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• Harris Fricker —

• Harris Fricker — GMP • Dante Disparte — Risk Cooperative • Bill Tai — ACTAI Global • Nick Cowan — Gibraltar Stock Exchange • Saruul Ganbataar — Bogd Bank • Guo Yuhang — Dianrong • Deng Di — Beijing Tai Cloud • Catrina Luchsinger Gaehwiler — FRORIEP • Heinrich Zetlmeyer — Lykke Corp How very true the Forbes magazine titled their final article published after the Forum in Davos: “One Thing Is Clear From Davos, Blockchain Is Out Of Beta”. I would say more, but I think the genie is out of the bottle. After all, revolutions may be very quiet. © Alexander Shulgin ABOUT THE GBBC — WWW.GBBCOUNCIL.ORG: The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) brings together founding members from over 30 countries to advance global understanding of Blockchain technology. Conceived on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island by a group of innovators, the GBBC launched formally during the 2017 Annual World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The organization is dedicated to furthering adoption of Blockchain technology through engaging and educating business leaders, regulators, and global change makers on how to harness this groundbreaking tool to create more secure, equitable, and functional societies. Just as the internet enabled the frictionless peer-to-peer exchange of information, blockchain has the potential to usher in the frictionless exchange of assets. Blockchain technology is the most secure way to transfer digitized assets and information peer-to-peer or organizationto-organization through the use of distributed ledgers. The adoption of Blockchain technology will enable businesses, governments, and organizations to ensure data integrity and create records, transactions, and systems that are highly secure, transparent and significantly more resilient against manipulation and corruption. The GBBC helps maximize the benefits of Blockchain for industry and society. The GBBC educates business leaders on blockchain technology, provides a forum for businesses and technology experts to collaborate on blockchain-based business solutions, supports businesses interested in implementing blockchain technology in their operations and advocates for the global adoption of this transformative technology. In providing a global survey of blockchain projects and regulation, the GBBC is establishing a baseline to evaluate future policy actions, and a framework for assessing progress in what will be a generational effort to deploy blockchain solutions. As an organization, we look forward to working with partners around the world to share the benefits of this powerful new technology and to replenish the reservoir of trust that irrigates our collective endeavors. “Education is a core component of our mission, as education leads to meaningful action in every space including the regulatory and corporate world,” said Jamie Smith, CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council. “We are so grateful to our partners for sharing their incredible expertise and insight in this annual report.” 68

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