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The Intelligence Review | volume 2 | issue 4 |

This volume is the product of a collaboration between the European Intelligence Academy (EIA) and the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief (CIB), a student-run initiative supported by the Department of Politics at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina, United States. Four CIB analysts tackle some of the most pressing and timely questions confronting intelligence observers today. Topics in this volume include the possibility of a war with North Korea, and the rise of far-right militancy in the United States. The volume also includes an assessment of the impact of the Islamic State in the relations between Russia and the United States, and a discussion of Turkish politics and its effect on NATO's cohesion.

een shown enough

een shown enough incriminating evidence to extradite Gülen. Turkey has also made it clear that it does not plan on giving up its goal of arresting Gülen. There is no evidence that the US will change its position on this matter either. Given the current state of US-Turkish relations, it can be stated with high confidence that Turkey’s political instability will continue to have a negative effect on NATO, which is in turn likely to lead to future diplomatic disagreements between Turkey and its NATO allies. 50

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