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The Star: May 25, 2017

14 Thursday

14 Thursday May 25 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star Viewpoint City plan and Cathedral delay IT’S BEEN said that a week is a long time in politics. And it’s true – a lot can happen or change in a short period of time. Over the last seven days, Mayor Lianne Dalziel and I have been working closely with central city business owners to improve the An Accessible City plan. An Accessible City is the transport chapter of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, aimed at making the central city more cycle and pedestrianfriendly, and facilitating increased traffic flow. The Crown, city council and responsible agencies have agreed to take a more flexible and coordinated approach to ensure the plan balances the needs of all road users. Alterations include the removal of some build-outs on St Asaph St to provide extra space for on-street parking and help facilitate traffic flow. Other build-outs will be altered to make parallel parking easier. I’ve also asked Ōtakaro Ltd to look at Addressing the city’s ‘broken’ mental health system EVERY DAY the mental health crisis in Christchurch becomes more apparent. In the last week alone, my electorate office in Wigram has seen the heart-breaking reality of it on a daily basis. People are struggling and they don’t know where to turn for help. The system is broken and there isn’t enough support available when they need it. That is why I was especially Nicky Wagner options for accelerating work on Manchester and Durham Sts, while minimising the impact on surrounding businesses as much as possible. Over the weekend, Bishop Victoria Matthews announced that a decision on Christ Church Cathedral’s future will not be made until September. The Synod – a 225-member governing body that includes elected parishioners and priests – will vote on a restoration plan, which includes a $10 million grant and $15 million loan from the Government. It’s very disappointing to see yet another delay. The Cathedral is a symbol of the Anglican Church but it’s also a symbol of Christchurch, and it’s been broken and neglected for far too long. •Nicky Wagner is Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration proud of the two mental health announcements delivered by Labour leader Andrew Little and deputy leader Jacinda Ardern a couple of weeks ago. Labour recognises there is a serious shortage in mental health support in New Zealand right now, and we want to do as much as we can to address it. Heat Pump Specials HealtHy Dry VeNtIlatION INCLUDES INSTALLATION. CONDITIONS APPLY. INCLUDES INSTALLATION. CONDITIONS APPLY. APPLY. Contact us today for a healthier future 379-3589 379-3589 196 Wordsworth Street, 196 196 Wordsworth Wordsworth Christchurch Street, Street, Christchurch Christchurch Heat Pump Installation/Repairs • Refrigeration Design, Build, Repairs Heat Heat Pump Pump Installation/Repairs Installation/Repairs • • Refrigeration Refrigeration Design, Design, Build, Build, Repairs Repairs Readers respond to Star articles that a temporary car park on Hagley Park’s Hospital Corner could be used to address the growing parking problem around Christchurch Hospital Susan Gerrets – In the 1980s, we were allowed to angle park up to the railings on Hagley Park to watch our kids play hockey and other sports. The park was not damaged at all. Why can that not happen for the hospital that is Christchurch’s biggest. Help now city council, top priority Cathryn Lucy – A small park for hospital visitors and patients only wouldn’t harm anyone. However much I love the park, it’s so selfish to deny people who are ill and their families access to the hospital. A car park doesn’t have to be offensive either. The park along the river in north Hagley is quite Andrew announced that in Government, we will introduce a pilot scheme of specialist mental health teams across the country to ensure swifter and more effective treatment for those who need urgent help. We’ll offer free accessible help for those in need and ensure that their care is co-ordinated and effective. Christchurch will be one of the first sites to receive this, because Labour knows our city has seen a significant surge in mental health needs and we’ve got to meet that demand. GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only $2,299 GE50 5.8kW Heat Pump from only The most energy GE50 efficient 5.8kW Heat way Pump to ventilate from only your $2,749 home FH50 6.0kW Heat Pump from only FH50 6.0kW Heat Pump from only $3,499 Heat Recovery Ventilation ensures a home is: • Dry • Feels warm • Smells fresh • Without lingering smells BeFOre aFter Technology Jeans! Jeans! Styles, cuts, designs. Fantastic choices Instore now nice and blends in well. There are many “green” car parks with lots of plants that the design could be based off. Something small that fits the nature of the park for hospital visitors and patients only is required. Ray Boyer – They have just spent thousands upgrading the park and now they want to turn it into a car park, makes sense. And so many jumped up and down when they put a cricket ground there, but not so much a car park. Cherry Cornelius – Those bleeding hearts who think a small section of Hagley is more important than access to the hospital need to grow up, or better still, come with one of us relatives of someone sick or dying in the hospital and see for yourself the unnecessary suffering and anguish we go through, especially at night just so we can be beside our loved ones. Nic Davies – It’s a big yes from me. To those who say no, get over it. It will be only a very small part that will be used. It is It’s hard to be a young person growing up in New Zealand and our statistics tell us that – it’s there for everyone to see in our youth suicide rate. Labour will ensure that all young people have access to a health professional and a range of health care services on-site by extending school-based health services to all public secondary schools. Enough is enough, and, from September, we’re going to put people first. •Megan Woods is Labour’s Canterbury spokeswoman Great service, style & variety much needed for those visiting the hospital and the evening staff that do the night shift. There is very little other land that is close to the hospital. So yes, they should use part of the park, as it will only be a small part, not the whole lot, and it will be done so it looks good. Lynn Mortlock – If there is nowhere to park for an essential service, then the hospital shouldn’t have been allowed to expand there . . . it’s pathetic. Sue Silk – It is a beautiful park that is well-used and wellloved. Putting a car park there no matter how temporary would be criminal. You are lucky to have such a beautiful green space. There must be other options. Good on the mayor for not supporting the idea. Mia Griffiths – I can’t believe they were so shortsighted as to remove the car park building and not build another one, especially for staff. Aren’t they bound by health and safety rules to ensure staff safety getting to and from work? Late Night every Thursday – Open until 6.30pm 55 Nottingham Avenue, Halswell. Phone: 322 6126

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