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3. Control Panel (Print

3. Control Panel (Print Engine) The Control Panel is shown in the image below: Fig 3: Displaying the Control Panel Layout The description of each control button is given as below: POWER ON/OFF: Get ON or OFF the printer. Cursor Keys: Move in right, left, up, and down directions to select a particular option from the menu list. BUSY: Light gets ON during the printing and other operations. TEST PRINT: Perform test print to verify the print head nozzle status. SET UP: Enable to bring the printer in ready state. The light gets ON when fabric is loaded and printer gets started. BASE POINT: Set the print origin. CLEANING: Use to clean the print head. PAUSE: Pause the printing operation. MENU: Display the list of menu items to perform a particular task. ENTER: Use to confirm the selection and apply on the selected job. TXF Page | 8

Main Menu The Main Menu and its related sub options are shown in the image below: Menu Media Settings Preset Load Save Auto Display Adjust BI-DIR. Test Print Simple Setting Detail Setting H1 & H2 Calibration Test Print Settings Media Alignment Media Alignment Test Print Head Height High Low System Info Model Serial No Ink Firmware Network TXF Page | 9