The Star: June 22, 2017


christchurch gets a little high

it’s like going through the cupboard in to narnia. enter the doors to the little high eatery and

you’ll feel like you’re in another world (or city at the very least!)


If you’re looking for a new breakfast, lunch or dinner spot, The Little High Eatery is it. The

newest addition to High Street is calling the old Mackenzie Willis building home. With an

upmarket foodcourt/foodtruck concept, you can choose from eight different eateries; Bacon

Brothers, A Mouse Called Bean, Eight Grains, Noodle Monk, Base Pizza, El Fogon Grill, Caribe

Latin Kitchen and Sushi Soldier.

Far from the standard mall-style foodcourt, the attention to detail at Little High is

impeccable. Each of the eatery zones has it’s own distinctive decor, adding to the market feel.

Caribe Latin Kitchen has a brightly tiled bar and eclectic mix of prints on the wall and Bacon

Bros has the front of an old truck at the counter.

The lighting is impressive with each eatery decked out with an ambience to match. Over

at El Fogon the chunky rustic pendants are turned down low creating a very authentic Latin

American grill feel, where in stark contrast over at Eight Grains the lights are up high,

illuminating the minimilist Japanese kitchen.

With over 40 craft beers from all around the world to choose from and sake, sangria and

margaritas, you’ll be forgiven for popping back here time and time again to make your way

through the drinks lists.

The menus won’t disappoint either. Handed a buzzer upon ordering at each of the eatery

counters, there are no rules as to how many diferent options your group samples. Many of the

menu items are designed to be shared, making a perfect opportunity to sample a variety of the

the mouthwatering dishes on offer.

A spicy serving of Quesidillas at the Caribe Latin Kitchen washed down with a Dos Equis

Lager was my pick. To be honest i’d be happy making this my go-to choice, was it not for the

fact that evey plate that past my eyeline looked incredible. I’ve added the dumplings at Eight

Grains and a bowl from Noodle Monk to my next visit wish-list, but I know that i’ll keep going

back to make my way around the venue.

For those still working in the CBD, a coffee from A Mouse Called Bean which used to be

housed in the Re:Start Mall and a breakfast burger from Bacon Brothers would be a great pick.

It’s so good that i’d even suggest heading in for a mid-afternoon snack. Maybe opt for

somethig slightly left-field with a Japanese green tea ice cream or churros.

It’s proving to be sublimly popular so finding a seat on the weekend can be a gamble,

but with long opening hours (from 7am-10pm Sunday-Wednesday and open until midnight

Thursday-Saturday) you’re not restricted to head for just lunch or dinner. Being able to park in

the Wilsons carpark right outside the front door adds to the appeal too.

At this stage until the new venue buzz dies down a little I wouldn’t suggest turning up with a

big group. It’s easier to jump on the end of one of the longer shared tables or bar leaners than

secure a table or booth during peak feeding times.

slip in to these

a detachable sole in your choice of colour

takes them from house shoe to outside-ready

in a snap

Stylish, simple and incredibly comfortable

Mahabis slippers are described as “a luxury

unisex slipper brand combining scandinavian

design principles and european craftsmanship.”

Mahabis are designed in London and

produced in Portugal. The lining is super soft

sheep wool, which sculpts to the shape of

your foot making them super comfy.

The clever feature of this slipper is that

they can be worn both inside and outside by

clipping on a sole. Replacement soles can be

bought in a variety of colours.

They’re more expensive than your average

slipper, but their sleek scandinavian-like look

would make them a perfect gift for that someone

who has everything.

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