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Bidirectional Calibration Bi-directional calibration is performed to achieve printing accuracy between the “Left to Right” and “Right to Left” print sweeps. If the bi-direction offset value is correct, the Left to Right test print would align accurately with the Right to Left test print at “0” position. In case of error in the BI-DIR offset, the Left to Right and Right to Left print would align at some other point on the scale. To check the BI-DIR calibration, select the Test Print option available under the ADJUST BI-DIR menu. The Bi-Dir test result is shown in the below figure: Fig 67: Displaying the Bidirectional Calibration In the above figure, carefully observe the pattern at which position it is correct. The correction value can be either positive or negative. Enter the exact value in the given field (Refer to Fig 71) and verify the result by issuing the TEST PRINT command. Follow these steps to perform bidirectional calibration: Step 1: Press the MENU button from the Control Panel. The list of sub-menu appears on the screen. Step 2: Press the Up or Down arrow button and select the ADJUST BI-DIR option, as shown below: Fig 68: Selecting the ADJUST BI-DIR Option Step 3: Press the Right arrow button to confirm the selection and press the ENTER button to issue the test printing, as shown below: Fig 69: Issuing the Test Printing Command The ADJUST BI-DIR screen consists of two setting options viz. SIMPLE SETTING and DETAIL SETTING. Here, the SIMPLE SETTING option is used. In case, the SIMPLE SETTING option is not effectively resolving the printing quality, then it is advisable to use the DETAIL SETTING option. TXF Page | 42

Step 4: After finishing the test printing, press the Up or Down arrow buttons and select the SIMPLE SETTING option to enter the correction value, as shown below: Fig 70: Selecting the SIMPLE SETTING Option Step 5: Press the Right arrow button to select the SIMPLE SETTING option (Refer to Fig 70). The SIMPLE SETTING screen appears. Step 6: Press the Left or Right arrow button and select the desired correction value, as shown below: Fig 71: Feeding the Correction Value Step 7: Press the ENTER button to confirm the selection. Now, the printer gets calibrated and also its Bi-DIR correction value is updated. Similarly, if SIMPLE SETTING is not useful, then select the DETAIL SETTING option and follow the instructions that appear on the Control Panel. TXF Page | 43