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2018 Replacement Parts Catalog

214 | Slot Coating

214 | Slot Coating Applicators TrueCoat ® Slot Coating Applicators This page intentionally blank. To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

elect Series Select Series | 215 Description The Select Series product line includes the Nordson Advanced Technology RTD hot melt hoses, the superior Best Choice Configurator’s applicators, and the ergonomically designed AD-41 hand-held applicators and hoses. The product offerings include: • Replacements for ITW Dynatec ® guns and hoses for the Dynamini, Dynamelt ® , Dynapro ® , and Dynaplus—8 hoses and Best Choice Configurator for applicators. • Replacements for HMT ® hand-held applicators and hoses for the ProFlex ® units—3 hoses and 2 hand-held applicators. • Replacements for Robatech applicators and hoses for the Concept 4 unit—4 hoses and 10 applicators. • Special orders for other products not listed above are accepted. These products are built to order and special pricing applies. • The Select Series applicators, hand-held applicators, and hoses may be sold individually or together. Select Series Dispensing Applicators, Hand-Held Applicators, and Hoses • Select Series applicators, hand-held applicators, and hoses are available for automated or manual systems. • Advanced-technology hoses provide safe operation, thermal accuracy, and reliable temperature control for consistent flow rates and uniform patterns. • Rugged, quick-disconnect electrical plugs on applicators and hoses speed installation and servicing. • Aramid insulation on hoses improves chemical and moisture resistance, eliminating hardware corrosion caused by emissions at elevated temperatures. • Hoses contain two separate ground paths, protecting personnel from injury and equipment from damage. • Area-sensing resistance temperature detectors are more than 99% annealed platinum sensors to provide repeatable and reliable temperature sensing (ITW Dynatec). • Unique thermister manufacturing process provides accurate repeatable temperature sensing (Robatech). • Point-sensing temperature devices on manual hoses accommodate continuous movement applications (Hot Melt Technologies). Select Series Dispensing Applicators and Hand-Held Applicators • For all Select Series automatic applicators, please use the Best Choice Configurator. Select Series Hoses, Applicators, and Hand-Held Applicators • AD-31 hand-held applicators are ideal for polyamide applications or for any chemically aggressive and/or hightemperature adhesive. • AD-41 hand-held applicators are ergonomic and reduce operator fatigue. A variety of configurations allow specific dispensing positions for pinpoint placement. Hand-held applicators easily convert online from standard extrusion nozzles to spray, swirl, or down-apply extrusion. To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

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