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RUT240_manual_v1_9 Periodic Periodic Control Periodic control function allows user to set up schedule by which the outputs are either turned ON or OFF at specific time. second periodic output configuration page with extra parameters to set. After clicking on ADD button (Or Edit, if the rule is already created) you get the 132

Field name Sample Explanation 1. Enable Enable/Disable Enable this output rule 2. Output Digital OC output Specify the output type 3. Action On / Off Specify the action to be taken 4. Action timeout Enabled / Disabled Enable timeout for this rule 5. Timeout (sec) 10 Specifies after how much time this action should end. 6. Mode Fixed / Interval Specify the mode of output activation 7. Hours 15 Specify the hour for rule activation 8. Minutes 25 Specify the minute for rule activation 9. Days Monday Select the week days for rule activation Scheduler This function allows you to set up the periodical, hourly schedule for the outputs. You can select on which week days the outputs are going to be on or off. 133

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