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Slipstream - April 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Preview: May at Mayo’s

Preview: May at Mayo’s 2018 By Debi Kruder It’s that time of year, when our Porsches are enjoying the sunshine and are ready for some outdoor fun with fellow Mavs! Yes, that’s right, it’s May at Mayo’s on Saturday, May 5! As in past years, Mayo Performance is clearing their garage so we can eat, drink, and spend time driving friendships. While the venue is the same as in years past, the menu (both food and events) is quite different and promises to be great fun! Be sure to arrive on time at 11 am to check in for your meal tickets and for the new “Porsche Pair-up.” What’s that, you say? Well, you’ll be paired with new and old Mavs to form a team. Your team will work together to find the Porsche in the lot that matches the “Porsche Pair-Up” trivia questions. Game begins at noon! It’s a great way to meet new folks and their cars. Mavs who participate in the game and submit their answers will all receive our cool May at Mayo’s car decal. Members on winning teams will have their names submitted in a drawing for one of three premium prizes provided by our partners Nordstrom, Mayo Performance, and Silver Fox. What’s on the food menu, you ask? Well it’s on wheels too! We are happy to have both The Butcher’s Son and the Texas Burrito Company gourmet food trucks serving us burritos, tacos, quesadillas, sliders, and gourmet sandwiches, all paired with chips and a drink! Want to cool off? Grab a delicious treat from Steel City Pops as you walk and admire both classic and new Porsches. We are excited to welcome one of our new charitable organizations: Patriot PAWS! The mission of Patriot PAWS is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality, at no cost, to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and PTSD in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. Our goal is for Maverick PCA to raise enough to provide a service dog in 2018. You can make a contribution online when registering for May at Mayo’s or at the event. Registration for May at Mayo’s is available online and is $20 per person. Registration is required. Your registration fee includes your entrée of choice from the gourmet food trucks, chips, soft drink or water, and a gourmet ice pop, not to mention a chance at premium prizes! What’s happened to the People’s Choice Car Show, historically at May at Mayo’s? Well, it’s moved to Sunday, June 24, with location and registration information coming soon. So mark your calendars for Saturday, May 5 from 11 am to 1 pm, and go online to register for May at Mayo’s today! With great food, friends, and Porsches, it’s sure to be a great time! 6 April

Autocross Series: The 2018 Season is underway By Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair photos by LightSpeed Images Event #1 of the 10 event series was held at Lone Star Park, the excellent site for these events, in Grand Prairie, on February 25th. 110 drivers made at least 6 attempts at quick times without knocking over any two second penalty cones. Fifteen Porsche drivers competed in six classes. Significant others came out to drive again and made up a third of our entries. The new 991 GT3 RS, co-driven by Ryan Harris and Marc Nemati, decided to run the SCCA SSP class and were a lot of fun to watch negotiate this relatively fast course. The largest Porsche class P-4 had two drivers entered in each of the three cars for some close competition. Amir El-Baghdady brought out his beautiful 944 S2 Cabriolet and was really tossing it around for three runs. Something gave up on his 4th run so he had to ride a flatbed home that afternoon. Hope he gets that fixed and comes back soon. Carolle Liu is starting her second season and had Amir worried. She is signed up for the autocross school March 17th and all events this season. Ronald and Hubert Wong brought out their 997 and 991’s, complete with baby seats in the rear. Ronald’s 997 Cab was faster this time. It must have been because he had two baby seats in his car! Steve and Sherry Farnam brought their beautiful yellow Cayman GT4 from Southern Texas and chased each other down in class P3. We hope to keep seeing them at our events. Class P4 was the 914 and 924S class at this event. Sigrid almost successfully “skirted” Mark with her final fastest time, but clipped a cone to let him win this time. Ryan Harris / Marc Nemati 991 GT3 RS Carey Spreen and Sue Crimm brought out their fresh re-built engine in the 924S and are going to be a threat in this class when they sort out how quick that car really is. Ed Mayo and Julia Underwood left the 911s at home this time and brought the second 914 in this class. Doug Edney ran alone in class P7 this time. I understand he has some new suspension parts to put in and look forward to seeing his low-rider 996 at the next event. The autocross drivers school March 17th at Mineral Wells was sold out and the event that follow on the 18th is a Mirror-Cross. This means a Christmas Tree Light side by side drag race start on mirror image courses set up side by side. After each run, the cars swap sides and do it again. The Mineral Wells site is excellent for these format events and a lot of fun. There are two more of these scheduled in 2018. Watch the calendar in Slipstream, on the website MAV.PCA.ORG or Facebook page for the remaining events this season. P1 - 'PCA 1' Total Entries: 2 Best Time Diff. 1T P1 7 Amir El-Baghdady 944 S2 Maroon 60.648 2 P1 168 Carolle Liu Boxster 987 White 64.556 3.908 P2 - 'PCA 2' Total Entries: 2 Car Color Best Time Diff. 1T P2 8 Ronald Wong 997 911 57.24 2 P2 1 Hubert Wong 991 911 59.806 2.566 P3 - 'PCA 3' Total Entries: 2 Car Color Best Time Diff. 1T P3 71 Steve Farnham Cayman GT4 Yellow 53.028 2 P3 17 Sherry Farnham Cayman GT4 Yellow 55.3 2.272 P4 - 'PCA 4' Total Entries: 6 Car Color Best Time Diff. 1T P4 954 Mark Schnoerr Porsche 914 Lime green 55.076 2T P4 914 Sigrid Schnoerr Porsche 914 Green 55.192 0.116 3T P4 906 Carey Spreen Porsche 924S Red 57.442 2.25 4 P4 5 Edward Mayo Porsche 914 2.0 Silver 58.66 1.218 5 P4 908 Sue Crimm Porsche 924S Red 63.42 4.76 6 P4 9 Julia Underwood Porsche 914 Silver 65.274 1.854 P7 - 'PCA 7' Total Entries: 1 Car Color Best Time Diff. 1T P7 7 Douglas Edney Porsche 996 Black 57.992 Sigrid Schnoerr 914 2.0 7

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