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2018 Replacement Parts Catalog

110 | Applicators

110 | Applicators AG-900+S Dispensing Module Piston/Cartridge Replacement Kits Part Number 1086828 Cartridge/needle assembly, AG900+S Description Cordsets and Heaters Part Number Description 274685 Cordset, T-style 276957 Cordset, BM-style 938122 Heater cartridge, 0.375 D x 1.28 in. L, 135 W, 240V 186199 RTD, T-style 1039110 RTD, BM-style To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

Description The Nordson Series EM-100 electric applicator is a derivative of the Slautterback ® M-100 Series applicator and is intended to replace the E-100, E-100XT, and M-100 electric applicators that are installed or will be installed on Nordson equipment. This applicator will not fit on an existing Slautterback system. Primary Features • Operates at speeds up to 6000 cycles per minute to meet most demanding applications. • Accurate RTD sensor. • A quick-change module simplifies maintenance tasks and reduces down time. • Valve, coil, and nozzle assembly service proven on EM-100 applicators. • Built to M-100 “wash down” specifications. • Compatible with Nordson Saturn ® In-Line filters. Major Differences Between Slautterback Products and Series EM Applicators: • The path for driver signal to the Series EM applicator coils is external from the hose. A separate signal cable assembly must be purchased to provide a path for the applicator actuation signal. • Series EM applicators have a different cordset connector and are not compatible with Slautterback. • The inlet to the applicator manifold has been changed from a pipe thread to Nordson's standard O-ring port and is compatible with the Nordson Saturn In-Line filters. • Series EM applicators are built to the M-100 “wash down” specifications. • The EM-101 is slightly larger than the Slautterback E-100XT. • The EM-900 offers easier serviceability. Applicators | 111 Automatic RTD Applicators—Electric Series EM-100 Electric Applicators Cordset Adapter Coil Signal XXXXXX Temperature Controls Signal Cable Configuration of a Series EM-100 Applicator To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

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