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Twelfth Night comes to Fortune!

Twelfth Night is sure to be a raucous, wild production and a great night out for all.

bangin brows

show some brow love. treat yourself to a specialised brow treatment.

Shakespeare is moving back into the

Fortune with this perennially rich, bold and

classic. comedy. Even after 400 odd years

this tale with shipwrecks, gender bending

disguises, traps and some terrific party

songs hasn’t lost any of its entertainment

value. Since the beginning of 2017, 11

local Theatre Studies students have been

working alongside us in every facet of

the Fortune organisation to bring you this

deeply rewarding meditation on loss, love

and lunacy. Under the inspired direction of

Benjamin Henson the 2017 Fortune

Company will join them to deliver some

playful pyrotechnics.

Twelfth Night is part of a biannual

collaboration with the university of Otago

that give emerging theatre practitioners

real world experience working on a

professional production. This production

marks the Fortune’s second collaboration

after the very successful production of

Punk Rock in 2015.

Twelfth Night is sure to be a raucous, wild

production and a great night out for all. To

book your tickets head to fortunetheatre. or call 03 477 8323 – seats are selling


As we age the hair on our bodies becomes

lighter and sparser, making it even more

important to maintain our brows.

A well-shaped brow gives a look of

confidence and really balances the face and

frames the eyes. It’s also said that eyebrows

play the most important role in creating the

facial symmetry that makes a person look


There have been many trends with

eyebrow shapes and colour, but natural and

full eyebrows will never go out of style.

If you haven’t got a naturally full brow

or you’ve had a long history of tweezering,

there’s still hope. There are a few products

that actually help to repair damaged

eyebrows or create an illusion of thicker

brows and in recent years specialty eyebrow

bars have popped up, offering expert advice

and techniques.

To get the low-down on what we should

be doing with our brows, Kim Mchugh, Brow

Artist and Founder of The Eyebrow Bar on

Colombo Street gave us the answers;

1> I’ve tweezed my eyebrows to

death over the years, is there anything

that can be done?

Firstly (and most importantly), step away

from the tweezers! A daunting concept but

totally necessary to give yourself the best

chance of rekindling the ‘Brow Love’.

Secondly, book an appointment with me

and I can recommend a plan to get your

brows back on track.

It’s advised to not remove any hairs for at

least 4 - 8 weeks prior to your appointment,

that way I can see what growth is coming

back and which areas need TLC.

A ‘Custom Colour Brow Tint’ can be a

real savior. It can reveal a fuller, more defined

brow literally in a matter of seconds in some

cases. It’s also great for giving the brows more

depth and helps to disguise the greys.

There are some fantastic results-based,

growth enhancing serums that are

especially formulated to encourage the

growth in patchy areas. Come and see me to

have a chat as they’re not suitable for

everyone... if the damage has been done

and the follicle is dead, it won’t encourage

any more growth but it may help to prevent

future hair loss.

If you’re not keen on a chemical based

product then I also recommend trying

Castor Oil or Organic Coconut oil. In my

experience, applying this to the brow area

can also help stimulate new growth and give a

lovely glossy finish to the hairs.

Time is also key - be patient. In my

experience, it can take anywhere from 4

months - 18 months for the completion of

your new ‘Bangin’ Brows’. If you’ve tried all of

the above but to no avail, then Microblading

is for you.

Be very careful when you choose your

Microblading technician, it’s paramount that

you do your research and always choose a

qualified and experienced practitioner who

has a solid background in brows. I can’t stress

that point enough!

2> Can you tell us what your eyebrow

revolution treatment entails?

The Eyebrow Revolution is my most

popular treatment.

It starts with a consultation - we have a

chat about your concerns and see what we

can do to achieve your brow goals.

A brow tint and shape is then performed

and brow cosmetics are applied to give them

a flattering finish.

3> Who do you consider to have

perfect brows?

I absolutely adore Cara Delevingne’s brows.

They’re naturally amazing and have that

untouched look which is my favourite.

4> What are we aiming for with our

brows.....there seem to be a lot of full

browed girls around at the moment?

I’m a fan of natural looking brows. My

advice to the readers is this; embrace your

natural shape as natural never goes out of


Also, invest in a specialised brow treatment,

it’s well worth it.

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