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Selwyn Times: April 07, 2017

Fallen trees are a

Fallen trees are a significant cause of power outages, particularly during a major storm. The impact of not having power can extend far beyond the inconvenience of being unable to turn the lights on, for you and your neighbours. The power of being prepared The key thing is to ensure that trees are well within a safe fall zone of power lines. Replace or trim Please consider replacing very tall trees near power lines with a lower growing species. If this isn’t possible, then please make sure that they are well maintained with branches kept away from overhead lines and poles. When planting trees near overhead lines, please be aware of their growth habit. A little shrub of a vigorous growing species can quickly become a giant tree. Be safe If you need to remove or prune trees near overhead lines, then please contact us and we’ll refer you to contractors experienced in tree trimming around power lines. Please remember to stay well clear of fallen power lines and trees on power lines. Be prepared Following a major storm you could be without power for days, or longer. If you require electricity to run your home or business please consider investing in an alternate power source to cover emergencies, and the basics like heating and cooking. A S a a b o A is s S t e o T h a o in s in T a in e t I w in r t AW Ad Art Siz De Ac Co File For advice and assistance please contact us on 0800 363 9898 or visit our website

Steve McCaughan Selwyn Times General Manager A remarkable region Selwyn continues its exciting growth as Industry relocates and more and more people, are realizing the benefits of working and residing in our district. As well as our growth, Selwyn also is an amazing district to explore with stunning scenery and locations. Selwyn offers so much to those that want to head back country and experience the nature and history our district has on offer. The 2017 Selwyn Residents Guide highlights the best of Selwyn and informs you about our piece of paradise. Its full of important information on businesses and services available to those who live in or visit Selywn. The Selwyn Times is proud to inform and entertain the people who live in Selwyn, where we chronical the events, stories and happenings of their lives. In a district that continues to thrive, we are pleased to provide you an insight, into what makes the Selwyn region a special place, we all know it to be. AWAITING COPY Ad Number: LE5711-V3 Artwork: LE5711-V3 Size: 6.4x4 Description: HOUSE ADVERTS Account: must go page 3 - intro advert Colour: F Filename: LE5711-V3 Mayor Sam Broughton We are so fortunate to live in the best place in New Zealand. Selwyn is full of welcoming people who have created cool businesses and experiences for those of us who live here and are travelling through. Every part of Selwyn has their own story and strength, usually built on the stunning natural features of our district. This guide is a chance to learn a bit more about what is going on in your area and can also be used to explore some of the places you might have never been before. It is also a useful tool for getting the most out of your weekend trips and decisions on how to buy local. index 4-5 Emergency information 6-18 The townships of the district 20-28 Sport and recreation 29-32 Wineries and dining 33 A word from our MP 34-35 Churches and museums 36-37 Farmers’ Markets 38 Beer festival 39-40 Holiday accommodation 41-43 Agriculture 45-46 Animal care Professional Local Media Solutions For Your Business If you would like to profile or advertise in the 2018 Selwyn Residents guide, or Selwyn’s “best read” local newspaper The Selwyn Times, please call us on 364 7434, and we can provide you with advertising advice and solutions to promote your business to our readers and increase your business profile and profits. View online selwyn district residents' guide 2017 3 Sam Broughton Mayor of Selwyn 47 Maori culture 48-54 Real estate 55-57 Childcare 58-59 Education 60-61 Gardening 62-64 Health, wellbeing & beauty 65 Izone 66-67 Motoring 68 Trades 69-70 A-Z business directory Disclaimer Every effort has been made to ensure the information published in this Selwyn Residents Guide is correct at the time of printing. The Selwyn Times as the publisher accepts no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or otherwise of the details in this guide. Changes can occur to the services stated, including contact details, meeting places and times. Inclusion in the directory is not intended as an endorsement of the activities of any organisation listed. Selwyn Times Advertising Selwyn Times Lynette Evans Ph: 364 7434 E: