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THE RAIL TRAIL The Little River Rail Trail is a fantastic scenic ride from Christchurch via Prebbleton/Lincoln out to Little River. LIFESTYLE I 4 resort style living The residents enjoy an enviable resort style lifestyle. It is also surprisingly affordable. McKenzie Lifestyle Village is in the final stages of completion. We are finishing Stage 6 presently and are beginning the earthworks for Stage 7, the final stage. There are still great sites available and we also have a number of affordable villas ready for immediate occupation. Our beautiful Leisure Centre was opened last year and the pools, gymnasium and library and lounge area are in use daily. Outside, the bowling green is very popular along with Petanque, Mini-golf and Table Bowls. By next summer the Croquet Lawn will also be available. The residents enjoy an enviable resort style lifestyle. It is also surprisingly affordable. A former Christchurch resident, Judith, says “We couldn’t have all this for what we are paying AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9522 Artwork: FG9522 Size: 9x8 Description: MCKENZIE LIFESTYLE VILLAGE Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: FG9522 if we were still in Christchurch.” Another resident, David, says “my wife and I have never been so well off as we are now we moved to McKenzie Lifestyle Village.” There are fuller testimonials on the village homepage at Geraldine is a great little town with a very pleasant microclimate. There is plenty to do in and around the town with art galleries, theatre and cinema, interesting shops and boutiques, two museums and a wide range of good places to eat. For the more adventurous there are river and forest walks nearby, opportunities for biking and a choice of two local golf clubs. For more information you can talk to David about this on 0800 84 55 24. Regain the freedom of your home Simple, safe and stylish, Acorn Stairlifts give people the chance to enjoy their own homes once again. • For straight or curved staircases • Indoor and outdoor lifts • Free home assessment • Fast installation • Safe and reliable FREE DVD Guide to Stairlifts! 0800 223 062 CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE BROCHURE & QUOTATION The idea of the Christchurch to Little River Railtrail was to transform the former railway route into a trail catering for walkers and cyclists wanting to avoid the busy traffic on the main road and enjoy the stunning vistas of the area. The full track will take you a good 38kms to ride but it’s been designed so you can bike bite size sections of it. Each section holds it’s own unique draw cards, so grab your bike and nibble off some of the trail. HORNBYTO PREBBLETON Distance: 4KM Difficulty: EASY This section starts about 400 m south of the Shands Road/Halswell Junction Road intersection on Shands Road where a small car park is available. Fully sealed the track takes you through Prebbleton on the old railway corridor. PREBBLETON TO LINCOLN Distance: 10KM Difficulty: EASY The track starts at the Birchs Road/Trices Road intersection and is a seven kilometer off-road ashphalt pathway alongside Birchs Road to the township of Lincoln. It runs alongside the original railway line through pleasant rural surroundings and is wide enough to enable cycling in both directions. LINCOLN TO AHURIRI RESERVE Distance: 10KM Difficulty: EASY This section connects Lincoln to the Ahuriri Reserve utilising a number of sub-sections and on-road segments. AHURIRI TO MOTOKARARA Distance: 4KM Difficulty: EASY The route is adjacent to the Halswell Canal but deviates away onto farmland for a approximately 1.7 kilometers to reduce the impact of disturbance on the visiting bird life. The bird life will be a key attraction of this unique wetland area. MOTOKARARA TO BIRDLINGS FLAT Distance: 13KM Difficulty: EASY Most of this section of the Railtrail runs alongside Lake Ellesmere, where the railway embankment is raised above the lake and adjoining wetlands, affording magnificent views of the surroundings and the prolific birdlife. BIRDLINGS FLAT TO LITTLE RIVER Distance: 9.7KM Difficulty: EASY This section traverses along the old railway embankment until it gets closer to the Little River township. In places where the old railway ballast is loose, a new surface of compacted gravel was installed. The railtrail ends a few hundred meters from the Little River. Pet Pet friendly friendly around accommodation New Zealand around New Zealand If your family includes a If your family includes a If your dog, dog, family cat, cat, bird includes bird or or other other a dog, furry furry cat, bird creature or other then furry we creature have some then some we have good some news good for news you for you Pets Can Come Too has a long list of holiday Pets Can Come Too has a a homes throughout New Zealand that will give long list of holiday homes your whole family a warm welcome throughout New Zealand that that will give your whole family a warm welcome family warm welcome Ph 04 293 2705 Ph 04 293 2705 Ph 04 293 2705 THE JOYS OF HOME OWNERSHIP #27 CLEANING THE SPOUTING Wouldn’t you rather be learning to play the bagpipes? Let us take care of the spouting at your new home at McKenzie Lifestyle Village in Geraldine. Contact David Connolly on 0800 84 55 24. M C K E N Z I E L I F E S T Y L E V I L L A G E I S A M E M B E R O F R V A

5 5 I MIND I && BODY PERFECT POSTURE Pilates attracts everyone from grandmas to to corporates with its promise of of strength and lean muscle tone. If you If you haven’t seen a a reformer pilates machine before, you’d be be forgiven for thinking it it looks like like some torture apparutus. Don’t be daunted, mat mat classes are are the the perfect place to start start your your pilates experience. One One of of the the key key benefits of of pilates is is increasing body awareness and balance, maintaining or or improving posture and strength. Pilates exercises are are incredibly adaptable with with the the ability to to modify around existing injuries or or to to keep people with specific medical issues as as safe as as possible. If you If you have have been less less than regular with your your excercise routine, Abbey, an an ex ex dancer and and owner of of Movementor Pilates says that hopefully by beginning to move again you’ll release some muscle tension and improve your connective tissue elasticity and function. She always looks for comfortable ranges of movement and uses small props and a range of Pilates tools to support or encourage good movement. Abbey says that the best first step is to organise a one-to-one private assessment or introductory session. At Movementor Pilates they use this session to gain information about you, your medical and fitness history and your goals. They assess your posture and movements and teach you the Pilates foundation principles at your pace, before advising on what the next step will be. We use the reformers and other Pilates Studio equipment in either small circuit type groups or private sessions. Our mat classes cater for all ages and body types but it is important to choose the correct level for you. GROMBRE A lot of of the 2017 hair styles are are extensions of of already existing trends. There’s an an updated and gutsier version of of balayage, new new types of of metallics and specific shades of of natural hair hair colours. But it’s it’s the the word ‘grey’ that that is is suddenly on on everyone’s lips. lips. Ombre hair hair on on the otherhand, where gradual blending of of one hair colour to to another has has been popular for a a while. So So it it really was was only a a matter of of time until the two combined to to create the the ultimate super trend. Not one to to hop on on a a bandwagon? Thought balayage and ombre were terms just just for for teenagers? Grey ombre might just just make you you reconsider. With roots being kept natural for a a low-maintenance appeal it it means more time in in between appointments! Grey Grey hair hair has has been been a trend a trend for for a while a while now now but but Grombre (Grey (Grey Ombre) is the is the latest latest varient that’s that’s worth worth investigating. Image © © Adam Currie PDP PDP Print the worlds most comfy shoe Turns out, out, the the world’s most comfortable shoe is made of wool. Wool is is no no longer just just for for cozy jerseys and blankets, it’s now the ideal ideal textile for for shoes. If If you haven’t slipped on a pair of Allbirds, you’re really missing out. They’re incredibly soft, lightweight, and breathable, making for for exceedingly comfortable wear. They’re also machine washable and and odor free. While they wont replace your running shoe, they are are the the perfect choice for slower paced activities like like walking and and biking and they won’t break the bank at $95 a pair. They They come in in a a small selections of of colours for both men and women and and best best of of all all they’re New Zealand made. Queen bed Includes Duvet Set $799 or or Rent to to Own options available Rent to own 225 Linwood Ave 389 7742