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Step 3: Press the Right

Step 3: Press the Right arrow button and select the TEST PRINT POS option, as shown below: Fig 59: Selecting the TEST PRINT POS Option On selecting the TEST PRINT POS option, the following screen appears, as shown below: Fig 60: Displaying the TEST PRINT POS Sub Options Step 4: Select the desired option either FEED or SCAN and press the ENTER button (Fig. 60). Now, the test print direction gets set. TXF Page | 38

Performing Test Print Follow these steps to perform test print: Step 1: Set the print origin by following all the steps mentioned in the “Setting Print Origin” section. Step 2: Press the TEST PRINT button from the Control Panel of the print engine and hold it for few seconds. The following test print is printed on the fabric, as shown below: Fig 61: Showing the TEST PRINT Result In the above figure, you can see that few nozzles are not firing. Thus, to overcome from this situation, we recommended to use head cleaning methods to clean print head for quality printing. TXF Page | 39