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Better Man

Brett and Kate McKay

Brett and Kate McKay school” and prefer a phone call or letter over email. If they’re younger and a bit tech savvy, email is just fine. Tell your prospective mentor that you’re looking for a mentor in “x” area of your life and that you think he’d be a good one. Explain why you think he’d be a good mentor by sharing some of the positive traits about him that you wrote down. People love to be praised! If you get some positive feedback from your prospective mentor about the relationship, go on and start discussing logistics. Explain what you’re hoping to get out of the mentorship and get an idea of what he’d like to get out of it as well. Synchronize schedules and how you two plan to carry out the mentorship. The clearer you are at the beginning, the less likely for awkward moments down the line. If asking someone so directly to be your mentor makes you feel awkward (or you think it might make them feel uncomfortable) then just ask the man to have lunch or hang out some time. Start dropping by the professor’s office or your co-worker’s cubicle for chats. And the relationship will hopefully develop naturally from there. 6. Expect rejection. Don’t’ get discouraged and don’t take it personally if people say no. People are busy these days, and they just might not have time to be a mentor. If the first man says no, go on to the second. 7. Say “thank you.” No matter if you get a no or a yes, be sure to thank the person. Now, it might not be possible to find a mentor in just one day, but let’s at least get started on it. 21

30 Days to a better man Today’s Task: Find a Mentor • Pick an area in your life where you think a mentor can help you and draw up a list of three potential mentors. • Describe why you think they’d be good. • By the end of the 24 hours, contact this mentor. Send an email or letter, call them, or drop by their office. You don’t actually have to visit with them during this day, but make contact with them in some form. What area in your life do you need a mentor for? ___________________ ___________________________________________________________ Write down your three possible mentors, and why they’d be a good fit. 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________ 22