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Better Man

Brett and Kate McKay job

Brett and Kate McKay job may not be possible or even desirable. It’s okay to like your white-collar job. You can still obtain the manly satisfaction of working with your hands by learning skills in your off time. The stereotype of men 50 years ago was the image of the guy endlessly tinkering in the garage. While that image has been fading, let’s start today to bring it back. Today’s Task: Learn a Manual Skill Have you ever watched some guy fix your toilet or change your oil, and wished as he gave you the bill that you were a little handier? Well today’s the first day of the rest of your handy life. Today, you are going to pick a manual skill you’ve always wanted to learn, and take the first steps towards mastering it. Here are some skills you may wish to consider learning: • How to tune your bike • How to change your car’s oil • How to fell a tree • How to make a bookshelf • How to install of a ceiling fan • How to do electrical wiring • How to fix a leaky faucet • How to make furniture • How to build a tree house • How to build a deck • How to lay tile • How to replace your car’s brakes • How to use a soldering iron • How to split wood • How to build a campfire • How to clean a gun • How to garden and landscape 149

30 Days to a better man You should ideally pick a skill that you can get some real hands-on practice with right away. So for ideas about what to learn, take a look around the house at what’s broken. Obviously, you can’t learn these skills in a single day. This task simply requires that you take a least one step towards learning a new manual skill. These steps may include, but are not limited to: • Checking out from the library or buying a book about the skill. • Watching an online video or reading an online source about how to do the skill. • Having a friend or family member who knows how to do the skill walk you through it or give you advice. • Signing up for a course on how to do the skill at a local technical college. • If you’re in the New England area, you might want to check out a place called Yestermorrow in Vermont. It’s a design/build school that holds week and weekend long courses on everything from basic carpentry and masonry to building a skin-on-frame canoe. 150