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Slipstream - April 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Mavs & Mochas Recap:

Mavs & Mochas Recap: Zims Autotechnik By Rich Johnson photos by Andrew Barber and Kirk Pruitt Speechless! No words can fully explain this spring morning at Zims. If I could wind the clock back to the very first 914 event Diane and I attended, that we call “the 914 Woodstock,” this gathering had the same Porsche magic. a few 914s together, but when 27 show up, you are speechless! Someone mentioned that ten 914s showed for the Rennsport event. I’m thinking they might want to visit DFW. Yes, the 914s were well-represented, but not the only members of the Porsche family to join us. Over a hundred and seventy other Porsches made it out for morning coffee. As you walked the Zims lot, every turn you made revealed something better than the last. Pristine 356s from the Tub Club and lots of air-cooled 911s and 996s showed their pride. Turbos, Cabs, Targas, and several slant-nose 911s, not to mention the transaxle cars, like Andy Kay’s beautiful 928 and Rob Adams’ spectacular 968. Lastly, there was the incredible 2018 Panamera Sport Turismo from Park Place Porsche, our official sponsor of Mavs & Mochas. It was March 1, 1968 when the first 914 was introduced to the world. Once considered the ugly duckling of the Porsche family, the 914 has now become appreciated for its mid-engine design, great handling, and open-air fun. Now let’s talk about the people and coffee. The crowd was amazing, with close to two hundred people, young and old, walking and talking cars. Al Zim, our host, was out mingling in the crowd, as was Ed Mayo, not to mention Alan Bambina; all three Mavericks and club legends. The coffee -- well let’s just say thanks to Felix coffee; it flowed nonstop for nearly two hours. above: Jim Hirsch, Kirk Pruitt and Bill Kruder below: 2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo On Saturday, March 10 we celebrated 50 years of the 914, and celebrate we did, with nearly 30 914s in attendance. We had several original 1970 914/6s, many four-cylinder cars, a few “restomods,” some six conversions, a V8, and a couple of “works in progress.” We had planned for 16 cars, and it’s safe to say most people never see even As many of you know, each month at our Mavs & Mochas we try to feature a significant anniversary or milestone in Porsche history. So if you missed this one, you missed one for the ages, but mark your calendar and join us next month. We will be out again at North Park, celebrating the ‘60s cars and driving friendships. Editor’s Note: Just to set the record straight: The number of914s that made an appearance Rennsport Reunion V in 2015 might have been more than 10, but may still have been less than the 27 that showed up at Mavs & Mochas! 10 April


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