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2018 Replacement Parts Catalog

238 | Pattern

238 | Pattern Controllers LogiComm ® Applicator Driver Applicator Cables—Terminal Block Version Part Number Description 1041830 Cable,, 15 m 1015173 Cable, E400, 20 ft 1039761 Cable, E400, 12 m 1037535 Cable, E400, 25 m 1032902 Cable, EM100/EM900, 4.6 m, 240V 1046343 Cable, EM100/EM900, 4.6 m waterwash, 120V 1032904 Cable, EM100/EM900, 9.1 m, 240V 1046344 Cable, EM100/EM900, 9.1 m waterwash, 120V 1032447 Cable, EM100/EM900, 4.6 m waterwash, 240V 1032448 Cable, EM100/EM900, 9.1 m waterwash, 240V 183542 M70X & E35X, 18 ft (included w/applicator) 757883 Cable, E380, 6 ft 220764 Cable, M70X & E35X, waterwash, 20 ft (included with applicator) 111934 Cable, E701, 10 ft (included with applicator) 371189 Cable, WM 801, 5 m 377379 Cable, LA 820, LogiComm, 5 m 931158 Cable, 3 conductor, 50 ft (trigger) Other Cables—Connector Version Part Number Description 1089003 Cable, trigger, 20 m, LGD 1074925 Cable, alarm to pigtail, 10 m, LGD 1044019 Cable, trigger to pigtail, signal and power, 20 m, LogiComm 1089004 Cable, LA404-2 to LogiComm driver, 2 m 1089061 Cable, trigger extension, 5 m Service Kits—Connector Version Part Number Description 1074913 Kit, upgrade 4 channels to 8 channels, connector, LGD 1074915 Kit, trigger I/O, connector, LGD 1057892 Kit, 4-channel applicator output panel, conn, LogiComm Service Kits—Terminal Block Version Part Number Description 1074916 Kit, upgrade 4 channels to 8 channels, terminal block, LGD 1074917 Kit, mating terminal blocks, LGD Service Kits—Common Part Number Description 1057888 Kit, power supply module, LogiComm 1057891 Kit, facia, LogiComm 1074919 Kit, operator panel, LGD 1057887 Kit, universal applicator driver, LogiComm Spare Parts—Connector Version Part Number Description 1071931 Switch, connector, LGD 375353 Applicator mating connector 727216 Trigger mating connector, LogiComm Spare Parts—Terminal Block Version Part Number Description 1071301 Switch, terminal block, LGD 1056482 Panel, applicator output, TB, LGD Spare Parts—Common Part Number Description 939683 Fuse, type F, fast acting, 5 x 20 mm, 250V, 6.3 A, UL 1023676 Power cord - US To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

Pattern Controllers | 239 LogiComm ® OEM Applicator Driver Board Description The LogiComm OEM applicator driver board is a high-performance, four-trigger, four output-channel electric applicator driver that easily installs in an OEM control cabinet to interface with a PLC. The driver comes programmed with settings for the Series electric applicator but can be reprogrammed via a computer to drive many other hot melt or liquid adhesive electric applicators. Applicator drivers support communication to the PLC via the digital I/O. The customer can reset the driver to a fault condition or enable the driver. Additionally, a driver contact is opened upon a fault such as an open or short coil or a thermal fault. Primary Features • Program driver settings via computer • Four trigger inputs and four output channels • Small driver size, DIN rail mounting, and two-piece plug type connectors facilitate installation in an OEM control cabinet • Each output can be: -- programmed to drive different applicator types -- tested independently via a purge button or a signal from a PLC • Two trigger modes are available: normal/bead and dot • Four status LEDs for trigger, output, dot mode, and fault (short and open coil detection) • Fully programmable to support current and future Nordson applicators • Fully serviceable USB connection: -- allows field software upgrades -- allows uploading of new settings through software -- allows ability to back up settings • Digital I/O: -- enable/disable driver or reset the driver from a fault condition -- fault contact opened if an open/short coil is detected or a thermal fault • Modbus TCP communication To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

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