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FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE Restaurant Edition CRUISE LINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE Online Tutorial Printed book 100 Book Pages 210 Online Slides 80 Text Questions 4 Certificate 20

SUBJECT Food & Beverage Service (Restaurant Edition) AVAILABLE AS Printed Book & Online Tutorial 150,00 € ABOUT There is so much more about being a good waiter than just taking orders, carrying plates and glasses and setting up tables and buffets. Although the atmosphere, décor, service standard and policies may vary from restaurant to restaurant, the ground rules and procedures remain the same. An excellent waiter must possess a genuine love for people, and he or she must have good knowledge of the menus and the products. He or she must always have a consistent service level keeping in mind that our goal is to deliver happiness in food and beverage service! This Food and Beverage Service Booklet / Online Tutorial covers the necessary skills for those studying and working at a variety of levels in Food and Beverage Service with a focus on the cruise industry. If you want to take it up to the next level, we recommend you complete our other Book & Online Tutorial: The Sommelier RECOMMENDED FOR Anyone who desires to work on board a cruise ship as waiter. Table of contents & Order 21