a bit of a mini-makeover? I made the decision last year about contacts and also looked into laser surgery too. It was mainly because when I was reviewing videos of myself I could see how my glasses were cutting my eyeline off. To be honest I never had a good pair that haven’t cut my eyeline off. I wore contacts a lot when I was younger so I thought I’d go back to that. The good thing is you get your full peripheral vision back so it does make a difference. And it’s one less thing to worry about, what’s on your face. It feels better, it feels lighter on my face and so I feel better. No stylist was harmed in the making of this change! 3> You’re clearly a fighter for the underdog having spent years as a lawyer for the Engineers Union but you’re also a fighter and survivor of prostate cancer. Can you tell us if your diagnosis made your focus or shift your focus on any issues? You’re confronted with your mortality and it does make you think about your priorities and what you want to achieve in life. It does make you value the people around you, especially family who are closest to you. If things turn out differently you know they’re the ones most affected so you think very carefully about that. It’s not that I left a lot to chance, but you do take a bit more control of your life knowing that anything can happen at any time and you want to make the best out of it every day of your life and achieve your goals. 4> What do you do to unwind/relax after a big working day? Increasingly it’s music. Whoever invented Spotify has done me a wonderful favour because you can take it anywhere. If I’m in a hotel room at the end of the day or even at home winding down I dig out the phone and crank up Spotify. Just half an hour of that is really helpful. If it’s earlier in the day and it’s a pleasant evening and I’m at home I sit out the back with a book or head down to the beach with the kayak or take the dog for another long walk often with my wife Leigh as well, so I find plenty of ways to relax. Hearing Clinics available: Rangiora, Ashburton and West Coast Consultations by Appointment only. Freephone 0800 72 73 66.

3 I TRAVEL the other garden city It’s a popoular belief that Singapore is merely another big city that is little more than a convienient gateway to other destinations in Southeast Asia. Spend a day there and you’ll very quickly squash this myth. Compact, clean and convienient, Singapore’s diverse melting pot of cultures and races means there’s never a dull corner. Known as the most expensive city in the world it’s ironic that Singpore is also the home to a huge number of eclectic budget shops, and incredibly cheap street food. If like me you’re happy to explore by foot, Singapore is an incredibly easy to navigate country. Geographically it’s small, only 720 km2, so if it’s shopping you’re after, you’ll only need to travel as far as the iconic Orchard Road to find the 2 kilometres of retail therapy heaven, To step away from the towering skyscrapers and busy traffic it’s only a short taxi ride to quaint neighbourhoods where tradition meets modernity, such as Chinatown, Dempsey Hill and Tiong Bahru. Tiong Bahru, is an incredible little historic community that still retains some of its ramshackle charm. With small lanes and an obvious nod towards Art Deco architecture, you can purchase a ‘kopi’ from one of the traditional coffee shops or visit the bustling sunday markets. Or as a complete contrast peruse hipster boutiques for one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing and linger over a cappachino at one of the trendy new haunts. A trip to Singapore isn’t comlete without trying a fish spa. Put your feet in the tank of warm freshwater containing loads of Garra rufa fish. These ‘doctor fish’ nibble away dry or dead skin and emit a micro vibrating sensations which massages your feet. If you prefer your fish on your plate, discovering local flavours at one of the wet markets is a must. Wet market is so-called because people throw buckets of water on the ground after cleaning fish and so the floor is more than often wet. A popular choice is the vibrant and colorful Tikka market. With nearly 300 stalls, a food court and shopping area, unlike most other wet markets in Singapore that close at midday, the hum of the Tikka market continues until late afternoon. Do as the locals do and join a snaking hawker queue to feast on authentic local eats. Unlike some of Singapores neighbours you neednt worry that your chicken skewer might make you spend the rest of the trip in the bathroom, all of the street food is now served in government-regulated Hawker centres. It’s easy to tell which are the best vendors: the longer the line, the better the food. For an activity that’s more serine, swing by the Singapore Botanic Gardens and explore the lush plants and flowers. There’s the cloud forest, which features a jaw dropping 35m tall mountain covered in tropical plants with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Take a lift to the top of the mountaintop to take a stroll along a walkway in the clouds for a stunning aerial view of the mountainside below. The flower dome is equally impressive, as the largest glass greenhouse in the world with an awe inspiring and ever-changing collection of mediteraneon flowers. Much like the neighbourhood contrasts between old and new, you can easily enjoy Singapore on a shoestring budget, but it’s equally as easy to splurge. Image © Helmut Ignat Beautiful Teeth Meet the Owner Ryan Carlton Natural Smile Star 129mm x 90mm 06/10/16 local tips Get the best seafood? Red House - if you wanna try chilli crab in Singapore, you can definitely choose this as your first choice! Find tasty authentic local food? Chicken rice can be found at almost every dining spot, from humble hawker centres to high-end restaurants. Enjoy a drink with a view? For upmarket 1-Altitudes -the highest alfresco bar in the world or a cheaper out of town option would be Mt Faber which you can jump on a night cable car and soar above the Sentosa-Harbourfront skyline. Indulge in some retail therapy? Orchard Road - everything from cheap and cheerful to highend stores. See some Singapore culture in action? China town - with ornate Chinese, Buddhist and Hindu temples, museums galore and bustling streets lined with old shophouses. Free Consultation, No Obligation • Full Dentures • Dentures Repaired • Implant Assisted Dentures • Injection Moulded Flexible Partials • Relines • Mouthguards • Additions/Repairs • Purchase cleaning and care products from our website. All dentures personally designed and created to ensure a comfortable natural fit. DENTURES PLUS (2014) LTD Denture Clinic and Laboratory 396 Innes Road, St Albans. Phone 385 5517. Email: Bathroom SEATING SHOWER & BATH Orbiter Bus stops Innes Road Make your GP team your first call 24/7 Even after-hours a nurse is available to give free health advice. 12 9 3 6 FOLDING SHOWER STOOL 81065 • Height adjustable • Folds for storage • Max user weight 100kg PHONE 354 5616 108 Sawyers Arms Rd, Papanui, Christchurch FOLDING SHOWER CHAIR 81060 • Height adjustable • Folds for storage • Max user weight 100kg 10% Off for SUPERGOLD card holders Conditions may apply SHOWER CHAIR 81080 • Height adjustable • Max user weight 100kg