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DIPLOMATIC DINNER AT THE CERCLE GAULOIS On Friday, 26 January 2018, CIDIC had the honor and the pleasure to organise a number of tables at the Diplomatic Dinner at the Cercle Gaulois, for all the Chiefs of Mission accredited in Brussels. This top-of-the-year event brings together the official representatives of the countries related to Belgium, the European Union and NATO. This prestigious dinner with people in their evening dresses, gala uniforms, with their decorations, is a symbol of the Circle Gaulois’ will to open up and comfort the friendship between the nations. Indeed, the networking and B2B meetings amongst ambassadors, members of the Circle Gaulois and business people are of key importance for the diplomatic life of Europe’s capital city. Mr. Geoffroy Generet, President Cercle Royal Gaulois Mr. Pieter De Crem, Secretary of State, Foreign Trade - Mrs Mimi Solvay and Mr. Didier Reynders, Minister Foreign Affairs Mr. Luc Sougne, Hry Consul Bulgaria and H.E. Maya Dobreva, Ambassador Bulgaria Mr. Thomas Antoine, Secretary General Benelux, Baron Ernest de Laminne de Bex, President CIDIC and Miriame Oxenius 168 Bâtonnier Xavier Magnée, H.E. Eleftheria Galathianaki, Ambassador Greece Mr. Pascal Gregoire, Ambassadeur Foreign Affairs, Mrs Pierre Gallienne, Avocat Général and Marc de la Brassinne

Mrs Lydia Desloover, Mr. Philippe Dehennin, President FEBIAC and Mrs Caroline Pauwels, Rector VUB Mr. Marc Moncousin, Diplomatic Relations BMW and Mrs Barbara Dietrich, CEO Diplomatic World Prof. Roland Gueubel, Director B-Life and Mr. Luc Sougne, Hry Consul Bulgaria Mrs Maïthé Hautenne and Mr. Christian J. Mouvet, Secretary General CIDIC Sir Paul Dujardin, CEO BOZAR and H.E. Maya Dobreva, Ambassador Bulgaria Overview of the dining room. Barbara Dietrich, Prof. Roland Gueubel, Director B-Life, Mr. Philippe Dehennin, President FEBIAC, Mrs Caroline Pauwels, Rector VUB, Baron Ernest de Laminne de Bex, President CIDIC, Mrs Lydia Desloover and Paul Dujardin, CEO BOZAR 169